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Children and Teens Haitian Dance Workshop  
Have fun with the dances of the Gods and Goddesses of Haiti - Haitian craft - drawing vèvès, the making and meaning of libation bottles are also offered with school dance aftershool seminars or in-school residencies.  

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Children and Teens Hip Hop Shakespeare

Storytelling, Dance Theatre & Creative Writing

Through improvisations, movement and creative exercises students participate in an interactive theatrical workshop. In this fun class, rhythms, lyrics, poetry and song from popular recording artists of today and yesteryear are incorporated to illustrate classic Shakespeare plays and their themes. Students get a deeper insight and modern perspective into the classics. Concluding in a theatrical performance.

zilibuttonSee Press Kit clippings 22, 21, 20 and 20a
Children and Teens Haitian Craft and Culture
Starting out with the Haitian captive's redemption songs and chants in Kreyol and the Haitian Yanvalou movement representing "the divine breath of life," and through participatory mime, movement and hands-on performance using colorful scarves (Rada & Petwo) and through the making of Haitian libation bottles, participants are exposed to the basic elements and characteristics of the spiritual Nations of Haitian folklore and culture: Rada, Djouba, Nago, Ibo, Kongo, Petwo Banda and Gede.

In drawing vèvès and making libation bottles, participants learn about the Haitian gods, goddesses, saints and spirits and how they relate to the Greek mythology gods/goddesses and the universal heroes and sheroes from all cultures. (Craft materials required.)

For teacher-in-services, teachers will come away with a sense of Haitian life, customs spirituality, dance and music that they may share with their classrooms. (See the outline for the Symbolic and Archetypal Nature of Vodun workshop.)
NOTE: Artist residencies or children workshops after a Haitian-West African (Clip one - Clip two) dance performance are preferred