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Haitian & West African Dance  

Laurent and Djedje Djedje Gervais lead this combination Haitian and West-African dance class. Laurent teaches the dances of the Haitian Gods celebrating the beauty, depth and light of Haitian culture while Connecticut's own master teaching roster artist and internationally recognized West African dancer/choreographer Djedje Djedje Gervais shares his West African dance expertise. Participants will dance traditional Haitian and West African dance patterns as choreographed into dynamic dance routines culminating with a mixed contemporary fusion piece entitled "La rencontre" - "The Meeting." In the 45 minutes or hour and a half workshop, participants may be divided into percussionist/drummers, dancers and singers. Each group will learn a warm-up activity, the basics of an ancient African song in Kreyol and/or Bete and will participate in performing traditional dances from Haiti and West Africa. A master Haitian and West African Dance workshop is also offered.

A Haitian and West African dance performance in traditional costumes by Laurent and Gervais and two drummers, Goulei and Kacou, or with their larger dance troupe, Compagnie Ablessy, may be scheduled separately or in combination with a dance workshop, as desired. Compagnie Ablessy is a West African-Haitian Dance Troupe guided by Artistic Director Djedje Djedje Gervais and Marguerite Laurent. The troupe's dynamic, high-energy dancers and drummers are known for their unique dance/theater creations. Gervais' expertise in contemporary and traditional West African dancing led to U.S. collaborations in 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2005 with world renowned modern dancer/choreographer, Ralph Lemon. Gervais and his dancers are from KI-YI, an artistic village in the Ivory Coast of dancers, actors, singers, percussionists and musicians living and creating innovative performance and visual artworks. With master drummers, Goulei Vincent and Kacou Dadie and other West African dancers from KI-Yi, now living in the U.S., Laurent and Gervais celebrate "La Rencontre" - the meeting between West African and Haitian dancing in 21st century America.


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