The White Saviors of Haiti versus Haitian self-determination and Actualization by Ezili Dantò/Marguerite Laurent, Sept. 17, 2005*
Swiss accused pedophile arrested in Haiti
Sex scandal in Haiti hits U.N. mission: Bush's US/Canada/France intervention to "save" Haiti for obscene exploitation by the world's rich elites leaves small Haitian girls and boys more defenseless, more brutalized by the white savoirs' "rescue" : Girls as young as 13 forced to have sex with the UN "savoirs" for as little as $1
Rewriting History: USAID's former mission director tries to give the US credit for the lowering of diseases in Haiti when Aristide was in office in Haiti

Attorney Bill Quigley roughed up and arrested: Contact numbers to demand justice for the Katrina victims whose houses are being demolished and to protest the arrest of Bill Quigley

White pedophiles from abroad participating in sexually abusing forsaken, abused and already much exploited Haitian street children: On the Street by Tim Collie



La Conspiration Du Silence - Genocide in Haiti by mass vaccination while Haiti
is occupied by Dessalines' enemies and other such white savior missionaries/mercenaries...


Jean Jacques Dessalinese

Ideyoloji Desalinyen
, le Nouvelliste



Media Lies and Real Haiti News

Examples of Neocolonial Journalism

Ezili Dantò's Note: Bwa Kayiman 2007 and the case of Lovinsky Pierre Antoine by Ezili Dantò, For Haitian Perspective, and The FreeHaitiMovement, August 23, 2007


Randall Robinson on " An Unbroken Agony: Haiti: From Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President,
Democracy Now!, July 23rd, 2007


Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!


U.S. Patterns in Haiti

The Revolutionary Potential of Haiti, its creeds, values and struggle

Proposed Structure for Opening Session

The August Massacres Update

The Fire This Time In Haiti Was US Fueled by Jeffrey Sachs, March 1, 2004
The Crucifixion of Haiti , June 2, 2005

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zilibuttonCarnegie Hall
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No other national
group in the world
sends more money
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in the Diaspora
Red Sea- audio

The Red Sea

Ezili Dantò's master Haitian dance class (Video clip)

zilibuttonEzili's Dantò's
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Angry with
Boat sinking
A group of Haitian migrants arrive in a bus after being repatriated from the nearby Turks and Caicos Islands, in Cap-Haitien, northern Haiti, Thursday, May 10, 2007. They were part of the survivors of a sailing vessel crowded with Haitian migrants that overturned Friday, May 4 in moonlit waters a half-mile from shore in shark-infested waters. Haitian migrants claim a Turks and Caicos naval vessel rammed their crowded sailboat twice before it capsized. (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

Dessalines' Law
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Breaking Sea Chains

Little Girl
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Anba Dlo, Nan Ginen
Ezili Danto's Art-With-The-Ancestors Workshops - See, Red, Black & Moonlight series or Haitian-West African

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zilibutton In a series of articles written for the October 17, 2006 bicentennial commemoration of the life and works of Dessalines, I wrote for HLLN that: "Haiti's liberator and founding father, General Jean Jacques Dessalines, said, "I Want the Assets of the Country to be Equitably Divided" and for that he was assassinated by the Mullato sons of France. That was the first coup d'etat, the Haitian holocaust - organized exclusion of the masses, misery, poverty and the impunity of the economic elite - continues (with Feb. 29, 2004 marking the 33rd coup d'etat). Haiti's peoples continue to resist the return of despots, tyrants and enslavers who wage war on the poor majority and Black, contain-them-in poverty through neocolonialism' debts, "free trade" and foreign "investments." These neocolonial tyrants refuse to allow an equitable division of wealth, excluding the majority in Haiti from sharing in the country's wealth and assets." (See also, Kanga Mundele: Our mission to live free or die trying, Another Haitian Independence Day under occupation; The Legacy of Impunity of One Sector-Who killed Dessalines?; The Legacy of Impunity:The Neoconlonialist inciting political instability is the problem. Haiti is underdeveloped in crime, corruption, violence, compared to other nations, all, by Marguerite 'Ezili Dantò' Laurent
No other national group in the world sends more money than Haitians living in the Diaspora


The real news here is ......July 28, 2007 marks the 92nd anniversary of the first US invasion of Haiti by US Marines in 1915. The Marines occupied Haiti until 1934. One of the first things the Marines did was steal all the gold out of the Haitian treasury, packed it on a boat and sent it to New York for deposit in the City Bank.

In 1926, a Haitian described the pattern of invasions and occupations:

“I know they throw the history of Haiti in our face – its long tissue of revolutions and massacres. Yet the American war with the Cacos killed more people than 10 or 20 revolutions put together; it devastated whole regions and ruined the cattle of Haiti, as veterinary experts can testify if they are honest. Revolutions were fomented by foreigners – English, French, American, Dutch traders – who risked nothing, and always profited. Loans which dealt rather in human lives than in merchandise were made at rates of 1,000 per cent and those who thus enriched themselves overthrew any government that was not subservient to them.”

–excerpt from a letter written by Dr. Normil Sylvain, a Haitian, in 1926 to Emily Balch who led a delegation of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom to Haiti to observe the effects of the US occupation.
Haiti-Cuba-Venezuela Analysis | August 3, 2007 |The Real News From Haiti: Haitian Resistance Continues, UN tries to Keep Lid On, August 5, 2007 by hcvanalysis
Media Lies and Real Haiti News

The White Saviors of Haiti
The arrogance of the Left and White Liberals
- "Nou pa bay yo regle anyen pou nou"
by Ezili Dantò/Marguerite Laurent, Haitian Perspectives, September 17, 2005*

The White "Saviors" of Haiti by Marguerite Laurent

I am writing this because it's important and the anger won't go away. If I read this over, I would write it differently, probably? So, do I apologize in advance for typos,* generalizations and offending the simple bystander with my undiplomatic language, and over-reaching metaphors? I cannot. To do so, is to ignore the emotional urgency. Think further... about the "practicalities," the strategic danger of fighting on too many fronts at a time, about the overwhelming odds against us - how outnumbered and outgunned we Haitians are. But, this is visceral and from birth, I never had another voice, never had a choice.... about not drawing this fire. For, here and now, at this very moment, si m pa rele, m'ap toufe - if I don't shout, I'll suffocate.

This is about the remnants of the white Left in Haiti. We already know the bloodbath the "friends of Haiti" from the Right have brought to Haiti. http://www.margueritelaurent.com/law/massupdates1.html. How different is the so-called "white Left" and their sycophants used as the token, the "black portrait," the vivid imbeciles who serve to legitimizes these white folks' forays into our sovereign Haitian rights?

What made me start to write this night was Tom Luce's "Update" report below. (See, The August Massacres Update). But it's a culmination of things done by so-called "allies" for the past 6-months or more since Haitians in the Diaspora began to suffer their "work" on Haiti. That's why I, for one, am thoroughly SICK of these few remaining "Leftist" white folks and their paternalistic judgments and initiatives "in our names."

First off, if one reads the latest Brian Concannon ("Justice prevails") post on Jean Ristil and Kevin Pina, or the Tom Luce "update", you'll think these are the saviors of Haiti and its jailed peoples. Yet, all Haitians know "justice has NOT prevailed." However, Luce and Concannon seem, to continually be patting themselves on the back for their "great work", while all we Haitians struggling see is how our people are just simply dying and suffering.

Luce's "update" downplays the U.N. occupation, proudly talks about "working with the U.N." on Haitian "human rights," as if the UN was not complicit in the massacres, in cuddling the Lame-Ti-Manchet coup-d'etat death squad. Luce also gives a nod to IDJH, but thoroughly ignores that HLLN's report on the soccer massacre came out BEFORE even his or anyone elses.

Should we just continue to ignore these obvious dismissals and disrespects?
Why should we keep turning the other cheek for these paternalistic sods in terms of defining Haitian rights and our plight?

It’s like this "Peoples' Tribunal," supposedly a “Haitian” Peoples' Tribunal scheduled for Sept. 23, 2005 filled with Kim Ives' selected white eyewitness, white lawyers, white investigative judges to the pains and sufferings of black people, which excludes Haitian lawyers except as “assistants”; which excludes CARICOM representatives, African Union representatives, and all those of us who have stood and fought for Haitian rights and waded through the blood, sufferings and trauma of more than 10,000 Black people’s death and agonies in Haiti because of Bush regime change and impositions. (See, Kim Ives' "
Proposed Structure for Opening Session"). Yes, HLLN wants to see the defendants' names in the Peoples' Tribunal complaint brought to justice. There is no doubt about that.

But, does that mean, we must suffer, in the stark quiet, through another attempted humiliation in Washington, on Sept. 23, 2005 with no Haitian lawyer in the forefront, but a bunch of Leftist white folks who dubbed themselves arbiter of our “justice," our "rights,” as if it's 1840 and this was Sengbe ("Cinque") Pieh's sad defense at the Amistad trial and we Blacks are still their forced captives or there’s apartheid and we can’t speak for self.

In his email below - "
Proposed Structure for Opening Session" - Kim Ives tries to make his idiotic insults, obscene and constant sick paternalism and Tarzan-complex stick by suggesting that Haitian lawyers, people born in Haiti who lead and teach others about Haiti's plight, may be gofers, subjugated, relegated to the sidelines and readily "assigned" as assistants to the mostly non-Haitians, who shall take center stage as witnesses to the exploitation of Haitians or as the heroic defenders of Haitian rights in his upcoming Washington "Haiti Tribunal" farce.

As I absorbed it, I got this visual in my head of how the film of the Amistad revolt simply turned the tribulations, winning feat and inhuman sufferings of the African captives into a mere courtroom drama where white heroes prevailed and Sengbe "Cinque" Pieh and his fellow "defendants" relegated to the sidelines. So, is that how today's massive and bloody Haitian struggle for liberty, economic equity, sovereignty and against neocolonialism shall be reduced and re-written by white folks? That's depraved. And right in our faces like this? With my name on their script, in their assigned role, without permission?! Obscenely sneaky and irresponsible.

I say enough. ENOUGH. No more. If no Haitian will stand up and denounce these white Leftist and their arrogance, then let the record show HLLN shall denounce this Haiti Tribunal. We shall denounce IDJH and its continued use of Haiti’s pain and denounce Tom Luce’s misguided righteousness, as if no Haitian out here, are fighting, in a myriad of battlefields, throughout the world, for our own danm survival and self-respect. As if, we are not wading through the blood of more than 10,000 of our own Black people. As if New Orleans didn’t show the world Haiti and lift up our sufferings to a more unbearable level. As if we’re invisible.

When I say I’ve had enough, that’s a period, no comma. From now on, transparence requires, the next time Tom Luce writes a piece like the one below, or Brian Concannon, who uses Haitian lawyer Mario Joseph to gain his organization's legitimacy and then uses the release of Kevin Pina and Jean Ristil as an opportunity to fundraise for IDJH, bending over backwards to pat himself on the back for all HIS handwork as if IDJH single-handedly put out the information to get Ristil and Pina's release; the next time I, speaking for myself and the Haitians whose heart I speak aloud for, we-Haitians shall NOT turn the other cheek pretending we don’t see Concannon’s hustling our peoples' pain out here. The African movement to free Africans in Haiti, shall not be dismissed, disrespected or be distracted by these colonial efforts from the so-called remnants of the white Left. Haitians shall lead this struggle for Haitian liberation. Let it begin for those who were unaware: Nou la. We’re here, in the belly of the beast. Not in marronage. Forget the old standards and the old subservient, Haitian guards and sycophants.

We know you white Leftists (and your equivalents from the other races today climbing on Haiti's poverty-pimp-gravy-train) know that one penniless Black Haitian revolutionary who desperately needs the food, dollars, visas, plane tickets or the illusion of protection of a "white cover" and "accompaniment," you pilfer their work with to sell as your own, or to bask in as your "Leftist credentials," and/or to leverage later on for academic positions, foundation grants or a glamorous "Leftist" international job with the otherwise crushing-to-Haitian-health-and-sovereignty, repulsive cadres of NGOs in Haiti. We know you white Leftist can find that one Haitian without self-esteem, that “nice negro” and mentally colonized/traumatized Haitian, who hates confrontation and opens up his/her network of contacts for you to be “sudden experts” when you get to Haiti. Some of you do have good work out here and HLLN has not failed to support it. But, we don’t support your arrogance and delusion that you may speak for our people better than they may for themselves. Similarly, we don’t support the arrogance that allows you to believe you may limit our role because you’ve been on a delegation to Haiti. There's never a distance between Haiti and us, never. We are the Haiti Dessalines created. Our lawyers are always in Haiti. Our people are always in contact. These days your work does not reflect their interests or desires. HLLN is here to point this out. The U.N. is an OCCUPYING force in Haiti, there to uphold dictatorship, the former army officials and this upcoming selection, followed by a formal protectorate. Haitians are VERY clear on this. Follow their lead to support their struggle for sovereignty, or you’re not in solidarity with us, but working for the enemy. (See,
Dessalines' Law, The Three Ideals of Dessalines and Jean Jacques Dessalines, said, "I Want the Assets of the Country to be Equitably Divided" and for that he was assassinated.)

As the people of Haiti say: “wè pa wè, sa ou pa vle a, wap wè’l kanmèn” – No matter what, what you don’t want to happen, you’ll see it any way! We either live free, in every aspect, tell our own story, own our own pain and authenticity or die fighting for it. Either way, the Haitian story and plight will be articulated from a Haitian perspective, taking all Haiti’s enemies to task, whether they defined themselves “friend or foe” as long as HLLN is on the scene. Self-determination and reliance affords us the opportunity to define friend and foe.

Let it begin here with HLLN denouncing IDJH, the upcoming “Haiti Tribunal” by Kim Ives and Tom Luce's (Hurrah) and Brian Conconnan's insistence that the U.N. soldiers raping Haiti are Haiti’s saviors or Ann Sosin from IDJH’s unchecked refrain about how Haitian men in Site Soley are rapists and bandits. Let the denunciation, begin here with me, Marguerite Laurent - Desalin’s daughter, Ezili Dantò's child (my mèt tèt). Come with it. STEP Blan Mannan. STEP. Let’s get this over with, once and for all.

I ain’t one of these terrorized Haitian men watching how some of you white men use my Haitian sister as semen receptacles while telling all in a sundry how much you “love” the people of Haiti and fight for their “rights.”

I’ve learnt too much about you all. And frankly, you all are not so clean and capable of defining Haitian rights, ok. STEP and publicly say to the world your work is MORE worthy than what Haitians do to maintain their own soul, own dignity, own culture, own ancestors' legacies.

Go on, come with it.

Make sure you can handle the public scrutiny in this war for the souls of Black folk, everywhere.

IDJH talks about rape, we ask: Who brought aids to Haiti? Who is using our children, raping them in Haiti, bringing sex tourism, raping our women through sex tourism or by using white privilege with the colonized petit bourgeois for moving up the social ladder? I say no absolution.

You folks wanna have this discussion right now?

How many white folks without a dime, go to Haiti to make their fortunes, to beef up their resume, to make more money than they could ever command in the U.S. per day? To live like mini monarchs under the tropical sun, crystalline azure waters of the Caribbean, sandy beaches, able to employ the cheap live-in maid, gardener, cook, laundress, chauffeur, butler, nannies, personal assistant, hairdresser, masseur, guards, whatever. But "help" you could never, ever, altogether afford, on a daily basis, in your own countries. So why not impose your false benevolence and help contain Haiti in poverty and dependency to keep Haiti the way it is, assure you your mini monarch lifestyles and perpetual "do gooder" social mask, huh? Flexing your white power and reach over Haitians, you at various levels, recreate the old Southern U.S. plantation system while sanctimoniously telling all and a sundry you treat "your" Haitian good.

Just because the colonized Haitian will sell you their first born to get close to a U.S. passport, network or dollar, don’t really mean the dependency you’re strumming and are basking in makes you “godly,” or, worthy of this peasant’s respect. And some of you white folks, pretending to be unaware of the privileges your white skin brings in Haiti and in the U.S., want to tell us it’s about class not race? OK. Let it begin. But when you set up a “Haiti Tribunal,” make sure your actors are qualified to talk about these “black rights.”

Marguerite "Ezili Dantò" Laurent
Li led li la,
September 17, 2005*

*Note: *Minor revisions and stronger clarifications, especially of the Amistad metaphor were made to the original for posting on the HLLN website on Sept. 30, 2005. (Also, some new links added December, 2007 to further update the original article). See also: The White Savior's False Benevolence - "Ezili's HLLN suggest that USAID, OIM and Judy Dacruz at OIM (and formerly with Brian Concannon at BAI/IDJH) provide "relief" in the form of RESTITUTION and JUSTICE for the OIM/USAID Lame Timanchet soccer massacre victims!"

See, also Returning to their unwholesome colonial past: Older white women preying on poverty - joins in Kenya's sex tourists, Europeans charged over child kidnapping in Chad and Swiss accused pedophile arrested in Haiti; SODA Resolution Terminating Reed Lindsay's and Friends of SODA's Involvement in SODA; and Armand Huard - 'Father Teresa' faces sex abuse charges in Haiti and US Accused Pedophile Douglas Perlitz Indicted; Reed Linsay's article denies Haitians the right to self-defense, emboldens the rabid UN hunt to assassinate Emmanuel Dred Wilmè; and UN Peacekeepers and Humanitarian Aid Workers raping, molesting and abusing Haitian children and HLLN Recommended Links on the Origins of Aids/HIV.

Two Quebecers arrested for sexual assaults on minors in Haiti orphanage

French Aid Workers Sentenced

French Aid Workers Charged with kidnapping scheme in Chad

"Heading South": Sex, struggles and oblivion in Haiti

Heading South, a film depicting White Women predators in Haiti: imperialist sex tourism/exploitation of young, black and poor Haitian men

Ezili Danto's Comment on Ghost of Site Soley

Going South, a film about North American women looking for sex and sun in Haiti

Sexual Tourism in Haiti on Film

Video - Child Abuse/Molestation by white tourists in Kenya

Older white women join Kenya's sex tourists

"An estimated 600,000 Western women have engaged in travel sex from 1980 to the present"

Haiti Defamed

Vaccinate Haiti? No - Stop using Haiti as a human laboratory

October 17, 2009 - Haiti's Holocaust and Middle Passage Continues

Down with the white "saviors"
Down with occupation;
Down with privatization;
Long live a free and sovereign Haiti.

Blan Mannan by Feliks Moriso Lewa
(English translation


From: “K. M. Ives” kives@toast.net To: haiti-tribunal@lists.mutualaid.org Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 23:23:32 -0400 Subject: [Haiti-tribunal] Proposed Structure for Opening Session

Proposed Structure of Opening Session 7 – 10 p.m.

Presiding judges: Ben Dupuy, Brian Concannon, & Lucie Tondreau

Investigating Judge(s): Desiree Wayne

Assistant Investigating Judges: Lionel Jean-Baptiste, Marguerite Laurent

Chief prosecutor & head of Commission of Inquiry: Ramsey Clark (will arrive about 8:00 p.m.)

Assistant Prosecutors: Kim Ives, Ray Laforest

Witnesses: Chuck Kaufman, Jeb Sprague, Yves Engler, Ira Kurzban, Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, Tom Griffin, Kevin Pina, Seth Donnelly

Jury: Lavarice Gaudin, Fanfan Latour, Bernier Archille, Greg Dunkel, Jill Ives, Ted Romashko, Serge Lilavois, Berthony Dupont, Margaret Duval, Karine Jean-Pierre, others

Commission of Inquiry: Ramsey Clark, Capt. Lawrence Rockwood, Tom Griffin, Dave Welsh, Katharine Kean, someone from IAC, someone from ANSWER, (Danny Glover?) (Randall Robinson?)

The composition of the International Tribunal on Haiti will be a hybrid of Anglo-Saxon and Napoleonic judicial systems.

There will be three presiding judges, who will supervise each session of the Tribunal.

Under their direction will be an investigating judge, as opposed to a Grand Jury, who will amass evidence and testimony. She will have assistant judges.
There will be a chief prosecutor, Ramsey Clark, who will also be the head of the Commission of Inquiry. He will have assistant prosecutors.

The prosecution will call witnesses to testify about what they know about massacres committed since the Feb. 29 coup. There will also be witnesses called to present the background to coup.

Finally, there will be a jury of 15 to 20 members.

The Investigating Judge will issue the indictments prior to the trial. Orders calling on those indicted to appear before the court will be sent out at least one week before the trial.

At the trial, the indictments will be presented, evidence and testimony will be seen and heard, and the jury will render a verdict. At the Sept. 23 opening session, the Commission of Inquiry will also be announced.>>


Subject: [Haiti-news] News: The August Massacres Update
news Haiti
by Tom Luce 9/15/05

There were two separate ugly massacres in August in two different but neighboring sections of Port-Au-Prince, one on August 20 at the St. Bernadette soccer stadium in Martissant and another on Aug 21 in a residential section of Gran’Ravin. This writer has been personally involved in an ongoing investigation and community justice effort regarding these massacres and offers the following update as an alternative to the RNDDH (formerly NCHR-Haiti) report contained in the Konbit Pou Ayiti/KONPAY Haiti Report for Sept. 16, 2005.

There is a connection between the two massacres. Both involved killing innocent Lavalas activists and both were carried out by a murderous team of Haitian National Police aided by thugs using machetes marked with the initials, “PNH” or Haitian National Police .

The first massacre—in front of 5000 soccer fans in Martissant— involved as many as 50 victims slaughtered because they were labeled as Lavalas scum. They were either shot by the police and/or hacked to death by the thugs with “PNH” marked machetes. The second at GranRavin, involving some 5 victims, was a pre-meditated combination of house burning, house vandalizing, shooting at a church, and killing by machete and bullets, again of alleged Lavalas scum by police bullets and thugs with “PNH” machetes. Witnesses to the Saturday soccer massacre say that the police and thugs threatened to finish the job the following day which they did.

Three separate articles with photos covering these events can be seen at www.hurah.webhop.org AUMOHD, a Haitian human rights organization with offices at 181 Autoroute de Delmas 23 (Pres. Evel Fanfan, 424-3334) is the agency conducting its own investigation and providing legal support for the two affected communities. In conjunction with AUMOHD, a US delegation has taken affidavits and has filmed survivors and eyewitnesses in order to prepare a case to present to the international community. Other Haitian human rights groups either have done nothing, or have merely commented on these massacres (usually combining them into one). IJDH has posted two articles (www.ijdh.org/articles/article_recent_news_8_24_05.htm)

The RNDDH (formerly NCHR-Haiti) report concludes that the Grand Ravin massacre (note: there were in fact two massacres in two different places and times) involved neighbors taking revenge on alleged bandits similar to other massacres reported earlier in the summer in Solino and Bel Air. RNDDH claims the police were passive witnesses and that the machetes used were not “handed out.” These July killings were reported in the popular press, though not yet confirmed by believable investigations, as neighborhood lynchings. The press characterized them, as if to excuse the massacres, as a citizen summary executions of alleged bandits who had incurred the righteous wrath of good neighbors, thus eliminating the huge problem of kidnapers terrorizing the whole city.

The massacres at Martissant and Gran Ravin were definitely against innocent people perpetrated not by indignant neighbors but by police and known thugs against political targets. The UN also conducting its own investigation, has, according to Juan Gabriel ValdËs, confirmed the involvement of the police (AHP Sept. 1). Mchael Lycius, Director of the Haitian Judicial Police has also confirmed (AHP Sept. 12) that police were involved and are being detained and that the civilians involved are being sought after. AUMOHD has gathered the names of the alleged civilian murderers, reported by community residents as having been disturbing the communities earlier in the year and asked to leave the area.

According to AHP (9/12/05) Pierre Esperance, Director of RNDDH (National Network Of the Defense of Rights of Haitians) attacked UN Rep, ValdËs for having announced on Sept. 1 that henceforward “all operations of the Haitian National Police must be planned and carried out in strict collaboration with MINUSTAH with a view to good management.” Mr. Valdes made his statement following the August massacres and made reference also to the July massacres as examples of how the Haitian National Police have been “out of control”. Mr. Esperance accused Valdes of “destroying the Haitian police and supporting bandits.” (Note: UN Declaration 1608 has given MINUSTAH control over the Haitian National Police as of June 05.)

AUHMOHD has worked with the UN human rights office securing the permanent posting of a MINUSTAH patrol in Gran Ravin. Community leaders have reported that this has greatly reduced the terror that had gripped the people in the area. It is also working with local media to prepare a full documentary. Ongoing work developed at a community meeting facilitated by AUMOHD President Evel Fanfan on Sept 2, has dealt with securing autopsies, backed up by the UN human rights office, of the remaining bodies of victims, preparing for funerals, and developing a community strategy for pursuing justice.

AUHMOHD is a volunteer organization receiving minimal funding to pay for phones, gas, internet and expenses related to its work for poor clients and communities. To learn more and to contribute to their work go to www.hurah.webhop.org

— Tom Luce, President HURAH, Inc. Human Rights Accompaniment In Haiti 900 Advocates In The Northeast of the U.S. 30 Park St. Barre, Vt. 05641 Tel. 802-476-7056, 522-3525 www.hurah.webhop.org

Forwarded by the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network www.margueritelaurent.com/law/lawpress.html

“Men anpil chay pa lou” is Kreyol for – “Many hands make light a heavy load.”

Join our International Solidarity – THE FREE HAITI MOVEMENT. For info, see: www.margueritelaurent.com/photogallery/haitisolidarityday.html and, www.margueritelaurent.com/solidarityday/infoforsponsors.html

Matters To Be Investigated by an International Tribunal on the Bicentennial Coup: www.margueritelaurent.com/law/matterstoinvestigage.html

* The Bush bloodbath brought to Haiti – List (partial) of Victims and Massacres www.margueritelaurent.com/law/massupdates1.html * Ezili Danto Witness Project

5-point demands from the grassroots and Fanmi Lavalas-base in Haiti for the majority of people in Haiti to participate in elections:

1. Liberation of all political prisoners including Father Gerard Jean-Juste who the Fanmi Lavalas grassroots-base in Haiti has chosen as their candidate for the presidency of Haiti.

2. The Latortue government must go.

3. The repression and killings in the popular neighborhoods must stop

4. Disarmament. Arms must be gone. There cannot be elections with all these arms on the streets (even those in the hands of the “no-nationality” Haitian bourgeoisie, their “anti-poor” thug enforcers and former military).

5. President Aristide and all those in exile must be allowed to return to Haiti.
UN Machetes in Haiti | Haitian Perspectives by August 15, 2005 (Letter to UN officials – Stop the slaughter and bloodshed in Haiti, in particular the new Coup D’etat folks practice of chopping up the Lavalas poor and women with police machetes www.margueritelaurent.com/pressclips/unmachetes.html

HLLN’s Open Letter Demanding a stop to UN slaughter in Site Soley www.margueritelaurent.com/pressclips/openletter.html

Demand a Stop to the killings in Site Soley | Denounce the slaughter of Haitian people by UN Troops

Urgent Action Requested
Amnesty International designates Father Gerald Jean-Juste as a prisoner of conscience. Calls for internations action to secure his immediate release

DEMAND IMMEDIATE RELEASE of Father Gerald Jean-Juste. International pressureis needed on the US, the Haitian Minister of Justice and the UN. For their addresses and how Fr. Jean-Juste was attacked at church and arrested.
Click here to also take further action:

Free Jean Juste – www.haitiaction.net/News/HAC/7_21_5.html


"What Historians usually forget to say about Jean Jacques Dessalines: Dessalines was a revolutionary centuries ahead of his time" by Marguerite Laurent, HLLN, October 17, 2006.

Dessalines' Law
(See, The Three Ideals of Dessalines http://www.margueritelaurent.com/pressclips/dessalines.html#3 ).

Mesi Papa Dessalines

Jean Jacques Dessalines, said, "I Want the Assets of the Country to be Equitably Divided" and for that he was assassinated.

Haiti's wealth and assets.
http://www.margueritelaurent.com/pressclips/kangamundele.html#equity ; and

Kouwòn pou Defile by Michael Sanon
http://www.margueritelaurent.com/pressclips/dessalines.html#kouwon )


From Slave to Emperor, His Majesty, Jean Jacques Dessalines, The greatest story marginalized and never told.....

What Historians usually forget to say about Jean Jacques Dessalines: Dessalines was a revolutionary centuries ahead of his time
by Marguerite Laurent, HLLN, October 17, 2006

Down with the white "saviors"
Down with occupation;
Down with privatization;
Long live a free and sovereign Haiti.


- Media Lies and Real Haiti News

Ezili Dantò's Note: Bwa Kayiman 2007 and the case of Lovinsky Pierre Antoineby Ezili Dantò, For Haitian Perspective, and The FreeHaitiMovement, August 23, 2007

Who killed Dessalines, Haiti's founding father?
Toussaint Louverture was kidnapped and murdered by the French. The Haitians most allied to the white colonists then killed Haiti's founding father. Petion/Gerin- the Reactionary Mulatto Generals more allied to French/colonial economic and cultural interests than the Haitian majority.

ollowing Dessalines' assassination in 1806, under the long Mulatto and Eurocentric presidencies of Petion (12 years) and Boyer (25 years), the name Dessalines was execrated, declared loathsome, cursed, marginalized and not allowed to be spoken. Neocolonialism had begun in Haiti, would be formalized with Boyer's Independence Debt ($22 billion with the last slave-trade payment made in 1947 to US, the richest country in the world by Haiti, the most defenseless and poorest. See HLLN's Open Letter to the People of France.)

The legacy of the impunity and undemocratic offenses of this one class and sector of Haitian society, continues to this day…This Haitian economic elite with their foreign allies cannot accept the principal of one citizen-one vote because it would mean that they would lose their privileges and influence. Hence the Feb. 29, 2004 coup d'etat and current UN protectorate under President Preval which pursues the interests of foreigners and their black overseers in Haiti.


To live free or die trying, Another Haitian Independence Day under occupation.....But as you read Noreiga’s racist and immoral lies that seek to mask the Boca Raton regime’s barbarity as Haitian “progress” that is worthy of international support, remember: A zombie’s mutterings are meaningless.

Ayi Kwei Armah explains what’s to be done with such predators and their blan-peyi Haitian lackeys, for they are dead: “Leave them in their graves. Whatever waking form they wear, the stench of death pours ceaseless from their mouths. From every opening of their possessed carcasses comes death’s excremental pus. Their soul itself is dead and long since putrefied. Would you have your intercourse with these creatures from the graveyard?”

NO. Leave the dead in their graves. Speak your righteous message not to these “long rotted ash” but address your message, my people, to the living and look only to Dessaline’s descendants worldwide. His legacy is liberty. Speak to liberty lovers. Empower the world’s lovers of liberty.
Excerpt from Kanga Mundele: Our mission to live free or die trying, Another Haitian Independence Day under occupation From, by Marguerite Laurent, Haitian Perspectives, January 1, 2006


It's Neither Hope nor Progress when the International Community is Running Haiti

Media Lies and Real Haiti News


Mesi Papa Dessalines
Three ideals of Dessalines
Kouwòn pou Defile
Libète Ou La

Dessalines' Songs *La Dessalinienne
Haiti's National Anthem-
(audio of La Dessalinienne

Defile Manman "Chimè?"

What's in a name?
Some names horrify enslavers, tyrants and despots, everywhere...


Dessalines' Law

Blan Mannan by Feliks Moriso Lewa
(English translation


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Swiss accused pedophile arrested in Haiti
November 22, 2007, Caribbean Net News

Judy Dacruz at OIM offers "relief." Please call and ask OIM's Dacruz "how about relief and justice for the OIM Soccer massacre victims?"


Swiss accused pedophile arrested in Haiti
Published on Thursday, November 22, 2007
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AFP): A Swiss man wanted in his country for sexually molesting children was arrested in Haiti late Tuesday, local police said.

"An international warrant had been issued for this Swiss citizen ... who had lived in Haiti for numerous years," a police official said.

Haitian police did not identify the man, who was arrested in a liquor store not far from Port-au-Prince by a team accompanied by a Swiss police agent.

The man was being held by Haitian authorities and was expected to be turned over to Swiss officials for repatriation to Switzerland, a Haitian officer said, adding that he was not sure if the two countries had an extradition treaty.


Haiti: Assistance to population affected by recent floods

IOM and its partners are assisting in the provision of relief assistance to populations affected by flash floods triggered by tropical storm Noel and torrential rains that hit Haiti throughout the month of October.

At least 66 persons were killed, an estimated 2,801 homes completely destroyed and above 12,000 damaged. More than 14,000 families have been directly affected by the flash floods and continue to need assistance.

IOM this year has taken a leading role in the coordination and provision of shelter support during disasters and to date has assisted flood-affected victims in Gonaives, Cabaret and the West region with non-food items, including blankets, towels, diapers, bath and laundry soap, and toilet paper.

With recent funding of US$100,000 received from USAID/OFDA, IOM has identified 900 affected families located in the Commune of Cite Soleil or displaced to other parts of Port-au-Prince and who are being provided with hygiene and kitchen kits.

With support from the UN's Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), IOM is also conducting renovation work to improve temporary shelter infrastructure which suffered heavy damage in the South region following hurricane Dean. Work is scheduled to finish by the end of December.

As this year's hurricane season draws to a close, it is expected that shelter and emergency response capacity needs will continue to increase in Haiti whose vulnerability to climate change and natural disasters is acute.

For more information, please contact Judy Dacruz, IOM Port-au Prince, Email: jdacruz@iom.int Tel: +509.244.1218.Copyright © IOM. All rights reserved.

Ezili Dantò's Note: Judy Dacruz at OIM offers "relief." Call and ask OIM's Dacruz "how about relief in the form of RESTITUTION and JUSTICE for the OIM Soccer massacre victims in Haiti??" Justice for the Grand Ravine victims of the
USAID|OIM "Camp for Peace" Soccer Match massacre on August 20-21, 2005

Forwarded by Ezili's Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network


Ezili Danto Note:
Attorney Bill Quigley roughed up and arrested: Contact numbers to demand justice for the Katrina victims whose houses are being demolished and to protest the arrest of Bill Quigley

Watch this Video of Attorney Bill Quigley getting roughed up and arrested. What has become of the law in the U.S.? (OK, that was a rhetorical question.)

But folks, we simply cannot take this attack on a treasured and authentic friend to the poorest of the poor, without comment and strong protest. And so I write here to you about Bill Quigley, about this arrest. Because Bill Quigley is a man who shows up, time and time again, not to help us, but because he knows his liberation is bound up with that of the most disenfranchised. He is a man who, I do not hesitate to say, is one of the most honorable of attorneys and activists working in the Americas. He represents what HLLN wishes to see extended in this world. He does not extend dependency, struggle or talk FOR black or poor people. But, Bill Quigley has consistantly stood up for what's just, humane and decent. Most often, he is the lone white guy taking abuse with and alongside his poor, underprivileged friends and clients, as you’ll see if you watch this video and as he did once in Haiti when a mob was beating down Father Jean Juste at Jacques Roches' funeral. (See, "Priest Assaulted by Mob at Funeral and Arrested for Murder : Harrowing Hours in Haiti By Bill Quigley | http://www.counterpunch.org/quigley07232005.html ;) This New Orleans officer's action here seems arbitrary, capricious and extremely violent without cause or defense. Charges seems to be in order against this arresting officer, NO? Someone needs to be fired immediately.


Bill Quigley is a law professor as well as Director of the Law Clinic and the
Gillis Long Poverty Law Center at Loyola University New Orleans. ( For more
info on Bill and his work, go to: http://law.loyno.edu/faculty/bio/quigley ;;
http://law.loyno.edu/%7Equigley/ ;)

To learn more about the issue, which landed Bill Quigley in this danger,
please go to: Bulldozers for the Poor, Huge Tax Credits for Wealthy Developers

Appeal to the HLLNetwork: Please folks, make your voices heard. Here are the contact numbers to demand justice for the Katrina victims, all mostly very poor black women and children, whose right to return to their homes in New Orleans are being summarily denied, their homes being demolished. Call to loudly protest the arrest and assault on attorney Bill Quigley.

Contact numbers to demand justice for the Katrina victims whose houses are being demolished and to protest the arrest of Bill Quigley:

Contact Elected Officials to Stop Housing Demolitions in New Orleans

George Bush – President - 202-456-1111
Alphonso Jackson, Secy of HUD - (202) 708-1112
Sen. Mary Landrieu, 202-224-5824; Fax: 202-224-9735
Sen. David Vitter - (504) 589-2753, DC Office (202) 224-4623
Rep. William Jefferson Phone: (202) 225-6636; FAX: (202) 225-1988

Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin – 504.658.4900

New Orleans City Council Members:
Arnie Fielkow - (504) 658-1060 AFielkow@cityofno.com
Jacquelyn Clarkson - (504) 658-1070 JBClarkson@cityofno.com
Stacy Head - (504) 658-1020 SHead@cityofno.com
Shelley Midura - (504) 658-1010 SMidura@cityofno.com
James Carter - (504) 658-1030 JCarter@cityofno.com
Cynthia Hedge-Morrell - (504) 658-1040 CHMorrell
Cynthia Willard-Lewis - (504) 658-1050 CWLewis@cityofno.com

Sex scandal in Haiti hits U.N. mission: Bush's US/Canada/France intervention to "save" Haiti for obscene exploitation by the world's rich elites leaves small Haitian girls more defenseless, more brutalized by the white savoirs' "rescue" : Girls as young as 13 forced to have sex with the UN savoirs for as little as $1

Sex scandal in Haiti hits U.N. mission, By Carol J. Williams, December 16, 2007

Charges of abuse investigated; some Sri Lankan troops expelled

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Girls as young as 13 were having sex with U.N. peacekeepers for as little as $1.

Five young Haitian women who followed soldiers back to Sri Lanka were forced into brothels or polygamous households. They have been rescued and brought home to warn others of the dangers of foreign liaisons.

The young mother of a peacekeeper's child had to send the toddler to live with relatives in the countryside after other children and parents taunted him with the nickname "Little Minustah," the French acronym for the United Nations mission here.

In the latest sex scandal to tarnish the world organization, at least 114 Sri Lankan troops have been expelled from the U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haiti for sexual exploitation of Haitian women and girls.

This poorest country in the Western Hemisphere has endured repeated occupation, each time suffering instances of statutory rape and economically coerced sexual relations.

But this time, the troops had been sent to protect them. The United Nations had taken measures to stop such abuse after revelations three years ago that its troops in Congo were having sex with girls in exchange for staples such as eggs and milk or token sums of money.

When the abuses in the Haitian capital's impoverished Martissant neighborhood were brought to the mission's attention in August, a unit of the self-policing U.N. Office of Internal Oversight Services was deployed to investigate. Its report to the U.N. Department of Peacekeeping Operations in New York remains confidential, but mission commanders repatriated 111 soldiers and three officers on disciplinary grounds in November.

MINUSTAH spokesman David Wimhurst said all violators of U.N. ethical policies are swiftly punished.

"The rules are very strict and very clear. There's a zero-tolerance policy," he said of the code of conduct that all of the nearly 9,000 U.N. soldiers, police and civilians deployed in Haiti must uphold. "You can't have sex with anybody under 18 or with anybody in exchange for money, services, promises or food."

In a country where more than half of the 8.5 million people live on less than a dollar a day, the parents and friends of girls engaging in sex for food or other compensation "tend to close their eyes and pretend nothing is happening," said Olga Benoit, of Haitian Women's Solidarity.

Young girls have congregated outside peacekeeping posts since the first U.N. troops arrived in summer 2004, sometimes begging, other times flirting or practicing a few words of English, French or Spanish. After dark, scores of young girls in skimpy shorts or dresses can be seen loitering in the streets, waving to signal their availability to off-duty soldiers.

Despite a successful campaign against the spread of AIDS in Haiti, sex remains a taboo subject. There is no sex education in the schools, Benoit said.

As with many nations contributing troops to U.N. peacekeeping missions, the Sri Lankan government retains responsibility for disciplinary action against its soldiers here. Authorities in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, in consultation with the commander of the 950-member Sri Lankan contingent, ordered the repatriations and deployed a high-level investigative team to determine the extent of the abuses. That inquiry has yet to be completed, said Wimhurst, the MINUSTAH spokesman.

A spokeswoman for the Sri Lankan mission at the United Nations in New York, Mahishini Colonne, said she didn't know when her government's investigation would wrap up or who, other than officials in Colombo, would receive the report. She said reparations to Haitian victims were likely "one aspect being considered."

Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue, the Haitian minister of women's affairs, said she believes the abuses might be more widespread than reported.

The United Nations has not shared its findings with the Haitian government.

Lassegue said such a move was a necessary first step for Haitians to gather evidence to pursue reparations and dissuade misconduct.

"We don't yet have any perspective on the size of the problem," she said. "And my worst fear is that there are many others out there we don't even know about."

Carol J. Williams writes for the Los Angeles Times.
See: HLLN on Carol William's other reporting on Haiti in: Examples of Neocolonial Journalism
Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!

"When you make a choice, you mobilize vast human energies and resources which otherwise go untapped...........If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want and all that is left is a compromise." Robert Fritz

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