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Protect Haitian Lives by monitoring human rights violations, exposing the untold stories of political repression

Sponsor Teach-Ins to educate about Haiti's revolutionary legacy, culture and Haitians as pioneers in the human rights struggle despite the debt, dependency and foreign domination cycles which foments social chaos and led to Haiti's 33 Coup D'etats.

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Advocate for the fleeing Haitian refugees

Denounce U.S. big-business neo-liberalism, "free trade", and globalization initiatives and privatization schemes for Haiti (including the HERO ACT and other such measures) as financial colonialism. Also, boycott or otherwise expose and financially hamper U.S. companies in Haiti violating Haitian minimum wage, workers rights, union organizing or otherwise jeopardizing Haitian health, life, safety and human rights.

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Restore a Constitutional Government, Protect the Feb. 7th Vote - Advocate for investigation of the February 29, 2004 Coup D'etat
    • Role of the U.S. as a corrupting element - Phase One/ Phase Two
    • Corrupt Role of the Morally Repugnant Business Elites of Haiti
    • The Forcible removal of President Aristide from Haiti violates the Convention on the Prevention And Punishment of Crimes Against Internationally Protected Persons, a treaty ratified by the U.S.
    • The Coup D'etat violates Article 20 of OAS Charter and the OAS Mission
    • The 2004 Coup D'etat violates the U.N Charter and U.N. Mission
    • U.N. SC Resolutions 1529, 1608 and the Feb. 22, 2006 Accord violates international law, U.N. Charter and Mission while undermining Haitian sovereignty, Haitian Constitution, justice system, governance, democracy and rule of law as well as contradicting the OAS's American Convention on Human Rights
Mobilize the Haitian-American vote

Pursue the 21.8 billion owed by France


Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!


Seven Campaigns to Re-establish Haitian Democracy
and Sovereignty

APRIL 1, 2004
"Men anpil chaj pa lou"
is the Kreyol phrase for "Many hands make light a heavy load".

WHAT: Campaigns to assist with establishment of rule of law, justice, sovereignty and democracy to Haiti
WANTED: Organizational partners and Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network Volunteers
CONTACT: Marguerite Laurent, Esq.
at Erzilidanto@yahoo.com

The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network has, in collaboration with grassroots pro-democracy groups in Haiti and in the U.S., identified the following priorities and working agenda and is soliciting organizational support and volunteers to help their ongoing work on these campaigns. The Network is operating as liaison along with many activists to direct information and press for action. Our priorities and working agenda are as follows:

Stop the political oppression and criminalization of the mass Haitian electorate. Mobilize so that there is security for those persecuted to be able to safely return to their homes with their families, be allowed to return to school, jobs, daily lives - stop being intimidated, tortured and abused by convicted felons, fugitives, ex-soldiers, former FRAPH, opposition strongmen and street gangs capitalizing on the Constitutional crisis for their own macabre benefit. Mobilize human rights monitors, organizations, campaigns and media exposure to pressure the perpetrators and their civilian and governmental allies, including pressuring the UN/MINUSTHA forces currently acting as an occupation force in Haiti, to stop the killings in Haiti and to protect the internal refugees in Haiti. Keep the stories of the post-Coup D'etat's brutal political repression in the headlines as much as possible.
Identify and mobilize worldwide legal and humanitarian support and aid for the fleeing Haitian refugees. The U.S. Coast Guard automatically repatriates Haitians. Haitians who reach U.S. shores are the only asylum seekers automatically repatriated or indefinitely deprived of their liberty - indefinitely detained without trial, charges or due process of law in the United States of America.
Demand respect of the Feb. 7, 2006 vote and sovereignty and Haiti's right to self-determination and self-ownership. Pursue the claim for an investigation of the Internationals' role (including UN, OAS and Group 184) in diluting and undermining the Haitian peoples votes, both in the 2006 Presidential and Legislative elections; pursue the unconditional return and release of all those sent into exile, or placed in prison, due to the Feb. 29th coup d'etat, including President Aristide and the Constitutional Government officials of Haiti and their allies. Support the calls for an investigation of the February 29, 2004 Coup D'etat and investigation of U.S./Canada/European Union funding of known Haitian human rights abusers and mercenaries and the kidnapping of President Jean Bertrand Aristide and his wife. Under President Jean Bertrand Aristide and the Lavalas governments, the life, liberty and property of the Haitian masses were elevated and more valued than at any other time since the first coup detat in 1806 where Haiti's founding father was assassinated by the sons of France. For, the minium wage was raised, more Haitian schools were built in Haiti than in the entire previous 200 years of Haitian history, the people were educated by the Liv Blan as to the resources of Haiti and their right to this property and mineral riches, the Kreyòl language was made an official language of the Haitian state, Vodun was made an official religion, France was asked to pay back the Independence Debt and literacy rates went up by more than 30%. To take and control Haiti's life, liberty and property are the reasons for the Bush 2004 coup d'etat. The Bush 2004 coup d'etat/Regime change and subsequent UN occupation is based on enslavement (taking of Haitian life and labor), murder (rule by force, incarceration, endless debt and degrading the environment) and theft (stealing the people of Haiti's mineral/gold/copper/coal/oil and other riches). Listen to CKUT Interview (in English - 34:03) with Ezili Dantò on Mining of Haiti Resources and Riches.

Celebrate Haitian culture and Haiti's revolutionary legacy as a pioneer in the human rights struggle.

Protect Haiti's cultural and revolutionary legacy, the Kreyòl language, and Kreyòl literacy efforts. Defend Haiti's territorial sovereignty (i.e. Fort Liberte and Môle St. Nicolas are not for sale or to be taken as U.S. companion bases to Guantanamo bay, Haiti riches/mineral wealth belong to the people of Haiti), and expose and counter the French/U.S. and other occupational troops, their Haitian mercenaries and their "civilian and ecclesiastic fronts" from looting Haiti's cultural and archeological artifacts and defiling Haiti's Vodun heritage and way of life.

Part of the psychological warfare in the timing of the 2004 Coup D'etat, orchestrated by the U.S. and France in collaboration with Haitian mercenaries, anti-Haitian and unpatriotic and anti-black Black opportunists, is to stop the world from celebrating the achievement of the African warriors who first put liberty into application in the Western Hemisphere. Thus, this 2nd U.S. orchestrated Coup D'etat against the Constitutionally elected Haitian president makes it even more critical for the African Diaspora, Haitians and authentic human rights advocates the worldwide to highlight Haiti's 200-year old struggle against debt, dependency and foreign domination and to keep, at the forefront, what the Haitian ancestors fought against, especially in light of Haiti's bi-centennial.

Campaign Four urges all to celebrate Haitian culture, support Haitian artists and Haiti's revolutionary legacy as pioneers in the human rights struggle. Haitian were the first freedom fighters to abolish slavery, the first to win their independence from European enslavement and colonialism in the Western Hemisphere. Haitians living today are still paying for their ancestorsí great human rights achievements. The majority of the Affranchis or "free Blacks," distinctly known today as the Neocons or Republican Blacks, are, as in olden slavery days, still used as buffers for the exploitation of the Haitian masses, continuing their historic, if nefarious and morally repugnant role and work, by supporting U.S./Euro repressive economic and geopolitical interests in Haiti. White as opposed to Ayisyen cultural standards, mostly imitating right wing white society, and working, for example, as Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Reginald Dumas, Kofi Annan, Gerald Latorture and Andre Apaid, Jr. and the like, as vociferous international adherents of neo-liberalism, lawlessness in Haiti and against the one-person-one-vote-principle and other such anti democratic views for the masses in Haiti, the Caribbean and Africa. These mentally colonized, anti-democratic Black opportunists and their civilian and military mercenaries in Haiti and abroad still serve the Black masses up to the neo-colonialists as evidenced by their role in the crippling 2004 Coup Díetat. Many, clothed themselves as "progressives" solely because of their black skin color or alliances with these sort of Blacks, but their actions in Haiti today, with regard to reconciling with the former bloody Haitian military and FRAPH reappearance and towards the one-person-one-vote principle, show they are part of the old status quo reborn, are neither humane, progressive nor do they have the interests of the mass Haitian electorate at heart. This confusion must be de-tangled, our whole history told and put into historical perspective; the veil of these traditional "Black Buffers" brought down so authentic progressives the worldwide may focus on the real issues of imperialism's gluttonous greed, inhumanity, venomous resentments and relentless injustices to be confronted and countered, clearing the way for our Black ancestors' achievements in Haiti to be promoted and celebrated despite the 2004 Coup D'etat, Constitutional crisis and human rights abuses.
The primary reason for the 2004 Coup D'etat was because Haiti, is one of these rare Black countries that OWNED something, still OWNS SOMETHING the powerful imperialists, their multi-national corporations and Western governments want, haven't yet privatized (colonized), but surely feel racistly entitled to take from the poor majority in Haiti as a divine right! Remember, IMF/WB GDP calculations of average wealth, Western economic calculation of wealth, has NOTHING to do with the reality of Haitian lives in Haiti, nor with Jean Jacques Dessalines idea of wealth distribution. Western 'Development' is based on Bourgeoisie Freedom, exclusion of the masses and means the Euros would own more in Haiti and have successfully used humanitarian imperialism to mask how they harvest cheap Haitian labor to make huge profits while enslaving the country in DEBT, but call it CREDIT. Western 'Development' would mean the Haitian people are rendered exotic backdrops in their own country, and butlers and maids to service Euro/US tourists and the Euro/US elites that own the land. In Haiti, we may not have the materialism, but we OWN ourselves, our land, our culture, our own language, our own Gods, our own image of self.Thus, under the US-backed government in Haiti between 2004 and 2006, the internationals took the opportunity to commit Haiti's people to a defacto UN protectorate (UN SC Res. 1608, Feb. 22, 2006 Accord) and sign endless illegal corporate agreements and illegal World Bank accords - to fleece Haiti of what it owned, load it with endless IMF/World Bank debt, and undermine Haitian civil liberties by militarizing Haiti with their UN occupying soldiers and politicized Haitian "police," trained to repress the people of Haiti on behalf of foreign interests. (See, Turning Haiti into a Penal Colony). The bi-centennial coup's mission was to install a Haiti Death Project regime, misnamed a Haiti Democracy Project ("HDP") regime more interested in the impoverishment disasters of neo-liberalism and globalization rather than social spending for Haitian schools, literacy programs, health care, roads, portable water, job development, institutionalization of the rule of law, a justice system and a Haitianist domestic economy. We shall continue the struggle against financial colonialism by speaking up against privatization; educating the populist as to the beneficiaries of the privatization of water, utilities, state owned enterprises, the dumping of corporate farm subsidized goods, and the radical right wing agenda to maintain the old status quo of having the Black masses produce, the Black buffering lighter Black minorities serve, while the white privilege internationals direct, consume, load Haiti with endless debt and run things from behind the scenes in Haiti. In this 21st century these paradigms are to be resisted, shattered - just as Haitians resist the abuses of the sweatshops and Haiti simply being a service area for the super rich to exploit and abuse Haitian labor and resources. With Campaign Five our working agenda is to also continue to identify labor law violators and set long term corporate strategies to boycott or find other suitable economic strategies against U.S. and other companies in Haiti violating Haitian minimum wage, jeopardizing Haitian health, life and the Black masses' civil and human rights.

Mobilize the Haitian-American and Caribbean-American vote to push a platform for more conscionable and equitable U.S. policy in Haiti and for Haitian refugees.



Yes We Can. Yes We Did It!

Keep alive and pursue the 21.8 billion (and counting) owed by France to the Haitian people. Demand that the US also repay the people of Haiti for the portion of this slave-trade debt paid by Haiti to US banks from 1914 to 1947 under US military force and a 19-year US occupation.

For the time being, these are our priorities, our working agenda. The situation is fluid in Haiti and we shall adjust as necessary to best meet the needs to expose the human consequences of the February 29, 2004 Coup D'etat. We are asking for volunteers with the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network to participate in the campaigns outlined above and to develop their own and collaborative action plans, Teach Ins, Petitions, and Days of Action (May 18, August 14 and October 17th for the
FreeHaitiMovement). We are particularly interested to integrate these seven campaigns with other action proposals and to collaborate with other organizations. The task is to figure a way to keep this as informal as possible, designing each campaign to be virtually on automatic pilot while still having an over arching mechanism(s) that will help coordinate action, evaluate results, produce data and liaison with collaborating organizations and individuals effectively. The Haitian Lawyers Leadership welcomes all constructive feedback. We have put together a Haitian Leadership Working Committee made up of ten Haitian Leadership Lawyers, artists or activists with oversight responsibilities and are working on putting in place coordinators for each of the seven missions, five are already in place and may be contacted directly. But we welcome and encourage more input, more volunteers, more independent initiatives promoting the objectives of the campaigns above noted, and as also reflected and summarized from, time to time, in our Haiti Resolutions.

The "Men Anpil Chaj Pa Lou" Haitian Lawyers Leadership Working Committee members are:
Henri Alexandre, Esq., CT, 1983
Picard Losier, LLM, Taxation; JD, Licensed NY 1984 & PA, 1981
Maguy Duteau, Esq., NY, 1988 - HLLN's immigration specialist
Bob Celestin, Esq., Licensed NY 1985
Lionel Jean Baptise, Esq., Licensed IL, 1991
Ulrick Gaillard, Esq.
Darwin Beauvais, Esq., 1993
Professor Frantz Jerome, Executive Director of the Ezili Danto Witness Project
Chantal Laurent, Graphic Artist, HLLN's Website Designer and webmaster
David Laurent, Documentary Filmmaker, HLLN's Film and Video Producer/Editor for The Ezili Dantò Witness Project and The

Men anpil chay pa lou.

(Revised, as of February 14, 2006)

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