U.N. Security Council Goes To Haiti to Stop Calls for Resignation of the Latortue Regime and support U.N. troops accused of a failed mission and of conducting summary executions, April 16, 2005

by Marguerite Laurent

"...the Haitian people, without arms, allies or financial resources where so inspired by their Vodun gods and goddesses and the powers of their ancestors that, led by the warrior goddess, Ezili Danto, and after 300-years of slavery, they decided to "live free or die" - liberte ou lamo! and set themselves free in Haiti, defeating all the mighty European powers of that time - France, Spain and England in combat."

All 15 members of the United Nations Security Council are in Haiti from April 12 to April 16, 2005 to, according to their press release on the matter, "review progress achieved in areas such as security, development, the political transition, human rights, institution-building and the humanitarian situation."

Well, if in fact it is human rights and security “progress” the U.N. Security Council wants to review, they won’t find any such progress. And please give Haitians some credit. The great show of slaughtering soldiers at Petit Goaves and Ravix and Jean Anthony (Grenn Sonen) in Port-au-Prince less than a week before the arrival of the U.N. Security Council’s unprecedented visit, does not suddenly make the U.N. troops in Haiti “progressive,” “un-biased” or “peacekeepers” instead of the negative and ineffective force they have been in Haiti since they got to Haiti.

If the U.N. Security Council would deign to hear the sons and daughters of the majority of HAITIANS on the issue of democracy in Haiti, then they would know that Haitians are suffering more under the auspices of U.N. troops, there to support the U.N./U.S.-backed Latortue government, than they have ever suffered under the Constitutional government it replaced.

If the U.N. Security Council would deign to hear the sons and daughters of the majority of HAITIANS on the issue of democracy in Haiti, then the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network would urge the U.N. Security Council to pay very close attention to the new report on the socio-political, human rights and next electoral contest situation in Haiti, released by our lawyers in Haiti, The Association of University Graduates Motivated For A Haiti With Rights “AUMOHD.” (Aumohd’s report may be found on our website under the human rights section) http://www.margueritelaurent.com/campaigns/campaignone/human_rights_reports/AUMOHDDWAMOUN2.html

Haitians are the most politicized people on earth and they well understand the subterfuges of diplomacy and the function of politics and propaganda. It is a mistake to believe that illiterate means unintelligent. Or, for that matter, that schooling means one is intelligent.

Kanpe bourik la
, that's kreyol for – hold up! understand this - : To many Haitians the U.N. Security Council's visit is nothing more than an effort to reconcile the bourgeoisie forces who were just last week all clamoring for the resignation of Latortue. The visit’s purpose it to us basically an effort to solidify and reunite the unraveling immoral coalition of restavek-elites who helped overthrow Haiti's elected government. That’s it. A public relations STUNT to turn the tide towards the original agenda: Never let the Lavalas party ever be able to win an election in Haiti again and mount its socially progressive programs. That’s the agenda. It’s the one that is being put back on track by the U.N. Security Council’s visit. Already we are hearing: more policemen will be sent to Haiti. Of course no one mentions their function is to kill, kill, kill peaceful demonstrators and any one supporting Lavalas, democracy or resisting foreign debt, dependence and occupation. No that is what’s left unsaid. But there are plenty of announcements and hand shaking with Gwo Gerard Latortue and his other fat cats as he grins from ear to ear greedily thinking about more money for arms, for bullets, for paying down foreign debt. But none for literacy programs, affordable housing, schooling, access to safe water, potable water, effective sewage systems, electricity, health care, roads and transportation, to subsidize the high price of rice, gas or to create jobs with a living wage for the people.

Just more monies will be thrown to the Coup d’etat bunch. More and more, that is, for the people of Haiti to owe which foreign “experts” and the tiny rich elites will cash in foreign banks, all in an effort to legitimize the coup d’etat with a selection of Haiti’s next leader by the U.S., France and Canada.

The presence of the U.N. Security council in Haiti is to have these colonized Haitian puppies, who have no popular support in Haiti, whose hold on power over the masses right now are threaded together only by foreign monies, foreign troops, a foreign-backed coup, and media disinformation. The U.N. Security council is in Haiti to pamper the bourgeoisies’ ruffled feathers – hey they neither got the monies promised ($1 billion) as reward for giving a Haitian face to the coup d’etat, nor the government positions they thought were owed. The U.S. pulled out Gwo Gerard and not one of their own from the former opposition. But no worries. Papa U.S. will make it better – through Brazil, through the U.N. Security Council, to show the support it cannot show publicly. See, President Bush can’t get too publicly INVOLVED with bringing back dictatorship to Haiti when he’s supposed to be spreading democracy around the globe.

It’s all doable though. Because now that the Coup d’etat contingent are rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful surrogates of the Western powers, the U.N. Security Council, no less. Well, they feel better. They’ll hold up on clamoring for Gwo Gerard’s resignation.

That’s what all the theatrics (slaughtering of former soldiers) leading up to the meet with the powers-that-be-and-rub-shoulders-and-get-validated was about. The desires and democratic and justice needs of the ordinary Haitians in Cite Soleil, Bel Air, Milot, Petit Goave, Au Cayes, well, it’s not and has never been a real part of the equation. Ambassador Foley’s agenda for Haiti is simply back on track.

HAITIAN STREET DEMONSTRATOR: "The Whites are shouting elections, elections, ELECTIONS for Haiti! Elections have become the new chain the former slave-owners and their black overseers want to encircle around black feet in Haiti. Where was the U.N. Security Council when Caricom called for assistance, when President Aristide called for assistance that would have shored up the elected Haitian government? Now that the people's voting rights have been trashed, their voices silenced, their freedom taken away, their country occupied, now the Whites and the bourgeoisie can't stop calling for elections in Haiti...."

The demonstrators on the streets of Haiti are saying that Haiti's slide into complete lawlessness started with the bi-centennial coup and continues today with most of the former Haitian military, known human rights abusers, drug dealers, gangsters and rapists, paid 5,000 each and restructured into the new “law and order” state apparatus.

The demonstrators cannot forget the U.N. entered Haiti to stop human rights abuses, protect civilians and now suddenly all they are there to do is “prepare the country for elections.” How can they when they are the victims of the U.N. troops’ unwillingness to disarm the coup d’etat instigators, the victims of the U.N.’s willingness to arm the former military, paramilitary and re-imaged them as “police” or so-called “legitimate” political party candidates. The peaceful demonstrators cannot conveniently forget that the U.S./Canada and French soldiers invaded Haiti with the U.N. Security council's permission to purportedly "stop a bloodbath from occurring" after the ouster of President Aristide. But a bloodbath wasn't averted at all. More than 10,000 Haitians have been reported dead as a result of the U.S.-backed regime change in Haiti. And the human right situation that the U.N. allegedly entered Haiti to stabilize has worsen, making Haiti a hell on earth for the majority of poor Haitians.

In fact, let us not forget, the first thing the U.S. Marines, who preceded the UN troops, did in Haiti was allow the paid mercenary, Special forces-trained assassin, Guy Phillipe, into Port au Prince while the U.S. soldiers closed down the medical school doors to over 200 Haitian medical students turning the school into its army barracks.

Let us not forget that with the February 2004 bicentennial coup, more than three thousand (3,000) hard core prisoners from the National Penitentiary were simply let out of prison and are today roaming the streets of Haiti killing, pillaging, raping and generally presenting a significant danger and contributing to the question of insecurity that has increased rather than decreased as over 7,000 UN troops strut through the streets of Haiti, weapon at the ready.

Weapons, a few Haitians are saying, used to force Haitian women into corners for UN soldiers to rape them. Weapons that have summarily executed suspected “chimeres” (“bandits”) including brutally murdered pregnant Haitian women, as in Cite Soleil last week, school children, market women, unarmed civilian demonstrators and an unknown number of young black Haitian men, who the interim government has criminalized to dehumanized as "bandits" to justify the summary execution. (See, Robert Muggah, Small Arms Survey,
http://www.smallarmssurvey.org/publications/occasional.htm in the
Globe and Mail, indicating that despite the U.N. troops public position that they are on operations to "disarm" armed factions, the Pentagon and the Bush
administration have sold at least $7 million worth of arms to the
current U.S. installed regime in Haiti to equip a police force summarily executing civilians in Haiti. See, the Issue of Disarmament under Matters for Investigations by OAS/Caricom, African Union, U.S. Congress in Haiti. http://www.margueritelaurent.com/law/matterstoinvestigage.html)

The U.N. soldiers along with Haitian police have been accused by human rights activist of summary executions. The current slaughter in Cite Soleil by MINUSTHA is an example. Yet, Haiti doesn't have a death penalty.

Even criminals, like for instance the ex-soldiers who took up arms against the Constitutional government, such as Ravix and Grenn Sonen, do not deserve to be summarily executed by U.N. troops. No human being, who is unarmed, wounded and defenseless, even a Hitler deserves a trial if he could have been duly arrested without risking any more innocent lives. That is what civilization is about: the rule of LAWS!

According to reports both Ravix and Grenn Sonen (Jean Anthony) were caught alive, were wounded, disarmed or not even armed in the case of Ravix, and couldn't defend themselves. Yes these guys are killers and needed to be stopped but where is the example of justice-at-work that the UN is supposed to be teaching Haitians? How is pumping so many bullets into Ravix and Grenn Sonen, to the point where their faces are unrecognizable, a sign of democracy-at-work, an example of "stopping the Haitian bloodletting?"

Because people who went to see these two bodies found them so completely unrecognizably filled with bullets, some Haitians are even speculating that both these men, former military who took up arms against the Constitutional government, were not actually killed by their former benefactor's proxies, but were just taken off the scene for SHOW. To prepare for the U.N. Security Council's meeting in Haiti and show that the U.N. troops were not only, for a year, presiding over the killing of Lavalas supporters but are "fair and even-handed" and are neutralizing all armed factions. (See, Andrew Buncombe's article, "Bush Administration 'Broke its own embargo to sell arms to Haiti police' and Robert Muggah's article in the globe and Main in Canada "U.S. Funnels $7 million in Arms to haiti's Puppet Regime, Death Squads"
http://auto_sol.tao.ca/node/view/1303 )

The truth of the matter is, it is not hard to see why Haitians don't trust the U.N., the U.S. or any of the International Community bodies traditionally supporting the armed factions for the bourgeoisie against the people's liberation. The Haitian people have been clear, they prefer to die than abdicate their power as a nation, as a people to foreign-made sweatshop kingpins and the variously elite architects of the demise of justice and democracy in Haiti.

The U.N. Security Council members in Haiti could learn a lot about what democracy means if they would come down from the Montana mountain to observe the daily demonstrations against the Coup d’etat which are bound to continue. Even as they fall down under U.N. bullets, even (it was reported that at yesterday’s (April 15, 2005) demonstration for the return of President Aristide, at least 10 peaceful demonstrators were slaughtered) as innocent Haitian civilians attempt to make their voices heard, even as young Haitian men, who unlike the criminals freed from prison as a result of the U.N. security council's intervention, men who had no criminal record, are continually arrested, brutally murdered by both Haitian police and UN soldiers, they refuse to stop calling for the physical return of President Aristide and the Constitutional government.

“Democracy” the people of Haiti are saying means the process by which they get better access to literacy, health care, a living wage.

Elections is not a means in and of itself. It must represent a believable-by-the people, for-the-people push towards potable water, peace, justice, freedom of expression, end of social repressions, summary executions!. There can be no elections if the peoples’ call for justice, civil and human rights, for return of President Aristide, for validation of their last election, for respect for their will, there can be no legitimate elections in Haiti if these demands of the people of Haiti, are not part of the equation for the U.N. security councils-backed elections in Haiti. Will the U.N. Security Council hear the people of Haiti or turn a deaf ear, blind eye and unwisely and undemocratically continue pushing for an election the Haitian majority has said it will not stand for unless President Aristide is physically returned to Haiti, all political prisoners are released, and all illegal, arbitrary arrests, extended and improper detentions and summary executions in Haiti stops.



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