Haitian Parents Protest the Abuse AT P.S. 34
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The abuse of Haitian School children at PS 34

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*Queen School Disgrace – Outrage as Haitian kids have to eat ‘like animals’ by Juan Gonzalez, NY Daily News | April 12, 2005;

*Protest abuse at P.S. 34, demand resignation Shakespeare & Miller, April 12, 2005;

*Irate Haitian parents plan a protest BY ELLEN YAN, Newsday | April 12, 2005

*School official transferred during investigation by Ellen Yan, Newsday|April 12, 2005

*Parents Protest Incident Involving Haitian Pupils , New York Times | April 13, 2005

*Qns. school feels anger of Haitians, KATHLEEN LUCADAMO|Daily News|April 13,2005

* Parents Call for Principal's Ouster, Beth Fertig, WNYC Radio, NYC | April 13, 2005

* Haitian Group Calls For Firing Of Principal Over Lunch Room “Abuse,” Hardbeatnews | April 13, 2005

* Hip Hop artist, J.G., weighs in on the Abuse of Haitian kids at PS 34

*School Official Faces Firing Over Mistreatment of Haitians
By SUSAN SAULNY, New York Times | April 26, 2005

*Asst. principal blamed in Qns. Haitian flap, KATHLEEN LUCADAMO | DAILY NEWS, April 26, 2005

*School Insult Uproar, By DAVID ANDREATTA | NY Post | April 26, 2005

*Chancellor Klein's Ingestigation: Report dated April 25, 2005, written by Robert T. Small, Office of Special Investigations, on the alledge abuse by Miller and Shakespeare at P.S. 34

*Haitian parents to sue city for $12M, BY JOHN MARZULLI | DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER - May 9, 2005


Queens School Disgrace: Outrage as Haitian Kids Have to Eat Like Animals

by Juan Gonzalez | NY Daily News

It's the kind of spat that flares thousands of times a day in schools all over the country.

But at Public School 34 in Queens Village, Assistant Principal Nancy Miller's ghastly way of handling a minor scuffle between two Haitian fourth-graders has sparked fury.

According to parents and students, Miller, who is white, chose to punish all 13 Haitian pupils in the school's only fourth-grade bilingual class - even though just two were involved in the March 16 incident.

She ordered all 13 to sit on the cafeteria floor, then made them use their fingers to eat their lunch of chicken and rice, while all the other students watched.

"In Haiti, they treat you like animals, and I will treat you the same way here," several students recalled Miller saying.

Some of the punished fourth-graders were so humiliated they began to cry. A few begged Miller for spoons to eat.

Her behavior has triggered a probe by the schools' office of special investigations, as parents accused Miller of racial bias and demanded that she and the principal be fired.

One of those punished was WOOSEVELT ISAC. His father, SONY ISAC, noticed the boy was upset that night. "He was almost crying," ISAC said yesterday. "I asked him what was wrong. Then he told me, 'They put me sitting on the floor. They put me to eat with my hands.' I couldn't believe it."

At the suggestion of a teacher, several children wrote their accounts of the incident that afternoon in their bilingual class.

This is what one child wrote:

"Mrs. Miller made me and our classmates sit on the floor to eat our lunch. She said that we are animals and we got it from our country. ... I was hurt, and when I got to my class I told my teacher about what happened. I did not like what she said about my country."

ISAC and other parents complained to the principal, Pauline Shakespeare. They claim that Shakespeare, who is black, tried to cover for Miller.

They also claim school officials tried to bribe the kids with ice cream to deny the incident happened!

An April 1 note written by one of the children, RONALD DESTINE, backs that claim:

"Today after questioning my friend and I for the fourth time, the principal [Mrs. Shakespeare] sent the guidance lady [Mrs. Gilbert] to get me in my classroom while I was reviewing math.

"When we got to her room, Mrs. Gilbert asked me what the school could do to have us change my story.

"I answered, nothing because I want the truth to come out! At this time, she offered free ice cream to us so we could say something else. "I have a big math exam coming this month, and I would like for the principal to stop harassing my classmate and I. Please do something."

No one at the school was talking yesterday. When I reached Miller by phone yesterday, she would only say, "I can't talk about it, because it is under investigation."

Shakespeare did not return calls for comment. Elizabeth Bandy, the school's parent coordinator, sounded more like another bureaucrat than someone representing parents.

"I heard about it but I'm not at liberty to speak about it because it's under investigation," Bandy said.

A spokesman for Schools Chancellor Joel Klein confirmed that the office of special investigations has opened a probe into allegations of corporal punishment by Miller, noting that Education Department officials were taking the charges seriously.

Word of what happened in PS34 has been the big topic on the city's many Haitian radio programs for more than a week.

"The community is definitely outraged about this," said Dahoud Andre, host of one of those programs, "Lakou Nouyok."

Parents and Haitian community leaders plan to picket the school today.

They want it made clear that educators who abuse and intimidate children, of any race, don't belong in our schools.

Originally published on April 12, 2005




On March 16th 2005, following an altercation between some students in the lunchroom of PS 34 in Queens Village, Mrs. Nancy Miller, the Assistant Principal of the school, singled out the 13 Haitian students of the school's only 4th grade bilingual class and forced them to sit on the floor to eat their lunch of chicken and rice with their bare hands.

When the students protested, she screamed at them in front of the all the other students in the lunchroom: "In Haiti they treat you like animals and I will treat you the same way here".

Instead of acknowledging this cruel and inhumane treatment of our children and the entire Haitian community, the Principal of the school, Mrs. Pauline Shakespeare, who according to a Haitian parent described her child's behavior as "animalism", has chosen to stand with her Assistant Principal.

She has been repeatedly pulling some of the 13 Haitian children out of their class to try to convince them that the March 16th incident never happened. According to one of the students, Mrs. Shakespeare has even gone as far as offering the children free ice cream if they were to "say something else".

* We vow to our 13 children, who were so savagely humiliated by this racist white woman who we are paying to educate them, and to all our children everywhere that we will not allow this crime to go unpunished. * We demand no less than the firing of both, Mrs. Nancy Miller and Mrs. Pauline Shakespeare. We don't want them transferred to another school where they will simply continue to abuse other parents' children.Haitian children are human beings with the same rights as every other U.S. citizen. Support our communities call for justice for these innocent children by calling to express your outrage and echo our demand.


Regional Superintendent Judith Chin
JChin@nycboe.net & LOjeda@nycboe.net
Chancellor Joel Klein
TELE: 212-374-0200
FAX: 212 374 5588

* Robert Small - Head of Special Investigation into this PS-34 abuse case
* Jennifer Graham - Head of the Response Team for Chancellor Joel Klein on this PS-34 matter at 212-374-5156
* Local Instructional Superintendent Janet Won at 718-281-3407, and
* PS-34 at 718 465 6818
Your local congressional representative in New York, the media and the mayor’s office to spread the word and fax this sheet to all Press contacts.

The Haitian community will not tolerate human rights abuses in the U.S.

We have suffered ENOUGH!!! Our children will be vindicated only with a full and public apology, the firing of both Miller and Shakespeare and the school providing counseling and trauma care to these 8 and 9 year old innocents.

For more Information:
Call 718-464-6068
April 12, 2005

Irate Haitian parents plan a protest

April 12, 2005

After a lunchroom squabble between two Haitian students, a PS 34 administrator ordered 13 youngsters from the Caribbean island to sit on the school floor and eat their chicken and rice with their hands, parents will allege during a protest at the Queens Village school today.

"In Haiti, they treat you like animals and I will treat you the same way here," parents said assistant principal Nancy Miller screamed at the Haitians in front of their schoolmates.

The alleged March 16 incident is fueling parents' demands for Chancellor Joel Klein to fire Miller and principal Pauline Shakespeare, who parents say backed her administrator and who also allegedly told a Haitian parent that her child's behavior was like "animalism."

Miller and Shakespeare could not be reached late yesterday for comment.

Ernsue Cayo, 11, said she started crying after a classmate pushed her.

When Miller found out, she pointed to students in the lunch line, saying "You. Sit right there." Ernsue and her bilingual class of fourth- and fifth-graders were
allegedly told to sit on the floor.

"Eat with your hands," Ernsue said Miller told students who wanted to get utensils. Some kids refused to eat.

Roosevelt and Stanley Isec, brothers in the same class, asked to sit on the bench, but Miller allegedly told them no. "My friend said 'I don't want to sit on the floor,'" Roosevelt, 10, said. "He was crying. She said 'You have to sit on the floor because your class was fighting.'"

With anger growing in the city's Haitian communities, parents alleged that administrators tried bribing students with sweets. "They tried to offer them ice
cream, Munchkins, everything to appease them, to say it's not true," said Francia Devil, a Haitian immigrant who has two children in the school and helped organize the protest.

Klein spokesman Keith Kalb declined to say what happened because the Department of Education is investigating. "We are taking this very seriously," he said.

In the three weeks since the alleged incident, no one from the department has calmed parents or let them know what will be done, said Henry Frank, executive
director of the Haitian Centers Council, a Brooklyn-based advocacy group.

"The chancellor must explain why for so long he has not done anything to correct that wrongdoing," Frank said. "That person should not be at the school. It's
not good for the mental health of the children and it is not good for the learning processes of the children."

Copyright © 2005, Newsday, Inc.



(Newsday - School official transferred during investigation by Ellen Yan
New York Times -Parents Protest Incident Involving Haitian Pupils by S. SAULNY
Daily News - Qns. school feels anger of Haitians, BY KATHLEEN LUCADAMO
WNYC Radio, NYC, Parents Call for Principal's Ouster, by Beth Fertig
Hardbeatnews- Haitian Group Calls For Firing Of Principal Over Lunch Room “Abuse”)


(Ezili Danto’s Note: Our pains as a people, the indignities suffered and humiliations endured are not fuel for political candidates nor non-profits to fill-up on. We say to all opportunistic parasite willing to play the “I am the Haitian advising the Chancellor, or the school system, whatever, and I understand-spiel” – Don’t. We say also to those so-called “progressive leaders” who are known to continually sell out the Haitian community to the powers-that-be: Don’t even entertain the possibility of masturbating on these children and parents’ pains. Get a clue! Buy one if you must. But get it quickly. These babies must not suffer more by anyone in authority playing the “Haitian card” to career advancements. Non-profits get over the dollar signs you see here to increase your “do-gooder” grants – either here neither in the U.S. nor in Haiti. Once and for all, we demand validation of our 13 children’s human, civil and cultural rights; respect for Haitians in a manner chosen by the parents (such as mandatory “Haiti, its people and culture are beautiful” sessions for authorities at PS34) and redress to this injustice by no less than the firing of Miller, Shakespeare, counseling for the traumatized children and a very public, public apology, including one, in the Cafeteria at the school, in front of all, made specifically to the wounded, humiliated and embarrassed 13 children. Period, no comma):

Keep the Pressure ON!
Tell them a transfer will NOT do!
Miller and Shakespeare must be FIRED!


As we said during the protest yesterday, as far as we are concerned
both racist abusers, Assistant Principal Miller and Principal
Shakespeare, are already gone. The only thing that can bring them back into the school system so they can continue abusing our children is the collaboration of Haitian lackeys and sellouts who will be used to pacify some in our community and try to make us believe that what happened either did not happen or that it was simply another cultural "misunderstanding".

Remember Louima!
Remember Dorismond!

Already some major developments:

-Miller has been transferred to "a regional office".

-Some local politicians have called a press conference in front of City Hall today supposedly to demand that both Miller and Shakespeare be fired. As late as they are in responding to this issue we certainly hope this is what in fact happens today. We are certain though that some of the Haitian faces appearing with the politicians will be exactly some of those who sat on this case for nearly 2 weeks trying to keep it on the down low while the Dept. of Education conducted its "investigation".

Let all beware: Our community will not negotiate our children's
respect. This one is NOT for sale: Miller and Shakespeare MUST BE FIRED!

-There is supposed to be some grievance committee parents meeting tomorrow, Thursday April 14th at 7pm, at PS/IS 270Q located at 233-15 Merrick Blvd in Rosedale. We urge all who can to attend to make sure that nothing gets negotiated or sold at this meeting.

The message of the Haitian community is crystal clear: Miller and Shakespeare MUST be fired! Continue to apply the pressure to ensure that our message is not distorted.

Continue to CALL, WRITE, E-MAIL, & FAX:

Chancellor Joel Klein: Tel: 212-374-0200, Fax: 212 374 5588,
Email: chancellor@nycboe.net

Regional Superintendent Judith Chin: Tel: 718-281-7528, Email:

Local Instructional Superintendent Janet Won at 718-281-3407

Robert Small - Head of Special Investigation into this PS-34 abuse case
Jennifer Graham - Head of the Response Team for Chancellor Joel Klein on this PS-34 matter at 212-374-5156

PS 34: 718 465 6818

Call all the politicians and ask them why they have yet to demand that these racists in our schools be fired.


School official transferred during investigation
April 12, 2005, 8:47 PM EDT

A Queens school administrator accused of ordering Haitian youngsters to sit on the floor and eat chicken and rice with their bare hands will be transferred to a regional office while the education department investigates the alleged March 16 incident.

The move for Nancy Miller, an assistant principal at PS 34 in Queens Village, came late yesterday after dozens of parents and advocates for Haitians picketed outside the school, demanding Chancellor Joel Klein move more quickly to punish Miller and principal Pauline Shakespeare for allegedly backing her.

Miller requested the transfer, according to Klein spokesman Keith Kalb.

But protest organizers and parents said they were not satisfied.

"She's got to be fired," said Francia Devil, a PS 34 Haitian parent who helped set up the protest.

The alleged incident has outraged many in the Haitian community. Miller allegedly barred a bilingual class of fourth- and fifth-graders from sitting on cafeteria benches and getting utensils after a lunchtime squabble between two students in the class.

"In Haiti they treat you like animals and I will treat you the same way here," parents and children said in quoting Miller. Some advocates and parents are angry that the department has not taken quick action, saying the administrators tried to bribe the kids with sweets to say nothing happened.

"These are very serious allegations," Kalb said, "and the chancellor has ordered a full investigation to be conducted quickly and thoroughly."

Copyright © 2005, Newsday, Inc.

Parents Protest Incident Involving Haitian Pupils
April 13, 2005

A group of Haitian parents and their supporters protested outside a
public school in Queens yesterday, asserting that an assistant principal punished more than a dozen Haitian children by calling them animals and making them sit on the floor to eat their lunch without utensils.

The parents say that after a pushing incident in the cafeteria, an
assistant principal singled out about 13 children on a Wednesday in March and told them: "I know where you come from. This is the way you eat."

Nancy Miller, the assistant principal at Public School 34 on Springfield Boulevard in Queens Village, denied the allegations through a spokesman for the city's Department of Education, Keith Kalb.

Mr. Kalb said that school officials "take these allegations very
seriously" and that Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein has opened an
investigation. He would offer no further comment.

The parents said they protested because they contacted the school and city education officials almost a month ago and have not had a response.

They have asked for Ms. Miller's removal, and for disciplinary action against the principal, Pauline Shakespeare. Mr. Kalb said last night that Ms. Miller had asked for reassignment pending the outcome of the investigation.

The parents and their advocates say the incident began at lunchtime on March 16 when one fourth grader in line for lunch pushed another, who started to cry. When Ms. Miller noticed, they say, she pointed to the Haitian students and ordered them to sit on the floor and eat with their hands as punishment.

The incident was reported yesterday in Newsday and The Daily News.

Mikhael Benyisrael, an artist from Haiti whose daughter attended P.S. 34, said: "This is a disaster. You have to imagine a kid at 10 years old. This is the age a child builds up a personality. This is going to affect them for the rest of their lives. It will lower their self-esteem."

Marcelle Starck, whose son, a fifth grader, was not among the punished students, said: "We need an answer. We are not animals. She called them animals, but she is worse than an animal."

Frustrated with the lack of response from school officials, the parents contacted Dr. Henry Frank, the executive director of the Haitian Centers Council, a consortium of advocacy groups based in Brooklyn. About three weeks ago, Dr. Frank, a leading voice of the Haitian community nationally, wrote letters to Mr. Klein and the regional superintendent on the parents' behalf. He said he never got a response.

It was "not only an insult to those kids, but it is an insult to the Haitian community at large and an insult to Haiti," Dr. Frank said.

Anne Farmer contributed reporting for this article.

Copyright 2005 The New York Times Company

Qns. school feels anger of Haitians

Dozens of angry parents demonstrated yesterday outside a Queens
elementary school where an assistant principal allegedly forced
Haitian-American kids to eat on the floor "like animals."

"This should not happen to any kid," said Gerald Etienene, 45, whose fourth-grade daughter, Vanessa, was one of the students who said they were humiliated at Public School 34. "I could not believe it."

Carrying signs reading "We Demand Respect," parents called for the firing of Assistant Principal Nancy Miller, who allegedly ordered the bizarre punishment after some kids misbehaved last month.

Ronald Fils joined the protest as he picked up his two children, ages 8 and 9, from the school in Queens Village.

"I feel mad," Fils said. "These kids should not be treated that way."

Schools investigators have been interviewing the children involved and others who may have seen the alleged incident.

Neither Miller nor Principal Pauline Shakespeare have been disciplined so far. Neither could be reached for comment.

"Obviously, we are taking the allegations very seriously," said Jean Desravines, a top aide to Schools Chancellor Joel Klein who was at the school yesterday.

"It's something that's disturbing, if true," added Desravines, who is of Haitian descent.

Originally published on April 13, 2005

April 13, 2005
Parents Call for Principal's Ouster
by Beth Fertig

NEW YORK, NY, April 13, 2005 — Haitian parents and community members are demanding that Chancellor Joel Klein fire the principal and assistant principal of an elementary school in Queens Village, over allegations of racist behavior.

The parents claim their children were humiliated by one of the administrators and that the other tried to cover it up. WNYC's Beth Fertig has more.

Nine year-old Esther Monnuis doesn't have a lot of words for what she was feeling one day last month, during lunch time. She just knows she was sad.

ESTHER: I don't know any words that stands for sad but I know I was sad and other people were sad too, we were separated and sitting on the floor without no spoons and we had to eat with our hands.

Esther says her fourth grade Haitian bilingual class at PS 34 was ordered to sit on the floor by Assistant Principal Nancy Miller after a couple of kids got into a fight. She recalls the words Miller used when she ordered the kids to eat rice and chicken with their hands.

ESTHER: She called us animals. That's the only word she said. Haitians are animals.

But while Esther says she was sad, her mother - Federline Mercy - was angry.

FEDERLINE: I want the lady fired!

Miller must go! Miller must go!

About forty Haitian-Americans held a protest yesterday outside the elementary school in Queens Village. They demanded that Chancellor Klein fire Miller and the principal, Pauline Shakespeare, for allegedly trying to cover up the incident.

Elsie Saint Louis Accilion of Haitians United for Progress says she's seen letters the kids were encouraged to write by their concerned teacher.

She also says a few students claim the principal tried to get them to change their stories, and even tried to bribe them with ice cream.

She's disappointed nothing has happened since the lunchtime incident occurred nearly a month ago.

ACCILION: No one has responded, the principal is still in the school, the parents are afraid to talk, they're afraid what's going to happen to the children. It's unacceptable.

The chancellor's office says the incident was referred last month to the Education Department's office of Special Investigations.

Yesterday, a top advisor to the chancellor met with parents at the school to address their concerns. Jean Desravines said he sympathized.

DESRAVINES: As someone of Haitian descent it's something that's disturbing, if true. However, we can't make decisions based on allegations and that's why the chancellor felt it was important to refer to the office of special investigations.

The Department of Education issued a written statement promising the investigation will be conducted quickly and thoroughly. For WNYC I'm Beth Fertig.


April 13, 2005
Haitian Group Calls For Firing Of Principal Over Lunch Room “Abuse”

Hardbeatnews, QUEENS, N.Y., Weds. Apr. 13, 2005: Saying no to “racism! discrimination and the denigration” of Haitian children in schools, several Haitian activists yesterday afternoon picketed PS 34 in Queens Village over allegations that 13 Haitian students of the school's only 4th grade Bilingual class were forced to sit on the floor to eat their lunch with their bare hands and verbally abused by
a white assistant principal.

The protest action comes on the same day that Daily News columnist, Juan Gonzalez, detailed the incident through interviews with parents and the children who claimed that on March 16th, following an altercation between some students in the lunchroom of PS 34, Nancy Miller, the assistant principal of the school, forced the 13 to sit on the floor to eat their lunch of chicken and rice with their bare hands. When the students protested, she screamed: "In Haiti they treat you like animals and I will treat you the same way here."

Members of the Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees and other Haitian groups are calling for both Miller and Pauline Shakespeare, the school’s principal who vowed to stick by her assistant principal, to be fired.

Meanwhile, Chris Owens, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Brooklyn’s 11th Congressional District, expressed outrage at the alleged mistreatment of the students as did Michele Adolphe, a Haitian-American community leader and day care director in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn and likely candidate for the New York State Assembly.

Owens called for a full investigation while Adolphe, said, “No child in any school should endure the pain of such ignorance, whether from adults or children.”

The NYC Board of Education has said it is investigating the
allegation.© 2005 Hardbeatnews

Hip Hop artist, J.G., weighs in on the Abuse of Haitian kids at PS 34

Ezili Danto's Note:This is one of the few times with this Haiti gig that business and pleasure converges. J.G., the author of the piece below, is not only a collaborator with the Haitian Lawyers Leadership activist work but a brilliant and very talented musical client of mines.

This young man's lyrics and beats easily surpass the best that Hip Hop has out there on the major labels any day! J.G. is redefining Conscience Rap and redemption songs for a generation lost in Neo-Con soullessness, sell-out compromises and global corporate oppressions.

J.G.'s music deals exclusively with the plight of disenfranchised communities, most specifically, that of the Haitian Global Village. His most recent release, Boomerang Politick, which protests the most recent occupation of Haiti, is available for
purchase at his website: www.insurgentjg.com and at IMIX Bookstore in Los Angeles California. Supporting JG's rise is to give voice to Haiti's new samba forces in da street! Dessalines is rising! Good work J.G. Kenbe fò, pa lage. Yeah, yeah, babyboy!!! Di sak pa dous! Sak Amè! Bay yo sel. Wake ‘em zombies the hell up!

Marguerite Laurent
Li led li la.
April 14, 2005


"I knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today - my own government.."
---April 4th, 1967 "A Time To Break The Silence"

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


JG weighs in on the Abuse of Haitian kids at PS 34
April 13, 2005

"They Will Treat You Like Animals"
The Abuse of Haitian Kids at PS 34
By J.G.

Los Angeles, Cali.

savage (noun)
1. vicious or violent person somebody who enjoys treating other
people and animals in a cruel and violent way
2. offensive term an offensive term for a member of a people
considered inferior or not as advanced as your own group

Peace to Encarta the Linguists across North America thank you.

Either the administrators of New York City's Public School 34 aren't hip to semantics, or their most recent interpretation and application of the term "savage" is entirely incongruent to the discourse of White-patriarchal-privilege, and most specifically here, the hastening assault against the Haitian Global Community by a myriad selection of American society. For further elaboration, please see the following.

As a seasoned and rather proud cynic, there are few displays of barbarism that tweak the nerves, bring about a spat of fury, a vitriolic spasm, and what have you. Forget that last bit of deceit. In reality, all too often, I do succumb to the sexy red temptress of rage. The latest chapter of rancor and virulence proliferated by New York Public School 34's Assistant Principle Nancy Miller and Principle Pauline Shakespeare has my bowels in fits.

"While all my city is heavy I drop elephant shit
Smeared the face of the fascist priest's pulpit"
______________Zach De La Rocha


New York's cultural cabal stays heavy, dropping fecal matter from the fuselage of pig despotism, late-night blackface, mayoral-Mussolinism and the like; Stuka war eagles razing the Black, Brown and Migrant communities like the Ho Chi Minh trail. For the Haitian Community, Operation Phoenix leapt through McNamara's porthole of kill-tha-gook and embedded itself within the psyche of city-commandants. 'Nou tout Viet Cong' We are all Viet Cong. Savages, in short.

Thirteen fourth grade students on public trial. The jury PS34 populace. The courtroom school cafeteria. The crime being Haitian.

In response to a classroom conflict involving two students, educational hack Nancy Miller, as white-cloaked-judge in de facto robe, sentenced the youths to public humiliation and ethnic degradation. As punishment for acting in the universal vein of childhood, she sat the children on the cafeteria floor before the student-jury, forced them to eat their lunch of rice and chicken with bare hands, subjecting them to a primary-educational-stoning, equipped with demeaning glances and ridicule per their peers.

According to the "guilty" parties, Miller's articulation was as such: "In Haiti, they treat you like animals, and I will treat you the same way here." Yes Ms. Miller, in Haiti, they, 'Blancs yo' (Whites / foreigners / outsiders, aka UN, U$, France, Canada, USAID, OAS, CIA, 184, Haitian Elite) do treat us as inferior peoples, acting as only savages can. We expect no less from you, you studious apprentice. Only through the lens of a dysfunctional clique of negrophobes could such a valiant people be "considered inferior." If time travel were possible, now would be an excellent time to send message to General Le Clerc and Napoleon Bonaparte. The query: How humiliating was the serving, guerilla style in 1804?

The plot thickens. Principle Pauline Shakespeare, a sister no less- pause for dramatic effect - a 'fucking' sister exemplified the role of house-hand, Sanbo, McWhorter, Watts, Powell, Condoskeeza, Cosby, Blackwell; attempted a cover up, in doing so, efforting to bribe the gesticulating "savages," rather "animals," with ice cream.
Shit, you know tha ghetto's got sweet teeth. Miller and Shakespeare promoted the stereotype to the wrong community. In Haiti, we sharpen sugar cane stalks to pierce United Nations APV's.

Mucho Kudos to Juan Gonzalez of the 'New York Daily News' for breaking a story, previously solely known to the listener ship of New York and East Coast Haitian Radio. I'll go on the offensive here.

Those who are morally outraged and shocked require a crash-course in Jim Crow history. For extra credit, do rent Jerry Bruckheimer's amateurish, over-budgeted, over-hyped, vituperative, virulent Hollywood concoction, Bad Boys II, from your neighborhood dope dealer (Hollyhood Video the pointy cap, sorcerer type of hood of "lynch a nigga by his toe", as opposed to "Boys in tha Hood"). Will Smith's gloves are as white as bleach, lips as red as Porsche during the many scenes in which Haitian's are demeaned, vilified, dehumanized and slandered with a belligerence not bettered by Jesse Helms. Or, find a copy of Rockstar's video-gaming filth, Vice City.

Deconstruct the argumentation of genocide: "I hate those Haitians. We'll take them out, we'll take these Haitians down," uncannily similar logic permeating the above shoot-em-up pornography (that's how Bruckheimer does it, PS2's fo real!). Arsenio and Whoopi cooning to Middle America circa 1990's with limericks about AIDS and Haitians; Abner Louima, toilet plunger, need I say more? And the savages are? That the latest colonization, pillage and genocide of the Haitian People (presidential kidnapping and coup d'etat, February 29th 2004, 10,000+ murdered since, countless internally and externally exiled, Apartheid on the rise) be ample ammunition to spark the carbines of dissent is understood. Yeah, the PS34 investigation ensues, bureaucratic double-speak tight-lipped replies to independent media intrigues. This drama was authored centuries past by an ancestor by way of slave-ownership of school Principal Ms. Pauline, The Shakespeare, William precisely. Moral outrage is the director's cue.

Appealing to the collective conscience of that class history has proven have none, is no more than propagating a lineage of perfunctory reforms increasingly insulting to the victims of injustice. 'Revolution or Reform? Revolution in the Revolution'? My
peoples Rosa and Regis, where tha hell you at?


JG is of the best-known and most recognizable Independent Hip Hop artists nationally. His music deals exclusively with the plight of disenfranchised communities, most specifically, that of the Haitian Global Village. His most recent release, Boomerang Politick, which protests the most recent occupation of Haiti, is available for purchase at his website: www.insurgentjg.com and at IMIX Bookstore in Los Angeles California.


School Official Faces Firing Over Mistreatment of Haitians
By SUSAN SAULNY | Published: April 26, 2005

School officials said yesterday that they have begun
proceedings to fire an administrator at a Queens
elementary school after investigators confirmed that
she recently called a group of Haitian students
animals and ordered them to eat lunch without utensils
on a gymnasium floor.

But the investigators said they did not find
sufficient evidence to substantiate a claim from some
of the students and their parents that the
administrator, Nancy Miller, an assistant principal at
Public School 34 in Queens Village, made a derogatory
statement about their Haitian ethnicity.

The students had asserted that Ms. Miller called them
animals one day last month and made them eat on the
floor because that is the way people eat in Haiti,
"like animals." Parents and their supporters protested
outside the school two weeks ago and called for Ms.
Miller's termination.

"This is wholly unacceptable behavior and should never
have happened," Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein said.
He added, "I anticipate that Ms. Miller will be
removed from her job as assistant principal and from
the school, and that we will begin termination
proceedings against her."

Mr. Klein also said that Ms. Miller would not be
allowed to return to the school and that she is
scheduled to have a disciplinary conference later this

Releasing its findings in a 22-page report, the school
system's Office of Special Investigations largely
upheld what the children - a group of fourth- and
fifth-grade students in a bilingual Creole and English
class - said happened during lunchtime at the school
on March 16. The report included 27 interviews with
student and adult witnesses, many interviewed multiple
times. It also scrutinized written accounts that some
of the students involved in the incident wrote just
days after it happened.

In the report, the investigators said they found the
students' claims credible because of the consistency
of their accounts and their demeanor while being

One fourth-grade girl told an investigator, "I was
upset because Ms. Miller called us animals and made us
sit on the floor and eat with our hands."

Another student said: "People were looking at us. We
were embarrassed. There was a girl laughing."

Ms. Miller denied many of the allegations. But the
investigation did not find all of Ms. Miller's account
to be credible.

According to the report, Ms. Miller said she thought
the class was finished with lunch when she seated them
on the floor, which she described as an attempt to
separate several misbehaving children who had been
pushing and shoving in the lunch line. She also said
she never used the word "animal."

A spokesman for the union that represents Ms. Miller
said the office was closed yesterday and that no one
was available to comment on the case.

The executive director of the Haitian Centers Council,
Dr. Henry Frank, did not return several calls for
comment yesterday. Dr. Frank, a leading voice of the
Haitian community, became involved after parents asked
him to intervene because they were not getting any
responses to their complaints from school officials.

The school was closed yesterday for spring break.

Copyright 2005 The New York Times Company


Asst. principal blamed in Qns. Haitian flap

School investigators have ruled that a Queens assistant principal did
force Haitian students to sit on the floor and eat with their hands as
she called them "animals."

Nancy Miller, assistant principal at Public School 34 in Queens
Village, repeatedly denied the outrageous charges - but investigators didn't
buy her story, an Education Department probe found.

Miller, who had been transferred to a desk job in the district's
regional office, now faces dismissal.

"The investigator did not find Ms. Miller's account of the incident to
be credible," school bigwigs wrote in the report released yesterday.

The principal, Pauline Shakespeare, is off the hook for failing to
report the wrongdoing because investigators found she was never told all of
the details.

Schools Chancellor Joel Klein vowed yesterday to try to fire Miller.
"This is wholly unacceptable behavior and should never have happened,"
Klein said. "We regret that these children were subjected to this
unacceptable behavior and apologize to them and their families."

Neither Shakespeare nor Miller could be reached for comment yesterday.

The March 16 horror started after two students in a fourth-grade
bilingual class misbehaved in the cafeteria. A furious Miller made the entire
class of Creole-speaking kids drop to the floor to eat chicken and rice
and denied their constant cries for forks.

Two of the 12 students interviewed by education investigators said
Miller told them they were acting unruly because they were from Haiti.

Originally published on April 26, 2005


April 26, 2005 -- A Queens elementary-school assistant principal is
expected to be fired after city investigators found she called students
"animals" and forced them to eat lunch on the floor with their hands.

Schools Chancellor Joel Klein yesterday announced that a probe into
Nancy Miller of PS 34 in Queens Village substantiated charges made by
nearly a dozen Haitian students and their parents.

"This is wholly unacceptable behavior and should never have happened,"
Klein said. "We regret that these children were subjected to this
unacceptable behavior and apologize to them and their families."

Klein added that Department of Education officials will hold a
disciplinary conference with Miller this week and he anticipates moving to fire

She already has been barred from entering the school.

Probers said Miller marched a dozen fourth-graders, many of Haitian
descent, into the school gym on March 16 after two of them were involved
in a cafeteria scuffle.

Parents of the punished students claimed Miller singled out Haitian
children, but investigators concluded the students were part of a
bilingual class and that not all of them were Haitian.

Once in the gym, Miller told the students to sit on the floor, refused
to allow them to retrieve utensils and referred to the kids as
"animals," probers said.

One 10-year-old girl recounted her experience in a written statement
that read: "Ms. Miller made us sit on the floor in the gym to eat without
a spoon. We asked can we get a spoon she said no. I ate with my hands.
I was so embarrassed because all the other classes were looking at us."

Miller denied comparing the children to animals and said she believed
the students had finished eating before she ordered them into the gym,
probers said.

She claimed that she told the children they were acting inappropriately
for their age.

In their report, probers said Miller's account of the incident was not
credible. However, probers could not substantiate charges by at least
two students and parents that Miller had disparaged Haiti or Haitians.

"There is substantial evidence that Ms. Miller made reference to the
children as 'animals,' but insufficient evidence to conclude that she
made any statement about Haiti or Haitians," the department report

Parents, who protested outside the school two weeks ago, had called for
the removal of Miller and the principal, Pauline Shakespeare, whom they
accused of covering for her underling.

Investigators said that while Shakespeare perhaps should have inquired
further about the complaints, they concluded she did not fail to report
the incident to the proper authorities.


Office of Special Investigations, on the alledge abuse by Miller and Shakespeare at P.S. 34 - School Report dated April 25, 2005, written by Robert T. Small,


Haitian parents to sue city for $12M

The city Education Department could wind up paying dearly for the actions of a Queens assistant principal accused of calling Haitian youngsters "animals" and forcing them to eat on the floor.

A lawyer representing the parents of 12 students will file notice today of a $12 million lawsuit stemming from the incident at Public School 34 in Queens Village, the Daily News has learned.

The notice of claim contends the Education Department was negligent in hiring and supervising Assistant Principal Nancy Miller.

Lawyer Sanford Rubenstein also is asking the Queens district attorney to investigate whether Miller committed a crime - endangering the welfare of children - on March 16 when, officials said, she punished the children by ordering them to eat chicken and rice on the floor.

"When you demean children, that's a psychological injury, and it's as damaging as any physical injury," Rubenstein said.

The notice of intent to sue is a prelude to a lawsuit to be filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

School investigators substantiated the allegations against Miller, and the department is seeking her dismissal.

Miller apparently snapped after two fourth-graders scuffled in the cafeteria, authorities said. "In Haiti, they treat you like animals and I will treat you the same way here," she allegedly told a group of Haitian students.

"I spoke to my sons and I told them, 'I love you and other people love you. You should be proud of your culture and Haiti,'" said Sony Isac, whose sons Stanley, 10, and Woosevelt, 11, were among the children punished. "But my older son still cries when you question him about what happened."

Originally published on May 9, 2005

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