The Haitian diaspora has been buzzing with similar reports
by Pierre Labossiere

Marguerite (Laurent, who wrote the story Lapan is disputing) made at least two phone calls to Haiti that I know of regarding this story and spoke to participants in the May 18 demonstration who provided her the info that she so movingly reported. I was also provided similar information by others on the ground.

That there could be such close collaboration between the U.S. Marines and death squad killers in Haiti who have been integrated into the Haitian police by U.S. occupation authorities is in itself odious and criminal. That peaceful demonstrators running for their lives under automatic gunfire could not differentiate between self-styled "peacekeepers" and their protÈgÈs, the "new and improved" death squad police force, is very revealing of the repressive realities of this occupation.

Let us not forget the consistent denunciations by the people of Haiti of the actions of the U.S. occupation forces, from the kidnapping of President Aristide, raids and killings particularly in poor neighborhoods greatly supportive of President Aristide, the brutal arrest of Sò Anne and other Lavalas members, to the hostility and menacing attitude of the U.S. military in open collaboration with the Haitian police moments before the May 18 shootings, in their combined attempt to break up a legally permitted demonstration.

Let the U.S. occupation forces convince those who had witnessed their collaboration with their protègès, the death squad police, and were too panic-stricken, fleeing for their lives, to be mindful of the "division of labor" between U.S. forces and their protègès on this tragic day as to who actually fired on this unarmed crowd. Reports by several participants I spoke with who were still in shock clearly mentioned both U.S. forces and the Haitian police. The Haitian diaspora has been buzzing with similar reports.

Pierre Labossiere is a native of Haiti and a founding member of the Haiti Action Committee, www.haitiaction.net.
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