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Declaration of Haitian Democratic Committee in Argentina (Spanish and English)

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"The campaign against kidnappers must be prepared to go wherever the kidnappers are, not just to the most deprived neighborhoods," (Excerpts from AHP News, Dec. 15 to 20, 2006)
Note from Yves to the Network on UN operations in Site Soley:

Site Soley is prime waterfront real estate. Under pretext of killing bandits and apprehending kidnappers, the coup d'etat UN forces are depopulating Site Soley in order to steal the land for the elite sectors without compensating the impoverished occupants


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Massacre in Haiti by Jafrikayiti
(Jean St. Vil)

Martin Luther King and the Man on the Road to Cite Soleil : The cry is always the same "we want to be free" by Jafrikayiti (Jean St. Vil)

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Demand A stop to the foreigners violence in Haiti and the Release of all political Prisoners


Two US doctors write about Site Soley | Unseemly: More than 700 "soldiers" from the world's economic and imperial powers hunt Evans, a Haitian man in Site Soley Haiti |Haiti: The struggle against imperialism intensifies | More civilians slaughtered in Site Soley| Medical journal The Lancet clears Haiti report of bias

Declaration of Haitian Democratic Committee in Argentina (Spanish and English)

Declaration of the Haitian Democratic Committee in Argentina (Feb. 13,
2007) by Henry Boisrolin was translated from the original Spanish into
English for the HLLNetwork by Guy S. Antoine (www.windowsonhaiti.com), Feb.
14, 2007


Once again, before the concrete possibility of another renewal of the mandate
of the Mission of the United Nations for the Stabilization of Haiti (MINUSTAH) by the UN Security Council, the massacres of poor men, children and innocents in the popular districts of the Haitian capital are multiplied.

Nevertheless, this time it seems that the human slaughter occurring mainly in Cité Soleil (popular district with more than 300,000 inhabitants) has reached a level of so unusually extreme cruelty that it is strikingly similar to a true plan of extermination by Hitler facists; that is to say, a plan in total accord with the thoughts of George W. Bush. It is enough to glance at the cover stories of some media that escape the rigorous control exerted by those who try to direct the destiny of humanity by slaughtering everywhere, to be convinced that the occupation of Haiti is a crime against humanity.

On the other hand, from the imposition of the MINUSTAH in June of 2004 soon after the overthrow of President Aristide on February 29 of that year, none of the arguments used by the sponsors of that new occupation can be maintained by anyone who is led by good faith. The entire arsenal of lies, deceits and pretexts, has crumbled to a vertiginous and forceful rate. The data verified by different international Human Rights organizations - that cannot be suspected of sympathizing with the left - about the ominous role played by the MINUSTAH are so numerous that any attempt to demonstrate the opposite makes its author accomplice of the human tragedy that is happening in Haiti.

During those almost three years of occupation, Haiti has been transformed truly into a trap mostly for those governments which would like to pass as popular, democratic and even leftists in Latin America. None of those governments dares to expose before its people the true reasons of its complicity with the imperialistic policy in Haiti, as there is no open debate on what we see as the incongruity and mutual incompatibility of their position with sovereignty principles and the self-determination of the peoples. Principles which none of them has rejected - at least publicly.

No, they prefer to meet among themselves to decide around a table in luxurious places what they understand or suppose would be better or good for the Haitian people. As George Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Robert Gates, Tony Blair, etc. do with respect to Iraq or Afghanistan. That sort of sub-imperialistic behavior is more and more indignant in face of the protests and the popular mobilizations in Haiti that demand the withdrawal of occupation. And the silence of Human Rights organizations in face of the massacres and various other forms of violations, perpetrated mostly by
members of the MINUSTAH and the death squads that teem in the country and are rarely bothered by UN soldiers, is a scandal that exceeds the limits of sanity, reason and respect towards mankind. A behavior so cynical and perverse when they would like to make us believe that the supposed bandits whom they persecute almost daily with their tanks, helicopters and heavy artillery are solely in Cité Soleil, La Saline, Bel-Air, Solino, Cité Militaire, etc., i.e. the popular districts. Perverse and cynical, because anyone who has been to Haiti lately, will have seen that MINUSTAH deliberately assimilates fighters against the occupation with delinquents.

In addition, it's no secret for anyone who lives in Pétion-Ville (a privileged area compared to others) that bandits over there also kidnap, rob, and assassinate, and yet that there has never been any incursion by the MINUSTAH to stop those bandits. There lies crudely and clearly the character of class discrimination of the repression exerted by the sub-imperialists in Haiti.

Surely the Security Council will renew by six months or a year the mandate of the MINUSTAH, thus prolonging the slaughters of the poor, children and innocents, and justifying their attempt to exterminate the popular camp in Haiti. Nevertheless, they underestimate the Haitian people, and sooner than later the people will have the last word whatever the sacrifices imposed upon them. If the heads of MINUSTAH had deigned to leave behind their racism and political blindness, it would have been easy for them to understand their tremendous error to comprehend a reality that has already gotten outside of their control, but which they pretend to control only by means of slaughters. History will be implacable with them in its final verdict.

Henry Boisrolin
Haitian Democratic Committee in Argentina
February 13, 2007

Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 16:29:47 -0300 (ART)

Una vez más, ante la posibilidad concreta de otra renovación del mandato de la Misión de las Naciones Unidas para la Estabilización de Haití (MINUSTAH) por el Consejo de seguridad d la ONU , las masacres de pobres, niños e inocentes en los barrios populares de la capital haitiana se multiplican. Sin embargo, en esta ocasión pareciera que la carnicería humana sobre todo en Cité Soleil (barrio popular con más de 300.000 habitantes) ha alcanzado un nivel de ensañamiento tan inusitado que todo se asemeja a un verdadero plan de exterminio propio de los fascistas hitlerianos; es decir, se trata de un plan totalmente consustanciado con el pensamiento de George W. Bush. Basta con recorrer algunas portadas de algunos medios de prensa que escapan al riguroso control ejercido por los que pretenden dirigir el destino
de la humanidad masacrando por doquier, para convencerse que la ocupación de
Haití es un crimen de lesa humanidad.

Por otra parte, desde la imposición de la MINUSTAH en junio de 2004 luego del derrocamiento del presidente Aristide el 29 de febrero de aquel año, ninguno de los argumentos esgrimidos por los mentores de esa nueva ocupación puede ser sostenido por alguien que actúa con buena fe. Todo el arsenal de mentiras, engaños y pretextos, se ha desmoronado a un ritmo vertiginoso y contundente. Son tan numerosos los datos comprobados por distintos organismos internacionales de DD.HH. –imposibles de ser sospechados de tener alguna simpatía por la izquierda- acerca del rol nefasto de la MINUSTAH que todo intento por demostrar lo contrario convierte a su autor en cómplice de esa tragedia humana que está ocurriendo en Haití.

Durante esos casi tres años de ocupación, Haití se ha transformado en una verdadera trampa sobre todo para aquellos gobiernos que se quieren hacer pasar por populares, democráticos y hasta de izquierdistas en América Latina. Ninguno de esos gobiernos se atreve a exponer ante su pueblo las verdaderas razones de su complicidad con la política imperialista en Haití, como tampoco se expone a debatir públicamente con los que sostenemos la incongruencia y la incompatibilidad de dicha postura con los principios de soberanía y autodeterminación de los pueblos. Principios a los cuales ninguno de ellos todavía ha renunciado –por lo menos públicamente-.

No, prefieren reunirse entre ellos para decidir alrededor de una mesa en lugares lujosos lo que entienden o suponen que sería mejor o bueno para el pueblo haitiano. Tal como lo hacen los George Bush, Condolezza Rice, Robert Gates, Tony Blair, etc. con respecto a Irak o Afganistán. Esa especie de comportamiento sub imperialista resulta cada vez más indignante ante los reclamos y las movilizaciones populares en Haití que exigen el retiro de las tropas de ocupación. Y su silencio ante las masacres y varias otras formas de violaciones a los DD.HH. cuyos principales responsables son
los miembros de la MINUSTAH y de los escuadrones de la muerte que pululan en el país y muy pocas veces molestados por los soldados de la ONU , es un escándalo que sobrepasa los límites de la cordura, de la razón y del respeto hacia el ser humano.

Comportamiento también perverso y cínico cuando nos quieren hacer creer que los supuestos bandidos que persiguen casi a diario con sus tanques, helicópteros y artillería pesada se encuentran únicamente en Cité Soleil, La Saline , Bel-Air, Solino, Cité Militaire, etc., es decir en los barrios populares. Perversidad y cinismo, pues cualquiera que haya estado en Haití en los últimos tiempos habrá visto que la MINUSTAH confunde deliberadamente a luchadores contra la ocupación con delincuentes. Además, no es secreto para nadie que viven en Pétion-Ville (zona privilegiada con respecto a las otras) bandidos que también secuestran roban y asesinan, y que jamás hubo allí incursión alguna de la MINUSTAH para detener a esos otros bandidos. Allí aparece con toda su crudeza y claridad el carácter de clase y discriminatorio de la represión que ejercen esos sub imperialistas en Haití.

Seguramente el Consejo de seguridad renovará por seis meses o un año el mandato de la MINUSTAH , prorrogando así las matanzas de pobres, niños e inocentes avalando también el intento de exterminio del campo popular en Haití. Sin embargo, subestiman al pueblo haitiano, y más temprano que tarde ese pueblo dirá la última palabra cualquiera sean los sacrificios que lo quieran imponer. Si los jefes de la MINUSTAH se hubiesen dignado a dejar de lado su racismo y su ceguera política, sería fácil para ellos entender su tremendo error de apreciación de una realidad que ya se les ha escapado de la mano, pero que preteden controlar sólo mediante matanzas. La historia será implacable con ellos a la hora del veredicto final.

Henry Boisrolin
13 de febrero de 2007

Note from Yves to the Network on UN "operations" in Site Soley:

Site Soley is prime waterfront real estate, under pretext of killing bandits and apprehending kidnappers, the coup d'etat UN forces are depopulating Site Soley in order to steal the land for the elite sectors without compensating the impoverished occupants

From: yves@erols.co, Feb 2, 2007

I think it is time to bring forth an issue that has been key to what Minustha is doing in Cite Soleil. Using the issue of bandits to conduct operations in the popular neighborhood is a false pretense. There is a real reason behind those assaults: It has been long known that there is a sector of the Haitian society who is concerned about the location of Cite Soleil.

The area is a prime real state area. That particular sector would like to get access and ownership to this neighborhood. Many of them claim that you cannot build hotels in Port-au-Prince whereby while in the rooms; you are looking at such a poverty stricken neighborhood with open sewers, dilapidated huts, etc.

So the best way to accomplish this that is to kick those people out without compensating them is to make them voluntarily leave.

In order to do that they have to make the area unlivable for them. This what Minustha is doing. The estimated population was about 300,000. Now it is below 200,000. So the more they conduct operations, the more are going to leave. That way they will not have to compensate them. If it falls to about 20,000, that would considered a manageable number. So folks, it is a well-conceived operations with very definite objectives. I forgot to mention that in order for them to accomplish this goal, they had to distribute weapons and destabilize the area. This is what is going on in Cite Soleil.


E-mail: yves@erols.com


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The US/Euro economomic powers spread lies about Haiti with the complicity of a racists mainstream media, spread disinformation in order elevate white privilege, deny the Haitian warriors their historic victories over Euro/US enslavement and colonization, fleece Haitians of their country's resources and contained Haiti in debt, dependency and foreign domination. Spread the truth, expose the lies....

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Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!

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