Celebrating the Life of
Emmanuel "Drèd" Wilmè
by Frantz Jerome,
Haitian Perspectives, July 1, 2006


Remembering July 6, 2005 and the UN massacre of innocent civilians from Site Soley (also in Kreyol)

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Video: U.N. Massive Attack on Dec. 22, 2006 on Site Soley

Video: U.N. Massive Attack on Dec. 22, 2006 on Site Soley

Stop UN Slaughter in on Site Soley

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Drèd" Wilmè Speaks



".....Drèd Wilme represent(ed) Haiti's manhood, its courage and commitment to liberty. He stood, as a lone fighter, a father to the Haitians in Site Soley without defenders against the most powerfully armed nations on earth.

Wilme lasted without resources for more than 16months evading the biggest manhunt in the Western Hemisphere led against Haitian self-determination by the alien and foreign occupying forces. But because Dred Wilme could not, like Guy Phillipe be bought off by a U.S. dollar, he was a "terrorist" for the aims of U.S. Ambassador Foley and right wing Cuban-American hater of indigenous self-rule, Roger Noreiga.

Haitians throughout Haiti and the Diaspora embrace Wilmè as they do Kapwa Lamò and Charlemagne Peralte. None of those calling Drèd Wilmè "bandit" have ever shown he traveled outside his community to attack either the foreigner who came to kill him in his own home, nor the morally repugnant Haitian bourgeoisie who paid assassins to destroy his community, his nation.

In contrast to the bi-centennial Coup D'etat traitors, Drèd Wilmè, is known to the people in his community as a defender of the defenseless and poor. Again, we say, as we did last April, Wilmè covered himself in glory because he added value in his own community, and if, in fact, he lives no more, he joins the line going back to that first Neg and Negès Ginen who can only - depi lan Guinen - live free or die. That unborn spirit, that Haitian soul, cannot die. It's rising."
(Excerpted from Emmanuel Dread Wilme Reported killled by UN troops July 6, 2005 by Èzili Dantò, Li led li la, July 8, 2005


Drèd Wilmè speaks - an interview on April 4, 2005 with Emmanuel "Drèd Wilmè (English and Kreyol)
- Audio


Celebrating the Life of Emmanuel "Drèd" Wilmè
by Frantz Jerome, Ezili Danto Witness Project, Haitian Perspectives, July 1, 2006

Inspired by Ezili, I write these simple words to celebrate the life of a
simple man. One who took a stand reminiscent of those mythical characters of
a Malreaux novel; defining by action Camus’ true rebel; but most important,
less we forget, gave up his life so a little boy or little girl can live… a
life different than his own.

I’ve asked but no one knows. Or maybe I have not yet met one who knows where
Drèd came from. He was one of Lafanmi Selavi children, I was told. Thus he
may have been born on a street of Port-au-Prince. His mother may have been a
“machann” or a “bòn.” I don't know. But, a bit more than twenty-eight years
ago Drèd Wilmè entered the world and ended up an orphan on the streets of
Port-au-Prince. How many days without food, shelter, protection and how many
sunups and sundowns being a defenseless child, prey to his society’s more
powerful predators?


What manners of deprivation are Haiti’s street children not forced to suffer... especially as they were also hunted down like dogs under Duvalier's regime? But somehow Drèd Wilmè survived starvation and a dangerous early life. Probably with the help of his mothers, the many community Makòmè yo who raise each other’s children, or, perhaps his own poor mother or grandmother who nonetheless could not give him permanent shelter from life's storms. For, the love Emmanuel "Drèd" Wilmè naturally expressed towards others can only be learned from a mother.

He must have been tough as a child, fast and determined. He must have more
than once beaten the multitudes of others like him to a car windshield to be
cleaned for a few cents. He must have learned to run, hide, dodge a bullet, roll with the punches and get up and fight some more, in order to have lasted long enough for Lafanmi Selavi to be created.

He could have been one of those boys who walked by my house at rue Bonne Foi.
The bambinos with the charming smiles who instinctively knew how to tilt
their head when trying to soften my sisters’ hearts enough to get a few
cents… maybe their day’s only meal. I can’t recreate a true image. But he
must have looked like many of them. He must have looked like any of them.
Forgettable faces to those who want to forget.

When Lafanmi Selavi, President Aristide’s home for street children and
orphans, was created, Drèd Wilmè had not yet reached his teens. No one can
tell me whether or not he was of the original group. But then again, are
there any original members or staffers left to answer my question? For
aggression did not stop seeking the bunch, just because they thought they had
found a new life… a family.

On the eve of their benefactor’s inauguration as president of the country in
1991, cowards too shy to attempt to harm the priest-president, settled for
the children. Arsonists set fire to Lafanmi Selavi, killing four of the
children. Unfortunately, they did not stop there, for when nine months later
the military staged a coup against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, soldiers
assaulted Lafanmi Selavi - the home for children - again. As his rite of
passage into teenage years, young Drèd would have found himself again running
for his life, dodging bullets, Cedras' FRAPH mercenaries, hiding, running,
hiding… to live and fight another day.

That day came again, - the hunting of Aristide’s orphans from LaFanmi SeLavi
came again - in the second coup d’etat against President Aristide.

To fight to protect those children, their mothers, fathers and aunts, he knew
so well, to fight to protect his Site Soley community relentlessly came again
for Drèd Wilmè, the adult now, in 2004, when “assailants,” as the Haitian
people like to call them, were let loose on the inhabitants of popular
neighborhoods. They attacked the poor, they attacked the children again, many
now grown men, like Drèd. They attacked Drèd Wilmè’s family again, in 2004.
They killed for political reasons. They killed to make a point. They killed
to wreak havoc. They killed to instill fear. They killed to bring the people
to submission. This is the stage onto which our man-child chose to step into

Facing overwhelming odds, Emmanuel "Drèd" Wilmè did what all his life he knew
he had to do to live, to preserve the life of his friends, brothers, sisters,
family: fight.

How can I, a pacifist, celebrate a life that has only known fight?


Pacifists believe in a demilitarized society. Pacifists believe violent conflicts ought to be avoided. Nonetheless, there are a few other things that pacifists believe strongly about and among them are the right to self-defense and the concept of fairness and justice.

Drèd Wilmè may have learned to defend himself and his community using tools that many frown on. I will refrain from placing a value judgment on actions stemming form a context that I can only imagine… no mater how romantic an image I create. But certainty I do have. I know I heard the people of Site Solèy say, over and over again, in multiple interviews from a cross-section of journalists, that they would never betray Drèd Wilmè because he was the only one willing to bleed for them.

He said: “I will die so that others may live,” to which the people responded:
“We will die so that Drèd may live!”

Though many avid dilettantes of existential philosophy fail to recognize Drèd
Wilmè in their literature, as a student of Camus, as a student of Malreaux,
as a student of Fanon, Sartre or any other existential philosopher who
confronted man-child-me with hypothetical action, I ought to at least once
recognize authentic heroism and bear witness to real-action rather than

Unfortunately or fortunately, you decide, my path took me on a different
journey. One still filled with sorrow, for I am Haitian… Ayisyen. Of those
who dared to put a stop to slavery. Of those that the “civilized ones” still
want to teach a lesson, because they dared to be free.

My path often takes me to the realm of abstractions, the paralysis of
analysis. But this path also leads to the realm of language as symbolic
action. Thus this past year, through the Ezili Danto Witness Project, I lent
my language skills to those in Haiti they want quiet.

I have given voice to these dead babies or those sixteen-years-old pregnant
teen girls, hacked to death by machete wielding “police attaches,” called
“Lame Ti Manchete.” Today, I lend my voice in memory of Drèd Wilmè, as the
pacifist I believe him to be. I ask for a thorough investigation around the
circumstances that got Drèd declared "bandit" with not one iota of evidence
provided. I further call on the sense of fairness and justice of all pacifist
to recognize and uphold the right to self-defense for all.

No more political assassinations under the guise of law and order.

No more incrimination of the poor just because rich people call them

Today, remembering how Drèd Wilmè was systematically hunted down and
slaughtered by the "civilized ones," I bear witness and celebrate Drèd
Wilmè's real-action, self-defense, ultimate sacrifice and authentic heroism.

Franz Jerome
Èzili Dantò Witness Project
July 1, 2006

Drèd Wilmè speaks - an interview on April 4, 2005 with Emmanuel "Drèd Wilmè (English and Kreyol)
- Audio

Expose the Lies of the International Community
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Expose how under the cover of "Aristide-is-corrupt-refrain," with this weapon
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Expose the Lies of the International Community about Haiti, its people and resources

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Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme - on "Wanted poster" of suspects wanted by the Haitian police.
Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme speaks:
Radio Lakou New York, April 4, 2005 interview with Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme

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