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HLLN's 2006 Haiti Resolution - PROTECT THE FEB. 7TH VOTE

Answer the call (Kreyol) Repon-n Apèl La: Ede Pwoteje vot 7 Fevriye 2006 la kote tout Ayisyen tal vote

Press release in Kreyol - For May 18, 2006, Nòt Pou Lapres sipòte jounen Solidarite Entènasyonal avèk Ayiti (English)

2005 Haiti Resolution

2004 Haiti Resolution

Investigate eletoral fraud

Who killed Dessalines,
Haiti's founding father?

Africa: In Solidarity with Site Soley by Jacques Depelchin

Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!


Jean Jacques Dessalines, said, "I Want the Assets of the
Country to be Equitably Divided
" and for that he was assassinated. T
hat was the first coup d'etat, the Haitian holocaust - organized exclusion of the masses, misery, poverty and the impunity of the economic elite - continues (with Feb. 29, 2004 marking the 33rd coup d'etat). Haiti's peoples continue to resist the return of despots, tyrants and enslavers who wage war on the poor majority and Black, contain-them-in poverty through neocolonialism' debts, "free trade" and foreign "investments;" These neocolonial tyrants refuse to allow an equitable division of wealth, excluding the majority in Haiti from sharing in the country's wealth and assets.



The 2006 Haiti Resolution
ANSWER THE CALL: Help protect the Feb. 7, 2006 Haitian vote

Whereas, pro-democracy, peace and human rights advocates around the world have answered the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network's (HLLN) call to let Haitians worldwide know "Ayisyen: You are not alone! We shall fly Dessalines' blue and red liberating colors until Haiti is free! and support the resistance inside and outside of Haiti to the U.S./Canada/France- backed bicentennial Coup D'etat and foreign occupation of Haiti until the Feb. 7th vote is fully respected and Haiti is free of foreign armies, dominance, dependency and neoliberalist interventions" (The "FreeHaitiMovement" );

Whereas, pro-democracy, peace and human rights advocates worldwide support the FreeHaitiMovement and stand in solidarity with the people of Haiti against Coup d'etats, de facto or any sort of international protectorate and foreign occupation of Haiti and commit to denounce any attempt to vilify and pressure President Rene Preval in order to control Haiti's pro-democracy majority and render the February 7, 2006 vote simply an opinion poll;

Whereas, members of the majority poor in Haiti are being systematically marginalized and excluded from participating in their own countries decisions, governance and are facing the absolute oppression of the the coup d’etat orchestrators and implementers, in that, since February 29, 2004 over 20,000 Haitians have been killed, today there are over 4,000 Haitian prisoners indefinitely detained, with only 10% convicted of any crime. And those in Fanmi Lavalas, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's party, who are not in prison or exiled, are now dead or forced into hiding as internal refugees in Haiti;

Whereas, together, with the help of friends-in-solidarity with Haiti’s freedom struggle, we Haitians at HLLN are exposing the coup d'etat sponsors’ financial colonialism and empowering all self-actualizing Haitians ultimately and peacefully making irrelevant and intolerably unseemly the patriarchy of the Western countries - these international “saviors” with all their heavy weapons, callous cruelties, fraudulent machinations, powerful mainstream medias, international financings, political and corrupt diplomatic powers, whose moral poverty and collective illegal and criminal international interventions in Haiti, has historically been and still is, defenseless Haiti’s greatest deficit;

Whereas, the sacrilege of the 2004 bicentennial coup, (see 2005 Haiti Resolution) shall be remembered as Africans and friends-in-solidarity with Haiti's freedom fighters worldwide commit to fax, call-in and deliver to the French, Canadian and US Embassies and Consulates worldwide, the people of Haiti's demand that France, Canada, the US and the international community respect Haitian sovereignty, stop inflicting Haiti with their traditional "benevolence," racism, patriarchy and incessant corrupt intervention in Haiti's affairs, through foreign "aid" and debt. For, it's the INTERNATIONAL EFFORT that has brought Haiti where it stands today;

Whereas, Africans and friends of Haiti worldwide shall deliver to the French and US Embassies and Consulates worldwide, a letter, on or before May 18, 2006, demanding that France pays back the 22 Billion dollars and the US pay back the (1914 to 1947) additional portion of that original illegal slave-trade debt the US also extorted from Haiti with its "refinancing" of this illegal blood debt (enforced, through a 19-year U.S. occupation), the final payment made in 1947 to the United States, after Haiti's people had broken, in combat, the chains of racial slavery to win their independence;

Now therefore, the undersigned pro-democracy advocates hereby present this 8-points Haiti Resolution to the world as articulated by HLLN and endorsed by the grassroots/pro-democracy base and community leaders of Haiti's poor majority and the sponsors of the FreeHaitiMovement:

Be it resolved
, all who stand in solidarity with the people of Haiti and wish to join the FreeHaitiMovement may adopt the following "8-Points Haiti Resolution" or its equivalent, and commit to use best efforts to support and demand:


1. A stop to the killings, rapes, arbitrary arrests and political
persecutions in Haiti;

2. Respect for the Feb. 7, 2006 vote and Constitutional rule;

3. Support the people of Haiti's call for the authorities to progress with all deliberate speed to sit a free and duly elected Haitian Legislature, set a date firm for the inauguration of President Rene Preval, and to stop further pressures from the

international community, mass media that would negate the Feb. 7, 2006 people's mandate by vilifying President Rene Preval or pressuring his government and team into International Financial Institution (IFIs) compromises and giving seats, power or unmerited positions to the losers of the Feb. 7th elections;

4. Release of all political prisoners before Preval's inauguration;

5. The disarmament, prosecution and bringing the death squads, ex-military, paramilitaries, renegade police and coup d'etat orchestrators to justice; support the equal application of the UN's Demobilization, Disarmament and Reintegration program to the people in the poor neighborhoods such as Bel Air, Site Soley, Solino, Gran Ravin, Martisan, et al, but with Haitian-led and designed social programs and without remobilizing the former military or reconstituting well known human rights violators or coup detat enforcers into the police force.

6. The demilitarization of the Haitian police and UN peacekeepers, promoting not any army on Haitian soil, foreign or domestic, but community-based policing; community-focused UN and Haitian police work and training and the banning of UN tanks, heavy weapons, equipments and all small arms exports to Haiti;

7. A stop to deportations and that temporary protected status be given to fleeing Haitian refugees;

8. Support the calls by CARICOM, OAS, African Union, Congressional Black Caucus for investigations into foreign powers' role in the 2004 coup d'etat; and the call by HLLN for investigation into the role of UN/MINUSTHA, OAS, IFES, NED, Haiti Democracy Project (HDP), US Embassy, Group 184, CEP and the de facto authorities, et al, in electoral fraud to dilute* the Feb. 7, 2006 people's vote, including HLLN's call to prevent further fraud in the second Legislative rounds.

Marguerite Laurent, Esq. Founder and Chair, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
Kole Zepol Pou Sove Ti Moun
Selul De Baz Fanmi Lavalas Depatman Lwes
Frantz Jerome, Executive Director, HLLN's Ezili Danto Witness Project
Eugenia Charles, Executive Director, Fondasyon Mapou
Jean Yves Point-du-Jour, Democracy for Haiti
Picard Losier, Esq. Radio Ayiti in Philadelphia and HLLN
Sis. Melissa 'Safiya' Varswyk, Chairperson, Solidarity with Haiti Committee, Guyana
Br. Maxie Fox, Global Afrikan Congress, Guyana
Sis. Shabakie Fernandes, University of Guyana African Cultural & Development Association, Guyana
Shirley Pate, Director, The Haiti-Cuba-Venezuela Project
Evel Fanfan, AUMOHD Dwa Moun
Tanya Ferguson, Black Youth United - Ontario, Canada
Dahoud and Manno, Lakou Nouyòk
Randall Robinson, St Kitts
Hazel Ross-Robinson, St. Kitts
Bill Quigley, Professor of Law, Loyola University New Orleans
Eric Mar, Commissioner, SF Board of Education and faculty member - ethnic studies, SF State University
Mary and Willie Radcliff, San Francisco Bayview Newspapers
Pierre Labosierre, Haiti Action Committee
Lavarice Gaudin, Veye Yo
Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, Fondasyon Trant Septanm
Alina Sixto, Ajoupa
Picard Losier, Esq., Radio Ayiti and HLLN
Jacques Dossous, Fanmi Lavalas of the NY Tri-State Area
Josue Renaud, The New England Human Rights Organization For Haiti
Jean Yvon Kernizan, Haitian Charities of America (HACHOFA)
Paul Mathieu, Organisation De Bienveillence National Haitienne (OBNH)
Louis Elneus, Haiti Lumiere
Jean Benoit, Asosiyasyon Chofe Taksi Ayisyen (ACT)
Steve Gillis, Boston A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
Maud Jean-Michel, Pawol Fanm, Wellington, FL
Mike Levy, USA
Paul Choisil, Jazz artist, Saxophonist, Haitian patriot -Vancouver, Canada
Lionel Mackenzie, engineer, USA
Joe Zarantonello, Loose Leaf Hollow, Kentucky, USA
JG, Hip Hop artist, Boomerang Politick, www.insurgentjg.com
Magalie X Djehouty-Thot, Vwa Zanset Association - Canada
Roots, Black United World - Canada
James St Furcy/CEO, Kitoko Insurance Agency, USA
Victoria Szatkowski, Maine Haiti Solidarity, USA
Prof. Sir Vincent Abukuse Mbirika, Knights of Africa, Kenya
Kerline Cheyna Durandisse, OpaMizik.com
Haitian Student Association At City Tech, NY
Haiti Solidarity Network of the Northeast
Stand for Peace of Cottage Grove, Oregon
The Haiti Solidarity Committee, Miami, USA
Nicaragua Center for Community Action
Project 2000 International
Vince Gallagher, Southwest New Jersey Chapter, Pax Christi, Peace and Justice Coordinator
Eric Walton - GPC (Green Party of Canada) Foreign Affairs Critic
Alba Mota, MSW/MPA candidate at Columbia University
Amalia Vidas, USA

ANSWER THE CALL: See, More Complete List of 2006 Sponsors and endorsers of the FreeHaitiMovement/Haiti Resolution (to come soon)

To join our list of sponsors this year. Please send an e-mail to Erzilidanto@yahoo.com

To sponsor a FreeHaitiMovement yearly event: The Free Haiti Movement: Dessalines Is Rising Worldwide http://www.margueritelaurent.com/solidarityday/infoforsponsors.html

zilibuttonACTION REQUESTED: Sponsors
are encouraged to endorse the Haiti Resolution, join HLLN's letter writing campaigns, (such as, our Media campaigns to stop the lies and fabrications and criminalizations of the poor majority in Haiti, "stop UN massacres in Site Soley" and the "free the political prisoners campaigns"). Endorsers are encouraged to sponsor a "To-Tell the truth about Haiti Forum", to sponsor teach-ins, rallies, picket-lines, vigils and lectures, throughout the year, but especially on May 18, Haiti's flag day, on July 6 to demand an end to the UN occupation, repressions and demand justice for the victims of the UN-Canadian-US-French/coup d'etat massacres in Haiti, on August 14 -the anniversary of Bwa Kayiman, the ceremony that begun the great Haitian revolution, and, on October 17th - the anniversary of Dessaline's death, and Haiti's very first coup d'etat. Sponsors and endorsers of the Haiti Resolutions are encouraged to learn and teach their communities about Haiti's historical accomplishments. HLLN, shall provide, upon request, access to suggested written materials, audio and video streaming for internet and DVD distribution of testimony from victims and resisters of the coup d'etat; letter campaigns, media outreach campaigns; HLLN suggests the wearing and flying of the blue and red colors of Haiti; and, that each year, at least on May 18, July 6, August 14 and Oct. 17, sponsors and endorsers commit to fax, call-in and deliver to the French, Canadian and US Embassies and Consulates worldwide, the People of Haiti's demand that France, Canada, the US and the international community respect Haitian sovereignty, stop inflicting Haiti with their traditional "benevolence," racism, patriarchy and incessant corrupt intervention in Haiti's affairs, through foreign "aid" and debt.

Expose the Lies of the International Community about Haiti, its people and resources. Expose how under the cover of "Aristide-is-corrupt-refrain," with this weapon of mass distraction and Bush “regime change to bring Haiti justice and democracy," the powerful countries of France, Canada and US, with UN soldiers as their corporate army, have turned Haiti into a penal colony for the Haitians masses and are tying Haiti to endless IMF/World Bank debts while looting and plundering Haitian assets and resources. Demand the International coup d'etat supporing countries and enforcers, not Rene Preval, set the political prisoners free, end the UN occupation, return Haitian assets to the people of Haiti.

Sponsors are encouraged to support Haitian culture and artists. See Campaign 4: Art with soul.

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The Premier Performance, Poetry, West African and Haitian Dance Company

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series by Marguerite Laurent)



Rezolisyon 22006 -
Rezolisyon 2006
REPON-N APèL LA: Ede Pwoteje vòt 7 Fevriyye 2006 la kote tout Ayisyen tal vote

Lè nou konsidere kòman, tout moun ki kwè nan demokrasi, lapè, ak moun
kap goumen pou dwa moun atravè lemondantiye repon-n apèl Haitian Lawyers
Leadership Network lan (HLLN – Rezo Avoka Ayisyen kap ofri Direksyon)
pou fè tout Ayisyen konnen: ke yo pa pou kònt yo! Nap flote drapo ble e
rouj Desalin lan, koulè liberasyon Ayiti a - jiskaske Ayiti libere toutbonvre! Ann sipòte mouvman rezistans lan nan peyi Dayiti kou aletranje, pounn di non a koudeta lanmo Meriken/Kanada/Lafrans, non a tout fòm dokipasyon etranje nan peyi Dayiti. Mouvman Pou Libere Ayiti a kwè fòk vòt 7 Fevriye a rive respekte e fòk nou libere Ayiti anba men tout lame etranje, dominans, depandans avèk entèvansyon neyoliberal yo.

Lè nou konsidere kòman, moun ki kwè nan demokrasi toutbonvre, lapè, ak moun kap defann dwa moun atravè lemondantiye sipòte Mouvman Pou Libere Ayiti-a e yo kanpe an solidarite avèk pèp Ayisyen an kònt koudeta defakto-a. E yo pap sipòte okennen mannigèt pou mete Ayiti soutitèl nasyonzini oubyen lòt fòm okipasyon etranje. Nap denonse atanta kap fèt pou mete presyon sou Prezidan Preval nan yon fason pou yo ka rive kontwole majorite demokrat la ak yon tandans ki ta vle fè konprann ke vòt 7 fevriye a seta yon opiniyon piblik.

Lè nou konsidere kòman, yo sistematikman minimize majorite moun pòv-yo an Ayiti, yo menn rive exkli-yo pou yo ka pa patisipe nan desizyon ak zafè pwòp peyi-yo. Tiran ki fè koudeta lanmo-a mete pèp-la an fas yon opresyon krazezo – pandansetan plis pase 20,000 moun deja pèdi lavi yo depi koudeta 29 fevriye 2004-la. E jodia-a genplis pase 4000 moun kap gemi nan prison sanrezon, selman 10% nan moun sa-a yo konnen poukisa yo nan prizon. Moun Fanmi Lavalas yo menm, pati Prezidan Jean-Bertrand Aristide-la, sa kipa nanprizon-yo an ekzil, ouswa yon valè mouri oubyen yon lòt valè nan kache e yo tounnen refije andedan peyi Dayiti.

Lè nou konsidere kòman, ansanm avèk èd zanmi kap kore batay pou libere Ayiti a, nou menm Ayisyen nan HLLN nou expoze finansman kolonyal machann koudeta yo, epitou nou kore tout Ayisyen sila yo ki pa gen vokasyon restavèk e ki, san bwi san kont ap fè ladènyè lè yo fè radiyès bon papa peyi oksidan yo vin raz, san konsekans, yon bagay menm ti inosan pape kwè. Makònay entèvansyon entènasyonal ilegal ak kriminèl Sovè entènasyonal sa yo ak gwo zam fann fwa yo, kriyote san pitye yo, konplotè move zafè yo, gwo medya toupwisan yo, finansman entènasyonal yo, pouvwa politik ak diplomatik koronpi yo, sila yo ki gen defayans moral yo, entèvansyon yo historikman pajanm e ap toujou san defans, paske se pi
gwo pwobèm peyi d’Ayiti,

Lè nou konsidere kòman, Afriken ak zanmi kap mache nan solidarite avèk Ayisyen dwe sonje sakrilèj ou vyolasyon bisantnè 2004-la ansanm ak tout Ayisyen kap batay pou libète atravè lemondantye dwe sèmante swasandisèt fwa sèt fwa pou-yo fè telefon rouj, voye fax oubyen pote bay anbasad Lafrans, Kanada ak Lèzetazini ak tout konsila atravè lemondantye – pèp Ayisyen mande pou Lafrans, Kanada, Lèzetazini ak kominote entènasyonal la respekte souverènte Ayisyen an, sispann enpoze sou Ayiti vye zakcharitab degrengòch ki genladan l tradiksyon patènèl ak rasis ki bay yo opòtinite pou kontinye pote vye entèvansyon kowonpi nan zafè peyi Dayiti atravè èd ak dèt etranje. Pa bliye ke se jèfò entènasyonal yo ki lakòz Ayiti kote-li ye jounen jodi a.

Lè nou konsidere kòman, Afriken ak zanmi Ayiti nan lemondantye dwe ale depoze nan anbasad Lafrans ak Meriken ak konsila atravè lemondantye, yon lèt avan ou jou 18 Me 2006 la menm, pou mande lafrans remèt 22 milya dola Lèzetazini dwe peye tou (1914 jiska 1947) lot pati nan dèt esklavaj illegal la ke Meriken te “refinanse” nan 1914 (yo te anfose li atwavè 19 ane okipasyon), Lèzetazini te resevwa dènye peyman-an 1947, aprè Pèp Ayisyen te kase chèn lesklavaj rasyal pou te genyen endependans li. Se nansans sa a noumenm defandè demokrasi prezante 8 pwen Rezolisyon Ayiti-a devan lemond menmjan HLLN di l. Rezolisyon sa a gen sipòt baz
popilè demokrat la, lidè kominote majorite moun pòv yo ann Ayiti ak Mouvman
Pou Libere Ayiti a.

Nou declare tout moun ki kanpe nan solidarite avèk pèp Ayisyen an ak moun ki vle fè pati mouvman pou libere Ayiti a adopte “8 pwen demann ki nan rezolisyon pou Ayiti a” oubyen fè yon efò pou sipòte demann sa yo.

Fòk yo:

1. Sispann touye, fè kadejak, arete moun san rezon epitou tout fòm pèsekisyon politik dwe kaba;

2. Respekte vòt 7 Fevriye, 2006 lan nan aplikasyon konstitisyon an;

3. Kore apèl pèp Ayisyen an lè lap mande otorite yo mache prese- prese sou dosye eleksyon yon lejislati Ayisyen lejitib, libelibè, tabli yon dat sèten pou inogirasyon Prezidan Rene Preval, epi pou kominote entènasyonal la ak medya yo sispann fè presyon pou vilifye e konpwomèt lejitimite manda Prezidan Rene Preval lan oubyen fè presyon sou ekip gouvèlman an pou yo aksepte konpwomi Enstitisyon Finans Entènasyonal yo, epitou lonje pouvwa ak pòs bay pèdan eleksyon 7 Fevriye 2006 yo;

4. Libere tout prizonye politik yo anvan inogirasyon Prezidan Preval;

5. Dezame, asiyen epi Mennen eskadron lanmò an, ansyen militè, paramilitè, polisye koronpi ak tout òkestratè koudeta a devan lajistis; kore aplikasyon, egalego, program nasyonzini Demobilizasyon, Dezameman ak Reentegrasyon an pou moun nan katye pòv yo, tankou Bèlè, Site Solèy, Solino, Gran Ravin, Matisan, elatriye, ak pwogram sosyal Ayisyen defini e aplike, san mobilizasyon ansyen militè yo oubyen entegrasyon moun sa yo ki gwo jounen pase dwa moun anba pye oubyen ankò solda krazezo yo andedan lapolis lan.

6. Demakònnen polis Ayisyen ak fòs lapè Nasyonzini an ak tout fòs militè, pa ankouraje okennen lame sou tè ayisyen, kelkeswa domestik ou etranje, men pito yon polis ki chita soubaz kominotè; yon nasyonzini ki vize kominote a ak yon polis ayisyen kap travay pou bay fòmasyon e entèdi tank nasyonzini yo, tout gwo zanm, ekipman ak tout lòt tizanm yap voye antre nan peyi Dayiti.

7. peyi ki resevwa refije politik ayisyen yo sispann depòte yo epi ba yo azil politik ou byen rekonèt yo kòm moun ki dwe jwenn yon pwoteksyon espesyal annatandan.

8. nou sipòte apèl Karikom, OEA, Inyon Afrikèn, avèk manm congressional Black Caucus la pou envestige wòl gwo pouvwa etranje yo nan koudeta 2004 la; e apèl HLLN pou envestige wòl UN/MINUSTHA, OEA, IFES, NED, Haiti Democracy Project (HDP), Anbasad Etazini, Gwoup 184, KEP ak otorite defakto yo, elatriye, sitout nankout maltaye kitefèt pou jwe nan vòt pèp la jou 7 fevriye kisot pase a. HLLN ap mande tout pou’n veye pou evite tout eskrokri kikafèt ak vòt pèp la nan dezyèm tou eleksyon lejislati a.


KI MOUN: Jounen solidarite entènasyonal avèk Ayiti ke Mouvman Pou Libere Ayiti inisye e kap fèt sou banyè:” Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN)” gen sipò tout rezo etidyan inivèsite, aktivis dwa moun, Avoka, atis, epi aktivis ayisyen, òganizasyon solidarite avèk Ayiti, radyo pwogresis ak lòt rezo media, òganizasyon reparasyon ak kominote afriken global ki sòti nan Karayib la, Etazini, Kanada, Lafrans, Amerik Latin-n, epi Afrik.

KISA: Mouvman Pou Libere Ayiti ki sòti nanvant HLLN ap lanse dezyèm “Jounen Solidarite Entènasyonal Avèk Ayiti” nou ap mande tout moun pou reponn apèl sa a pou sonje reyalizasyon istorik Ayiti, avansman san parèy mouvman lavalas la fè sou jistis sosyal ak enklizyon e viktwa pèp ayisyen an 1986, 1990, 1995, 2000 e kounye a 7 Fevriye 2006. Sipòte (8-pwen) Rezolisyon 2006 ke HLLN fè parèt.

KILÈ: 18 Me 2006 – Jounen Drapo Ayisyen se Jounen Solidarite
Entènasyonal avèk Ayiti!!!! Atwavè lemondantye, nap mande moun pou òganize yon
evènnman nan kominote pa yo pou sipòte Ayiti.

Pou sipòte rezistans andedan tankou dehyò peyi a, dépi Ayiti
jiska Etazini/Kanada/Lafrans ki sipòte koudeta ak okipasyon Ayiti.

POUKISA: Pou sipòte Rezolisyon 2006 Ayiti “Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network” lanse a epitou pou mande pou yo sispann touye moun, vyole fanm, arestasyon ilegal ak pesekisyon politik an Ayiti; pou sipòte respè pou vòt 7 Fevriye 2006 la epi regleman konstitisyonèl; pou sipòte apèl pèp ayisyen bay otorite yo pou vanse ak tout vitès pou yo ka mete yon palman eli kòm sadwa, tabli ou fikse dat pou inogirasyon Prezidan Preval, epi pou sispann tout presyon ke kominote entènasyonal la apfè ak media pou anile manda 7 Fevriye 2006 a pandan yap pale Prezidan Preval mal oubyen fè presyon sou gouvènman an ak ekip li a pou bayo plas, pozisyon
ke pèdan eleksyon 7 Fevriye a pa merite;

POUKISA: Nan okazyon Jounen Solidarite ak Ayiti, nap mande pou liberasyon tout prizonye politik yo avan inogirasyon Prezidan Preval; nap mande otorite-yo pou yo dezame, pou yo mennen devan lajistis eskadron lanmò yo, ansyen militè, atachemilitè, polisye asayan yo, epi gwoupmoun ki fè koudeta a; pou mete an aplikasyon pwogram demobilizasyon Nasyonzini an, Dezameman ak Re-entegrasyon egal pou moun nan katye defavorize-yo tankou Bèlè, Sité Solèy, Matisan, elatriye; epi tou mete soupye pwogram sosyal ke Ayisyen develope e ekzekite; demakònnen polis Ayisyen ak fòs lapè Nasyonzini-an ak tout fòs militè, pa ankouraje okennen lamé sou tè ayisyen, kelkeswa domestik ou etranje, men pito yon polis ki chita
soubaz kominotè; fòk yo pa refòme ansyen lame a oubyen rekonstwi fòs polis la
ak group moun ki vyole dwa moun. Mouvman Pou Libere Ayiti ap mande pou
kanpe touka ki sou depotasyon epi bay tout refijye ayisyen “ pwoteksyon
estati tanporè”. Nou sipòte apèl Karikom, OEA, Inyon Afriken, Congressional Black Caucus pou envestige wòl pisans etranje yo nan koudeta a; e apèl ke HLLN lanse pou envestige wòl Nasyonzini/Minustha, OEA, Gwop 184, KEP ak otorite defakto yo nan eskrokri elektoral pou yo teka limite patisipasyon moun nan katye defavorize yo, pou febli e diminye valè bilten onèt ke pèp la te vote jou 7 Fevriye 2006 la, e sekonsa HLLN ap mande pou otorite konsene yo fè tout mwayen posib pou evite plis magouy nan dezyèm tou eleksyon lejislati a.

POUKISA: Pou n travay an kòperasyon avèk e pou’n di elektora ayisyen-a ki se majorite pòv ayisyen yo: “Ou pap mache ou byen mouri poukò w nan chimen libèté sa ou pap mouri pou gratis. Nap fè flote koulè liberasyon Desalin-la flote nan lemondantye jou 18 Mé 2006 la!”

AKTIVITE: Ap gen diskisyon, manifestasyon, konferans avan e jou 18 Me 2006 sou reyalizasyon istorik Ayiti; vijil, demonstrasyon devan ambasad e batiman Nasyonzini yo; ap genyen pwogram odio ak video pou intènet epi distribisyon DVD ak temwayaj viktim e moun kap reziste koudeta 2004 la; pou moun mete koulè ble e rouj ki se koulè peyi Dayiti; lemondantye dwe sonje sakrilèj vyolasyon bisantnè 2004-la, epi Afriken ak zanmi Ayisyen nan lemondantye dwe pran angajman pou voye fax, fè telefon n rouj ouswa delivre bay anbasad Lafrans ak meriken e konsila a travè
lemondantye pou mande ké lafrans remèt 22 milya dola ke yo te volè nan
men Ayiti a, e fòk Lèzetazini peye pati nan dèt esklavaj ilegal la ke
Meriken te “refinanse” nan 1914 (yo te anfose li a twavè 19 an okipasyon),
Lèzetazini te resevwa dènye peyman an 1947, aprè Pèp Ayisyen te kase
chèn lesklavaj rasyal pou te genyen endependans li.

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See, Haiti's Elections Failed Rural Voters

* HLLN call for investigation of electoral fraud to dilute the People's Feb. 7th vote - Some of the factors to be investigated:

There were fewer than 800 polling stations for the 2006 election, with no stations in Site Soley and the poorest areas, where President Aristide and President Préval's supporters live, compared with 12,000 polling stations in 2000 when the International Community wasn't in charge of Haiti's government and Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) as they are with the imposed Boca Raton regime.

Even without campaigning because of the coup d'etat repression and for fear of being thrown in jail to join the other Lavalas political prisoners, President Preval won by a clear LANDSLIDE, garnering four/five times more votes than the Coup D'etat candidates supported by the International Community - the next highest per cent reported after Préval was 12.8%. And, that’s not taking into consideration the burnt dumpster ballots, and blank-ballot stuffing which, if these were not a factor, could only increase Renè Préval’s proportion and reduce his coup d'etat opponents percentages.

HLLN insists on a full investigation into the Internationally-run and financed 2006 Haiti election, including discovering exactly where the ballots found in the dumpster came from? Why was the truck carrying the ballots to the dumpster for burning HIRED by the UN/MINUSTHA forces in charge of keeping ballots safe and secure? If these sorts of allegations were made in any other country about the UN representatives, if thousands of ballots found in a dumpster while the ballot-counting process was still ongoing had happen in the US, France or Canada, you’d expect an investigation? Why not the double standard? Why not the same respect for an election in Haiti, especially given the totally illegal bi-centennial Coup d'etat that preceded the Feb. 7th elections, especially in light of the fact the UN Security Council which refused to send help to Haiti's elected government BEFORE to coup, sent help to uphold the coup detat regime after President Aristide was flown out of Haiti under military pressure from France, Canada and the US!

The world owes the innocent Haitian people more respect for their sovereignty and the international community which trivialized Haitian democracy and justice, at its whim, shares a grave responsibility for the more than 20,000 dead since the coup and for the current attempt, by Jacques Bernard, CEP executive director and, Reginald Boulos (OAS-financed printer of Haiti's ballots and key coup d'etat player), et al, to rig the 2006 parliamentary elections by summarily excluding the Lavalas and L'espwa candidates from the second rounds.

The Provisional Electoral Council a failure, says EU observation
mission, calls for the immediate establishment of a permanent electoral council

Port-au-Prince, July 10, 2006, AHP

The European Union1s electoral observation mission declared Saturday having found contradictions between the Haitian Constitution and the electoral decree used in the 2006 presidential and legislative elections.

The head of the mission, Johan Van Heck, who presented a report for the organization, said that the elections were not held legally, with the dates of the elections being pushed back multiple times. Johan Van Heck proposed a revision of the electoral decree that was to be accompanied by an organizational law and the creation of a constitutional court to oversee electoral operations.

"The Electoral Council failed2 said Van Heck highlighting that the
CEP is neither an institutional nor an administrative body.

He expressed his hopes that the conditions be rectified as quickly as
possible so that a permanent electoral counsel with a competent, independent and
experienced body would be able to gain the confidence of the people.

The head of the European mission also called on civil society and
political parties to play a more active role in the field of civic education,
which ought to include more than distributing t-shirts.

"The success of elections depends on collective willingness" he said,
proposing the creation of a law defining the role of journalists and
he urged that public media be strengthened.

Johan Van Heck did not however dwell on the fact that almost all electoral councilors in charge of the 2006 elections were influential members of political parties engaged in the process.

AHP July 10, 2006

Who killed Dessalines, Haiti's founding father?
Toussaint Louverture was kidnapped and killed by the French. The Haitians most allied to the white colonists then killed Haiti's founding father. Petion/Gerin- the Reactionary Mulatto Generals more allied to French/colonial economic and cultural interests than the Haitian majority.
ollowing Dessalines' assassination in 1806, under the long Mulatto and Eurocentric presidencies of Petion (12 years) and Boyer (25 years), the name Dessalines was execrated, declared loathsome, cursed, marginalized and not allowed to be spoken. Neocolonialism had begun in Haiti, would be formalized with Boyer's "Independence Debt" ($22 billion with the last slave-trade payment made in 1947 to US, the richest country in the world by Haiti, the most defenseless and poorest. See HLLN's Open Letter to the People of France.) The legacy of the impunity and undemocratic offenses of this one class and sector of Haitian society, continues to this day…This Haitian economic elite with their foreign allies cannot accept the principal of one citizen-one vote because it would mean that they would lose their privileges and influence. Hence the Feb. 29, 2004 coup d'etat and current UN protectorate under President Preval which pursues the interests of foreigners and their black overseers in Haiti.

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"When you make a choice, you mobilize vast human energies and resources which otherwise go untapped...........If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want and all that is left is a compromise." Robert Fritz

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