Campaign 3:
Action Plan:

We are planning to work on a document entitled " The Destabilization, illegal Coup in Haiti and the Kidnapping of President Aristide Violated US and International Law." to present to CARICOM before their July meeting and/or to the U.N. General Assembly if they decided to start an investigation into the Coup D'etat before then.

Haiti Action Committee and the Haitian Lawyers Leadership shall pull our resources, hopefully with the help of Trans-Africa, NCBL, 10th department, Global Exchange and the National Lawyers Guild collaborating, to put together a narrative with supporting documents to be submitted to CARICOM and the U.N. Assembly.

For instance, beginning with evidence of the destabilization campaign begun in 1994 insisting President Aristide hire ex-FRAPH and FAHD into the new civilian police force, to intelligence recruiting of the new police officers and bribing Lavalas politicians, to creating phony civil society fronts, to re-creating and whitewashing the old Duvalierist opposition with NED/IRI/European Union funding, to both the over civilian and covert criminal fronts exercising a virtual veto power over Haitian democratic reforms, parliamentary and judicial development, to the U.S. humanitarian embargo on aid, etc. and then to the narrative your excellent article lays out, adding info on Mr. Moreno's role during the first Coup D'etat in providing the Junta with information on U.S. Asylum detainees being returned that led to their further reprisals, endangerment and more killings.

The goal would be to get together to provide CARICOM the investigation documents and urge CARICOM to do its own investigation. Then perhaps submit it to the General Assembly and then the OAS and Hague international court. Otherwise, we may wait forever for the U.N. General Assembly.

With reference to the investigation, if we all could work together to piece together events. Take the lead on a skeletal draft outlining also, for instance, the Metayer cover used for Jean Tatoune/Jodel Chamblain's U.S. orchestrated military, not grassroots military operation, all the way to: - i.e. CNN reports on morning of February 29, 2004, Aristide "resigns to avoid a bloodbath.'" On February 29, 2004, President Aristide tells Congresswoman Maxine Waters he was forcibly removed, "kidnapped," did not resign. President Aristide indicated he was told by Moreno that Guy Philippe, et al, were surrounding or at the gates of Port-au-Prince and U.S. would not stop them and the imminent bloodbath. CNN interviews Guy Philippe on February 29? who was in CAP HAITIAN!!!!!! Chamblain was in GONAIVE at time Marines flew President Aristide out of Haiti.....) Chronological evidence like this with the footages attached could be submitted to CARICOM and major news media with request it be reviewed and submitted to General Assembly and other international tribunals and legal bodies.

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