Statements from father Jean Juste from Jail
HLLN Action Alert: Demand Immediate Release of Fr. Gerard Jean Juste


- Urgent Action Alert, Dec. 7, 2005: Recent December, 2005 medical report indicate life-threatening disease of ilegally arrested and indefinitely detained Fr. Gerard Jean Juste.
Send Appeals for his immediate release

- Update on Father Gerard Jean Juste, Dec. 1, 2005 from Bill Quigley

- Letter From Father Gerard Jean Juste, National Penitentiary Annex, November 20, 2005

-August 23, 2005 Report updating Father Jean Juste medical condition and Report by Bishop Thomas Gumbleton and Johanna Berrigan on visit with Jean Juste

- Message to supporters from Father Gerard Jean Juste

Updated report on Fr. Jean Juste's medical condition
and Report by Bishop Thomas Gumbleton and Johanna Berrigan of visit on August 23, 2005 with Fr. Jean-Juste and all the political prisoners.

Update on Fr. Jean-Juste medical condition:

Fr. Jean-Juste remains ill with injuries from his beating at the church and swelling on both sides of neck and under arms. Johanna Berrigan, a nurse practicioner from Philadelphia went to visit him today in Haiti with Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of Detroit.

Johanna Berrigan was not allowed to bring in her medical equipment, nor to conduct a real examination of Fr. Jean-Juste. The US Embassy also went to visit Fr. Jean-Juste late last week with a physician, but was also denied the opportunity to perform a medical examination. Please keep the pressure on the US and Haitian governments to release Fr. Jean-Juste and all
the political prisoners. This is the report of today's visit.Report by Bishop Thomas Gumbleton and Johanna Berrigan of visit on 8.23.05 with Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste in Haitian National Penitentiary:

Bishop Tom Gumbleton and Johanna Berrigan were able to visit with Fr. Jean Juste for an hour today, Tuesday, August 23,2005. We met with him in the courtyard of the National Penitentiary. He remains in a small cell in isolation in a basement area. There is no light in his cell which leaves him in darkness.

There is only one small light outside the cell. There is no room to lie down, it is dirty and the smell is very bad. He had much to share with us. He has not been allowed to have any visitors.
Fr. Jean Juste is spiritually strong, but he is physically not well. He appears to have lost some
weight. He is clearly in pain. He said " since the beating, I am suffering so much." He reports alot of pain in his neck. He attributes this to the beating at the time of his arrest at the funeral. ( See Bill Quigley's report of the beating and arrest). The swelling on both sides of his neck is very obvious.

He is also swollen under his arms. He also suffered from some type of skin rash due to a chemical that the guards sprayed on him that seems to be getting better. Fr. Jean-Juste shared with us the details of the accusations, harassment, and arrest. Although he was
the victim of abuse at the funeral where he was beaten, he is the one prison rather than his
attackers. He was taken to jail on the pretense that it was for his safety. He remains in prison on charges of " incendiary sermons" and "public clamor, " which accused him of the murder of Jaques Roches. Fr. Jean Juste was in Miami at the time of the murder.

He spent only minutes talking about his own condition, then he quickly proceeded to tell us of
his concerns for the other prisoners. He said "the inhumanity is something unbelievable, I discovered many injustices." Fr. Jean-Juste shared with us that many have been arrested arbitrarily and on false accusations. He is very concerned for the deportees who he says are in a hopeless situation. They have been deported from the U. S., but they have no representation. He spoke of the horrible treatment of the prisoners who are mentally ill. They are receiving no treatment, just more abuse.

Fr. Jean-Juste told us many prisoners are planning a hunger strike to begin Thursday. The
demands of the political prisoners and detainees are:

1. Freedom for all political prisoners. 2. Freedom for all of the deportees 3. Respect for the rights of prisoners based on the U. N. charter for human rights.

4. Stop the arbitrary arrests and indefinite detention of prisoners. 5. Allow all prisoners to have Religious services according to their faith tradition.

6. Stop the beating and mistreatment of prisoners who are menatlly ill. Pere Jean-Juste shared a story of one of the prisoners who is mentally ill and being held naked under a very hot stairwell. Fr. Jean-Juste said: "It hurts me so much to see this, please hear our call to give justice to all."

Fr. Jean-Juste continues to be very determined to speak out against all of the injustice. Fr. Jean-Juste stated that "the de facto government are the real criminals as they are violating article 21 of the Haitian Constitution. Instead of reform of justice in the penitentary
system, the de facto government is abusing their power. There is no due process. Government officials are using state power to crush innocent citizens. The weaker you are, the longer you stay. They forget you. They don't even know your name. We are not protected
at all. Anybody in power can point a finger at you and you disappear."

"This government should go and the legitimate government should be restored to power. All political prisoners should be released, there should be respect for the human rights of all. I have hope in fighting the system, I may at some point be released - for the other prisoners, forget it."

Finally, he said "Thanks to all of you who are working for my release. I was so happy when I heard about the many letters that are pouring in and about the letter signed by the Congress people. I was so happy and that is what keeps me going. " He thanked us for the visit, by the end of the visit he was smiling and said "It feels so good for my soul to be out of
the dungeon even for a little while."

We ended our visit in a circle of prayer where Fr. Jean Juste thanked God for all of us who are
working and helping him in doing God's work of peace and justice.

Letters and faxes calling for Fr. Jean-Juste's freedom are still coming in for delivery to Haiti.

US Ambassador to Haiti
c/o Professor Bill Quigley
Loyola University School of Law
7214 St. Charles Avenue, Box 902
New Orleans, LA 70118

Dear Ambassador:

Please do everything in your power to persuade the unelected Haiti goverment to release Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste from the Haitian National Prison. Fr. Jean-Juste does not even have any written chanrges against him and has laready spent more than a month in prison. Fr. Jean-Juste has been identified as a Prisoner of Conscience by Amnesty International, Human
Rights First and many other human rights organizations. I know the US can help out. Please
help as soon as possible. Peace,

Your name

mail or fax 504.861.5440.
Message to Supporters from Fr. Jean-Juste

(Source: Bill Quiigley, Esq.)
August 23, 2005

Dear Friends:

Today is my 34th day in prison. I am innocent of all charges. I am in prison with hundreds of others who are suffering.

To all the people who are working on my behalf, the stronger you make me become through all of your prayers, actions and support, the more I am able to serve my fellow prisoners, especially the many political prisoners.

To the 29 Congress members who wrote and to the many citizens of nations around the world, I say to you - your nations become greater as you extend a hand to me and the poor people I serve.

The more I am able to be strong despite my illnesses and my time in prison, the more I am able to serve the poor of our nation Haiti.

Your letters and advocacy bring me and many others more hope. I thank you for all you are doing.

Gerard Jean-Juste, Haitian National Penitentiary

Letter from Father Jean Juste, National Penitentiary Annex
November 20, 2005

Dear Friends, Peace & Justice Lovers, Brothers & Sisters:

Allow me to reach you with this quick note. Since four months I have been in jail. As you know, I was arbitrarily arrested after a mob had maltreated me and also my volunteer lawyer, Bill Quigley. Arrest first and then look for a charge, depending on the weather. You may know the whole story by now.

I catch this opportunity (jailing) to keep advocating strongly for the respect of everyone’s human rights, particularly the political prisoners, mostly from the Fanmi Lavalas Party.

Meanwhile I have done my best with the help of so many of you in Haiti and abroad (mostly USA) to keep the St. Claire’s Church running. To joke, I use my remote control from jail and so far St. Claire’s is still in good shape, providing religious and social services to all. Thanks to Margaret Trost, President of the What If Foundation, St Claire’s is feeding the neediest four
days a week. Over 700 persons eat regularly. The kidnapping of our head cook, who was later released, shocked us. In spite of all difficulties, and persecution, we are holding on. I keep encouraging the brothers and sisters of St. Claire’s, Miami Veye-Yos, the lawyers, the human rights activists, & all to hold on. I smell the coming of victory. It will be huge, great, blessed.

Jail should not stop any human rights activists, ant believers in God from exercising peaceful & religious resistance to succeed in our respective goals. In the 60’s we sang “We Shall Overcome” & it was a great inspiration. These days we should continue to sing our coming victory.

Freedom for the political prisoners, liberation for Haiti, back on the democratic rails is coming. Keep up the good work. Peace for the USA, Peace for the world must become a reality in 2006. For all of us we pray to God to assist us always & may his will be done, his kingdom come.

If you want to help more, plus (sic: of) everything you have been doing, you may send some assistance to Margaret Trost c/o What If Foundation and you may send some financial assistance to the lawyers c/o IJDH, Brian Concannon; you may send some assistance also to me for church work. Mersi, Merci, Gracias,


In case I may not reach you before the Holiday Season, Happy Holiday and
Happy New Year 2006.

Your Brother in the Struggle for Peace and No War for Freedom for Love.

(Signed) Gerard Jean-Juste


Update on Fr. Jean-Juste, December 1, 2005

We wound our through the hills of Port-au-Prince up the road that Father Jean-Juste calls Gologotha to the Annexe Pententiare Nationale, where he has been incarcerated the last several months. The Haitian National Police and U.N. soldiers from Senegal patrol the prison.

Father's health condition continues to be serious and, in fact, has worsened since September,
according to Dr. John Carroll who examined Father then and also today (12-01-05). Father is need of a complete medical work up and a surgical intervention.

As to his legal and ecclesiastical situations, he is waiting to hear from authorities on both. A judge in Haiti has his dossier and is reviewing the information. This "review" has been going on for months now. As there is no evidence that Father has committed a crime of any kind, we can only believe that he is being kept in jail until after the elections, which keep being postponed. They are currently scheduled for January 8.

Though Father is eager to leave jail, he hopes to hear from Rome first about his status as a priest. He was recently told by the bishops of Haiti that he could no longer officially act as a priest. "It would be a great hardship on me if I couldn't say Mass after I am released from prison," Father said. He has little support from Catholic priests and bishops in Haiti or abroad.

"Many of the Haitian priests who would be supporters of mine are dead," he said. Bishop Gumbleton from Detroit has visited Father and advocates for Father Jean-Juste's release.

Father's spirits continue to be strong; no one can keep him from God.

The feeding program at his parish, St. Clare's is going strong, four days a week, feeding 750 people each time possibly the only meal they will eat that day. If you would like to donate to this absolutely vital cause, contact Margaret Trost at margarettrost@yahoo.com or visit the What If Foundation website at www.whatiffoundation.org.

Father appreciates the support he receives from people in Haiti and all over the world.

Fr. Jean-Juste Must Be Released Immediately; Haitian Prisoner of Conscience Diagnosed with Life-Threatening Medical Problems
By Bill Quigley, Loyola University New Orleans School of Law

Bill is a volunteer lawyer for Pere Jean-Juste with the Institute for Justice and
Democracy, www.ijdh.org assisting Mario Joseph of the Bureau des Advocats Internationaux. Bill can be reached at duprestars@yahoo.com or at 832.489.6408 in the US or 011.509.401.4822

There is new urgency in the call for the immediate release of Pere Jean-Juste from the jails of Haiti - the priest is seriously ill.

Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste is an internationally recognized advocate for justice and democracy in Haiti. Often callled the Martin Luther King, Jr of Haiti, Pere Jean-Juste has been in prison without charges since he was arrested July 21 after being
beaten by a mob in a church in Port au Prince. None of his attackers were arrested. Demonstrations of support for Fr. Jean-Juste have occurred frequently in the poorer areas of Haiti and in many other cities internationally.

Amnesty International, Human Rights First, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, members of the Irish Parliament and leaders of the UN Commission on Human Rights have called for his release and the release of all political prisoners in Haiti.

The unelected Haitian government, which seized power after overthrowing the democractically elected government of President Jean Bertrand Aristide, has refused to respond to internal and international pressure. The unelected appear intent on leaving Fr. Jean-Juste, former Prime Minister Yvon Neptune and others in jail without trial until after the country's frequently postponed elections.

The first comprehensive medical report on Fr. Jean-Juste was just released by US physician John Carroll MD, who examined the priest in September 2005 and again in December 2005. The complete report is available on the website of the Institute of Justice and Democracy in Haiti http://www.ijdh.org. Dr. Carroll's report noted increased white blood count, swelling in the lymph nodes in his neck and under his
arms, and intermittent hearing loss. The doctor, who is board certified in internal medicine, concludes that "the causes for these findings are numerous including hematolgic [blood] cancers, metastatic [spreading] cancer, and a host of infectious

Dr. John Carroll insists that "Father Jean-Juste needs an extensive medical work up, CAT scan, and surgical biopsy...and to beging appropriate treatment immediately.

Many cancers of the blood have a good prognosis when treated early by specialists."
Pere Jean-Juste, in jail and out, always urges everyone to fight for human rights, real democracy and release of political prisoners. He advises us to "keep up the struggle, freedom is coming for Haiti."

It is time once again for the international community to join in solidarity with the people of Haiti and to demand without ceasing the release of Fr. Jean-Juste.

US citizens are urged to contact the US Embassy in Haiti and demand that they do everything possible to secure the immediate release of Fr. Jean-Juste. The switchboard number is 011.509.222.0200. Faxxes can be sent to the US Embassy 011.509.223.9038. Emails can be sent to the human rights officers in the
embassy, Ms. Dana Banks banksd@state.gov or Kevan Higgins higginskp@state.gov
Fr. Jean-Juste must be released immediately.

Haiti does not need another martyr for human rights.

Medical Report:

John A. Carroll, M.D.
Medical Exam of Father Gerard Jean-Juste

Date of Exam: 12-1-05

I had the opportunity to examine Father Gerard
Jean-Juste in September, 2005 and again on December 1, 2005 in the Pacot
penitentiary annex where Father is imprisoned. Father's chief complaints
are neck pain and back pain. Father complains of intermittent hearing
difficulty which he blames on the swelling in his neck. His past history
includes hypertension.

Medications: none.
Physical exam (related to chief complaints and positive findings) reveal the following:

Neck: Multiple enlarged lymph nodes that are mobile and have a rubbery consistency. The nodes are bilateral (both sides of the neck), in the anterior and posterior triangles, and above the clavicles (collarbones).

The nodes are nontender and are not draining.

Axillary regions (armpits): Very enlarged 10 centimeter nodes in both
axillary regions with same consistency as above.

Back: Mild tenderness on percussion over thoracic spine.

Labs and Chest X Ray: Complete Blood Count (CBC) drawn on 11/3/2005
revealed an abnormal increased percentage of lymphocytes (a type of white
blood cell). A chest x ray was performed in November, however Father
has no access to this and thus I could not review it.

Assessment: Father Jean-Juste has massive lymphadenopathy in the cervical and axillary regions along with an abnormal complete blood count.

The lymph nodes have increased in size since my exam in September, 2005.

Causes for these findings are numerous including hematologic cancers,
metastacic cancer, and a host of infectious diseases.

Plan: Father Jean-Juste needs an extensive medical work up, CAT scan,
and surgical biopsy of the cervical and/or axillary lymph nodes to determine their etiology (cause) and to begin appropriate treatment immediately. Many cancers of the blood have a good prognosis when treated early by specialists.

John A. Carroll, M.D.


The Chicago Medical School, 1980, M.D. Board Certified Internal Medicine
Associate Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine and Surgery, University of Illinois School of Medicine Peoria, 1989-2001

Emergency Department Attending Physician Saint Francis
Medical Center, Peoria, Illinois, 1989-2001
Founder and Medical Director of Haitian Hearts

HLLN Action Alert: Demanding Immediate Release of Fr. Gerard Jean Juste

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