Campaign 4 - Mission:

1. To celebrate Haitian Artists and culture - the richest of cultures in the Western Hemisphere; and

2. To counter the moral poverty of the greater part of the International Community intent on hurting and maligning Haiti, its peoples,
Spirituality/Vodun religion, Kreyol language and unique culture and way of being by conducting Teach-Ins, Cultural Forums, and forums entitled "Art with the Ancestors."

HLLN shall run letter writing campaigns and, through its Ezili Dantò mailing list, provide reliable and up-to-date analysis of the Haitian situation not found anywhere else to
the mainstream press and Western coup d'etat governments' (US, Canada, France) and International Communities (UN, OAS, IRI, NED, Haiti Death (Democracy?) Project's) torrent of lies, false accusations and racists distortions about Haiti, its culture and peoples in order to reshape the public understanding and discourse on Haiti internationally.

BACKGROUND: Haiti's Revolutionary Legacy- Over 200 years ago, a group of Africans considered subhuman, beat, in combat, the greatest military powers of that time, including France, Britain, Spain, overcoming even an 1803 U.S. embargo to become the first Black Republic in the Western Hemisphere. Coup D'etat or no Coup D'etat, that achievement cannot be altered. At that time, in 1804, when Haiti declared its independence, the U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson, said to his European allies, "let's confine this disease to its island." This venomous resentment uttered by the US father of "Liberty and justice for all." Haiti has been battered and battered ever since by the most powerful countries and armies on earth and still is being hurt and maligned by the utterances, negative media mantras and Hollywood pop culture distortions of these same former slave-owning countries and their blan-peyi, Restavek Haitians. But, it was Haitians who first put Liberty into application and 33 Coup D'etat's or not, that fact remains and must be celebrated and built upon.

The bi-centennial coup d'etat begun with a festival of annihilation both of the Lavalas revolution to surplant the old anti-democratic elite's tyranny and as a systematic destruction of Haitian life, art and culture. According to the article,"Barbarians at the Gate: rebels destroy art collection", Rev. Vladimir Jeanty a "well-dressed religious fanatic and founder of the Haitian Party of God" claimed:

"We burned it because anything that was created during the Aristide government has to be destroyed.."
See, Barbarians at the Gate: rebels destroy art collection, St. Petersburg Times, Florida.

The chaotic tone of today's foreign-occupied Haiti was set in Feb. 2004 by US-supported Guy Philippe's arrival outside a colonnaded downtown building that was once the headquarters of the disbanded Haitian Armed Forces. It housed the Museum of Independence and a collection of Haitian art. Greeted by a cheering mob of former army soldiers and old human rights abusers looking to get their old jobs back, the assassin, Guy Philippe told his repulsive and destructive audience that he was their man. He then watched as the destroyers ransacked the precious building, throwing valuable paintings and an entire exhibition of 86 Vodun craft and art over a second-floor balcony into the crowd. Chanting "Up with Jesus, down with Satan," the Philistine mob of destroyers proceeded with their festival of annihilation and to burn the precious works of Haitian art and historical legacy in a giant bonfire.

"We burned it because anything that was created during the Aristide government has to be destroyed," said the Rev. Vladimir Jeanty, a well-dressed religious fanatic and founder of the Haitian Party of God. "This is a sad day for Haitian culture," said Haiti's minister, Leslie Voltaire (picture). The exhibit opened Jan. 1 to commemorate the country's 200th anniversary of independence and had been widely acclaimed as the country's first major showcasing of Haitian voodoo art, including unique works by a deceased voodoo houngan (priest), Pierre Barra. "Haiti is a country of life and art. They cannot destroy life or art," said Voltaire, whose distraught wife organized the exhibit. Source: St. Petersburg Times, Florida, Barbarians at the Gate: rebels destroy art collection.

Instead of hunger strikes and marches against the Coup D'etat and defacto UN protectorate, the Haitian Lawyers Leadership urges progressive organizations to join the FreeHaitiMovement and sponsor celebration of Haitian culture with Haitian Racine music, paintings, books, drumming, Vodun dancing, and to support Haitian artists, plays and organizations, soliciting their help for educational Teach Ins and Cultural Forums. HLLN shall, from time to time, connect, promote and encourage the work of selected Haitian artists. (See Art with soul). The Leadership shall also, upon request, advise and provide leads and referrals on workshop structure and Haitian experts, Haitian artists and purveyors of Haitian art, spirituality and culture to lead the Cultural Forums and Teach-Ins.

HLLN Urges all organizations that plans on celebrating and commemorating the great achievements of Haiti from 1791 to 1804 to the current time's popular resistance to the existing order, on Jan 1, Oct. 17, Nov. 18, May 18, July 6 or Aug. 14 of each year, to go forward, especially now and onwards until Haiti is free, with
Celebrating Haitian culture and art, as one of the richest culture in the Western Hemisphere and by promoting Haiti's revolutionary legacy.

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