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Red, Black & Moonlight: Memoir of a Poet
(Special Edition
A dramatic memoir by Èzili Dantò/Marguerite Laurent, Esq., based on her experience in Haiti in 1995. This theatrical piece is a segment of a larger work, Kenbe La: Crossings Of A Vodun-Roots Woman that tells the story of a young Haitian-American lawyer who, bolstered by her success in America, goes to Haiti, believing (naively, at first) that she has the power to bring positive change to her ancestors’ complex and tormented island.
So Much Like Here   Vodun Woman   Rolling On  
Bwa Kayiman   Unifying Ourselves   Beyond 2004
Papa's Maroon Lineage   Journeys of the Serpent and the Moon   In the Distance  
Scattered Seeds   Breaking Sea Chains   Self-Defense  
Chèn Sa Pakapab Janm Kase          

(c) Ezili's Special Edition of Red, Black & Moonlight. All Rights
Reserved. These pieces may not be used, in any form, or performed,
without the author's written permission.

To order your copy of Ezili's Special Edition of Red, Black & Moonlight: Memoir of a Poet, which contains 6 additional pieces, not seen here, write to erzilidanto@yahoo.com