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Why the Hostility, We've Not Met Before?
Breaking Sea Chains
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Performance Poetry and Literary Readings

In her performance poetry readings, Laurent showcases her ability to weave spoken word, dance, story and song into a dramatically rich tapestry of her life experiences in working as an entertainment business law and copyright attorney in the Hip Hop world, growing up in Connecticut, or recounting her return trip to her parent's homeland, Haiti. Fusing words with percussion sounds, Blues/Jazz tunes and Caribbean rhythms, Laurent creates beautifully jazzy spoken word rhythmic shows.

Poetry readings are taken from the author's work, including her book, Vodun Woman: A Performance Poetry Collection or from the Red, Black & Moonlight Series. After an introduction and reading, participants taking these poetic and literary reading workshops are encouraged to decipher and discuss the chosen pieces.

Poetry reading offerings to choose are:
- A Hip Hop Attorney's Spoken Word
- Papa's Maroon Lineage
- Anba Dlo, Nan Ginen - (zilibuttonVideo Clips)
- Journey of the Serpent and The Moon
- Vodun Woman
- Scattered Seeds
- So Much Like Here (zilibuttonVideo Clip)
- Breaking Sea Chains
- Bwa Kayiman
- The African Trickster
- Red, Black & Moonlight (zilibuttonVideo Clip)
- In The Distance