Looking for Haiti's Freedom
on May 18, 2007

by Marguerite Laurent, Haitian Perspectives, May 18, 2007


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No other national
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A group of Haitian migrants arrive in a bus after being repatriated from the nearby Turks and Caicos Islands, in Cap-Haitien, northern Haiti, Thursday, May 10, 2007. They were part of the survivors of a sailing vessel crowded with Haitian migrants that overturned Friday, May 4 in moonlit waters a half-mile from shore in shark-infested waters. Haitian migrants claim a Turks and Caicos naval vessel rammed their crowded sailboat twice before it capsized. (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

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zilibutton In a series of articles written for the October 17, 2006 bicentennial commemoration of the life and works of Dessalines, I wrote for HLLN that: "Haiti's liberator and founding father, General Jean Jacques Dessalines, said, "I Want the Assets of the Country to be Equitably Divided" and for that he was assassinated by the Mullato sons of France. That was the first coup d'etat, the Haitian holocaust - organized exclusion of the masses, misery, poverty and the impunity of the economic elite - continues (with Feb. 29, 2004 marking the 33rd coup d'etat). Haiti's peoples continue to resist the return of despots, tyrants and enslavers who wage war on the poor majority and Black, contain-them-in poverty through neocolonialism' debts, "free trade" and foreign "investments." These neocolonial tyrants refuse to allow an equitable division of wealth, excluding the majority in Haiti from sharing in the country's wealth and assets." (See also, Kanga Mundele: Our mission to live free or die trying, Another Haitian Independence Day under occupation; The Legacy of Impunity of One Sector-Who killed Dessalines?; The Legacy of Impunity:The Neoconlonialist inciting political instability is the problem. Haiti is underdeveloped in crime, corruption, violence, compared to other nations, all, by Marguerite 'Ezili Dantò' Laurent
No other national group in the world sends more money than Haitians living in the Diaspora


"...on that May 18, 2004 day, this anonymous Haitian woman, refused to give up the fallen body....She took off all her clothes, staring down the US Marine tanks and guns, to show them she was not armed. Then, she wrapped her naked body up in a large Haitian flag, hoisting up the dead man upon her back, walking off with him on her back, daring the “peacemakers” to shoot her.

This exemplifies Haiti’s “to live free or die” motto. It is why Haitians celebrate Flag Day. It is why today, we too...hoist on our backs the 20,000 dead since the coup d’etat, the thousands still in prison, the 33 coup d’etat’s, the 200 years of containment-in-poverty and before that, the 300 years of slavery. Haitians are a strong people and hoist all of this on our backs. We may bend* down under the weight - nou pliye, nou pa kase* - but we shall NEVER reconcile with injustice...."

Strong winds may bend the bamboo tree all the way down to the ground. But it snaps right back up. It doesn’t break, no matter how strong the wind. So, Haitians have a saying – “Nou se rozo. Nou pliye, nou pa kase “ - like the bamboo tree, we bend but we don’t break; like the flexible bamboo tree we-Haitians use even the momentum of our falls to stand back up...
" From,
Hope and Humiliation: HLLN’s analysis of May 18, 2006 and the Inaugural of President Rene Preval by Marguerite Laurent, Haitian Perspectives, May 18,

Looking for Haiti's Feedom on May 18, 2007

A nation's flag is the primary symbols of its freedom. Haiti's flag was created in a Haitian town called Arcahaie on May 18, 1803.

In Haiti and for Haitians in the Diaspora, May 18 is Flag Day and a major moment to celebrated the Haitian Ancestors' great feat of securing independence from European enslavement and colonialism.

But Haiti has been under foreign occupation since February 29, 2004 with the
Bush-sponsored regime change with UN multinational soldiers acting as the US’s military proxy. (See, the February 22, 2006 protectorate agreement signed with the UN by the US-imposed Haitian prime minister, Gerard Latortue.)

On May 14, 2006, a duly elected Haitian president, President Rene Preval, was
inaugurated. But Preval is a president elected while Haiti is occupied and while all relevant democratic structures were suspended, destroyed or obfuscated; the people being terrorized by the rule-by-force UN/US/and their de facto Haitian representatives.

Two recent news events summarize the impotence of the Preval/Alexis government in Haiti today and illustrate the injustices currently being metered out in Haiti today under this legitimate but trapped Haitian leader.

(See news articles: "Haiti Immigrants Angry With Boat Sinking," Associated Press, May 11, 2007 -

Haiti’s Emmanuel “Toto” Insists He Has No Fear Of Deportation," Hardbeatnews, May 17, 2007 -
https://lists.riseup.net/www/arc/ezilidanto/2007-05/msg00003.html and

Emmanuel Constant prêt à revenir en Haïti, ignore les graves accusations
portées contre lui, Radio Kiskeya, May 16, 2007 -
https://lists.riseup.net/www/arc/ezilidanto/2007-05/msg00004.html . )

The sights and sounds of Haiti's misery, grief and agony

A few weeks ago 91 Haitian migrants drowned as their boat capsized while
being towed by police from the Turks and Cacos Island. I wrote then what
immediately came to mind : “The way they were forced to live, to die, tear us alive. Now, they suffer no more. They left that part to us. To consume us
now, to tear us to pieces. They're hope gone, pain gone, suffering gone. All
those parts - left to us now.”

Yet, as we look for Rene Preval’s “Lespwa” – Hope; as we look for May 18,
2007 from the perspective of a boatload of 91 Haitians drowning and lost at
sea on the Turks and Cacos Island; as we look at last year's inaugural of
President Rene Preval on May 14, 2006....we see, feel, have experienced
mostly humiliation, not hope. (See last year's Hope and Humiliation
http://www.margueri telaurent. com/pressclips/ humiliation. html).

What is there to say...except to point out that in Rene Preval's current
UN-occupied Haiti, Emmanuel "Toto" Constant, just like Louis Jodel Chamblain, has no fear there will be consequences for the terror they've wrought on the
people of Haiti during the first Bush, Sr. coup d’etat (1991-1994). As first
and second in command of the coup d'etat death squad, FRAPH, Toto Constant and Louis Jodel Chamblain were responsible for the deaths of over 5,000
Haitians and rape of Haitian women became a systematic political tool and
weapon. But in UN-Haiti, Louis Jodel Chamblain was set free after a sham
trial and is treated with respect.

U.S. authorities, had reservations about executing a deportation order
against coup d'etat death squad leader, Emmanuel 'Toto' Constant from 1994 to 2004. But now in 2007, under occupied and US-embassy-run Haiti, they have no such qualms about pushing for the deportation to Haiti of CIA asset Emmanuel “Toto” Constant to freely roam Haiti, just as Jodel Chamblain has been
rewarded freedom since he helped Bush, Jr.’s administration secure Haiti’s
regime change in 2004.

(See, Hardbeatnews, May 16, 2007 article, stating that "...Constant, the once
feared leader of the Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti (FRAPH), yesterday told a judge in Brooklyn he has no fear of being returned to his
homeland. In state Supreme Court in Brooklyn, where he appeared for
sentencing in a mortgage fraud case, Constant told Justice Abraham Gerges, "I have no fear to be deported to Haiti" even though he faces charges of murder
and torture there."
https://lists.riseup.net/www/arc/ezilidanto/2007-05/msg00003.html )

Emmanuel Toto Constant has no fear that his poor Haitian victims, the over
5000 tortured, raped, slaughtered under the first Bush regime change
(1991-1994), will be able to get justice and put him in jail, because his US
bosses disenfranchised and disempowered the masses in Haiti with the 2004
bicentennial coup d'etat and are running Haiti through their leftover 2004
coup d'etat judges, police, municipal administrators, foreign ministry and
under the protection of UN soldiers acting as proxy military enforcers for
the Washington-led repressive agenda for Haiti's Black majority.

On this May 18, 2007, the hope Haiti had last year at Preval’s inaugural has
significantly dimmed with so many political prisoners still in jail, with so many Haitian women being systematically raped and with thugs, thieves, terrorists and assassins like Guy Phillip, Lame Timanchet and Louis Jodel Chamblain still free, while democratic and peaceful dissenters are ostracized, isolated, pacified, indefinitely detained.The 2004 bicentennial coup d'etat is continuing under the new Rene Preval administration, and is being consolidated, not reversed.

Haiti's flag is upside down, this May 18, 2007.

Our work is to use democratic means to turn it back into Dessalines and Catherine Flon's upright symbol of freedom for Blacks in the Western Hemisphere – the symbol of the abolition of slavery and colonialism.

Preval's reign saw the release of the major-named political prisoners (ie. Yvon Neptune, So Ann, Mathelier, Jean-Juste, et al.) Also, there has been less systematic slaughter of Haitian civilians under the Preval/Alexis government. But, there’s been no accounting of the monies allegedly misused or stolen from Haiti by Bush’s Boca Raton regime. No public report of the almost one billion ($965) in foreign aid still unaccounted for from the time of the Latortue regime, including an alleged $70-million from the Foreign Ministry under Ray Joseph’s tenure as Haiti’s de facto ambassador.

Rene Preval was reported to have ordered an accounting upon taking office. But there has been no follow through on making this public accounting available to Haitians. Many observe that if this report was made public it would embarrass the US/Euro powers purportedly “developing” Haiti – showing how US/France/Canada appointed/supported Haitian technocrats have fleeced Haiti and stolen from the poorest of the poor. More than a year after Rene Preval's inaugural, the Haitian public still has no clue or itemization of all contracts signed by the de facto regime or whether any of said contracts will be voided by a duly elected Haitian administration, including the Latortue Feb. 22, 2006 protectorate contract signed with the UN.

And what about Latortue's heedless claim that France may consider the Haitian
demand for the independence debt void? That too is ignored by the Preval/Alexis administration. Haiti is under occupation and when, for instance, the Preval/Alexis government objected to the massive US deportation of criminals to Haiti, the US government threatened to withhold aid if Haiti did not accept the criminal deportees. (The US Embassy has since denied it threatened to withhold aid in this manner.)

Thus, it is no surprise that a year after Rene Preval's inaugural, the innocents who were murdered, injured, and otherwise destroyed by the 2004 coup d’etat have no hope of redress, as everyday they see coup d’etat assassins such as Guy Phillipe, Louis Jodel Chamblain strolling free and with the power and backing of US/UN approval and succor.

The injustices, corruptions and inequities of the 2004 bicentennial coup d'etat continue and are more disturbing under Preval precisely because he was duly elected. That Rene Preval rules for the de factos and Haiti's blan peyi elites makes a mockery of his popular mandate. That freedom is denied the innocent but rewarded to criminals is the highest of depravities. (See, Ezili Danto's Update on Site Soley; Michael Lucius, top Haitian police officer indicted for kidnapping, then resigns to roam free in Haiti with no pressure to face justice or do jail time; also, Boca Raton Regime's representatives accused of stealing Haiti's underwater treasures, go un-investigated, some keeping their jobs doing this Preval first year in office. See also Expose the Lies for more reports of the plundering of Haiti's resources by the de facto regime that still goes unpunished by the Preval government.)

Moreover, instead of continuing to ask that the MINUSTHA soldiers get rid of their heavy weapons and high caliber, automatic war rifles and guns, replacing them with tractors, engineers, sewage facility work, new roads constructions and community policing as he did immediately upon his election, last week, on an official US visit to Washington, President Rene Preval of Haiti was heard lauding MINUSTHA without any of his initial precision as to the more positive role they could play to assist Haiti’s majority; praising them without any on his initial reservation that Haiti’s street crime problems is a police, a social, an economic, not military issue. No. Preval went to Washington last week and insisted to all and sundry that the occupying UN soldiers and the Haitian police have taken the necessary steps, since his inaugural, to make Haiti one of the safest places to live now.

In these recent Washington pronouncements, Rene Preval blithely ignored the thousands of UN bullets that have found their way into the flesh of innocent Haitians living in Site Soley and the other populous neighborhoods; ignored the internationally reported rapes of Haitian women and children by the UN soldiers, insisting very loudly in George Bush Jr. fashion, and in perfect step with what we have heard from the coup d’etat folks, that the UN's presence in Haiti is a necessity to help preserve security and anyone who objects is “against us.”

The Preval/Alexis government has also, this last year talked a lot about new business opportunities in Haiti at all levels, particularly in energy, tourism, import and export, etc. In Washington last week, President Rene Preval indicated that Haiti is ready for investment and most barriers to open a business have been removed to attract more foreign investors.

The reality is President Rene Preval said very little about social, economic and judicial advancements made for the people of Haiti this last year. Nothing about schools built, health clinics established, jobs created, nutritional or literacy programs reinstated. Some Haitians observe that it seems paying the salaries of all those leftover Latortue de factos in the justice, police, foreign ministry departments and in the legislative branches seems the main priority of the Preval/Alexis government.

As long as these foreign supported folks are carrying forward the initiatives of the Internationals and their multinationals, than, for them, Haiti is “secure and stable.” Meanwhile, none of the promised investigations into human rights crimes are prioritized. No social development has been made because there's no monies prioritized for this. Preval's plan for Haiti is to create jobs from the multinational sector that traditionally fleeces the poor. That and not drawing the fire of the US powers seems to be the Preval plan for Haiti's development. But on the plus side of affording Haiti more latitude for development, the Preval/Alexis administration has managed to keep a relationship with Venezuela, Cuba and Taiwan over the objections of Washington. This is one clear indication of the exercise of independence and is an authentic sign of leadership.

That leadership fails in other quarters, perhaps not because of intent, as much as to do with the realities of geopolitics/ neoliberalism/ globalization and Haiti's lack of any real allies amongst the major imperialist powers vying for client-states in the Southern Hemisphere.

Without monies and due to the ravages of the coup d'etat it is difficult for the Preval administration to perhaps have taken significant steps towards Haiti's economic development.

The humiliation of Haiti, of Haiti's freedom is evidenced in many ways. The Preval Administration, for instance, is obligated under the Haitian Constitution, to certify to Parliament its own slate of foreign ministers, consuls and ambassadors. Yet, for a year now, the Preval/Alexis administration has ignored the Haitian Constitution, keeping Latortue's foreign ministry fairly intact without asking the legislature to ratify or recertify these "hold-over" de facto appointments as his own, with Constitutional certification, as required.

Yes, indeed, with Haiti's children being raped by U.N. soldiers with impunity, with more than 400 of Haiti’s Black youths arrested since January 2007 and with the pacification of Site Soley - the area in Haiti known for holding strongly against the coup d’etat and foreign incursions into Haiti’s freedom and independence, with this area and sector seemingly pacified and Haiti's youth warehoused in their own neighborhoods, if not in prisons, foreign investors are guaranteed that the US pacification program for Haiti is going very well indeed under the Preval government.

What’s clear on this flag day, May 18, 2007, is that Haiti voted for Rene Preval in order that the slaughter by the UN and Haiti’s coup d’etat police would end and justice be done; in order that all the political prisoners would be release and all the 2004 exiles and deported out of Haiti would return; in order that the Haitian police would be restructured to deny a place to criminals, assassins and rule-by-force folks; in order that the people could breathe without fear; in order so that folks like Louis Jodel Chamblain and Toto Constant would never feel welcomed in Haiti and so that the excluded Haitian majority could have hope towards freedom from containment-in-poverty, their children be able to eat, go to school, find jobs. Not for this. Not for this upside down flag that secures the interests of Haiti’s morally repugnant economic elite, allows for the slaughter of Haiti’s children, such as 7-year old Stephanie Lubin and 4-year old Alexandra Lubin shot by the UN in their beds while asleep without so much as a murmur of objection from the duly elected Haitian authorities. Haitians did not fight the greatest superpowers on earth in order that their elected president would dishonor them while honoring the leftover Latortue de facto appointees with job security, political legitimacy. Haitians did not resist UN guns and the coup d’etat police terror to elect Rene Preval so that he could summarily ignore the cries and interests of Haiti’s majority poor to please Washington, France and Canada and their Haitian agents.

What's equally clear on this flag day, May 18, 2007, is that Haiti will not be moved out of dependency, debt and domination by just one duly elected Haitian administration. It will take vision, brilliance, gumption and the efforts of every Haitian to do what Preval/Alexis and every duly elected Haitian President have been prevented from doing. It is up to all of us to, through democratic means, push the Preval/Alexis government to do the right thing. It is up to all of us to also protect the February 7th vote and assure Rene Preval finish his full term without an illegal ouster. It is up to all of us to be clever enough to give the Preval/Alexis government options and openings that diplomacy will not allow that politicians safely make. In sum, it is up to all of us Haitians whether Haiti ever exist again as a sovereign, Black ruled independent nation.

Marguerite 'Ezili Dantò' Laurent, Esq.
Founder and Chair, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
May 18, 2007

Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!

"When you make a choice, you mobilize vast human energies and resources which otherwise go untapped...........If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want and all that is left is a compromise." Robert Fritz

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