Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!

How to get involve even if you are not a lawyer

Don't automatically circulate negative images
about Black people, especially Haitians. Go beyond the learned stereotypes, even if you identify yourself as " Black."

Learn the truth about Haiti's people and their freedom struggle. Even if you are Haitian, re-start from scratch. Everything you've heard about your history, culture or even Vodun, meaning sacred energies in the Fon African language, is probably racist superstition.

Take a Haitian dance, drumming, music, song class, or, a sensitizing session with our trainers. Learn the metaphysical basis of Vodun. Learn Kreyol. Learn about Bwa Kayiman, ecclesiastic colonialism in Haiti, and the fleecing of the Haitian treasury first by the French in 1825 and then, as of 1914, by the U.S.

Understand the cycle of debt, dependency and foreign domination, which crushes Haitians into unrelenting poverty, misery and systemic Haitian fratricide.

Men Anpil Chaj Pa Lou!!! - Kreyol for "Many hands make light a heavy load!


HLLN - Action Requested from Haiti solidarity groups and Haitian activists for justice and democracy:

Circulate our Ezili Danto mailings and posts to your mailing list and e-mail contacts. Subscribe and unsubscribe by writing to: Erzilidanto@yahoo.com

Read, adopt and circulate the Haiti Resolution from the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network and/or the Porto Alegre Declarations on Haiti adopted at the World Social Forum in January, 2005

Circulate the human rights reports, especially the latest Miami Law Center report

Do Press Work: Join our letter writing campaigns to help free the political prisoners in Haiti, stop the persecution of Haiti's most popular political party and restore Constitutional rule. Write a letter, call the media, fax, - See our Press Work page for sample letters and contact information.

Volunteer to maintain and send us updated or new phone numbers and addresses to put on our Contact Information Sheet pages for our Network's pressworks.

Virtual interns and volunteers are always needed to help us translate selected materials into French, Kreyol, or Spanish to reach a wider audience. Volunteers with some research and computer skills are also needed to help us update our "List of Victims" and "Personal Testimonies" pages under Campaign One. (We have the materials, what we don't have we know where to extrapolate them, but need help to put it together and in the format on our website page.)

Volunteers wanting to concentrate as primary coordinators/contributors to one of our seven campaigns.

One internet savvy volunteer interested in logging and archiving, on our new Ezili Danto blog, (not yet unveiled) the regular Erzilidanto posts we send out so that those who only want to see these at their leisure, or, who cannot receive daily mailings, will have access to these materials and posts, in an archived format.

Click here to:

zilibuttonDonate to the Haitian Lawyers Leadership

Fundraise to support the HLLN:

Fundraise for the work of HLLN, donate to our projects, or, earn expense monies, save lives and spread meaning and value by becoming an HLLN Marketing Associate trained to train other HLLN Associates and licensed to use our logo and HLLN materials to sponsor a "To Tell The Truth about Haiti Forum and Teach-In." See "Info Package For Sponsors of the Free Haiti Movement." Proceeds from sell of authorized merchandize with our "Dessalines Is Rising" Flag; from our transcripts and videos of victim testimonies; from authorized merchandise with HLLN's "Men Anpil Chay Pa Lou/schackled unknown warrior logo; and, from our courses, materials and teach ins will go to help with expenses of the HLLN sponsoring Associate/organization and to continue the work of HLLN projects, including but not limited to, support for our Ezili Danto Witness Project, our Ezili Danto original writings/info sharing listserve, our general International Solidarity-Free Haiti movement mobilization, and our partnership with AUMOHD, the young human rights lawyers in Haiti who are defending the defenseless poor whose only crime is that they voted for Lavalas, supported Constitutional rule or are resisting a return of the bloody U.S.-trained Haitian army and US-sponsored dictatorship. For information on AUMOHD, go to: http://www.april6vt.org/,

You may also set up a fundraiser by booking a workshop, Spoken Word Theater show or a West-African-Haitian dance show from the Ezili Danto Spoken Word Dance Theater Company. See Available Arts-with-the-Ancestors bookings/workshops and for Marguerite's Jazzoetry Vodun Dance performances, see Video Reel - Red, Black & Moonlight.
Red, Black &

Go beyond the headlines. Join the Haitian Leadership Network. Send us an e-mail that says "subscribe" and join the work of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network. It's free. But our work is about taking ACTION. Once you've written one letter to support HLLN's Haiti Resolution or any of our PRESS WORK/Action Alerts, you are a Network member. Donating, or making regular 3-months pledges of $37.50 or more, is yet another ACTION that will help HLLN continue its work. To make a donation online and donate to the FreeHaitiMovement-Ezili Danto's Work, go to zilibutton, or, send a check to: Ezili Danto's Work, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, P.O. Box 3573 Stamford, Connecticut, 06905. (For tax deductible tonations make checks out to: Ajoupa and note in memo "For Erzili Danto's Work" ) But first, if Haiti's real story is news to you, familiarize yourself with the materials on these website's noted below.

If you want to be on the right side of history and make a positive contribution to the most concrete David-vs.Goliath struggle imaginable in this Western Hemisphere, then learn about the current U.S.-backed dictatorship in Haiti by visiting the websites below. Take Action. Sign our petition and the Haitiaction.org petition. Write an Op-Ed piece. Contact the white house, State Department/Haiti Desk, your local and State representatives, human rights organizations and the press and demand they report more than what may be garnered from State Department press releases. Tell everyone you know what's behind the headlines in Haiti.

For general background information regarding the Haitian people's struggle to have their vote count, see these Suggested Websites:

The Haiti-news Archives
- The Haiti news List, A forum for news & info on Haiti. (See also, https://listhost.uchicago.edu/mailman/listinfo/haiti-news ).
The Ezili Danto Archives - Starting April 2005 Ezili Danto's mailings will be available here online, but not in the same manner as we were a clearing house in 2004. Those interested in daily e-mails of all info in Haiti should check The Haiti-news Archives. But for accurate analysis of all this information out here on Haiti, subscribe to the Ezili Danto mailing list, check our News, Essays Reflections and Urgent Action pages.

Kreyol speakers who want accurate daily news info on Haiti should listen to Lakounewyork daily radio program. Moun ki pale kreyol ki vle bon infòmasyon su Ayiti Toma, ale tande emisyon Lakouneyork chak jou. Also generally suggested sites are:



On the Ottawa Initiative Background showing more evidence of how the US/Euros planned the ouster of the Constitutionally elected president of Haiti to take place early 2004, see "Canadian Officials Initiate Planning for Military Ouster of Aristide"

Canada's Role in the Coup D'etat in Haiti

France's Role in the Coup D'etat in Haiti

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