Sanel Joseph, young, Haitian, poor and Black. Killed in his undershirt, totally unarmed but singled out and riddled with bullets by Bush's U.S-armed and trained Coup d'etat enforcers. Last year, it was Titus Simpson, young, Haitian, poor and Black who was shot by the CIMO masked-men-in-black with U.S. Marines present and threatening the American Journalist who filmed Titus Simpson. Simpson, totally unarmed, was simply listening to music on a Walkman disk player while last year's May 18, 2004 Flag Day protest against Bush regime change in Haiti was going on. The US Marines present have yet to be investigated or questioned about how Simpson came to shot in their very presence. (See Titus Simpson's photo at: At least 9 demonstratores killed during huge march on Haiti's glag day.
HIP Notes with Sanel Josph photo above: Following the(May 18, 2005) march, the Haitian police attacked demonstrators returning to Cite Soleil. According to witnesses, Sanel Joseph was shot and killed by the Haitian police for no apparent reason as he returned home from the demonstration. No U.N. security presence or U.N. police monitors were present as the police opened fire.

Photo credit: Haiti Information Project
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, for 5-18-05
Three Unarmed Haitians Died from Bullets on Haiti's Flag Day
Marguerite Laurent
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
May 19, 2005

Three unarmed Haitians died from bullets yesterday, May 18, 2005.

This time, it wasn't the UN soldiers who cold-bloodedly pumped bullets into unarmed Haitians protesting the ouster of President Aristide. The demonstrators say that the UN troops did indeed provide security throughout the demonstration and protected them from the Haitian police armed by the Bush administration.

Yes, the bullets pumped into these unarmed Haitians came from the gun barrels of U.S.-armed, Canadian-trained, French-supported Coup D'etat thugs wearing police gear provide by the international community supporting the Latortue government's death reign in Haiti.

The fundamental problem with the UN's mission in Haiti is that UN troops and CIVPOL are in Haiti to provide support for the murderous Haitian police who did yesterday's shooting. That is, UN troops and CIVPOL are in Haiti to uphold the foreign imposed Latortue government that would fall in a nanosecond without their presence AND to protect the people. Two incompatible goals. A farce. The UN's presence is simply meant to stop the people from toppling a government they didn't elect and which they despise.

Since coming to Haiti, the UN soldiers have allowed the Haitian police to abuse the people of Haiti. But yesterday it was on the down low, after the demonstration, as the people where returning home and away from the media cameras.

Thus, yesterday, UN units did provide security both at the front and at the back of the demonstrators' line. The people came out in droves. Haitian estimates range from 25,000 to 70,000 people in the streets. Of course, despite their own photos depicting an endless sea of people, AP estimates a crowd of 5,000.

In Port-au-Prince yesterday several times during the demonstration the U.S.-backed Haitian police - men all dressed in black with big guns at-the-ready tried to ambush the crowd.

Several times, it was a cadre of journalists and foreigners, notable among them, Kevin Pina, who quickly maneuvered their cameras in front of the men-in-black, putting themselves in the line of fire. Kevin Pina, a Western journalist, saved many Haitian lives yesterday. For that he was threatened by a Brazilian soldier who took a close-up picture of Kevin Pina as he was getting into his car after the demonstration, saying something to the effect of: "I'm going to give this to the Haitian police, so they can take care of you."

We need no further proof of the UN soldiers' complicity in Haiti with the summary executions of innocent people who don't swallow the Coup D'etat agenda they are there to secure. The game that was played yesterday, with the men-in-black seemingly appearing to try to shoot the demonstrators out of the line of vision of the UN convoy rolling with the demonstrators, was a farce. The UN knows the dressed-up Haitian "police" are assassins. In fact, the international community has trained this Haitian police to be assassins. But yet it is Black Haitian youths who are deemed the bandits and demonized by the mainstream press.

We need only mention the recent demonstrations of February 28 and April 27 where the Haitian "police" opened fire on unarmed demonstrators in plain sight of media cameras. This has not stopped the UN from its policy of arresting Haitians, from the populous neighborhoods, in droves, and handing them over to this death squad. This has not stopped the UN units from rolling around Haiti in their tanks during "joint," "peacekeeping" operations with Haiti's foreign-paid and sustained thugs and killers.

At the May 18, 2005 protest, MINUSTHA did accompany the demonstrators continuously this time, from the beginning of the march to its end, and appeared at major intersections, not doing their usual and convenient disappearing acts when the murderous foreign-paid Haitian "police" are shooting unarmed demonstrators.

But there is no doubt that yesterday it was thanks to the presence and actions of the press that no Haitians were shot dead during the course of the demonstration. Using his camera, Kevin Pina, warded off the men-in-black, postponing the killing spree.

But later, on their way home, out of sight of press cameras and MINUSTHA troops, some protestors and bystanders were ambushed by the Haitian police. Three were shot dead.

The men-in-black trained and sustained by the Canadians, US, UN went hunting for innocent Black blood. They picked one guy out from the crowd, riddled him with bullets. The people with this guy quickly picked him up, ran off with him in a wheelbarrow. But he died along the way. His name was Sanel Joseph from Site Solèy 19. Sanel Joseph leaves behind a wife and two children. The Haitian thugs, wearing police uniforms and being propped-up by the US/Canada/France and the UN against the wishes of the people of Haiti, killed two others. One of those murdered was shot while on his porch on Rue St. Martin watching the returning protestors.

Our Ezili Danto Witness report, direct from Haiti, is a very detailed account on what happened yesterday at the demonstration protesting the Coup D'etat and demanding the return of President Aristide and Constitutional rule.

Jean, our eyewitness, talks about two shot dead by the CIMO - special Haitian police units who wear all black. But it is three (3) unarmed Haitians who died yesterday from a Coup D'etat bullet. A UN bullet, a US bullet, a Canadian bullet, a Haitian mercenary working with the US/UN/France/Canada's bullet. No matter. Their hands are dripping in Haitian blood as each of these authorities insist on ignoring the peoples cry for a return of their Constitutional government and continue to cuddle the Haitian police they are training who kill unarmed Haitian protestors with absolute impunity.
Ayiti Flag Day
May 18, 2005
Ezili Danto Witness Project: Direct from Haiti - Jean's Report on the May 18, 2005 Demonstration
Ayiti Flag Day
May 18, 2004
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Marguerite Laurent
May 19, 2004
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May 19th 2005
Haiti Occupation and Solidarity
by Jean St.Vil
May 16, 2005
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China's Deployment in Haiti Treads in Familiar Footsteps
by Pranjal Tiwari
May 19, 2005
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