Haiti is not for sale!
by Yves Engler, December 6, 2004

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Haiti is not for sale!
yves engler, lundi, 13/12/2004 -
Montreal-Haiti conference

“Haiti is not for sale,” “Liberate Haiti's political prisoners” and “Latortue assassin — Paul Martin complicit” were just a few of the chants this weekend in Montreal (in French of course). Friday and Saturday the Canadian government held a conference with an elite few of Haiti's two-million person Diaspora to discuss the future of that country.

Canadian officials interested in legitimating the February 29th overthrow of elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide and improving western companies' short-term economic prospects on the Caribbean island, selected participants accordingly. The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network labeled the gathering the “Chalabis of Haiti.”


About 400 of the Diaspora elite living in Canada, the U.S. and France accepted invitations to hobnob with puppet Haitian Prime Minister Gerard Latortue, recently appointed Canadian Special Adviser for Haiti Denis Coderre and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin.

On the other hand, the 75 protesters on Friday and 125 on Saturday who braved bone-chilling, snowy weather were uninterested in helping the Canadian government build support for Haiti's illegal regime. Conference attendees were denounced as occupation and coup d'etat collaborators. Angry protesters distributed pamphlets claiming that 7,000 people, mostly poor supporters of Aristide, have been killed over the past nine months.

This number, while impossible to confirm, may not be far from the truth. Reports about dead bodies are commonplace and morgue officials describe huge increases in the number of dead. All this has happened with little attention from the Canadian media, even when newswires make the reports available.


On Dec 9, for instance, Reuters reported that up to 60 people were killed by police at the state penitentiary. This “massacre” took place at a prison where hundreds of political prisoners are being held, but few Canadian or international media outlets picked up the story.


Fortunately this weekend's demonstrations did generate some good coverage in Montreal's major French and English newspapers plus TV news reports across the country at least made mention of the disagreement over Canada's role in Haiti.

While the demonstration was a start, this minimal attention to the situation on Haiti is a drop in the bucket compared to what is needed to end the repression and restore constitutional order. All but a few of us on the street in Montreal were from the Diaspora. Haiti seems to be off the radar for much of the Canadian Left.

Massive numbers of Canadians are willing to march in the streets to criticize the U.S. over Iraq but seem unwilling to denounce our own government's substantial role in deposing the elected president of the hemisphere's poorest country.

One reason may be the dominant media's disregard for Haiti. Another possible explanation is confusion regarding Haiti's domestic politics. Protestors chanted: “Who is our President? Aristide” and most definitely support his return to power. Some left-wing groups, such as Batay Ouvrière (Workers' Fight), criticized Aristide's rule. But this doesn't change the fact that he was elected and is still popular (as late as January 2004 Canadian officials said Aristide would win a presidential election).

Still, none of this changes our duty as Canadians to hold our government accountable for what it is doing in our name. Haiti is a country with a long history of foreign meddling and lately Canada seems to have joined in. In March of 2003 Canada organized the “Ottawa Initiative on Haiti” that brought together U.S., French and Canadian officials to discuss overthrowing the elected president and establishing a protectorate.


During the “rebellion” (by former army thugs and convicted drug runners) in February our Liberal government refused a request from Haiti's government for troops to protect the constitutional (and popular) authority. Soon thereafter Canada sent troops to help depose Aristide and to occupy the country.

Today we actively support, with our conferences and military officers in charge of all aspects of the logistics planning for the multinational UN force, the unconstitutional and murderous nine-month tenure of the “interim” Haitian government.

Is it any wonder then that Blackcommentator.com calls Canada “the Great White North” — both snowy and racist or that the Jamaica Observer refers to the country as the “new Canada” for its colonial policies (how new those are is open to question).

But there is no question that Canada has aligned itself with Haiti's traditional colonial powers, the U.S. and France. A week ago the Brazilian commander of the UN mission, General Augusto Heleno Ribeiro, told a congressional commission in Brazil: “We are under extreme pressure from the international community to use violence.” He cited France, the U.S. and Canada as countries pressing for stronger measures against “gangs” (reuters.com), which refer not to the armed paramilitary thugs who overthrew the elected government and still control large areas of the country but to supporters of Aristide living in the slums of Port au Prince.

Enough. The Canadian government must support democracy in Haiti. The first step is to stop providing cover for the terrible repression going on.

Canada must remove itself from all discussions about withholding Haitian sovereignty or making Haiti a UN protectorate. Canada must call for the return of the elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and begin paying reparations to those victimized in the past nine months. Then, we should provide proper levels of aid to build both human and physical infrastructure.

Will Canada do this? Only if we build a movement for Haitian solidarity.

UN Is Not For Africans

The U.S. and the U.N. are Not QUALIFIED to teach Haitians about justice and democracy by Marguerite Laurent, Oct. 3, 2005

Neither the U.S. nor the U.N. are qualified to teach Haitians about justice and democracy.

The U.S., U.N. Security Council (and for that matter, the OAS, France and Canada - this "international community") could, in true neighborly solidarity, assist with political, financial and military support the development of a Haitinist democracy by the people for the people, a Haitianist-designed and homegrown democracy and justice apparatuses, but not TEACH Black Haitians about democracy, fairness and justice.


Because of our long history of suffering racist, discriminatory and bullying tactics and policies from these US/Euro countries and their sub-organs within the OAS and U.N.


Because also all Haitians - from the poorest Site Soley urban dweller to the rural peasants of Milot to the richest in the wealthy neighborhoods of Port au Prince - actually are afforded the one-person-one-vote principle in Haiti's democratic elections and may vote for the president of their country and have done so, in free, fair, and inclusive elections, in 1990, 1995 and 2000.

In the United States, the popular vote doesn't choose the U.S. president. The
Electoral College does.

U.S. Presidents are chosen by the few - the Electoral College. Similarly, the U.N. with five permanent veto-wielding members (Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States) is ruled undemocratically by the Security Council, an elite body with veto power over the popular vote. Thus, both are oligarchic and have undemocratic mechanism lacking in transparency. That is why, even though more than 1/3rd of the United Nations (African Union and Caricom) do not recognized the Latortue government, the U.N. is still the army keeping the illegal Latortue in power over the objections of the majority of Haitian peoples.

If the United Nations was a democratic institutions, U.N. troops would not be in Haiti right now upholding the Latortue regime, but protecting the dignity of the people of Haiti, the Haitian Constitution, electoral sanctity, democratic principles, human rights and preventing the return of the bloody Haitian army.

However, the U.N. General Assembly's vote doesn't bind the superpowers. Thus, Haiti is being re-colonized, over the objection, of 1/3 of the U.N. countries who are not so witless that they can't see what can be done to a small country like Haiti by the superpowers, through the Security Council, may also prophesize their future. (See, the Ezulwini Consensus: The Common African Position on the Proposed Reform of the united Nations.)

So, how can two undemocratic powers teach Haitians about the value of the vote as expressed by Condoleezza Rice last week in Haiti, when both the UN and US electoral mechanism don't operate democratically?

Someone ought to remind Condoleezza Rice that in the 1990s, Haiti organized one of the few free and purely democratic elections in the FREE WORLD where the popular vote actually was the ONLY means to presidential office and power. The U.S., with all its great pronouncements on exporting democracy and justice, cannot claim, to have EVER accomplished such an exploit.

Haiti's example in 1990 and in 2000 with the election of President Aristide was so disturbing to the U.S., France and Canada, they are currently in the process of rigging up upcoming elections in Haiti in the manner the global elite worldwide are accustomed to in their own countries - that is to disenfranchise, through exclusion.

The dirty tricks include imprisonment, summary executions/lynchings, exiling opponents, violating privacy concerns with fingerprinting, setting up electoral fraud possibilities and "big brother" controls with obligatory national i.d. cards, reducing polling places to dilute the vote in areas likely to vote for the popular candidate, all the equivalent, in effect, to achieving, for Haitians in Haiti what the U.S., through gerrymandering, redistricting, segregation, Jim Crow, the prison-industrial-complex and literacy test have done to disenfranchise its Black voters over the years.

In Haiti, the imperialist, not satisfied with the bi-centennial coup d'etat and pushing aside the Haitian Constitution to ouster Haiti's elected government, not satisfied with imposing the interim Florida Boca Raton regime, are now attempting the permanent disenfranchisement of 70% or more of the Haitian population by methodically and insidiously eliminating the poor Haitian majority from the voting rolls: the same majority that twice elected President Aristide.

How are the great Western democracies accomplishing this perversity? By reducing the polling places in Haiti from 12,000 in 2000 to 600 in 2005. By issuing fingerprinted I.D.s, controlled by foreign companies, by automating the voting count and the ballot when almost 90% of Haiti doesn't have access to reliable electrical or computerized communication power. In the 2000 presidential elections, there were more than 12,000 polling stations in Haiti. Today, with all the OAS, U.S., U.N. (8,000 soldiers) and international community's "help" and "aid" this figure has been reduced by 95%, disenfranchising the majority eligible to vote in Haiti. Under U.N. and U.S.
auspices, the international fraud and crimes, committed, these last 19-months since the 2004 coup d'etat, against the people of Haiti to retard our march towards justice and democracy, are simply psychopathic and genocidal in proportions, but continue unabated within a profound, profound mainstream media silence.

Haitians who have not been outright disenfranchised because they were forced into exile, are in prison or were summarily executed by the forces of the Bush coup d'etat, will experience a dilution of their vote because of the reduction or distance of polls from their residence.

According to the lay of the land right now, many are expected to walk more than 5 hours to get to a polling station, wait countless hours in line, then walk the more than 5 hours back home.

Moreover, those left standing from the Lavalas or democratic movement have been systematically polarized to weaken people-mandated Haitian national interest from the political landscape. Thus, it is noticeably evident how many "Lavalas Leaders", notably, "Neg cravat yo - Neg levit yo" - the Lavalas suits, such as Heriveaux, Feuille, Gilles, Leslie Voltaire, and even Rene Preval, who appear to have maintained their visibility, since the coup d'etat, primarily in meetings with, not by standing with the grassroots base, demonstrators and coup d'etat resistance like father Jean Juste, but at foreign capitals or their embassies in Haiti, and thus are at odds with the Lavalas grassroots movement, and by extension, the majority in the Haitian

Like the Duvalierist-Bourgeois-and-Tonton-Macoute-coup d'etat contingent on the other side of the isle, from Apaid, Boulos, Mourra, Baker, Danny Toussaint, K-Plim, Franck Roman to Guy Philippe, these Lavalas suits, through observable and countless meetings with foreigners in Haiti, appear to base their actions on the proposition that to control Haiti, they must have a mandate, not from the Haitian people, but from foreign embassies and powers of the US, France and Canada, their NGOS and foreign sycophants.

The upcoming coup d'etat's 2006 elections-under-occupation shall never be as legitimate as the elections run by the Haitian people in 1990, 1995 and 2000. Thus, they will solve nothing in Haiti, except take Haiti backwards. The Haitian people will
not likely stop pushing for authentic electoral democracy that will then move forward to participatory and transparent democracy. It's our gift, what we were created by the ancestors to bestow to a world run by tyrants and the slave-making global elite.

The Haitian struggle is epic because Haitians are at the forefront of the major human rights issues plaguing this planet. It's no coincidence that it is, through observing their actions in Haiti decent people worldwide are seeing a U.N. with its "human rights veil" lifted to reveal the tyrannical nature of the Security Council.

Perhaps that U.N. reform will come someday after 19-years of occupation and millions upon millions of Haitians have given their lives for a more just world. Perhaps.

Haitians have already given 300 years of slavery, broken their own chains only to suffer 200-plus-years of containment-in-poverty to now be facing Lercler's retooled expedition in 2005 with 38-countries controlled by the superpowers killing unarmed Haitians in the name of "peace."

But it's no coincidence that, through Dumarsais Simeus*, the U.S. is, once again, attempting to engraft "the Liberian Model" of colonial rule on Haiti.

It's no coincidence that the major issues facing Africa and parts of Asia and the Middle East - that is the Arab conquest of Black/African territory on behalf of light skinned Arab elite jointly in alliance with the global Western white hierarchy - is being played out in Haiti, with Arab descendants Apaid, Boulos, Mourra, (not to mention their U.N.-Jordanians friends "iron fist" on Site Soley in Haiti) wreaking havoc in Dessalin's lands and Africa's original peoples on behalf of the white-power-structure and white privilege.

It's no coincidence that many dismiss Haiti because of the racist myth that the white man has the solution for Haiti.

The white power structure wishes we-Blacks were "aliens" to the Americas. But, we had a history before these coarse white tribes of Western Europe and their settlers' barbarity started.

We don't have to take on their biological fatalistic notions, their fear, chaos and confusions. Haitians have a legacy to reach.

It's no coincidence that such dismissal will cost those whose arrogance won't allow them to realize it's not the size of the country, but the size of the fight in the people of that country.

Dessalin did what Spartacus couldn't and no real Haitian will ever be stripped of that knowledge, even in death. It's no coincidence that Kofi-n Annan is one of the black overseers working for the white hierarchy.

All these paradigms and attempts at polarization, Haitians, descendants of the ancestors who built every major civilization that ever existed on this earth, have faced before and survived. Our destiny is to be Africa's sacred trust. To undo our collective programming is a daily task, but Dessalin's descendants give the fear back intact.

Ezili Danto
October 3, 2005
"Dje blan-yo mande krim. Bon Dje ki nan nou-an vle byen fe." (Boukmann at Bwa
Kayiman, August 14, 1791)


*Dumarsais Siméus attempted, with the strong armed assistance of the Bush Administration's Condoleezza Rice, to impose himself on Haiti by running for Haiti's presidency in violation of Haiti's dual citizenship provisions prohibiting his candidacy

HLLN Note: At one point in this "address," Mr. Simeus trivializes his U.S. passport by calling it "secondary." However, with the incompetent federal response to Katrina fresh in our minds; knowing how Bush cronyism works and that Simeus claims to be a personal friend of the Bush-father and Bush-son, and therefore insulated by the holy U.S.-neocon-power-elites imperially ruling the globe, it's not to be expected that either the I.N.S. or D.O.J., under this Bush-son Administration, would find this Dumarsais Siméus public statement a straightforward trivialization of US citizenship tantamount to a public denouncement of American citizenship.

According to reports Mr. Simeus is so desperate to be the President of Haiti and Condoleezza Rice herself reprimanded her puppet government in Haiti for not allowing said Simeus to register his candidacy. In the campaign to reverse this CEP decision, Dumarsais Siméus reportedly addressed the issue of his nationality today (Sept. 30, 2005) in a statement broadcast on all Haitian radio stations. (See, Siméus addresses the nation of Haiti.)

"He said, I am a Haitian - not just a Haitian by birth, but Haitian of origin, as required by the constitution. My parents, grandparents - all the way back to slaves - are Haitian," he said as he held is Haitian passport. "As required by the Constitution, I own property in Haiti and have been a continuous and visible presence here throughout my life, personally and through my foundation, which supplies clean water and health care to the people of Haiti. Do I have another passport and documents allowing me to travel and do business in the U.S.? Of course I have a SECONDARY U.S. passport and other appropriate documents." (Emphasis Added) | You can find up-to-date information about the campaign at http://www.simeus06.com.

Click here for a sample letter (written and sent to Mr. Simeus by Steve White) you might wish to use to remind Mr. Simeus and Ms. Rice that the Haitian Constitution doesn't currently recognized dual nationality. And until that law is duly and constitutionally amended, (which HLLN would support when completed under the stewardship of a government whose mandate issued directly and legally from the people of Haiti, not under foreign occupation or tutelage.). As the law stands now, Simeus cannot accept citizenship in the United States and still keep his rights in Haiti to run for president of Haiti.

HLLN, Oct. 3, 2005

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