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Ezili Dantò of HLLN
Special Guest of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Saviours' Day

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Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
Thank you for speaking truth-to-power. Thank you for not reconciling with injustice, or, as you say, Minister Louis Farrakhan, not integrating with the enemy. Thank you for helping towards stopping Haiti's containment-in-poverty. Your support goes towards Ezili's work to free the land of the UN/US occupation and the continuing 2004 bicentennial coup d'etat. Helps in our work to expose the truth about Haiti's people, riches, culture, Vodun spirituality and how the current occupation is destroying Haiti's African masses. Please continue to support Ezili's advocacy, writings, art-with-soul, humanitarian works and HLLN's empowering projects in Haiti and abroad. Ezili Dantò
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End the oppression, rapes, sexual abuses of children. End the slaughter - End UN occupation of Haiti


Ezili Dantò Vodun Remembrance
To Honor Quake Victims. As special guest of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
February 27, 2010 at Saviours' Day in Chicago

"Over 300,000 Haitians gone in 33 seconds at 4:53 on the 12th of January. Jete dlo -
pour libation. Beat the drums, beat the drums. Louder please. Louder for those alive and living under sheets, tarps, tents and old cardboard. Suffering still. Endlessly before January 12th. Unimaginably after. Our blood and suffering waters the Haitian soil, 517-years still...Never felt so much pain, an unending agony ... If crying could raise the dead, every mother would still be alive. Into the Ancestors' hands we place all our souls.The next part is left to us...Our love is stronger and survives every energy transformation. We Are The Haitians. Nou fè yon sèl kò."
- Ezili Dantò of HLLN, Saviours' Day, 2010

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by Ezili Dantò of HLLN, May 2010
Source: Ezili Dantò @ http://bit.ly/aDAKoD 


Photo: Haiti Connect charity workers, who on the way to Haiti, stopped off for a week in Florida for team meetings ...in topless bars and by the pool (published May 15, 2010, in an Irish, Sunday Mail news paper; written by Warren Swords and Valerie Harley. The article is not online but there is a scan available here.) Here's a discussion with Evert Bopp, the head of Haiti Connect on the Sunday Mail article. See also Evert Bopp's story ; the post entitled: Why I donít agree with Haiti Connect and With Haiti in Ruins, Some U.N. Relief Workers Live Large on 'Love Boat'; Following the Aid Money to Haiti and Why Donít They Spend the Money Now, When People Need It?)


The corruption and violence to Haiti, to Africa, to most parts of Asia, to Australia's autochthones, et al..., are structural, not perpetrated just by the large NGOS and charity organizations, the elite corportocracy and imperialist powers that backs them up. No. It's as structural as white privilege. An inheritance some bare the brunt of on this planet while others profit.

No paradigm change may come about if this is ignored. Haiti's majority starve, suffer, grieve and die, while thrill seekers, disaster tourists and the various "missionaries," "non-for-profits (NPOs)" and "peacekeepers" sunbath, swim at the beaches, at Labadie on vacation, on salary or hourly rate for a "charity" or, for taking pictures of us crushed, grieving , deprived and dead for international photo contests to "help us."

That some good is done by some charity workers doesn't justify the horror of the poverty pimping system whatsoever. (See, Travesty in Haiti: A true account of Christian missions, orphanages, fraud, food aid and drug trafficking ; Travesty in Haiti - Reviewed by Ezili Dantò/HLLN ; and The Slavery the Media Won't Expose.)

The majority of humanity continues to be enslaved by a dominant system that thrives on poverty.

Haiti's founding father, Jean Jacques Dessalines (Janjak Desalin) said, "I Want the Assets of the Country to be Equitably Divided" and for that he was assassinated. That was the first coup d'etat. The Haitian holocaust - organized exclusion of the masses, misery, poverty and the impunity of the economic elite - continues (with Feb. 29, 2004 marking the 33rd coup d'etat.) (See, Haiti and the Aid Racket : How NGOs are Profiting Off a Grave Situation ; and The Two most common neocolonial storylines about Haiti .)

The Violence and Corruption is Structural, Global

CBS News investigated the 5 major Haiti charities - CARE, the American Red Cross, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund, and the Clinton Foundation Haiti Fund - and found that they had collected vast amounts of monies for the emergency in Haiti but did not use but a fraction of it to ease the people’s emergency sufferings, claiming the 80 to over 90% emergency monies still in their coffers, four months after the earthquake, were for “future projects.” Thing is, many Haitians will have no future. When you’re having a heart attack, it’s an emergency and if the ambulance gets there months in the future, you’re dead already. These folks know this. That’s why we say they’re letting the people die.

That’s part of what Ezili’s HLLN means when we write about the "poverty pimps masturbating on Black pain."

The charity industry and USAID’s money pool is for its cronies and the elite corporatocracy. It’s their corporate welfare - bourgeoisie freedom. What Haitian-Africans have been struggling against since 1503. The good-hearted public can’t absorb such evil, so they generally prefer not to know. And those of us who pour our life-force out, no matter the repercussions and marginalization, to expose how these evil folks make a living from letting the poor die or get sicker and use disasters as an opportunity to sell their pesticides, herbicides, nutritional supplements, vitamins, vaccines, guns, weapons, security services, construction services, consultancy services, hybrid seeds or to take over their lands and silence the poor into accepting even more lower wage jobs and sub-standard living, seem to be the ones who are labeled “not constructive.” This disaster capitalism is practiced on the poor, Black and the Brown all over the world, including New Orleans USA with Katrina. (See, Naomi Klein Issues Haiti Disaster Capitalism Alert ; Lessons for Haiti from the Asian Tsunami; Saving Haiti from disaster capitalism ; Naomi Klein on Disaster Capitalism in Haiti ; and Profiting From Haiti's Crisis: Disaster Capitalism in Washington's Backyard.)

In 2008, four back-to-back- hurricanes hit Haiti. A million people were left homeless and 1,000 died in Gonaives Haiti, alone. USAID and the NGO industry in Haiti collected over $3billion donor dollars on the pains of Haitians from the 2004 and 2008 Gonaives hurricanes and storms. They said the same thing as they’re saying now about why once the cameras where gone, even the food, water and medicine dried up, much less any “future projects” were ever undertaken. Gonaives Haiti is still devastated from the floods of 2004 and 2008. The people have not gotten any major help in rebuilding their lives, major roads, bridges, flood barriers, even though the good public coughed up hundreds of millions of dollars for this.

Miami Herald photographer Patrick Farrell won a Pulitzer for his harrowing images of the Haiti victims of the storms and hurricanes that ravaged Haiti in 2008. Mr. Farrell did an excellent job and we at HLLN followed his work with great interests because he and his crew dropped the camera many times to help save a life or ease the suffering of a sentient being. But, did the pictures push the large NGOs or USAID that collected vast sums of monies in the name of the Haiti storm victims to give a check to the Gonaives victims so they could rebuild their lives, or were the monies used to rebuild their houses or to build flood barriers to protect the lives of these Haitians from the next hurricane? No. The prizes to come from the epic horror of the earthquake photographers will soon be announced. Meanwhile the people shall continue to die.

zilibuttonFor entire essay, go to - The Poverty Pimps' Masturbating on Black Pain: Monsanto joins the pack.

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