Ezili Dantò Vodun Remembrance
To Honor Quake Victims.
"Over 300,000 Haitians gone in 33 seconds at 4:53 on the 12th of January. Pour libation. Beat the drums, beat the drums. Louder please. Louder for those alive and living under sheets, tarps, tents and old cardboard. Suffering still. Endlessly before January 12th. Unimaginably after. Our blood and suffering waters the Haitian soil, 517-years still...Never felt so much pain...Si kriye te leve lanmò, manman nou tout t ap la - If crying could raise the dead, every mother would still be alive...Jete dlo, jete dlo, jete dlo. Into the Ancestors' hands we place all our souls... Legba ouvri baryè a pou nou. Pitit Ginen, the next part is left to us. Gade byen wa wè. Nou la. Zanset yo e Timoun yo vini. Our love is stronger and survives every energy transformation. We Are The Haitians. Nou fè yon sèl kò."
- Ezili Dantò of HLLN

We Watch Haiti Die - Miss Aisha Sekhmet
Video - Haiti Now Conference Saviours Day 2010

"That's my blood down there" Ezili Dantò of HLLN speaking in Chicago about the Haiti Earthquake - the worst disaster in modern times. "Haiti has been a reflection of Euro/US inhumanity towards the poor and African since their "New World" and updated feudal social order began. It's still an international crime scene hidden behind false benevolence, false brotherhood, false charity, false aid. Those billed as the “do-gooders” are about initiating or exacerbating catastrophe then capitalizing on catastrophe. That's the profitable, parasitic formula. The privately-owned relief groups, the UN and US/Euro military, they’re mostly protecting the Montana Hotel and the like, tourism, resource extraction monopolies and other profitable industries, not the human rights of the majority to shelter, medicine, food, water, justice, inclusion, dignity and living-wage jobs. Duplicity and hypocrisy is hard to absorb, especially as the media coverage mostly trumpets, ad nausea, the private world relief organizations’, large NGOs and UN/US policymakers' “good intentions” in Haiti in comparison, that is, to Haiti’s always corrupt and presumably evil-intended governments. Don't take the path of least resistance. Mare vent nou byen rèd - face the evil, the malice and bottomless avarice directly my people. No matter how hard it is to absorb, how disemboweling, how marginalizing, how unpopular, how science-fiction it is to believe. Believe it. The paradoxical is yours to use. Ginen poze. No one can give you what’s yours naturally. Only a Haiti-led force shall mobilize the people-to-people international tsunami torrents to lift up the ugly colonial truth and sweep away Haiti's containment-in-poverty, dependency, debt and domination."


- "If you have come here to help me then you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine then let us work together." -- Lila Watson

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Brochure outside


Zili Dlo Thank you


Vodun is as old as creation and it's the Light and Beauty of Haiti

The Avatar Movie from a Black perspective

Avatar parallels: Warrior Mother, Vodun and the Sky People

Ezili Dantò of Haiti Interview by A. Omar Muhammad- Saviours' Day, Feb. 27, 2010

Dessalines Is Rising!! Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!

"From the viewpoint of the discoverers, terror is only terror when it terrorises them, their descendants or their friends..." --Jacques Depelchin (Africa: In Solidarity with Site Soley)

Ezili's counter-colonial narrative on Vodun

"It is organized violence on top which creates individual violence at the
bottom. It is the accumulated indignation against organized wrong, organized crime, organized injustice which drives the political offender to his act." --Emma Goldman

HLLN Miami Relief, Rebuilding Haiti Forum



















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Jete Dlo - Djab La Di L ap Manje Nou, Se Pa Vre!
Earthquake Haiti, 2010
The deadliest disaster in modern times

Hold on Ayiti, Kenbe La

Ezili Dantò's Vodun presentation to honor Earthquake Victims
before Haiti panel on Haiti-led Relief/Rebuilding with Human Rights, Healing and Dignity

HLLN Relief Delegation to Chicago
mobilizing for Haitian-led earthquake relief/rebuilding

Tiga Jean-Baptiste (Percussion and Woodwinds) and Sanba Yatande
of HLLN Relief Delegation
February 27, 2010 at Saviour's Day in Chicago

February 27 and 28, 2009 - Haiti panel and HLLN tribute performance to honor Earthquake Victims

Photo Credit: Erick Hyppolite

Ezili HLLN Delegation to Chicago meet privately with, Chicago sponsor of Haiti-led Relief/Rebuilding with Human Rights, Healing and Dignity,

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
Haiti - Support for National Mobilization grows, Final Call
HLLN Relief Delegation to Chicago
mobilizing for Haitian-led earthquake relief/rebuilding

Photo Credit: Margaret Mitchell Armand

Nicole Moreta Green (76-year old, Renowned Haitian dancer/choreographer) Margaret Mitchell Armand, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Harry Fouche, Ezili Dantò, David Laurent, Louis Fritz Pean
HLLN Relief Delegation to Chicago
to mobilize conscious Haiti relief, recovery, rebuilding
with human rights, healing and dignity

zilibuttonEzili Dantò
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (“HLLN”)
Ezili Dantò of Haiti Interview by A. Omar Muhammad- Saviours' Day, Feb. 27, 2010
Video - Haiti Now Conference Saviours Day 2010
Poverty Pimps Masturbating on Black Pain: Monsanto Joins
the Pack

Ezili’s HLLN from Canada
Louis Fritz Pean
HLLN and Fanmi Lavalas human rights activist

Ezili’s HLLN from Miami
Margaret Mitchell Armand, LMHC
HLLN and a Haitian manbo/priestess, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, National Board Certified Phd Candidate Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Ezili’s HLLN from New York
David Laurent
HLLN videographer and documentary film-maker

Ezili's HLLN from Chicago
Harry Fouche
HLLN Delegate, Former Consul General of Haiti in New York, Economist & Board Chair of Consortium For Haitian Empowerment

Video - Harry Fouche - "It's not aid to Haiti, its a debt owed to Haiti. Quebec, Paris, Washington owe not aid but a debt to Haiti."

Artistic presentation, performance poetry by Ezili Dantò with:

Yatande Boko/Jude Sanon
Haitian Sanba and HLLN Delegate

Nicole Moreta Green
Master Haitian Folkloric Dancer/Choreographer/teacher and HLLN Delegate

James “Tiga” Jean-Baptiste, HLLN Delegate
Master Haitian Drummer, Percussion and Woodwind


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Ezili Dantò
February 27, 2010, Chicago, Illinois

Photo Credit: David Laurent

Photo Credit: David Laurent

Sister Sabrina, Fritz Pean, Margaret Mitchell Armand and Sister Dawn

Ezili Dantò of HLLN on Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Feb. 8, 2010 (mp3)          



Interview transcript (34:03) on Mining of Haiti Resources and Riches (Listen to interview on mining in Haiti)


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HLLN Miami Relief, Rebuilding Haiti Forum
Haiti-led Relief/Rebuilding Panel Audience in Chicago
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