-- The Plantation Called Haiti: Feudal Pillage Masking as Humanitarian Aid 


The Plantation Called Haiti: Feudal Pillage Masking as Humanitarian Aid: Haiti has oil, iridium, uranium, copper, coal, limestone, the purest marble and, in terms of its gold, "$10 million dollars have been invested by CFI (the World Bank private sector) in relationship with the IMF for a project worth billions of dollars." Where is this information measured, factored, in these UN/US-sponsored reconstruction plans and UN Donor media shows?....

What's new if this Clinton/Haiti Reconstruction Plan is still about dependency - that is, using fertile land not for feeding the ill and starving people but for exporting coffee, avocado, mangoes (for Coca Cola), et al...and continuing to IMPORT food, to import fuel, "medicine" and foreign charity workers, and not about system-wide domestically produced food, clean running water, domestically generated fuel, jobs, education, health care and serious investment in sanitation and communication infrastructure and the energy to support these to help the masses connect into the global economy and have a non-mediated but sovereign voice?...US foreign aid for Haiti is money raised to employ its own corporations, nationals and as funds for buying its own products and dumping them into Haiti - vaccines, seeds, fertilizer, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, Arkansas rice and food products, imported fuel, and ready-to-eat-meals, et al...Why? The watchword in US/Euro imperial geopolitics is pursuing INTERESTS not principle...Haiti is not the poorest country. It's the most exploited country. -- Ezili Dantò, The Plantation Called Haiti: Feudal Pillage Masking as Humanitarian Aid
  ezilidanto at margueritelaurent.com  
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Ezili Dantò Blog

Jete Dlo - Djab La Di L ap Manje Nou, Se Pa Vre!

Ezili Dantò's Vodun Re-memberment to honor Earthquake Victims and HLLN Delegation mobilizing Haiti-led Relief/Rebuilding

A message to Paul Farmer, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, James Dobbins and Rony Francois

We are the Haitians

Boukman's Prayer on August 14, 1791 began the continuing Haiti Revolution

HLLN Relief Fund

Massive Earthquake Devastate Haiti

Haiti has its own rebuilding plan: US/UN Stop blocking Relief

Oil in Haiti, reasons for the US occupation, Part 2

Haiti's Riches

Did mining and oil drilling trigger the Haiti earthquake?

Sarkozy's visit to Haiti: A Buzzard Looking For a Free Meal? But Haitians Demand Back The Independence Debt and Claim Haiti's Sovereignty

Haiti and the Aid Racket : How NGOs are Profiting Off a Grave Situation

Rebuilding Haiti - The Sweatshop Hoax

Travesty in Haiti: A true account of Christian missions, orphanages, fraud, food aid and drug trafficking


The StoryofJanjak: The Greatest Hero who ever Lived
- Inspired by this Ezili Dantò text

Ezili's counter-colonial narrative on Vodun

Hollywood, Hip Hop, Haiti - Wyclef and Sean Penn

Ezili Dantò on Wakeup Call w/ Esther Armah speaking on Wyclef and Sean Penn, Aug. 10, 2010 (excerpt. Entire hour WBAI broadcast, here)

Dessalines' Law

Haiti Rejects Bourgeois Democracy

The Slavery in Haiti the Media Won't Expose

Haiti and the Aid Racket : How NGOs are Profiting Off a Grave Situation

Rebuilding Haiti - the Sweatshop Hoax (Betrayal of Haiti's majority by Liberal Democrats)

What You're Not Hearing about Haiti (But Should Be)

Oil, gas, gold, copper, etc., in Haiti equals US occupation

Big Oil behind Haiti Earthquake?

The Haitian struggle - the greatest David vs. Goliath battle being played out on this plane

The Rebel

The Revolutionary Potential of Haiti, its creeds, values and struggle

Three Ideals of Dessalines

Going Back to Source - Lasous O M Pwale

Haiti Oligarchy

Vodun is as old as creation and it's the Light and Beauty of Haiti

The Avatar Movie from a Black perspective

Avatar parallels: Warrior Mother, Vodun and the Sky People

Previous Home
Haiti Forum, 2010
African-American Research Library and Cultural Center
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tell the Truth About Haiti Forum with Ezili Dantò of HLLN


Tell the Truth About Haiti Forum with Ezili Dantò of HLLN- Program and presentation summary of an HLLN To-Tell-The-Truth-About-Haiti Forum with Ezili Dantò (Photos and Agenda)


It is the big world charity industry and security consultancies that make out like fat rats in every Haiti crisis, not the little Haiti town mayor who wants a cut of the trickle down.

Ezili's Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network ("HLLN") is the most noted group of Haitian scholars, lawyers, doctors, grassroots organizations, artists, students, human rights activists and non-Haitian solidarity activists to give Haitians and friends-of-Haiti the Rada to Petwo - or, generally the Warrior and Pacifist tools, narratives - the very lexicon - to defend Haiti's defenseless people from the ravages of neo-liberalism, NGO false charity and US/Euro/UN false benevolence. One Haitian radio personality recently noted, in sum, that "no one has written more about Haiti in recent years or documented Haiti's riches, and rich and paradoxical way of being in a more thorough and comprehensive manner than Ezili Dantò of HLLN."

It’s more than two months after the earthquake and the media coverage seemingly has forgotten that the fleecing of aid dollars earmarked for Haiti's earthquake victims happens BEFORE the trickle down aid gets to Haiti. So, instead of focusing on the fact that less than one cent from every aid dollar collected, in the name of Haiti's pain, gets to the Haitian government, the media assist the charity and NGO industry in Haiti by focusing their reporting on the smallest of corruptions, that of the Haitian official who wants a portion of the food, water or tents actually reaching Haiti. The big crooks, the corrupt World Relief organizations, USAID, UN and their NGOs and the 10,000 charities in Haiti masturbating on Black pain in the name of "helping Haitians" get free passes.

Right now, the UN, USAID, US State Department, European Union, everyone, is anxiously weighing in on the game to rebuild Port au Prince, just as they did when Gonaives - the Northern coastal town that got flooded by hurricanes in 2004 and then again in the four back-to-back hurricanes of 2008. For us Haitians it's an old song, just different Haitians suffering and dying, different Haiti town that has crumbled, foreign reconstruction monies never rebuilds where the poorest live. That's a period, not a comma. Remember Katrina. Remember Rawanda, Remember Clinton with Rawanda, Bush with Katrina and don't forget the role of the Red Cross in both.

If one just looks back at the flooding of Gonaives, Haiti in 2004 and 2008, just at that one Haiti example, and calculate how much money was raised by the World Relief Organizations, the NGOs, the UN, US State Department consultancies, the European Union, Canada, et al, in the name of “rebuilding and bringing relief to the people of Gonaives, in those two instances combined, you'll see that conservatively more than $3 billion dollars were collectively raised by these Internationals, their NGOs and private US charities to reconstruct and provide hurricane relief, flood rebuilding, food, water, medicine and shelter to the people Gonaives, Haiti. Today, the people of Gonaives are still walking on muddy roads. Little was rebuilt and the people will tell you they mostly got no help other than food and water in the first couple of weeks when the media cameras where on.

That’s why at Ezili HLLN we forgo the UN, USAID, OAS donor conferences on rebuilding and reconstructing Port au Prince.

We know the story. We are the Haitians who've endured and know well the international corruption. Like most of Haiti and Haitians, one-third of our friends and colleagues perished in the January 12, 2010 earthquake.

It's not possible to absorb this unless you become more than you were on January 11, 2010. And for us, who work at the Ezili Dantò Witness Project and the Ezili HLLNetwork there are no words to capture the pain, grief and suffering especially as we've never recovered from the two Bush coup d'etat's and death squad ravages in 1991, 2004, the slaughters of the UN and imposed-Boca Raton regime from 2004 and 2006. Not to mention what was lost in hurricanes in 2004 and 2008.

One Haitian heading for Haiti who we advised to be careful, responded "I'm dead already." I supposed that's very true. For to survive and recover from such staggering, unfathomable cruelties doesn't seem possible. But, we've indeed survive US/Euro containment in poverty for centuries and overcome their donors lyrical waxing about rebuilding/reconstructing Haiti in their images since Haiti's endless Independence Debt began. We’ve so been through this too many times before. US/Euro aid and donor monies go to State Department cronies, former USAID-mission directors and their ex-employees who have set up NGO charities and security firms. They gobble up monies raised in the name of poor Haitians and then later on count on the mainstream media's colonial narrative on Haiti to play the “Haiti can’t absorb aid” song or the "Haitian government is weak" chorus refrain or the ever racist "Haiti is corrupt and inherently violent" 206-year-old symphony.

When all is said and done it’s an old story and only the Haiti neophyte, idiot or the ridiculously optimistic go to these meetings where the agenda is not set by Haitians but by foreigners looking out for themselves. At the end of the day, after shipping fees, NGO salaries and apportioning current disaster funds for the NGO's “future disaster fund” coffers, what aid actually ends up in Haiti is mostly rotted food that doesn't reach the most needy of the poor.

The only relief that is sustainable, dignified, humane and that actually works in Haiti is Haitians helping Haitians. And that is why as a Haiti-led, Haiti capacity building organization, Ezili’s HLLN is currently mobilizing help to continue our educational work, our public advocacy work, to assist the earthquake victims and long-term sustainable development.

We are on a fundraising tour with the Haiti Forum and doing teach-ins about Haiti that will provide real information about the NGO charity and World Relief/humanitarian industry in Haiti, and all over the developing world, that has, since the end of the Cold War taken on the role of pushing US foreign interests and neoliberalism abroad.

Neoliberalism and US regime change in Haiti destroys and weakens popular governments the US does not think are corporate-friendly enough and then, instead of justice being done, their charity industry rush in, as a political tool, to empower only certain voices amenable to US interests. President Aristide was twice removed, not because the US /Euros wanted to improve Haiti's human rights and corruption record, but because the US corporatocracy was angry he had raised the minimum wage and simply terrified, that like Cuba and Venezuela, he might nationalize Haiti's - oil, gas, gold, copper, iridium, uranium et al... - resources to improve the people's living standards. There's no question now, as HLLN has documented in these last 6-years of UN/US occupation, that Haiti has significant reserves of oil, gas, gold, copper, iridium, uranium, limestone, coal and other strategic mineral deposits.

In Haiti, it’s the voice of the Haitian oligarchy and the anti-Lavalas cartel that is empowered by the NGO industry and USAID programs. That is what the Red Cross, World Vision, Clinton Global Initiative, Catholic Relief Services, CARE International, Save the Children, UNICEF, the UN presence, et al.. - the over 10,000 charities in Haiti - are there to institute in Haiti, not impartial relief, human rights, inclusion and dignity for the Black majority. Humanitarian aid is the tool they hide behind in order to carry out their funding-country's political, cultural and social purposes. And, of course, as well to garner huge economic profit off Haiti’s poverty, misery, imposed fratricide and mostly man-made and foreign-manufactured crisis. (US Aid Go Home! by John canham-Clyne & Worth Cooley-Prost, In These Times, Jan. 8, 1996.)

Crisis that originates mostly from US/Euro neo-liberalism policies or natural disasters that are made much worst by US/Euro financial colonialism, racism, false benevolence and false charity. This Haiti reality is fully explained at our HLLN Haiti Forums, the consciousness-raising arm of HLLN's FreeHaitiMovement.

Sponsor a To-Tell-The-Truth-About-Haiti Forum

If you sponsor and attend an Ezili HLLN Haiti Forum , you'll be helping to raise relief/rebuilding funds for Haiti's grassroots and for well-known Haiti-led organization, not the NGO "contain-them-in-poverty" industry. And, you will learn the Haiti history and narrative not found anywhere else or in any book!
Below, we choose the example of one recent Haiti Forum that featured surprise guests, renowned novelist and winner of the McArthur Genius award, Ms. Edwidge Dandicat and internationally known Haitian judge Jean Sénat Fleury and some other treasured members of our Ezili Network.

In this summary of a 2010 Ezili Forum, you'll find links from our website to outline, in detail, the topics covered in To-Tell-The-Truth-About-Haiti-Forums with Forum creator, Ezili Dantò of HLLN.

No lawyer, journalist, activist or Haiti human right advocates breaks down the mystery and outline Haiti's central facts so the ordinary person, the lover of liberty, may easily defend Haiti's voiceless against the most powerful nations, World Relief Organization/NGOs and mainstream media on earth as Ezili's Network does. There are usually some special surprise guests in attendance at these HLLN Forums. The Ezili Network is made up of the most amazing individuals - lovers of liberty - who are dedicated to stopping Haiti's containment in poverty by the powerful, their false aid, false NGO charity, false benevolence and false media coverage.

On March 13, 2010, Latin Americans United, Inc. presented,

- On Haiti Riches, Sovereignty and Mobilizing Earthquake Relief/Rebuilding with human rights, Healing and Dignity

Featuring “To-Tell-The-Truth-About-Haiti” Forum Creator
Ezili Dantò/Marguerite Laurent
prominent human rights attorney, author and performance poet
Founder and President, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN)


Ezili Dantò of HLLN
Ezili Dantò is the most prolific international writer and advocate for Haiti and is internationally known as the foremost legal analyst and commentator/writer of the untold counter-colonial-narrative on Haiti. (For more info, go to: ezilidanto.com and Ezili Dantò Blog)


The HLLN forum was sponsored by
Frantz Delva, M.D. President of Latin Americans United Inc.
Yves Jodesty, M.D.
Francelot Moise, M.D.


Free to attend, but part of the HLLN mobilization for Haiti relief/rebuilding with human rights, healing and dignity and donations to this fundraising to support Ezili’s HLLN work were encouraged.

Below is the program and presentation summary.

HLLN urges you consider sponsoring and supporting a Haiti Forum to help raise money for HLLN's work and HLLN's earthquake relief.

Nothing compares to hearing Ezili Dantò live at a To-tell-the-truth-about-Haiti Forum. But if you can't attend or sponsor a Haiti Forum, or if you attended the March 13 Forum and did not get a chance to ask questions, HLLN provides reference links in this posting to HLLN's work that are the foundation materials for our Haiti Forums. We cover and summarize 1. Ezili Dantò and HLLN's Haiti work these last 16 years; 2. Haitian history and culture, 3. Haiti's Riches, 4. the Legacy of Impunity of the imperialist subcontractors in Haiti, 5. How to Change Haiti's Paradigm and 6. What you can do to really help.

Each of the seven topics takes more than two hours to adequately cover and a Haiti Forum should be a two-day conference. So for those who attended the March 13 Forum in Fort Lauderdale Florida, who got the truncated 2-hour version and did not get to hear the entire presentation, the links below are provided for special study.

We hope that the research and resources in the Haiti Forum presentation here will help those who are truly interested in knowing the truth about Haiti.

Please read and circulate this information so that the truth about Haiti you mostly won't read about in the mainstream media, State Department or World Relief organization's press releases may be more widely known and the staggering scale of their pillaging, imposed suffering and oppression of Haiti's excluded masses may one day finally come to an end. (The Haitian struggle - the greatest David vs. Goliath battle being played out on this plane and, Haiti, The Rebel.)


- On Haiti Riches, Sovereignty and Mobilizing Earthquake Relief/Rebuilding with Human rights, Healing and Dignity

With Ezili Dantò of HLLN
Fort Lauderdale, March 13, 2010 from 5 to 9 pm

5:00 to 5:45
I. Welcoming Remarks and Introductions

Frantz Delva, M.D. President of Latin Americans United Inc. (LAU)

The Honorable Judge Jean Sénat Fleury

Dr. Yves Jodesty

Special Featured Guest to introduce Ezili Dantò of HLLN, Ms. Edwidge Dandicat - Renowned novelist and winner of the prestigious McArthur Foundation Genius Award

5:45 to 8:15
II. HLLN Haiti Forum –
Ezili DantÚ

Founder and President, Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network ("HLLN")
Award winning playwright, author and performance poet

Special HLLN listserve member speakers and respondents to audience questions

Dr. Jerry M. Giles, author - Remembrance: Roots, Rituals and Reverence in Vodun
Tony Thenor, on the work of Ezili’s HLLN
Ben Dupuy, Former Roving Ambassador to President Aristide and co-director of Haiti Progress Weekly
The Honorable Judge Jean Senat Fleury
Ralph Cheriza, Haiti Student Foundation

Ezili Dantò Presentation
To Tell The Truth About Haiti Forum Agenda
Fort Lauderdale, March 13, 2010

Larouze fè banda toutan soley pa leve


1. Intro to HLLN’s work

2. Haiti – history, culture and unique points of references

Attend an Ezili HLLN Haiti Forum and learn the Haiti history you've never read in any book!!! (Haiti, The Rebel and The Haitian struggle - the greatest David vs. Goliath battle being played out on this plane.)

The Bwa Kayiman Battle Cry and Directive*
Rada to Petwo - 21 Black Nations formed Ayiti
The Union that's Never Wavered
Liberation Theology - Boukman's Prayer on August 14, 1791 began the continuing Haiti Revolution.
Bio of Ezili Dantò, 1791
The Story of Janjak- The Greatest Warrior and his first lady, the Pacifist
What Ayiti Calls Forth
Haitian women who led in the battles to freedom:
The poto mitan - central pillars - of Haitian society.
Kouwòn pou Defile
Three Ideals of Dessalines and Dessalines' Law
Haiti Rejects Bourgeois Democracy,
Vodun – cosmology, Anba Dlo Lan Ginen, Rada/Petwo, archetypal psychology: Vodun means sacred energies in the Fon language. Vodun is the spiritual imperative and way of life of Haitians. It's psychology, cosmology, philosophy, astrology, science, art, and a healing way of life.

*The Bwa Kayiman Battle Cry and Directive is:

E, e, Mbomba, e, e! Kanga Bafyòti. Kanga Mundele. Kanga Ndòki. Kanga yo!

At Bwa Kayiman, on August 14, 1791, the enslaved Haitian rejected bourgeois freedom and fought for universal justice and freedom. The Haitian Revolution continues, today - The call remains the same: E, e, Mbomba, e, e! Kanga Bafyòti. Kanga Mundele. Kanga Ndòki. Kanga yo! – "Supreme Creator, tie up (stop/kill or foil) the black collaborators, the white imperialist, all their evil forces, tie them up/stop them now!"
Today the evil forces used in trying to help fulfill Leclerc's old imperative are US/UN occupation, endless debt, NGO dependency, free not fair trade, wage slavery, exiling Haiti's Constitutional government and President and replacing it with weaker governments and Guy Philippe/Louis Jodel Chamblain/Lame Ti manchet death squads, Bush's Gerald Latortue 2004 imposed dictatorship that disenfranchised the masses and has excluded them from elections since. Their NGOs/World Relief Organizations privatize Haiti's pain after the cruelties of Western neo-liberalism has been forcefully applied. The "evil forces" of today also include the embedded mainstream media, the Haitian oligarchy/subcontractors and US/Euro corporatocracy and oil cartels. (Haiti and the Aid Racket : How NGOs are Profiting Off a Grave Situation, Rebuilding Haiti -- the Sweatshop Hoax -Betrayal of Haiti's majority by Liberal Democrats; The Slavery in Haiti the Media Won't Expose and Travesty in Haiti: A true account of Christian missions, orphanages, fraud, food aid and drug trafficking.)

3. Haiti’s Riches

1. Haiti's most valuable asset: Its people -Their land, the Good God/Eye - Bon Dye, the Ancestors and Dessalines' legacy. The Haitian's Remembrances - the Go(o)ds of immemorial Africa and the Black authotones cannot be embodied without Haitian corporeal existence. Nou se Ginen, nou fè yon sèl kò. The living Haitian Gods (sacred energies/vibrations/archetypes/ natural principles, like the warrior mother, Ezili Dantò) are part of the land/universe/biosphere and depend on human devotees for their embodiment on earth. Haitians are sacred vessels who bring to life the living energies in the universe, not just mere mindless labor to be liquidated in the Triangular Trade holocaust or today, in neoliberalism's "Free Trade" for Western assembly plant owner's profit. (See, Going Back to Source - Lasous O M Pwale; Ezili's counter-colonial narrative on Vodun ; Bwa Kayiman, 2008: Reclaiming the Haitian People's Vodun Narrative at Bwa Kayiman and, The Revolutionary Potential of Haiti, its creeds, values and struggle)

2. Haiti's other formidable and invaluable assets are its revolutionary history, strategic location (Windward Passage/Gulf of La Gonave) in the Caribbean for shipping lanes. The Windward Passage connects North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean Sea. The Gulf of La Gonave and Bay of Port au Prince are the prime locations for accessing Haiti's large oil and gas reserves and the areas most desired by the US/Euros oil cartels for plundering Haiti's assests. Both China and Brazil have negotiated contracts to explore Cuban oil in nearby waters flowing into Haitian territory. Thus, Haiti invaluable assets include its proximity to dynamic markets, its deep water ports, accommodating location (as a US military base) between two non-client countries with oil resources (Cuba and Venezuela) the US wishes to control, its poverty the US/Euro corporatocracy wishes to maintain to use to keep wages in the world low for their Robber Barons' greedy profit and to check China's 1.3-billion people low-wage competitiveness as well as to check China, Russia, (and even Brazil now from poaching in its imperial “backyard”) and, the minerals and resources in the Bay of Port au Prince, Gulf of La Gonave, Haiti's coastlines, lands, rivers, ocean and mountains such as iridium, microbe discovered in Haiti's soil for super-antibiotic drugs, uranium, limestone, coal, gold, copper, gas and oil. (Oil in Haiti - Economic Reasons for the UN/US occupation and Part 2: Oil in Haiti, reasons for the US occupation; Did mining and oil drilling trigger the Haiti earthquake; and Oil, gas, gold, copper, etc., in Haiti equals US occupation By Jerry Mazza | Online Journal Associate Editor, Feb. 9, 2010; and Big Oil Behind Haiti Earthquake? and Interview (in English - 34:03) with Ezili Dantò on Mining of Haiti Resources and Riches by Chris Scott for CKUT (Listen to interview on mining in Haiti. In April and May of 2009 China overtook the U.S. as Brazil’s biggest trade partner...China Eyes Venezuelan and Brazilian Oil by COHA; 20bn barrel oil discovery puts Cuba in the big league, 2008; and, Brazil, Cuba sign oil pact.)

Unique Haiti factors in calculating wealth to understand about Haiti that no other entity but Ezili's HLLN will tell you:

Does the Western economic model and calculation of economic wealth fit Haiti, fit Dessalines' idea of wealth distribution? NO!

Haiti is a country filled with "non-workers." With an informal sector that is the economic backbone of Ti Pèp La - the masses in Haiti. Most people in Haiti WORK but that income is not COUNTED because they are NOT working for wages in the Western manner in a Western way. Haiti is a place where even the poorest of the poor OWN their own piece of land in the outback or have family compounds in the Haitian outback where their families have lived for centuries, but this ownership is not given any value because it's not owned by the white settlers and their sycophants. Haiti is a place with iridium, gold, copper, uranium, gas reserves and oil, soil/super antibiotic, limestone, coal, precious minerals, underwater sea treasures and where the poorest own the property where these assets are located. Yet none of these are calculated in Haiti's wealth index by the World Bank, IMF or IFIs, UN, State Department, et al... It seems Haiti is poor because poor people own it.

When the white settlers' and their corporatocracy finally encroach, steal and plunder Haiti with the help of the Haitian Oligarchy, then it shall acquire value! (See, The Western vs Real Narrative on Haiti) and Economic proposals that make sense for the reality of Haiti; and the Three False Stereotypes About Haiti - Haiti is not small but is the third largest nation in the Caribbean with pure natural resources, no tourist dependency, is only overcrowded in Port au Prince not in the rest of the country, has 38% more coastline than Dominican Republic.)

No other national group anywhere in the world sends more money home than Haitians living abroad ( $2-billion per year)

4. Why Haiti is so poor - Haiti's endless Independence Debt/Role of International Community, NGO class and Haitian Oligarchy
. Haiti is not the poorest country. It's the most exploited country:

The Slavery in Haiti the Media Won't Expose; Haiti and the Aid Racket : How NGOs are Profiting Off a Grave Situation, and Rebuilding Haiti -- the Sweatshop Hoax -Betrayal of Haiti's majority by Liberal Democrats.

5. Legacy of Impunity

(Example with Raboto trial with this HLLN Haiti Forum special guest, Haitian judge, The Honorable Judge Jean Sénat Fleury)

The Neocolonialist inciting political instability is the problem. Haiti is underdeveloped in crime, corruption and violence compared to other nations. (See Legacy of Impunity)

Haitian Oligarchy: Acra, Merv, Brandt, Nadal, Coles, Baussan, Vital, Vorbes, Madsen, Boulos, Bigio...pulling the instability strings in the shadows. (See, The Slavery in Haiti the Media Won't Expose; and Haiti and the Aid Racket : How NGOs are Profiting Off a Grave Situation, and Rebuilding Haiti -- the Sweatshop Hoax - Betrayal of Haiti's majority by Liberal Democrats.)

Who is bringing Haiti security and democracy but an undemocratic UN with 192 member countries and 5 countries (the U.S., Britain, France, Russia and China) with veto power, similar to the undemocratic WB and IMF Western tools and a US that, unlike Haiti, who first put universal liberty into application, doesn't elect its president directly as well as countries with more violence rate than "parentless" Haiti. To wit: Expose the lies: Violent Haiti is a myth - There's MORE violence in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, even in the United States than there is in Haiti.

Also there's more HIV/AIDS in Washington, DC/USA (3.0) and in the Bahamas (3.0) than there is in Haiti (2.2), but Haiti is the one whose HIV rate is constantly recalled... the Western country's paternalistic narrative uses Haiti to boost their egos. Their cruel projections mostly don't survive objective inspection...Haiti's people are still paying the Independence Debt. (What's in a name? Some names horrify enslavers, tyrants and despots, everywhere...)

6. Changing Haiti's Paradigm: Toward a new US/Euro Partnership
Haiti Sovereignty: Relief/rebuilding cannot take place on top of the illegal Bush Regime Change/UN occupation fault line.

7. What Can YOU DO
Join the Ezili HLL Network. Become a paid subscriber to the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network listserve – Donate to support our work and the HLLN earthquake relief fund; Circulate our postings, participate in our people-to-people programs, our letter-writing campaigns and the FreeHaitiMovement. Sponsor a To-Tell-the-Truth-about-Haiti-Forum.


8:15 to 8:50
III. Questions and Answer session

IV. Closing Remarks

Margaret Mitchell Armand
Board Member of Latin Americans United, Inc. and HLLN


Haiti Forum Handouts for March 13 presentation
Haiti and the Aid Racket : How NGOs are Profiting Off a Grave Situation
Haiti and the Aid Racket By Ashley Smith, Counterpunch, Feb. 24, 2010

Rebuilding Haiti -- the Sweatshop Hoax
(Betrayal of Haiti's majority by Liberal Democrats)

Oil, gas, gold, copper, etc., in Haiti equals US occupation
By Jerry Mazza | Online Journal Associate Editor


Special Thanks
The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network gives special thanks, respect and appreciation to Dr. Frantz Delva, President of Latin Americans United Inc. (LAU) for sponsoring this HLLN Haiti Forum and to Dr. Yves Jodesty, Dr. Francelot Moise and Margaret Mitchell Armand for organizing this presentation. Our heartfelt thanks to you all for your generous support of HLLN’s work. We dedicate this presentation to the Haiti earthquake victims in prayer and love and shall continue working towards relief and rebuilding with human rights, healing and dignity.

Ezili HLLN's basic mission and vision is encapsulated, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as follows:

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
-- Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Forwarded by Ezili's Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

The Plantation called Haiti: Feudal Pillage Masking as Aid

Ezili's HLLN Pays Homage to Father Gerard Jean Juste

Donate to support this work zilibutton

Top Photo: HLLN Haiti Forum coordinators, sponsor or speakers
Dr. Francelot Moise, Ezili Dantò, Margaret Mitchell Armand and Jean Sénat Fleury

Ezili Dantò's Note:
Haiti not the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Nicaragua is
. "While Brazil remains the top economy in the region, the smallest economy is no longer Haiti. Now it's Nicaragua that ranks at the bottom, according to a Latin Business Chronicle analysis of the IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook. The IMF expects that to continue this year as well." (Latin America's Richest & Poorest, April 27, 2009. See also, Does the Western economic model and calculation of economic wealth fit Haiti, fit Dessalines' idea of wealth distribution? NO!)

Ezili Dantò's Note: Haiti's HIV-AIDS Infection Rate Is Not the highest AIDS rate in the region. The HIV-AIDS infection rate is higher in Washington DC/USA (3.0) and in the Bahamas (3.0) than it is in Haiti (2.2 according to UNAIDS and AIDS & HIV information from AVERT.org.)

Ezili Dantò Note: Haiti is not poor. Haiti has great riches and natural resources. But it has been deliberately contained-in-poverty. (See Haiti Forum Agenda and The Plantation Called Haiti: Feudal Pillage Masking as Humanitarian Aid

Interview transcript (34:03) on Mining of Haiti Resources and Riches (Listen to interview on mining in Haiti) BACK  
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Ezili Dantò of HLLN on Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Feb. 8, 2010 (mp3)

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