Matters for International Tribunal and OAS/CARICOM/African Union/U.S. Congress, et al -
Investigating Haiti's Bi-centennial Coup D'etat
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Role of the U.S. and International Community* as a corrupting element

    • U.S. Destabilization of Haitian democracy and Haitian efforts to institutionalize the rule of law and a justice system from 1990 to 2004, with greater focus on U.S. as a corruptible element from September 14, 1994 after the first U.S. sponsored Coup D'etat. (See, Center for Cooperative Research timeline and info on: The 2004 Removal of Jean-Betrand Aristide; Randall Robinson's Eyewitness (Frantz Gabriel) account of the abduction of President and First Lady Aristide of Haiti by the United States Special Forces and Prime Minister Yvon Neptune's explosive and condemning August 23, 2004 letter from Prison to US Ambassador James Foley ).

      • Phase Two:
      • U. S. Destabilization of Haitian efforts to return to Constitutional rule after the second U.S.-sponsored Coup D'etat (February 29, 2004) in contravention of the Haitian mass electorate's will. (Year 2001: Imperialists Bring Horror to Haiti by Anthony Fenton, go to:zilibutton )

      Since the Coup D'etat, the U.S., UN and International Community* have demonstrated an exceptionally callous
      disregard for human suffering and have

    • been willing accomplices to execution-style murder, to impunity and to rolling back/reversing the justice and social achievements of the people of Haiti by 1) remobilizing the old Haitian army that had long oppressed the people, 2) paying them 10-years back pay while the people starve, get raped, tortured and summarily executed by these forces, 3) incorporating these former bloody Haitian soldiers into the Coup D'etat "police forces" charged with law and order mandate, 4) give council, (through, for instance, The National Democratic Institute) to ex-Justice Minister Gousse, a former International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and USAID employer, who in his work with IFES/USAID helped to orchestrated the bi-centennial Coup D'etat and after the Coup, as Minister of Justice, advised by NDI, IFES, USAID, US Embassy, systematically reversed legal judgments against former soldiers for past heinous crimes, massacres, including overturning the Raboteau convictions, presiding over the sham retrial and acquittal of paramilitary murderer, and Coup D'etat commando, Louis Jodel Chamblain, as well as releasing from jail more than 3,000 criminals in Haiti, including former Haitian army general Claude Duperval, Colonel Carl Dorelien, Lt. Colonel Herbert Vlamond which law enforcement officials and courts, both in the U.S. and Haiti, spent years to bring to justice for their war crimes against the people of Haiti during the first Coup D'etat against democracy in Haiti.

    Meanwhile the legitimate Prime Minister to Haiti, Yvon Neptune and other officials of the ousted elected government have had their properties confiscated, their jobs stolen and been subjected
    PM Yvon Neptune's explosive and condemning August 23, 2004 letter from Prison to US Ambassador James Foley
    to arbitrary imprisonments, torture, summary execution, while the UN, acting as an occupation force for the Coup d'etat regime, slaughter civilians up in the poor neighborhoods seen as "political opponents" to stop their resistance against the Coup D'etat and to secure U.S. regime change aims in Haiti. Under de facto Chief of Police, Mario Andresol, Louis Jodel Chamblain was released from prison, acquitted of charges for Site Soleil burnings in the first coup d'etat, Antoine Izmery's murder and as the #2 strongmen for FRAPH, all charges in a sham overnight trial during the time of Minister Gousse.
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    (*International Community includes primarily U.S./France/Canada, OAS, European Union and excludes particularly the countries and international organizations such as African Union, Congressional Black Caucus, South Africa, the countries that make up the CARICOM organization in the Caribbean and the several Latin American countries including Cuba and Venezuela that do not recognize the U.S. puppet government installed after the Euro/US-led bi-centennial Coup D’etat in Haiti.)

    - The Morally Repugnant Business Elites (MREs) of Haiti
    - The Issue With Disarmament
    The Issue With US-DEA War on Drugs in Haiti-Partisan Bias/enforcement
    - International laws violated by US role in the Bicentennial Coup D'etat

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    The Haitian Psyche
    Understanding Haitian resistance and psyche (no matter what Haiti's docile Black overseers (MREs), Haiti's Chalabis or mentally colonized intellectuals or professionals may lobby or say to the contrary) is critical. The Haitian NARRATIVE, as outlined, from 1 to 4 below, attest for why Neocolonialism, "protectorate" and re-occupation will never work, in the long term, in Haiti:

    1. "Se pa kado blan te fè nou, se san zanset nou yo ki te koule" Haitian National Anthem | "Haiti wasn't gifted to us by the white colonists, it's ours by the blood of our Ancestors" - Haitian National Anthem (See, Dessalines' Law and The Three Ideals of Dessalines; the Bwa Kayiman Call and Prophecy; The Haitian right to self-defense as decreed by the mother-warrior goddess, Ezili Dantò at Bwa Kayiman and, the Haitian union forged - Linyon Fè la Fòs- at Bwa Kayiman is the Haitian union that's never wavered.)

    2. "I want the assets of the country to be equitably divided" - Jean Jacques Dessalines (The Life, Ideals and Triumphs of Haiti's founding father, Why Neocolonialism is unseemly in Haiti )

    Jean Jacques Dessalines, said, "I Want the Assets of the
    Country to be Equitably Divided
    " and for that he was assassinated.
    That was the first coup d'etat, the Haitian holocaust - organized exclusion of the masses, misery, poverty and the impunity of the economic elite - continues (with Feb. 29, 2004 marking the 33rd coup d'etat). Haiti's peoples continue to resist the return of despots, tyrants and enslavers who wage war on the poor majority and Black, contain-them-in poverty through neocolonialism' debts, "free trade" and foreign "investments;" These neocolonial tyrants refuse to allow an equitable division of wealth, excluding the majority in Haiti from sharing in the country's wealth and assets.

    Who killed Dessalines, Haiti's founding father?
    Toussaint Louverture was kidnapped and killed by the French. The Haitians most allied to the white colonists then killed Haiti's founding father. Petion/Gerin- the Reactionary Mulatto Generals more allied to French/colonial economic and cultural interests than the Haitian majority.
    ollowing Dessalines' assassination in 1806, under the long Mulatto and Eurocentric presidencies of Petion (12 years) and Boyer (25 years), the name Dessalines was execrated, declared loathsome, cursed, marginalized and not allowed to be spoken. Neocolonialism had begun in Haiti, would be formalized with Boyer's "Independence Debt" ($22 billion with the last slave-trade payment made in 1947 to US, the richest country in the world by Haiti, the most defenseless and poorest. See HLLN's Open Letter to the People of France.) The legacy of the impunity and undemocratic offenses of this one class and sector of Haitian society, continues to this day…This Haitian economic elite with their foreign allies cannot accept the principal of one citizen-one vote because it would mean that they would lose their privileges and influence. Hence the Feb. 29, 2004 coup d'etat and current UN protectorate under President Preval which pursues the interests of foreigners and their black overseers in Haiti.

    3. IMF (Haitians reject financial colonialism) -See: Live Free or Die/Diskou Desalin Premye Janvye, 1804.

    4. Thank you Father Dessalines


    Phase One: U.S. as a corruptible element from September 14, 1994 after the first U.S. sponsored Coup D'etat, until the second Aristide government elected in 2000 where U.S.-led a total economic blockade by the world's major powers and international lending agencies

    To the chagrin of the US, the people of Haiti had, through the ballot box, successfully rebelled against neocolonialism and neoliberalism in 1990, 1995 and in 2000.

    To subvert Haitian democracy and re-establish Haiti as a client state,

  • - chained to a racist world sweatshop economy,

  • - locked again into endless international debt and the colonial status of producers never consumers of their own harvests as in the times of slavery,

    the U.S. used a band of ex-soldiers, criminals and mercenaries in exile in the US, Dominican Republic - (2001-2004): US Trains Anti-Aristide Army in Dominican Republic - and elsewhere and the cover of USAID-IRI-NED-developed phony civil society fronts they sold as "opponent" made up of the wealthy Haitian families associated with the bloody Duvalierist regime, along with a few bitter Lavalas opportunists and used, inter alia:

  • 1. Selective application of U.S. Immigration laws - U.S. power in the world to grant asylum arrangements to Haitian stooges (ex-military officers, disaffected Lavalas mercenaries with personal gripes against the Lavalas party, convicted killers, known henchmen and suspected drug dealers, et al.) There were two attempts before Feb. 29, 2004 to violently overthrow the elected Aristide government, one in July 2001 and the other in December 2001. Both were planned with right-wing Duvalierists Haitians in the Dominican Republic and in Miami and with US-trained and funded Haitian political and "San Manman" operatives in Haiti. (See, Info and timeline at The 2004 Removal of Jean-Betrand Aristide and info at:Still Up Against the Death Plan in Haiti: The Aristide government is straitjacketed by U.S. low-intensity warfare and neoliberal economic demands by Tom Reeves, Dollars and Sense, Sept/Oct. 2003; Haiti: The Politics of Drugs, June 26, 2007; Drugs and Politics in Haiti, July 24, 2007).

    There was an organized and well-funded armed group with ties to Group 184 and before that, the Convergence, based in the Dominican Republic, which sole aim was to overthrow Haiti's Constitutional government. "The Bush administration's support for the Convergence and its refusal to denounce this violence, as well as the U.S. military presence along the border through which the "Manman" army easily travels, clearly implicates the United States in this aim." Still Up Against the Death Plan in Haiti;

    2. Selective granting of U.S. Visas -(i.e. to buy-off/reward demonstrators, called "students" by the corporate media and other so-called "progressive forces" who would protest - demonstrating mostly without permit and/or veering off permitted demonstration routes from Sept. 2003 to Feb. 2004 - calling for the forceful ouster of the Constitutional government and Lavalas Party, creating greater insecurity and violence);

    3. U.S. and foreign funding and aid monies (USAID, EU, UN, CIDA, IRI, NED, IDB, IFES, NGO funding and the Dominican Republic).

    The United Stated Agency for International Development (USAID), the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the European Community (EC) and the UN, through various UN bodies, helped to destroy Haiti's democracy because of their policy of democracy-though-elites in Haiti instead of participatory grassroots democracy.

    In general, throughout its history with Haiti, the US has sent more bullets, guns, tear gas and crowd-control equipment to Haiti than it has ever sent actual humanitarian aid that went for grassroots democracy or humanitarian aid to the ordinary citizen and not directly or indirectly to empower and strengthen Haiti's military and traditional elite.

    From 1986 to 1990 USAID democratization programs funded the post-Duvalier governments and groups associated with the elites. After 1990 when Lavalas had won the elections without US support, the US shifted from funding the Haitian government to funding the ousted reactionaries and forces in opposition to Lavalas. (Feeding Dependency, Starving Democracy: USAID Policies in Haiti; and see, "Desroches and Apaid get Euro Funding for anti-government civil society front" and, USAID- Haiti: Program Data Sheet and, World History Archives' The working-class history of the Republic of Haiti ; and Stanley Lucas and the International Republican Institute (IRI);The 2004 Removal of Jean-Betrand Aristide; and (2001-2004): US Trains Anti-Aristide Army in Dominican Republic.)

    With USAID monies - a $2 million grant - in 1998, Stanley Lucas, working for the IRI "hosted some of Aristide's most virulent opponents in political training sessions. What he did was he merged all of these disparate groups into one big party called the Democratic Convergence. Now, the Democratic Convergence is not a traditional political party, it's more like the political wing of a coup, because the strategy that it took was to forego the democratic process entirely. Boycott elections and initiate what seemed like an endless sequence of provocative protests. Between 2000 and 2002, the Democratic Convergence rejected over 20 internationally sanctioned power sharing agreements which heightened the tension and provoked more violence. " (see, Stanley Lucas and IRI).

    This long standing international foreign policy for supporting the two anti-democratic forces and traditional obstructionists to progressive change in Haiti, the wealthy elites and the bloody army that keeps the elites oppressive sweatshops, businesses and farms working, continues. The only small break came in 1991 when both the OAS and the UN stood against the first coup d'etat primarily because they had observed and certified the elections as free and fair. But that brief respite has been drowned in the post 9/11 ascendancy of steel bayonets over laws and constitutions. Whereas, the UN Security Council, OAS and even the U.S. publicly condemned the 1991 coup, neither humanitarian, diplomatic or military pressure was used to stop the 2004 coup. In fact US/UN/OAS acted fairly collectively (excepting for CARICOM, Venezuela and Cuba) to authorized foreign troops to uphold the bicentennial coup. Whereas, OAS imposed sanctions on the bloody Cedras regime (1991-1994), since the bi-centennial coup, the US, OAS, UN have been actively supporting and financing programs benefiting the bloody Latortue regime and their proposed sham elections in order to consolidate the control of the illegitimate authorities.

    DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: The Dominican Republic worked actively to destabilize the first and second Aristide administration, causing economic chaos in the first Aristide administration by dumping thousands of refugees back into Haiti and from 1990 to 2004 harboring some of Haitian democracy's worst enemies, including an assortment of disgraced Duvalierists and military officers. After the defeat of Cedras, from 1994 to 2004 Haitian democracy's worst enemies, including Guy Phillipe, Jodel Chamblain, Ravix and others, despite convictions against them in Haiti, roamed freely in the Dominican Republic planning, recruiting, arming and training Coup D'etat mercenaries for the Feb. 29, 2004 ouster of Haiti's constitutional government.

    According to an investigation conducted by Dr. Luis Barrios, a criminal justice professor at John Jay College in New York City, as many as 20,000 American M-16 assault rifles, supposedly earmarked for the Dominican military, were diverted to members of Haiti's disbanded army and FRAPH death squads exiled in the Dominican Republic. 200 US Special Forces soldiers were in the Dominican Republic, and are reported by Dr. Luis Barios, to have covertly armed and trained this "contra group" which ended up invading and unseating Haiti's elected government.(US Trained and Supplied Haitian Paramilitaries in Dominican Republic; Witnesses: U.S. Special Forces Trained and Armed Haitian Anti-Aristide Paramilitaries in D.R., April 7, 2004, Democracy Now!; (2001-2004): US Trains Anti-Aristide Army in Dominican Republic.)

    "The foot soldiers of this coup trained in the Dominican Republic (DR), dressed in the uniforms of the Dominican National Police. This gave the US Government an argument of plausible deniability - where they could argue that they were training Haitian expatriates who were temporarily employed as Dominican Police officers. This became a political crisis in the DR when a convicted Haitian terrorist and mass murderer, Louis Jodel Chamblain, appeared on a TV newscast dressed as a DR cop."
    (Quoted from p. 4 "Our nasty little racist war in Haiti" by Michael I. Niman, June 7, 2004)

    As the bi-centennial Coup D'etat momentum gathered, IRI, NED, IFES funded and held almost monthly working meetings in the Dominican Republic with the phony Haitian civil society fronts, the ex-FRAPH and FAH'D, co-opted university students and university professors like Hubert DeRonceray, and with ANMH radio stations, radio journalists and right wing press like Leopold Berlanger (RadioVision2000), Anne-Marie Issa (Signal FM), Herbert Widmaier (Radio Metropole); and human rights organizations such as NCHR, and PAPDA, CARLI, CONAP and ENFOFANM, and Jean Claude Bajeux's organization- Centre D'ècumenique des droits humains "CEDH". Herard Abraham (now the current Minister of Foreign Affairs), Gerald Latortue and others along with their Haiti Democracy Project and other foreign embassy reps and NGO funding supporters met with Guy Phillip, Louis Jodel Chamblain and Ravix in the Dominican Republic to plan and strategies the overthrow, buy arms, report on
    progress and financed troops for the Coup D'etat. (See Coup D'etat timeline at The 2004 Removal of Jean-Betrand Aristide; see also, The Destabilization of Haiti by Michel Chossudovsky, Feb. 29, 2004; CIDA’s Key Role in Haiti’s 2004 Coup d’État: Funding Regime Change, Dictatorship and Human Rights Atrocities, one Haitian "NGO" at a Time).

    From 1990 to 2004 these organizations funneled their funds to anti-government groups weakening Haiti's fledging democracy and justice system. Through programs funded by NED, IRI, IFES, CIDA and others, these Coup D'etat foreigners created and funded anti-government civil society fronts to recruit and subvert journalists, students, basically using their humanitarian, diplomatic and even military resources to create and finance opposition parties to the seating and duly elected Haitian governments and Haiti's main progressive party, Fanmi Lavalas. Anti-government organizations were recruited and paid to destabilize and overthrow Haiti's sovereignty and elected government through subcontracting Haitian NGO's, (see list of Haitian groups subcontracted/financed by NED/IFES/IRI/EU/USAID and CIDA).

    The foreigners helped to disempower the progressive forces by creating political coalitions with traditional reactionary elites and former army and Duvalierists such as the Democratic Convergence and Group 184; financing the bitter and jealous left minority against the winning/popular Lavalas such as OPL and financing labor unions such as Batay Ouvriye a, and other leftist anti-Lavalas and so-called workers and human rights groups such as NCHR. PAPDA, CONAP, ENFOFANM, and Jean Claude Bajeux's Centre D'ècumenique des Droits Humains (CEDH) and CARLI ( who has since publicly stated it regretted its (CARLI's) part in the Coup D'etat destabilization).

    According to Ronald St. Jean interview on August 11, 2005 with an Ezili Danto correspondent, updated on August 18, 2005 from Haiti for the Ezili Danto Witness Program, the Coup D'etat organizations where paid more than $100million dollars to destroy the Constitutional government.

    (See also, protesting NCHR and Haitian "leftist" Coup Backers in panic: From Radical Revolutionary to Imperialist Lackey - Jocelyn McCalla of NCHR calls for UN Trusteeship - "Its not just PNH that needs to be taken over- it's the whole government." NCHR quoted from "Haiti: Another Regime Change in Trouble by Jim Lobe, June 17, 2005"; See, "Desroches and Apaid get Euro Funding for anti-government civil society front" and, USAID- Haiti: Program Data Sheet and Feeding Dependency, Starving Democracy: USAID Policies in Haiti.)

    Pretext of Voting Irregularities: Under the pretext of "irregularities in vote-counting" in the May 200 legislative elections of 7 senators out of 7,000 elected and appointed officials, the U.S. actively stopped the flow of $500 million in aid to Haiti's democratically elected gov.; financed the anti-democratic opposition through NGOs, armed and supported Guy Philippe and others from the former military who led the Coup d'etat; illegally blocked a series of already-approved loans from the Inter-American Development Bank for improvements in Haiti's water resources, education and public health and waged a relentless media campaign to manufactured worldwide consent for the lie that Pres. Aristide and Fanmi Lavalas no longer had popular support in Haiti.

    Eliminating humanitarian aid and other lending programs to Haiti's poor majority:
    In sum, the Coup D'etat governments of U.S./France/Canada and the international lending agencies, including the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Inter-American Development Bank, refused to grant loans or aid to the elected governments in Haiti, particularly during Aristide's second term, because they didn't like its social policies. This was in total violation of these international lending agencies' charters, which commit them to provide financing for social and economic development irrespective of the political character of the requesting government. From 1994 to 1997 U.S. sent $3Billion in Haiti, mostly monies benefiting war profiteering companies such as Halliburton's Kellogg, Brown and Root, and Consultation companies such as Checci, the boards of which where made up of former U.S. Ambassadors, former U.N. officials and former USAID mission directors who profit from the aid "slush" fund that never went to alleviate the poverty and social conditions of the poor in Haiti. The current "protectorate" proposition now being implemented is to continue this centuries old tradition of these multinational corporations -these new multi-headed East Indian Companies - gorging on the billions in affirmative action for white companies otherwise called U.S./Euro "foreign aid" to better fleece Haiti's poor dry as usual.

    4. Professional training programs in Haiti ("police training," "democracy enhancement programs", "civil society programs") -allowed U.S. to, through their "training" programs, recruit destabilizers, known drug-traffickers, spies and double agents and re-integrate old former military assets into the new Haitian civilian police force, exacerbating corruption and leading to the three attempts at Coup D’etat before the successful bi-centennial coup. The head of the US police program quit because it was being used more for recruiting Haitians as undercover US operatives than for training civilian police officers to serve the Haitian public. ("Separating Cops, Spies" by Sam Skolnik, Legal Times and US plants agents in Haiti police)

    For example:

    Bernard Gousse was a member of Group 184, and a member of the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES). He was illegally appointed Minister of Justice in Haiti in 2004 by the US-imposed Boca Ragon regime after the bloody unconstitutional ouster of the Aristide/Neptune government. IFES was a USAID project for destabalizing the Aristide government. According to a National Lawyers Guild report, IFES workers take complete credit for ousting Aristide, the duly elected president of Haiti. "...and IFES went out and formulated groups that never existed or united pre-existing groups, gave them sensitization seminars, paid for people to attend, paid for entertainment and catering, and basically built group after group, and then they realized that in order to be successful they had to reach out from beyond the lawyers and judges. They reached out to student groups and business groups to get a bigger economic behind them. They also reached out to human rights groups – which they actually paid off to report human rights atrocities to make Aristide look bad. It just sort of snowballed. They bought journalists, and the IFES associations grew into the Group of 184 that became a solidified opposition against Aristide. What is probably most interesting is that Gerard Latortue, the prime minister, was an IFES member for a couple of years before of the ouster of Aristide last year. The myth that he had been plucked from pool-side on March 1st, the day after the coup, to become prime minister was pretty much debunked – he was in the planning for a couple of years. Bernard Gousse, the justice minister who is in charge of the prisons and the police, was in it for many years. He was a sensitization speaker coming to talk in the US on behalf of IFES." (For more, go to SourceWatch - International Foundation for Election Systems; see also - Cuba: USAID making ever-higher investments in subversion).

    Bernard Gousse became an arch-reactionary who directed some of the 2004-2006 coup's worst repression and massacres. Under de facto Minister of Justice Bernard Gousse, political and class profiling of the poor and suspected Lavalas became the norm. Thousands upon thousands of Haitians from poor neighborhoods were rounded up and put in indefinite detentions, held without ever being charged, or brought to trial. Bernard Gousse's favorite charge "asosyasyon ak malfektè" - association with miscreantsand his police would routinely make illegal arrest after 6pm. Under Gousse, the death squad Lame Timanchet where given machetes by the Haitian police at a USAID soccer match attended by 5000 youths and during the intermission they hack to death dozens of match attendants, that was in 2005. in August 2006, it happened again. The policemen where release and lame timanchet still roams free in Haiti, as of 2009 (See, FreeHaitiMovement Demands). At the time, Gerard Latorture actually said he was aiming at slaugthering 25,000 people in Site Soley in order to pacify dissent... With Bernard Gousse at the helm of the police, prisons and Ministry of Justice, with US/UN firepower back-up, they had a good try at it!

    Under Bernard Gousse's reign as head of the Ministry of Justice, as many as 110 detainees, most held without seeing a judge, were SLAUGHTERED, executed by the guards at the National Penitentiary in Haiti in their prison cells OUTRIGHT. Amnesty International denounced it, HLLN denounced all the above and demanded release of the political prisoners gathered up under Bernard Gousse, over 6, 000 still in jail in 2009. (See Amnesty International's alert Amnesty International Alert on Prison Killings; and HLLN's List of Victims, Massacres, Coup D'etat Abuses.)

    Bernard Gousse presided over the arrests of Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, Father Jean Juste, Jean Rénald Bruno, better known as Ti Pay, Annette Auguste (Sò Anne), and Yvon Antoine (ZapZap)...; the Site Soley, Bel Air, Gran Ravine, Fort Liberte massacres of Haitian civilians andcountles executions on unarmed civilians and demonstrators from 2004 to 2006. He suggested that convicted death squad leader and coup detat military leader, Louis Jodel Chamblain, was a good patriot and ought to be pardoned. He in fact presided over the sham trial that was held at night and that released Chamblain from prison to roam freely in UN/US-occupied Haiti

    5. War on drugs and terrorism - to manufacture conflicts, co-op law abiding Haitian citizens to destroy the governments in Haiti (Pres. Aristide & Preval) that have, these last fourteen years, been duly elected by the people of Haiti to serve their domestic Haitian interests and desires for human, social, cultural and social rights traditionally denied the Haitian masses by the morally repugnant Haitian elites working in collaboration with the U.S and European powers. Haiti: The Politics of Drugs, June 26, 2007; Drugs and Politics in Haiti, July 24, 2007).

    6. Misinformation and the Corporate Media
    to distort, exacerbate and even fabricate Haitian "infighting" and "incompetence" as the primary reason for the political impasse in Haiti for decades while playing up their self-appointed role of "peacemaker" and "justice and democracy builders" bringing a self-less "Pax Americana to the world." The opposite is true in Haiti. (Propaganda War Intensifies Against Haiti as Opposition Grabs for Power by Kevin Pina, Black Commentator, Oct. 30, 2003; Haiti Under Siege by Kevin Pina, Black Commentator, Jan. 15, 2004; The Bush Administration's End Game for Haiti, Kevin Pina, Black Commentator, Dec. 4, 2003; Media Lies and Real Haiti News; The slavery the media won't expose; Haiti's Riches and Rich countries use trade deals to seize food from the world's hungriest people.)

    Prior to the bicentennial coup d'etat there was a concerted effort to paint the Aristide government as corrupt, despotic and without popular support. Thus, the media would consistently cover anti-Aristide demonstrations, inflate their numbers and report on any and all group 184/Convergence supporters who were killed or injured during such demonstrations or altercations. The Western media, in contrast, underreported or neglected to report on Lavalas demonstrations that were generally larger in turnout numbers or Lavalas supporters who were killed by pro-Group 184/Convergence forces. For instance, in December, 2001, a Lavalas supporter, Joseph Duverger, was attacked by a machete-wielding, anti-Lavalas mob near Petit Goave and left for dead. His enraged friends found Brignol Lindor, a Convergence supporter with a weekly radio show, in the street. Reportedly the pro-Lavalas group killed Brignol Lindor to avenge the death of Joseph Duverger by the pro-group 184 mob. Brignol Lindor is in every human rights report as one of the murdered journalists under the Aristide administration. Joseph Duverger is hardly ever mentioned by either the Western press nor the various human rights organizations reporting on human right violations in Haiti before the bi-centennial coup. Also, although Haiti's most famous journalist, Jean Dominique, was murdered under the Preval Administration, the Western press hardly ever makes this distinction and continually blames the Aristide Administration, though Boulos from Group 184 was critical of Jean Dominique's reporting and was questioned in his death. None of the international media or officials who greatly lamented the slow progress of the Jean Dominique investigation under the Aristide government to find the real culprits of the assassination, were there to similarly express any outraged or to editorialized at all, about the release from prison of 3,000 Haitian criminals during the US-backed bicentennial coup d'etat or to update the world on the whereabouts of the four trigger-men who were serving time in jail for killing Jean Dominique. Moreover, the international and corporate media consistently highlights the negatives and are virtually silent about the freely functioning radio, TV, daily and weekly newspapers in Haiti that were present before the coup d'etat and the achievements and successes of the Aristide government and Lavalas Movement in Haiti.

    The U.S. supports dictatorship and systematically, through its foreign policy, destroys Haitian democracy, development and justice. From 1994 to 2004 domestically in Haiti through U.S. "democracy enhancement programs" and, on the international level, through the mainstream media, U.S. policy makers laundered the image of the former Duvalierists, FRAPH goons, ex-military officers, re-imaging these known human rights abusers as "civil society" and legitimate "political opposition." This was illustrated in 1994 upon the return of democratic rule when a U.S. rep from the U.S. Embassy attempted to present bloody murderer Toto Constant, the leader of FRAPH, as a viable political opponent to the Lavalas candidates. The people chased Toto Constant out of the country. He was given asylum by his U.S. patrons in the U.S.A. (CIA and Toto Constant planned the murder of Haitian Justice Minister Guy Malary) The US giving safe haven, asylum, visas and jobs, NGO jobs, police jobs, security jobs, media jobs, judicial appointments - to Haitian terrorists, human rights abusers, mercenaries and coup d'etat folks, incites, creates the POLITICAL instability in Haiti that is FOUNDATION for Haiti's instability, insecurity and proliferation of human rights crimes, violations, kidnappings and rapes. Toto Constant is, like Guy Philippe, a U.S. asset groomed to destabilize, sabotage and carry out the biddings of a murderous U.S. foreign policy in Haiti. After the forceful ouster of President Aristide on Feb. 29, 2004, it was not astonishing to see a major U.S. embassy official ride into Port-au-Prince with the forces of the notorious Guy Philippe.The U.S. Embassy in Haiti is currently, in 2005, using the mainstream media to launder the image of Guy Philippe from being a treasonous terrorist to Presidential candidate for 2006 to succeed U.S. puppet, Gerard Latortue. Wolf Blitzer interviewed Guy Philippe in the course of the Coup D'etat for CNN, legitimizing this paid assassin falsely labeling him as a "popular rebel" who ouster an "unpopular President." Similarly, both Roger Noriega and James Foley have used the mainstream media, especially New York Times and the Miami Herald, before, during and after the bi-centennial Coup D'etat at various key junctures to cover-up U.S. involvement in the destabilization of Haiti and to blame the massive post-Coup D’etat insecurity, violence, and police-sponsored massacres on the poor and Lavalas majority in Haiti. (See, Profile: Emmanuel "Toto" Constant; and Profile: Guy Phillipe and Profile: Louis-Jodel Chamblain and Andre Apaid, Jr. from Center For Cooperative Research, See US judge orders "Toto" Constant
    to pay $19.5 Millions to Rape Victims. Latortue's Legacy; See, Mark Foley - The US Congressman who insulted the Haitian majority by sponsoring a Congressional bill (HR 941) to honor the Gerald Latortue for his hatchet job as the unconstitutional Prime Minister in Haiti, and who sponsored HR611 which gives coup d'etat USAID more support in Haiti, has just RESIGN from Congress over "improper conduct" with a teenage boy!)

  • Phase Two: - Two Faced in Haiti

    Under the pretext of a "humanitarian intervention" to avoid a "bloodbath" because Haiti was a "failed state" the US moved, on Feb. 29, 2005, to reap the benefits of its long destabilization efforts and officially destroyed Haiti's democracy.

    The timing of the US and UN/MINUSTHA invasions (later in July 2004) of Haiti helped the Western powers forge alliances that had been disrupted due to the war in Iraq. (See, The Utility of Haiti by S. Faiz Ahmed.) This started on the basis of a perfectly illegal US operation which was later endorsed by a UN Security Council resolution. In fact, US troops were in Haiti before the UN Security Council resolution.

  • Phase two begin with U.S. using the UN as its legal and military proxy, and Canada as its political agent to "reform Haiti's courts, prisons and police." These interventions ended in more bloodshed, massacres and mayhem and injustice than Haiti had seen since the last US coup d'etat in 1991 and, in reality, blocked all Haitian efforts to return to Constitutional rule after the second U.S.-sponsored Coup D'etat (February 29, 2004) in contravention of the Haitian mass electorate's will.(See Justin Podur's Two Faced in Haiti and Haiti's Biometric Elections: A high-Tech Experiment in Exclusion)

    In addition, Haiti has since Feb. 29, 2004 been systematically saddled with endless IMF debt, IDB grants and USAID "reforms." (See, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions "http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=04/12/31/1546207; Confessions of a Economic Hit Man by John Perkins; and 'Black People Remain Oppressed', The Herald (Harare) May 25, 2006:
    http://www.margueritelaurent.com/pressclips/gods_goddesses.html#oppressed Haiti: World Bank Approves $1.25 Million Grant to Develop Community Programs in Cité Soleil and Bel Air ; USAID Spent More Than 10 million U.S. Dollars since May 2004 to Decimate Lavalas Party in Haiti, See USAID/OTI Haiti Program Fact Sheet, May 22, 2006 and Expose the lies of the International Community about Haiti, its peoples, and resources). These foreign aid monies go to pay US/foreign salaries of expatriates living the good life in Haiti, bringing Haitian fratricide, divisions, exploitation and there is always sum zero lasting or even short term reforms. From 2004 to the end of Latortue's imposed reign in 2006, this neocolonialist international community (European Union, France, Canada, US with UN as military proxy) provided the Latorture regime with almost $1 billion in rewards monies (called "foreign aid") for oustering the authentic government and terrorizing the people. The Bush Boca Raton regime squandering of foreign "aid"-monies scandal has been inherited by the newly elected Preval government and will doubtless be used, by the Internationals, to label Haiti "failed" as usual. Sexual tourism of the whites, that in the 1980s brought the HIV-AIDS epidemic to Haiti, goes unimpeded as UN soldiers rape with impunity, foreign NGO representatives, Catholic priests, other perverted foreign clergymen and missionaries use their position to abuse young Haitian boys, girls and poor Haitian women and men. In fact, Mark Foley, the discredited Republican pedophile, went to Haiti directly to accompany Gerard Latortue back to Florida after the election of President Preval and proposed a Congressional resolution in US Congress to honor Latortue's work/tenure in Haiti, from 2004 to 2006 where more Haitians were arbitrarily imprisoned, more Haitians slaughtered, more foreign aids monies abused, embezzled, more international debts saddled upon the peoples of Haiti than since even the Duvaliers' bloody reign. (See also, Heading South, a film depicting White Women predators-imperialist sex tourism/exploitation of young, black and poor Haitian men |US-supported Latortue Regime's massive corruptions and alleged embezzlements unveiled)

    Since the passage of UN Security Council Resolution 1608 in June, the UN has had direct oversight over and responsibility for the Haitian police (see Haïti Progrès, Vol. 23, No. 16, 6/29/2005) (Fact is, all UN resolutions secured without the Haitian people's participation through duly elected officials, including UN Res. 1608 increasing UN scope of authority in Haiti, or the UN/Latortue Feb. 22, 2006 Accord, further violates Haiti's sovereignty and right to self-determination.)
    The move to formalize the current de facto U.S.-protectorate to an official protectorate is slowly taking shape through massacres of the poor and political opponents to the occupation and puppet Latortue regime - by using UN troops as an occupying not peacekeeping force, further enlarging/authorizing UN troops to carry out U.S. biddings both militarily and through unilateral UN Resolutions, such as UN Security Council Resolution 1608 by taking official control of police functions but continuing the massacres and political imprisonments. Since the passage of UN Security Council Resolution 1608 in June, the UN has had direct oversight over and responsibility for the Haitian police (see Haïti Progrès, Vol. 23, No. 16, 6/29/2005) (Fact is, all UN resolutions secured without the Haitian people's participation through duly elected officials, including UN Res. 1608 increasing UN scope of authority in Haiti, or the UN/Latortue Feb. 22, 2006 Accord, further violates Haiti's sovereignty and right to self-determination.)

      The Massacres & Abitrary imprisonments (See, Bush bloodbath brought to Haiti: List of Victims and Massacres since the Bi-centennial Coup D'etat): Under the leadership of de facto Haitian authorities, such as:

      Bernard Gousse, Former Minister of Justice;

      Henri Dorlèan, his successor as defacto Justice Minister

      Herard Abraham
      , defacto Minister of Foreign Affairs (former army general and former interior minister under Latortue)

      Lèon Charles, Former de facto Chief of Police

      Mario Andresol, current defacto Chief of Police

      David Basile, defacto Secretary of State for Public Security

      Renand Etienne
      , Direction Departementale De L'Ouest ("DDO") with US/UN- backed men-in-black-former-Haitian-military dressed-up as "police" referred as CIMO or SWAT units and their civilian attaches in regular clothes, allegedly hired by Renand Etienne's DDO as

      A.S. DDO operatives - (such as
      "Jaki" who is accused of taking part in the Solino (August 5-10, 2005 Solino machete massacres of even a pregnant woman;
      and other similar acting A.S.-DDO operatives such as the ones known to their Bel Air Haitian victims as:

      Jean Yves “Nasson” Gerald;
      Narage “Eleus” Laguerre;
      St. Gor “Père Reklè” Clermond; and,
      “Gwo Fanfan” who were, according to the people in Bel Air, the shooters who fired into the crowd killing and wounding peaceful unarmed demonstrators February 28, 2005 in plain sight of Haitian police, international media and UN troops.

      Chief of police at Martissant - Summer Camp For Peace Soccer Massacre, on Aug. 20 and 21, 2005: According to witnesses who live in the Grand Ravine area, more than 50 people where slaughtered during a soccer game on Sat. August 20 and the next day, Sunday, August 21, 2005 by civilian attaches to the Haitian police, particularly to the chief of police of Martissant. Victims and witnesses testified that these attaches wore red shirts and head bands and were equipped with machetes and hatchets distributed by the police at the Martissant police station. The people of Grand Ravine and those attending the soccer match recognized and identified these executioners the same men who were at least a month previously thrown out of the area as trouble makers and among whom were some of the prison escapees let out during the coup d'etat. (AUMODH report) The people in the Martissant area identify some of these assassins by name as follows:

      Georges Jean Yves,
      Gérard, aka, Gwo l'Ombril (Big Belly Button),
      Élifet aka Tête Calé (Shaved Head),
      Ti Clody,
      Apoupann aka Colonel,
      Ronald Toussaint,
      Kiki ,
      Rocky Rambo, and

      Fort National Massacre on October 26, 2004 - A certain Desiral, agent #4 in the police force was the head of the men-in-black commando unit that massacred 18 people at Fort National. After the massacre, said Desiral, was promoted within the police "agent" ranks. (Bush bloodbath brought to Haiti: List of Victims and Massacres)

      The US-installed and maintained de facto Latortue regime has presided over systematic State-sponsored summary executions, indefinite detentions, mutilations, rapes and brutal repression in Haiti. The witch hunt against Lavalas and the poor demanding return to Constitutional rule from Feb. 29, 2004 to present led by the above-identified de facto Haitian authorities are supported, encouraged and guided by the coordinated and focused efforts of the US/Canada and France through military, technical, diplomatic and humanitarian pressure along with unremitting UN and Haiti "police" incursions into the poor sections of Haiti. (Note, for example, the diplomatic and public dispatches of the chief U.S. architects of the bi-centennial Coup D'etat -

      Roger Noreiga,
      James Foley and
      Haiti Democracy Project's Timothy Carney (the interim US ambassador replacing James Foley and former US ambassador to Haiti (1998 to 1999)

      - as they push for more aggressive UN action and do not discourage the summary execution of people in the black poor neighborhoods demanding return of the Constitutional government. Noreiga's comments to Miami Herald and Foley's comments, (trial by innuendo against Haiti's poor and strongest political party) on July 4, 2005 (reported by AHP) singling out Lavalas as "bandits," "gangsters" and clearly signaling to UN & MINUSTHA permission to continue their brutal incursions and be more aggressive in silencing these US policymakers' political oppositions in Haiti.)
      - Look up generally our Human Rights Reports, Ezili Danto Witness Project, Press Work, Ezili Danto Listserve and Haitian Perspectives.

      For brief background information, see,
      International Politics and Haiti in 2004 - On events of February 2004; why the US and France fueled the fire of coup d'etat in Haiti, ordered Aristide's Steel Security detail to leave immediately, conducted Haiti's 33rd Coup, flew Aristide to the Central African Republic where a France-allied strongmen had removed said countries elected president the year before, then after Jamaica gave Aristide temporary asylum, Condoleezza Rice threatened Jamaica if Aristide stayed in the Western Hemisphere. "Ms. Rice told the Jamaican Government that if Aristide was not expelled immediately, and anything happened to American forces in Haiti, that the consequences of that would be exacted against a president or against Jamaica by the United States with full force." See, Democracy Now: Condoleezza Rice Threatens Jamaica Over Aristide. The Bush Administration replaced the ousted constitutional Haitian government with a Florida contingent, Duvalierists, neo-conservative anti-poor Haitian economic elites, CIA-FRAPH assassins and bloody ex-military officers.

      Canada's Role in the Coup D'etat in Haiti
      France's Role in the Coup D'etat in Haiti

      The Kidnapping of President Aristide: For Instance -U.S. State Department's own expert, own translator, Bryant Freeman, said President Aristide did not resign.
      (Yet every mainstream media reporting on Haiti since the Coup D'etat either omits this fact and report that president Aristide "fleeing" Haiti or resigning voluntarily. See:
      Pdf of Letter in Kreyol

      PDF of Letter in English

      The Smoking gun: Aristide Didn't Resign

      Post-Aristide Haiti. See,
      The Delahunt Letter - The Justice system in Haiti under the U.S.-backed imposed "puppet" government is a sham.

      The Coup D'etat proposed national elections: Out of 4.5 million eligible Haitian voters, less than 200,000 people (some estimates are as low as 113,000) have registered for the US/Euro elections proposed for November and October, 2005 with registration intended to be completed by August 13, 2005. This farce will be used by the U.S., UN, OAS and its international cohorts to triumphantly legitimized the Coup D'etat while the majority of Haiti's people stand outside of this new dictatorship system legitimized through Western media, Western companies such as Cogent systems and the Morally Repugnant Business Elites in Haiti who have ruled on behalf of the former slave owner nations from the beginning of Haiti's history. To exclude the majority from voting the imposed puppet regime has announced plans to set up only 600 polling stations. 95% of all the polling stations used in previous elections will be excluded in the upcoming election.That is 95% of the people of Haiti will not have an opportunity to vote. This is the ONLY way that the morally repugnant co-opted Haitian elites may come to power in Haiti and their US/Euro benefactors knew this when they destabilized the duly elected government and planned Haiti's return to today's U.S./Euro-sponsored dictatorship.

      Open Letter From HLLN to the OAS Heads of State - Urging OAS to take all diplomatic steps to return Haiti's democratically elected government.

      HLLN's Statement on Cogent System (awarded 2.5 Million) - Fingerprinting Murder & Starvation.

    • See, "We're Not Participating in Selections!" Say Haitians in Haiti

      Elections in Haiti this year would be a Disaster, says Congresswoman Maxine Waters - The insecurity, kidnappings, armed gangs, candidates cannot safely campaign for office, no fair trial for prisoners, no respect for internationally recognized human rights.

      Outsiders plan Haitian elections: No voters? No problem by Sue Ashdown | Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, SFBayview, June 29, 2005.

The Morally Repugnant Business Elites of Haiti

Who they are? (Bigio, Acra, Nadal, Coles, Baussan, Vital, Madsen, Mevs, Brandt, Vorbes, Apaid, Boulos, assisted by technocrats/Washington intermediaries and black overseers for Washington and France, such as, Stanley Lucas, Gerald Latortue, Jacques Bernard and others). What are the Companies they represent? Products and brands they merchandize? Why are they a corruptible element in Haiti: don't pay fair share of taxes, traditionally finance and support rule by the bullet not the ballot. And, as a group, categorically refuse to be accountable or, be subject to the law of the land. (See: Haiti's ruling Oligarchy - Category Zero, The Mercenary Haiti families are the richest in the Caribbean; Campaign Five - Boycott Action Plan;Foreign financed and subcontracted Haitian NGOs - list of Haitian groups financed by NED/IFES/IRI/EU/USAID; and "Desroches and Apaid get Euro Funding for anti-government civil society front;" and USAID- Haiti: Program Data Sheet and The Seven Mercenaries families and others, Une bourgeoisie déracinée! and La Bourgeoisie Haitienne: Une Bourgeoisie Mediocre (Photos).

The Elites connection to the death squads:
Whether it is US-backed Latortue's "freedom fighters" in Haiti such as military man the likes of Guy Philippe, Toto Constant, Remissainthe Ravix or paramilitaries, hit man and thug enforcer paid or protected by the likes of Andre Apaid, Jr., Charles Henri Baker, Leon Charles or Renaud Etienne, such as:Thomas "Labanyè" Robinson, Butter Metayer, Vilfort "Ti Will" Ferdinand, René Jean "Grenn Sonnen" Anthony, Jean Tatoune, or FRAPH's Louis Jodel Chamblain - same difference. And, when their uses to Empire and Empire's neocolonial-restavek-agents have been fulfilled, they are given asylum, visas and exits the way of Toto Constant to keep them from spilling the beans or summarily liquidated like Remissainthe Ravix and Jean-Anthony "Grenn Sonnen" René:

"The rich tell them to go out and take down some village, shoot up a couple of people, chop their face off, leave them in the street, and they’ll do it."

See An Inside Look at Haiti's Business Elite or at:

See: Haiti's ruling Oligarchy - Category Zero, The Mercenary Haiti families are the richest in the Caribbean

See, Stanley Lucas and the International Republican Institute (IRI)

- "....Comme industriel ils se contentent de se lancer dans la sous-traitance. Ils prennent des contrats ou des sous-contrats des multinationales. Ils font crever nos ouvriers pour un salaire tuberculeux qui est 4 à 5 fois inférieur au salaire prévu dans le compte d’exploitation..." (Une bourgeoisie déracinée! par Jean Erich René, Feb. 20, 2008 )

- "...Au fil des ans le profil de la société haitienne s’est modelé avec l’arrivée des immigrants d’origine libanaise, syrienne, allemande , italienne etc..Ils arrivent toujours avec les mains vides trainant leurs étals de galerie en galerie. En un temps record ils maitrisent le secteur commercial et industriel et s’intègrent rapidement dans la classe bourgeoise traditionnelle sans aucun lien avec le monde rural..." (Une bourgeoisie déracinée! par Jean Erich René, Feb. 20, 2008 )

The Issue With Disarmament

The truth about weapons in Haiti: the reality of why the U.S. and their UN proxies will not ever disarm the traditional oppressors and human rights violators in Haiti:

The rich minority in Haiti control the military and civilian thugs and police attaches, not the poor majority (or, as the mainstream media indiscriminately refers to those calling for return of Aristide) not the "bandits" own and control most private guns, weapons and small arms in Haiti. Thus, MINUTSAH's disarmament effort should be in Petionvile, Kenskoff, Laboule not only in the poor neighborhoods or at Citè Soleil and Bel Air.

2. Most of the illegal arms to Haiti are from the USA and especially Florida. See the Small Arms Survey report that also highlights the role US covert agencies have played in contributing to arms proliferation in Haiti.
http://www.haiti-info.com/article.php3?id_article=3530. See:

U. S. Funnels $7 million in Arms to haiti's Puppet Regime, Death Squads by Robert Muggah, April 7, 2005 | Globe and Mail;

Bush Administration 'Broke its own embargo to sell arms to Haiti police' by Andrew Buncombe in Washington, April 17, 2005; and

Drugs, Weapons and Death Squads in Haiti, Flashpoint Radio interview of Kevin Pina by Denise Bernstein.

Bush P lan: More Guns for Thugs - Throwing Gasoline on Haiti's fires by Brian Concannon, Jr. | Counterpunch & Boston Haitian Reporter, July 2005;

Another illegal Arms Shipment, July 2006

Lame Timanchèt: The DDR Fiasco,
Ezili Danto Witness Project, July 19, 2006 (Matisan Video Clips - Clip 1 begging forgiveness, Clip2 - March 19, 2006 interview with Sason; Clip3 - Peace between Gran Ravine activists and the police would turn false as police-created Lame Timanchèt would 3-months later attack the Gran Ravine community, again

Partisan DDR - We are Not the Kidnappers

Truce in Site Soley being relentlessly attacked and taken apart by UN and Group 184 (since death of Labanye) because it stands united for the return of President Aristide and to enfranchise the poor majority, and not for the enrichment solely of the morally repugnant elites and their Washington bosses in Haiti.

Kidnappers from Wealthy Families linked to Lame Timanchèt

"Unidentified bandits" destabilizing the Preval government

More on kidnappings, July 24, 2006

"Kidnappings come from the elite sectors and then down to our neighborhoods..."

DCPJ Police Chief, Micheal Lucius, accused in kidnappings - Haitian High Court declares the motion filed by Michael Lucius against investigating Judge Napla Saintil to be inadmissible |AHP, Oct. 21, 2006

Who is seeking to breathe new life into the violence in Cite Soleil? - An AHP Editorial, Oct. 23, 2006

International laws violated by US role in the Bicentennial Coup D'etat

The Forcible removal of President Aristide from Haiti violates the Convention on the Prevention And Punishment of Crimes Against Internationally Protected Persons, a treaty ratified by the U.S.

The Coup D'etat violates Article 20 of OAS Charter and the OAS Mission

The 2004 Coup D'etat violates the U.N Charter and U.N. Mission

U.N. SC Resolution 1529 (et al, Res. 1608) violates international law, U.N. Charter and mission while undermining Haitian sovereignty, Haitian Constitution, justice system, governance, democracy and rule of law.

U.N. using guns, tanks, helicopters and troops against Haitian civilians (as on July 6, 2005 in Cite Soleil) violates the Geneva Convention.

"Transformation is only valid if it is carried out with the people, not for them. Liberation is like a childbirth, and a painful one. The person who emerges is a new person: no longer either oppressor or oppressed, but a person in the process of achieving freedom. It is only the oppressed who, by freeing themselves, can free their oppressors."

- Paulo Freire, from Pedagogy of the Oppressed (learn more)

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