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Bush's man for Cuba author of the Haitian Disaster

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Bush’s man for Cuba author of the Haitian disaster

BY JEAN-GUY ALLARD—Special for Granma International

Havana, October 28, 2005

BY using ex-soldiers, henchmen and criminals to destabilize the
government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Caleb McCarry was the architect of the current human rights situation in Haiti, qualified as catastrophic by the UN. The former Republican Party official, who is linked to the U.S. intelligence organizations, is the man selected by George W. Bush to make concrete the latest annexation plan for Cuba promoted by his administration and the Miami mafia. McCarry, the proconsul designated by the Bush administration for a Cuba annexed to Washington.

"There are serious and reiterated violations. Summary executions, torture and arbitrary arrests are being committed by the police or with their consent," said Thierry Fagart, a lawyer with the human rights section in Port-au-Prince.

Caleb McCarry, the proconsul designated by the Bush administration to provoke the annexation of Cuba, belongs to a mafia of US politicians and officials who provoked the kidnapping and outrageous eviction of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide from Haiti behind the back of the State Department and with the blessing of the Bush clan.


McCarry and his buddies developed their conspiracy with a political activist linked to the Duvaliers and a band of mercenaries and criminals, in a dirty operation handled by the most fanatical far-right sectors of the Republican Party.

In an article entitled "The other regime change" published in July 2004 by the salon.com website, U.S. journalist Max Blumenthal reveals how the International Republican Institute (IRI) a non-profit making organization heavily subsidized by USAID and represented on the desolated island by Stanley Lucas, directed the anti-Aristide operation. In that dirty task it received instructions and unconditional support from a nucleus of ultra-right members of the Republican Party, closely linked to Bush, in which Caleb McCarry appeared to have played a key role.

The Lucas family is famous in Haiti for a massacre of campesinos organized by Stanley's cousins Leonard and Rémy in 1987. In that year a mob of criminals wielding machetes killed 250 small farmers who were claiming a redistribution of the land on their estate. At that very moment, Lucas was training troops for counter-insurgency

According to Blumenthal, Lucas, an ex-judo champion with a playboy image, comes from a wealthy family identified with the Duvalier family, whose murderous regime dominated Haiti for years, is the Haitian version of the Iraqi collaborator Ahmed Chalabi.

While Colin Powell was trying to maintain with Haiti the moderate political line decided during the Clinton administration, Caleb McCarry, an anti-Aristide official on the House Foreign Relations Committee, and a delegation of Republicans met up in the Dominican Republic with Convergence, the anti-Aristide alliance whose line then
diverged from that of the State Department.

According to a former State Department official, McCarry and Lucas were handpicked to link US funding with the opposition that they were manufacturing.

Lucas dedicated himself to personally training Aristide’s opponents via courses that he titled Democracy 10, Blumenthal relates.

Among those invited to those training sessions were various members of CREDDO, the political group of General Prosper Avril, who headed Haiti from 1988-1990, by declaring a state of siege and torturing his opponents.

In February 2004, when the mercenary Guy Philippe "an ex-chief of police and childhood friend of Lucas" captured Cape Haitien with 200 "insurgents," including killers, criminals and ex-henchmen from former regimes, and was threatening Port-au-Prince while the national police were fleeing, US embassy officials faced Aristide with the alternative of remaining in the capital without protection and facing the bandit hordes of Lucas’ friends, or to board a plane provided by Washington that would take him to Africa.

Among those "combatants for freedom," as Roger Noriega would call them, were Louis Jodel Chamblain, a paramilitary leader with a sinister reputation; and Emmanuel "Toto" Constant, who subsequently confessed his connections with the


A recent compilation of articles from the official US press by Canadian researcher Aaron Mate and published on the Znet.org website, points to a long series of violent incidents in recent months that clearly demonstrate various characteristics of the democracy installed in Haiti thanks to Caleb McCarry and his accomplices.

On March 1, 2005, the Miami Herald reported how the previous day, Haitian police had opened fire on a march of 2,000 peaceful demonstrators in Port-au-Prince, killing two and injuring many. The protest was in commemoration of the coup against Aristide the year before.

The following March 24, AP described how the police had once again fired on demonstrators in the capital, killing one person. The cable noted that Associated Press reporters had seen offices firing into the air and at demonstrators.

On April 27, the police opened fire for the third time on demonstrators demanding the release of Aristide followers, killing five of them, AP reported.

On June 5, Reuters announced that up to 25 people were killed in police raids on the Friday and Saturday in marginal districts of the capital of Haiti, according to employees from a mortuary and witnesses. One of the witnesses, Ronald Macillon, said that the police killed many people and set fire to their homes.

Another Reuters cable, datelined July 15, reported how opposition groups and residents in marginal neighborhoods were saying that dozens of innocent people had been executed during raids by UN troops and Haitian police. Renan Hedouville, head of the Lawyers Committee for Individual Rights (CARLI), a highly respected group, noted that the victims included children and elderly people from the Bel-Air and
Cité-Soleil districts.

On September 1, the Herald reported another massacre by police with assault rifles and black masks in Martissant on August 20, in the middle of a football match.

That attack left at least six dead and prompted concern among UN officials trying to stabilize this lawless city, where the police, working with gangs led by some unknown politician, carried out a cleansing operation prior to the November elections.

On August 30, the Washington Times noted that witnesses of the massacre said that they recognized some civilians armed with machetes as 'attachés'; in other words local criminals reported to be informants and killers hired by the police.


Aristide was kidnapped on February 28, 2004 by special U.S. forces and expelled from his own country. Blumenthal relates in his article how Condoleezza Rice woke Bush up in the middle of the night to tell him the news of the U.S. 'triumph' in the poorest country of the hemisphere.

On July 29, 2005, Condoleezza Rice, meanwhile appointed secretary of state, announced the designation of McCarry at the head of the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba; in other words, to intervene IN Cuba like on so many other occasions in the Caribbean. McCarry’s appointment ceremony took place in the Treaties Hall of the Harry S. Truman building in the State Department, in the presence of two eminent members of the Miami mafia: Senator Mel Martínez, mentor of the Cuban Liberty Council, whose members are distinguished for their links with international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles; and Lincoln Díaz-Balart, the rabid congressman who boasts of his privileged relations with the most fanatical circles in South Florida.Granma International: <http://www.granma.cu/>


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Standing on Truth, Living without Fear: HLLN's position on foreign-sponsored
elections under coup d'etat, dictatorship and occupation | Haitian
Perspectives by Marguerite Laurent, October 31, 2005

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(May 27, 2005) Ezili Danto Witness Project

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5-Points From the Democratic Base In Haiti speaking for self (since Haiti's Democratic Party Leaders are in Jail or in Exile)

5-points from the grassroots Lavalas Movement and party-base in Haiti in order for the majority and forces of peoples in Haiti they represent
to go to elections:

1. Liberation of all political prisoners including Father Gerald Jean-Juste who the Fanmi Lavalas grassroots-base in Haiti has chosen as their candidate for the presidency of Haiti.

2. The Latortue government must go.

3. The repression and killings in the popular neighborhoods must stop

4. Disarmament. Arms must be gone. There cannot be elections with all these arms on the streets (even those in the hands of the
"no-nationality" Haitian bourgeoisie, their "anti-poor" thug enforcers and former

5. President Aristide and all those in exile must be allowed to return to Haiti




Boycott Disney and the ABC Network
(Support HLLN's Campaign 5)

(in 1990)"...Haitians, through the ballot box, rebelled against their neocolonial status. They rebelled against a racist world economy that locked them into the role of producers instead of consumers. Under Aristide, they wanted to complete what they began in 1803 – joining the world community as equals. If Haiti, as the hemisphere’s poorest nation, was successful in escaping from their international debt and seizing control of their own destiny, it could prove to be as devastating to the global sweatshop economy as Haiti’s first revolution was to the slave trade.......

"...the new (US-imposed Miami) government also, as one of its first acts in office, cut Haiti’s minimum wage by 50%, from about $3.60 for a 12 hour day, down to $1.60. This is a big perk for Haitian-American Andre Apaid, owner of numerous Haitian garment manufacturing plants making cheap wares for American companies such as Disney, owner of the ABC network. ABC joined the US corporate media in selling this American citizen as a legitimate leader of Haiti’s “civil resistance” to the popular Aristide Government. "Our nasty little racist war in Haiti by Michaeli, NimN, June 7, 2004 | Source: http://coldtype.net/Grip.04.html
(Scroll down to 7 June 2004)

Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!

"When you make a choice, you mobilize vast human energies and resources which otherwise go untapped...........If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want and all that is left is a compromise." Robert Fritz


The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network's Appeal for international support on the People of Haiti's right to
self-respect, self-determination and self-defense

We Haitian democracy activists have taken on ourselves a great task. The Haitian people have been robbed again, not only of the wealth of our country, and not only of the lives and livelihoods of our countrymen, but of our sense of self-determination.

The very essence of being Haitian is the connection to those freedom fighters of the revolution who would not lie down and obey the men who claimed to be their masters. Today, Haiti is being ruled by a regime that was selected by foreign powers. The legitimate officials are in exile, in hiding, or in captivity.

All around, voices are telling us to suffer this indignity, to give up on our quest for self-governance, that somehow we are unfit to choose our own leaders or our own style of governance.

We utterly reject this pattern of thought. It is the mental slavery from which Bob Marley calls us to emancipate ourselves. For the average Haitian "This Song of Freedom" is truly all we have ever had. And now they want to take that too.

It is with this sense of insistence and urgency that we set forth our grievances and define our terms for reconciliation in the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Haiti Resolution. We ask that all Haitian democracy activists circulate this resolution, and address the issues and demands of the resolution to their own governments, and to the United Nations, which has the responsibility for protecting the right of self-determination. But most of all, we ask all solidarity groups who wish to sincerely help Haitians, to not just send their appeals to the UN, the US-installed government, the coup d'etat governments or Haiti Democracy Project's Timothy M. Carney. You're better off telling your next door neighbor about what they are not seeing on the conventional media about Haiti then simply telling the UN, US, Candadian officials (et al) what they already know and wish to hide behind the headlines. Kindly send appeals and background info to the MEDIA. Flood the U.S. local, national and international media with your concerns about the abuse, occupation, genocide and re-enslavement of the people of Haiti.

Remember letters of appeals to the media is a start, but political action, economic boycott and systemic and consistent public censure/exposure are essentially what pro-democracy Haitians are asking from solidarity groups. Please also do this by supporting our 7 Men Anpil Chay Pa Lou campaigns and boycotts.

The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Haiti Resolution:

1. Demand the return of constitutional rule to Haiti by restoring all
elected officials of all parties to their offices throughout the
country until the end of their mandates and another election is held, as
mandated by Haiti's Constitution;

2. Condemn the killings, illegal imprisonment and confiscation of the
property of supporters of Haiti's constitutional government and insist
that Haiti's illegitimate "interim government" immediately cease its
persecution and put a stop to persecution by the thugs and murderers from sectors in their police force, from the paramilitaries, gangs and former soldiers;

3. Insist on the immediate release of all political prisoners in
Haitian jails, including Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, Interior Minister Privert
and other constitutional government officials and folksinger-activist Sò

4. Insist on the disarmament of the thugs, death squad leaders and
convicted human rights violators and their prosecution for all crimes committed during the attack on Haiti's elected government and support the rebuilding of Haiti's police force, ensuring that it excludes anyone who helped to overthrow the democratically elected government or who participated in other human rights violations;

5. Stop the indefinite detention and automatic repatriation of Haitian
refugees and immediately grant Temporary Protected Status to all
Haitian refugees presently in the United States until democracy is restored to Haiti; and

6. Support the calls by the OAS, CARICOM and the African Union for an
investigation into the circumstances of President Aristide's removal.
Support the enactment of Congresswoman Barbara Lee's T.R.U.T.H Act
which calls for U.S. Congressional investigation of the forcible removal of
the democratically elected President and government of Haiti.


Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!




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