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The Ezili Dantò Spoken Word Dance Theater
(The Premier Performance, Poetry, West African and Haitian Dance Company.)>

Ezili Dantò brings audiences vibrant performances that leave them with an understanding of Haiti's links to Africa and the African Diaspora and the tiny nation's major role as a model in the development of modern U.S. culture.

Ezili Dantò also provides: An Offering of Creative Performance and Educational Solutions through Dance, Theatre, and Writing Workshops.

Through dance, performance-poetry and creative writing for stage, The Ezili Dantò Spoken Word Dance Theatre brings their multicultural and dynamic life experiences to classroom students, audiences, special commemorations and cultural events. The curriculum models are adaptable for K-16 and beyond to teacher-in-services, diversity training, corporate training sessions for major corporations; to educational concert and workshop presentations for schools, community associations, forums and major universities. Whether using creative writing, Afro-Haitian dance or theatre, the custom-designed curriculum help students connect what they learn in school to real life experience.

Ezili Dantò presents historically based plays and true-life stories as steppingstones to learning critical thinking skills, problem-solving and creating compositions out of self-expression. Students and participants discover their own stories, explore personal vision and uniqueness. They learn to honor their experiences while building self-esteem.

Ezili Dantò's Spoken Word Dance Theater represents artists whose art is a way for them to empower, honor, respect and refer to their own culture for strength, abundance, self-reliance and expanded awareness and to publicize and promote their own ancestor's great contributions toward world harmony and liberty. The company entertains as well as brings to application, the commitment, community and compassion that was first displayed by the indomitable spirit of her African ancestors - the amalgamated African tribes who became Haitians in the land of the Taino/Arawaks. The artists with EziliDantò are representatives of the new Africans who created the first Republic in the Western Hemisphere; who wrote the first Constitution to expressly recognized the equality of men and women and of all peoples irrespective of race, color or creed; who were the first to legally abolish slavery (67 years before the US, 47 years before France), and, who created the Kreyol language and Vodun psychology that first synchronized the promise of the America's diverse peoples, and, therefore where the first settlers to apply creative and inclusive vision to actualize humane co-habitation, unity and order in the Western Hemisphere. Marguerite's company works to bring these ancestral visions to the forefront and to promote their application globally through law, dance, drama, poetry and creative writing.

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