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Company Profile

EziliDantÚ Spoken Word Theater Dance is an organization founded by Ezili DantÚ of HLLN in 2003, representing art educators, performance poets, dancers, choreographers, composers, musicians, cultural and human rights activists from Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean who are dedicated to the preservation of African and African rooted cultures through creative writing, performance poetry, theater, dance, choreography, music, song, cultural teach-in forums, tours, exhibits, workshops, camps, seminars and speaking engagements. Members have expertise in Haitian, Caribbean, African-American and African culture.

The programs range from corporate training sessions for major corporations; to educational concert and workshop presentations for schools, community associations, forums and major universities; to performances at world renowned venues such as, Carnegie Hall, the U.N., BAM, Krannert Center, New Jersey Center for Performance Arts, et al; to world dance and theater festivals; to special tours and camps such as the Haiti-America-Africa Project.

Our programs will soon be offered and available for private study and training in books, videos, cds and tapes. The Company's executive directors are Djedje Djedje-Gervais, David Laurent and Ezili DantÚ of HLLN.

Djedje Djedje-Gervais is an award winning dancer, choreographer, teacher and an expert on the West African dances and cultures. Originally from the Ivory Coast, he has been performing with world-renowned choreographer Ralph Lemon since 1997 in the Geography Trilogy and is on the master teaching roster and New England States Touring roster of the Connecticut Commission on the Arts. The New York Times wrote, Djedje Djedje-Gervais "is nothing if not dynamic..." Ezili DantÚ has been an Artist Fellow with the Urban Artist Initiative and for the Connecticut Commission on the Arts for over five years; an award winning playwright, a performance poet, entertainment attorney and civil, cultural and human rights activist/attorney for over 10 years. David Laurent is the Video and Technical Director for the Ezili DantÚ Spoken Word Dance Theater and the Ezili DantÚ Witness Project and has worked in the communications and television industry, for ABC, CBS, NBC and the NBA as a producer, cameraman and technical director.

All of the Ezili DantÚ artists and art educators work together in formats that allow for flexibility in programming. Check out our roster of artists and the many programs we offer. Inquiries and suggestions are most welcomed.

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Performance Poet/clips and slides
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Drumming/Writing Workshops;
West-African-Haitian Dance Troop; Ezili Danto's Bwa Kayiman Theater Dance play (Check open for new clips soon to come...)

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