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  Grant Asylum, Justice, Temporary Protected Status ("TPS"), Equal Treatment To Fleeing Haitian Refugees and Immigrants
Sept. 2008 - Hurricanes Fay, Gustav, Hanna to be followed by Ike, Josephine hammers Haiti - Situation dire, 170 killed, 250,000 stranded in floods, these storms combine may be more deadly than Hurricane Jeanne that killed over 3,000 in 2004 for already famine-hungry citizens... | Assist Haiti's Recovery Efforts by Granting TPS to Haitian nationals, halt deportations
Racial discrimination in access to nationality immigrant and refugee status is
a global problem for Haitians
Support Haitian Refugees Worldwide
Dominican Crackdown Leaves Children of Haitian Immigrants in Legal Limbo
At least 20 Haitians drown near the Bahamas
91 Haitians drown when Patrol Boat rammed them
Army Vet enters second week of hunger strike
Haiti won't accept convict from U.S.
American Dream Becomes Nightmare
Haitians gain Young Allies in Legal Battle
US Strips Citizenship from Haitian man
Dominican Republic refuses DR citizenship, Equal Treatment and Asylum to Haitians
Bahamas' Refuses Citizenship, Equal Treatment and Asylum to Haitians
Wrongful Detention of Haitians Raises Human Rights Concens
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See also, Breanking Sea Chains (from the play Red, Black & Moonlight) "........And the claws of another century unwinds. Everlasting Brother Number Two stands on his brother's faraway shore. He wants to break the chains. Mama dead, Papa dead, eldest brother dead, Sisterwoman dead, Granpapa's tomb full of memories' weeds - asylum, amnesty and justice denied his kind. And he trembles as he says goodbye......" See also: RBM Video Reel, Little Girl in the Yellow Sunday Dress, Capsized & Capsized (mp3 audio)
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