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All the Leaders in Site Soley Attend

No Security or UN Military NEEDED!!!

Photo Credits: Ezili Danto Witness Project
l'un des grand chef de Site Soley 
Ezili Danto's July 24, 2006 Note: Enfòmasyon Ezili Danto Witness Project geyen di ke Evens, a yon sertèn tan, te yon akolit de Labanyè.
Sitey Soley Wants Peace:

A truce and cease-fire was reached between the Boston section of Site Soley and the entire other 33 sectors of Site Soley after the death of Labanyè. All 34 sectors are united and want peace

Enfòmasyon Ezili Danto Witness Project geyen di ke Evens, a yon sertèn tan, te yon akolit de Labanyè. A truce and cease-fire was reached between the Boston section of Site Soley and the entire other 33 sectors of Site Soley after the death of Labanyè.

It is after this, having lost their chief death-gang terrorist/mercenary, Labanyè, whose death Latortue and Group 184 publicly mourned that Apaid, Baker and Boulos, Edwidge Lalanne and Stanley Lucas, et al, stepped up their pressure on the UN to militarily attack and destroy Site Soley. The Brazilian general in charge (Brazilian officer Lt. Gen. Urano Teixeira da Matta Bacellar), who publicly stated the problem in Site Soley was more social than criminal and refused to escalate militarily attacks on a civilian community, committed suicide after a meeting with Reginald Boulos and Group 184 leader/sweatshop kingpin, Andy Apaid, the night before where they were pressuring him to be more aggressive in Site Soley in order to "secure Haiti." (See UN commander dead in Haiti amid pressure from elite.)

In this case, "securing or stabilizing Haiti," to the virulent Group 184 opponents of the one-person-one-vote principle in Haiti basically means disenfranchising the masses and securing Haiti for Macoute political control by murdering off the leaders in Site Soley (Evens, General Toutou, Amaral, et al.) who oppose their ill-gotten political powers and UN/Haitian police-military killing proxies and powers. To justify the brutal incursions, crackdowns and escalate UN military operations into Site Soley, the Group 184 macoutes claim there are Columbian drug traffickers, Al Queda terrorist and victims of kidnappers hidden in Site Soley. Many wonder, first, how these kidnappers and foreign terrorists could actually enter Site Soley in the first place as the whole community is surrounded by UN troops and all the exits and entrances are sealed off. And secondly, what Colombian drug traffickers or rich kidnapping mafias ring folks would be doing hanging out in the tin shacks of Site Soley, without clean water, electricity, living on filth and garbage and with rotten corpes from UN bullets and sewage all flowing in the street at the same time? (See Ti Blan's interview and Drèd Wilmè: The "Bandit" King of Site Soley Speaks)

Ti Blan, who describes himself as grassroots leader/militant, like many such others, are lumped and labeled along with every other human and civil rights activist male in Site Soley as a "Lavalas gangster." To date, Site Soley, despite the slaughter of Drèd Wilmè, who united all 34 sectors of Site Soley and gained Evens and all the others as ally before his death, remains united. This cease fire within Site Soley to look outwards to Haiti's liberation only has allegedly held firm since Labanyè's death despite great and daily efforts to divide and conquer by the coup d'etat folks. The union is supported by the Site Soley 450,000(plus) population. And, since the lost of Bel Air, Matissan and other zones in Haiti's capital, through the unrelenting, first US Marine massacres of Bush Regime change political opponents, then UN/Latortue regime massacres, the union in Site Soley remains the most powerful people-united-resistance-force against the lost of Haiti's sovereignty, the illegal arrests and the UN occupation and slaughters of unarmed Haitian civilians. However, the moral poverty of the coup d'etat miscreants in three-piece suits is bottomless and they continue to pressure for the raising to the ground of the entire Site Soley community. The latest Washington "democracy" project missive against Site Soley, Haiti, panders to fear, and again, to the US "war against drugs and terrorism" and was just made, July 2006 by IRI's Stanley Lucas of the Remy-LUCAS-Jean-Rabel-massacre-fame. (On Stanley Lucas' lack of credility, see also the New York Times "Democracy Undone| Back Channels vs Democracy:Mixed US Signal Helped Tilt Haiti Toward Chaos" by Walt Bogdanich and Jenny Nordberg, January 29, 2006 and COHA's "The International Republican Institute: Promulgating Democracy of Another Variety", July 15, 2004)

Back in the days (1987) when big landowners like Stanley Lucas' family members were killing peasants at Jean Rabel, the mainstream media and the Duvalierist generally labeled-to-dismiss it as "killing communist." Today, the Duvalierist killings in Haiti are explained away under the pretext of "war against drugs, terrorism" or, the current favorite, "killing bandits" in Site Soley.

U.N. Disarmament, Demobilization, Reintegration (DDR) jobs, prison liberation and reintegration has generally been given only to those who welcomed and killed for the coup d'etat contingent. Only, for instance, to Lame Timanchèt (Georges Jean Yves, Gérard, aka Gwo Lombrik, Élifet aka Tête Calé, Ti Clody, Rudy, Joël, Eddy, Apoupann aka Colonel, Ronald Toussaint, Kiki , Rocky Rambo, and Cliska.); convicted Haitian terrorist and mass murderer, Louis Jodel Chanblain, or to U.S.-DEA-accused drug trafficker Guy Phillip, or to TiWil, or to police attaches allied with DDO/Renand Etienne (such as, Jean Yves 'Nason" Gerald, Narage 'Eleus' Laguerre, St. Gor 'Pèr Reklè' Cermond and Gwo Fanfan) or to the former demobilized soldiers. (See Lame Timanchèt: The DDR Fiasco and HLLN's Matters For an International Tribunal to Investigate.)
See also: "We are Not the Kidnappers"
Click on: The majority of Haiti's poor, even after more than two years of great repressions and UN occupation, still demand the return of President Aristide. But, the mainstream press, echoing the morally repugnant Haitian elite and Washington right-wing extremists in power, dismiss this as "gang members" only who are protesting the repressions and demanding the return to sovereignty. See the July 15, 2006 reports and Photos
If a truce and cease-fire was reached between the Boston section of Site
Soley and the entire other 33 sectors of Site Soley after the death of
Labanyè. All 34 sectors are united and want peace. Then why does Stanley Lucas and the Coup D'etat folks want the US to declare war on the people of Site Soley and categorize a police problem, a social problem as a military and terrorist issue??? Why is Alexi giving ultimatums to "gangs" mainly referring to the poor, outnumbered and outgunned Site Soley 4 and not Lame Timanchet or the deep pockets, Washington-connected, three-piece suited coup d'etat gangsters illegally importing arms and contrabands into Haiti, strumming chaos and violence under a political cover to cover up their rank thievery and heading and financing the major mafia kidnapping and drug dealing trafficking in Haiti? To further the criminalization of Haiti’s poor and pro-Lavalas and bind Haiti to an indefinite UN-military occupation of course.
Click on: "Haiti tells gangs to disarm or face death" and HLLN comments on Stanley Lucas' "Haiti’s “Hopeless” Youth Fertile Ground for Terrorists."
Click on: The International Destabilization of the Preval government and destruction of the Feb. 7, 2006 Haitian people's vote continues, July 21, 2006 |Translation of excerpts of a recorded July 20, 2006 Radio Levekampe Broadcast (Masner Beauplan show) direct from Haiti, Ezili Danto Witness Project, July 21, 2006 | Click on: Destabilizing Preval/Alexi - Listen to original Kreyol audio (Ale tande rapò 20 Jiye 2006 sa a an Kreyol ) Click on: Ti Blan - Videoclip interview, March 2,2006 (Video interview and English Transcript of Ti Blan Interview) Update-Oct. 06
March, 2007 Update: Evens arrested and tortured ;
Africa: In Solidarity with Site Soley by Jacques Depelchin, Allafrica.com, March 22, 2007;

April 19, 2007 Site Soley Update - Ti Blan and Evens Jeune arrested

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