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List of those who stole these last two years, MINUSTHA's raining bullets in Site Soley, Arrest Warrants issued for Lame Timanchèt suspects

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Both Lame Timanchèt and UN say their job in Haiti is to kill "bandits": The failures of the UN and Haitian Police Chief, Mario Andresol by Marguerite Laurent, Haitian Perspectives, July 21, 2006

Lame Timanchèt: The DDR Fiasco,
Ezili Danto Witness Project, July 19, 2006 (Matisan Video Clips - Clip 1 begging forgiveness, Clip2 - March 19, 2006 interview with Sason; Clip3 - Peace between Gran Ravine activists and the police would turn false as police-created Lame Timanchèt would 3-months later attack the Gran Ravine community, again

Gonaive Turmoil

Kreyol Audio

Another Illegal Arms Shipment


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Sason, from Gran Ravine, who reportedly now says he believes only in non-violence makes peace, March 19, 2006. But the men of Lame Timanchèt Attacked Gran Ravine again July 7, 2006
DDR Fiasco/ police & Sanson





Both Lame Timanchèt and UN say their job in Haiti is to kill "bandits": The failures of the UN and Haitian Police Chief, Mario Andresol by Marguerite Laurent, Haitian Perspectives, July 21, 2006
The Matisan Disarmament Fiasco. See Ezili Danto Witness
Project/Free Haiti Movement Photos and Video Clips: Clip 1 , Clip2 -Clip3


July 18, 2006 Ezili Danto Witness Project Reports: 1) President Preval is reported to be in possession of a list of politicians and media personalities who have participated in the conspiracy to destroy the country and received huge sums of aid money in the process. The rumors of his death may be to intimidate Preval/Alexi government into not pursuing these criminals and corrupt officials. 2) MINUSTHA's raining bullets in Site Soley and 3) Arrest Warrants have been issued for Lame Timanchèt suspects for the July 7, 2006 massacre in Gran Ravine Translation of excerpts of a July 18, 2006 Radio Levekampe Broadcast (Masner Beauplan show) Report direct from Haiti, Translated for the Ezili Danto Witness Project from Kreyol original into English by Frantz Jerome,
Ezili Danto Witness Project,
July 19, 2006

(July 18 Ezili Danto Witness Project Report - Listen to original Kreyol audio)


Haiti Correspondent: Yesterday in the afternoon around 4 o’clock, it started to rain bullets in Site Solèy. The MINUSTHA soldiers who set their base at the Site Solèy public market, the very market the soldiers had shot at, they took it as a base in Site Solèy. Yesterday afternoon, they shot nonstop, and were still at it around 8:30pm when our correspondent was having a phone conversation with Yves Gelin, one of Site Solèy’s leader of popular organizations, denouncing the UN soldiers’ attitude.

When asked exactly what happened? Yves Gelin said that "the soldiers were perched on the market’s rooftop and were shooting without rhyme or reason. When they smoke god knows what and are under the influence, they start shooting." According to Yves Gelin, Site Solèy inhabitants reported that 8 to 12 people had been wounded and were hospitalized at St
Catherine hospital. The people resent the soldiers’ attitude. Too many people have died in Site Solèy Mr. Gelin said and they would like the President and the head of government Mr. Alexis to sit with the international community’s representatives in order to redefine MINUSTHA’s role.

These past couple of weeks, no one knows exactly why but in the areas of Simon, Pele, Site Boston what is going on is similar to what is happening at the market. The new attitude of these soldiers should be noted. For now they are ready to shoot aiming at anyone around them as they patrol an area. The situation is truly complicated.

We must add that the Brazilian congress just issued a resolution asking their government to bring the entire Brazilian contingent home. They want all soldiers, even those attached to the UN mission to come home because the situation is deteriorating and the insecurity barometer is on the rise in Haiti. This decision is a reaction to the three Brazilian soldiers who were wounded; two of them are in grave condition and receiving medical attention in the Dominican Republic.

In the meantime, some Haitian legislators deplore their Brazilian counterparts precipitated action. The Haitian National Assembly members feel that such action is taken in haste, recalling that these soldiers had come to stabilize the country, to create a climate of security. Now, they feel that they themselves are not safe.

Could it be that Haiti is again facing an international conspiracy? Nonetheless, the almighty Security Council will decide the Brazilian soldiers’ fate in Haiti.

Lame Timanchèt

Turning our attention to another matter dominating the news, arrest warrants were issued for Lame Timanchèt members.

Martisan Arms Symbolically turned in to the authorities on March 19, 2006 as part of the partisan DDR. This, before Lame Timanchèt, who are not from Gran Ravin, Matisan, are said to have attacked Gran Ravine folks, on July 6, 2006, many in their sleep, slaughtering over 40 civilians in Gran Ravin, Matisan.

See Ezili Danto Witness Project video clip of Sanson, who is from Gran Ravin, begging many of the very people who would be slaughtered by Lame Timanchèt from Tibwa, et al, just a mere 3 months later for "forgiveness" for past violence and crimes. These Gran Ravine men now say they will give MINUSTHA and the Haitian police a chance to do the right thing, but some say they may be forced again to pick up arms in self-defense if Lame Timanchet is not brought to justice or continues to prey on the defenseless and innocent women, children and old men in their Gran Ravine community. (
See update, July 23, 2006)

Still, one wonders whether or not the police will arrest them.

Everyone knows the acts perpetrated by Lame Timanchèt in the country. It should be noted that Port-au-Prince prosecutor ordered an autopsy of all victims of their last massacre. As late as yesterday more bodies were being uncovered. Three corpses that were in an advanced state of decomposition were pulled out of the rubbles in Gran Ravin, bringing the toll higher.

The police should do all it can to control the situation, because Lame Timanchèt members do as they please. This army is “the offspring of the national police”. Some high-ranking officers in the National Police had created it. We promise that soon we will provide a list including all Lame Timanchèt members wreaking havoc in Gran Ravin, Matisan and Tibwa.


Now let’s move on to another dossier: kidnapping.

It creates many problems. Who will bring the solution? The areas that
we are about to name are hot spots for kidnapping. A couple was kidnapped yesterday in Delmas 31. The area of Petionville’s main cemetery. Around 5:30 yesterday afternoon, a citizen was kidnapped.

In the area of Drouillard, the center area, thugs kidnapped two young ladies and apparently the ransom request was quite high. The couple that came from the US, kidnapped out of a hotel in Arcahaie, is yet to be liberated. Neither the husband nor the wife because the kidnappers asked US$50,000.00 for their release.

We’ll remind people that this citizen along with his wife went to get two cars from St Marc’s customs. They thought that the driver who had
accompanied them could process the papers. But he was slow in taking care of bank deposits and other chores and by the time he was finished the state offices in St Marc were close. Instead of the driver bringing
these people straight to Port-au-Prince, he suggested a hotel in the area.

However the driver did not sleep in the same hotel. Well, minutes later armed kidnappers visited the hotel and left with the couple. Rumors have it that the driver is an accomplice of the captors. […inaudible]


Pillages of the Countries Resources: Rumor's about Rene Preval's health are to intimidate President Preval into covering-up the defacto regime's thievery of foreign aid monies.
[…] Rumors have been circulating that Rene Garcia Preval is dead. Well, the reason behind such rumors is clear. For many have a vested interest in intimidating the President. Any known member of the political class who had participated in a special commission or a few commissions, the de facto government these past two years had created more than 20 special commissions. These people are part of a list matching them to exorbitant sums of money. Well, the President of the country is in possession of this list now. Upon reviewing the list, the President became indignant when he realized how aid money had been looted.

The President hired a special accountant to prepare an accounting of the “special commissions” fiasco. Well, apparently many media personalities and political people are implicated in the destruction of the country for personal gain.

Destabalizing President Preval and PM Jacques E. Alexi

How will this list be presented to the general public? The President having ordered a detailed accounting of the affair, will they provide copies of that list to be read on the airwaves?

Well, we’ll say that the de facto regime would have already divulged this list, jam-packed of media and political personalities, to many carefully selected Internet sites and blogs. Nonetheless, according to our information, the report may surface in Le Moniteur, the government’s newspaper of record. Still, the President is in possession of this list of politicians and media personalities who have participated in the conspiracy to destroy the country and received huge sums of aid money in the process.

The list is alphabetized and apparently includes all actors of the plot to destroy Haiti. Let’s listen to a citizen offering his opinion on the list. Engineer Frank Adelson, the general secretary of the political party MOP, thinks that Gerard Latortue along with the politicians who destroyed the country ought to be extradited. It does not make sense that these guys destroyed the country the way they did. Mr. Adelson said that...

Recorded Field Interview:
Mr. Adelson: “…Latortue should be extradited, …extradited, in the face of the spectacle of the pillaging of the public resources. A veritable mess during these past two years… we heard the President of the USA say that massive aid to the tune of 1.2 billion dollars had been sent to Haiti… …the point is that President Preval must have Mr. Latortue extradited and he must arrest all of those who participated in the looting of the public money… you know I have friends… friends who were part of commissions. But this gang was ravaging the country and must be arrested so that they stop the destruction.

I live in this country and this morning, I am penniless. Do you know why? Because their gang has destroyed the country! They find a way to infiltrate the government… a government of thieves. Well, they take advantage of the situation to steal as well.

…many of them used their radio to wage a political struggle… I don’t think that Haiti is a pie to be shared… The country is not a pie… that is exactly what the white men think of us, as famished for crumbs, lusting after riches, a gang of scavengers. Viewing Haiti as a pie, at the drop of a hat, they are offering us the Prime Minister's position… Especially the USA… They had sent us Bazi. They had sent us Bazin, and now with the second coup they sent us Latortue.

Well, Latortue had to flee. He flew the coop. However, I as one responsible for a political party demand that he be extradited. He must be extradited so that he can give an account of the country’s money that disappeared. Over US$965,000,000.00, at least if he had taken 1,000,000.00 and left the rest, since every official seem to be making their million… I am not saying he took the entire US$965,000,000.00. But, as part of his share… he bought a lexus that he is using in Florida… on the account of Haitian people… President Preval must have him along with the others extradited so that they can come and give an explanation to the

Haiti Correspondent: This is MOP’s general secretary reacting. According to the engineer, he had the opportunity to see the alphabetized list and it is loaded with people matched with exorbitant sums of money given to people under the guise of special commissions. He says that he saw the name of many of his friends from the “political class” in the list.

According to our correspondent, we need look no further for an explanation of the rumors of the President’s death. The gang is restless, for they don’t know President Preval’s intentions. They don’t know what he will do with that list that details how these political actors used all kinds of subterfuge to “get their share.”

Included on the list is a head of a political party who at the last minute got 12,000,000.00 [Transcriber's Note: not sure whether its gourds or dollars]. He is on the list along with Boniface. Before long…though Mr. Adelson warned us against naming the gang. He said that if we name them like they call out the name of successful candidates at the Baccalaureate, we may as well dig our grave and buy a coffin. For the gang will not agree to having their name called out on the airwaves as pillagers of the country’s resources. Well anyway, though the engineer thinks we must proceed with care, we promise that once we find the list we will call the names out as if reporting successful participant at the Baccalaureate exams.

We also talked to Mr. Belizaire from KOREM, Konbit Rezistans Mas Yo, a militant with a long history of participation in the struggle, who says that he too has detailed information about the list. He thinks that it is blatant abuse. A crime, the way this gang of politicians used special commissions. At the National Palace, many were getting $20,000.00, $30,000.00, $40,000.00. Belizaire thinks it is scandalous. President Preval and Prime Minister Alexis must arrest this gang, according to Printemps Belizaire.

Recorded Field Interview:
Printemps Belizaire “… the ANMH media, that we’ve always renamed [inaudible]Haitian Mal-intentioned Association, the overwhelming majority of them, for the past two years, have had checks at Prime Minister's Latortue’s office, at the National Palace, at the Interior Ministry, at DGI, …Teleco. The airport had been taken over by these people… The ANMH journalists and their bosses who were getting paid to distort the news while the people were dying of misery, being massacred by the repression. The political sector… all of them, those who were at TELECO, those with director positions; this is the gang that pillaged… We guarantee that we will provide the list to be read on the airwaves, …As political militants, we say that same as Gasner Raymond, this journalists who denounced [inaudible] the little group of intellectuals, …[inaudible] …he was found dead [inaudible] …so that they know that their tax money that was sent here was pocketed by this gang.”

[Transcriber's Note: Sound quality of the more than 4 minutes statement is very poor. HLLN will try to technically clean up the audio and, if successful, update this report. Check this link again on our website.]

Haiti Correspondent: There you have it. Much debate is taking place. The totality of the political class is in crisis. President Preval has the list. However we will point out that when a leaf falls in water it does not drown right away. The gang is really in trouble.

Turmoil in Gonaives by Guy Philip's soldiers
Let’s move on to Artibonite, to Gonaives were the assailants continue to be a nuisance, pillaging stores and terrorizing people. The DDR commission president sent out an SOS to anyone in possession of guns to make a symbolic act to stop the bloodshed, to come and turn in their guns.

The president of the Disarmament Commission said, referring to a container of arms confiscated the other day, that there was no telling of the number of shipments that reached their destination and that the police does not know about. Something must be done about that…

END excerpt translated for the Ezili Danto Witness Project, May 18, 2006

The Disarmament Fiasco. This was taken March 19, 2006, for the Ezili Danto Witness Project at a public gathering. But on July 7, 2006 Lame Timanchèt, a group with reported connections to the coup d'etat police and forces massacred more than 40 civilians in Matisan, many while asleep- See Video Clips: Clip 1 , Clip2 -Clip3
also: Both Lame Timanchèt and UN say their job in Haiti is to kill "bandits": The failures of the UN and Haitian Police Chief, Mario Andresol by Marguerite Laurent, Haitian Perspectives, July 21, 2006 ************************

Kidnappings, once relatively rare in Haiti, became a daily occurence under Group 184/Latortue's corrupt reign and continues with its sadistic Ninjas, drugtraffickers, corrupt police officers and other ills exacerbated by the unconstitutional regime and their rule of the gun still in power with the social situation for the people untenable

Clashes between gangs, troops in Haiti, 2 killed

Fri Jul 21, 2006 1:29 AM BST184

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (Reuters) - Two gunmen were shot to death on Thursday as gangs continued to battle Haitian police and U.N. troops in the troubled Caribbean nation, authorities said.

The gunfights took place near the Cite Soleil slum not far from Haiti's international airport, the same area where several people died in gunfire on Wednesday.

"They (gunmen) attacked us. We returned fire and two were killed," said Frantz Lerebours, a spokesman for the Haitian police. "We are not going to surrender the country to bandits."

He said one police officer was wounded during the clashes. A U.N. spokeswoman said no peacekeepers were hurt.

Five people died on Wednesday in similar incidents. Four were killed in Port-au-Prince and a policeman was gunned down in the northern city of Gonaives.

Haiti suffered nearly two years of political and gang violence following the ouster of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in early 2004. U.N. peacekeeping troops were sent to restore security after Aristide was pushed from power by a bloody rebellion.

But the violence died down just before the poorest country in the Americas held new elections in February, when former Aristide ally Rene Preval won the presidency.

Authorities could offer no immediate explanation for the surge in gunfire and kidnappings in recent days. At least nine people were abducted on Wednesday, according to police sources and radio reports.

Two U.S. missionaries who had been abducted on Sunday were released on Thursday after a ransom was paid, authorities said.

FBI says 2 U.S. missionaries released by kidnappers in Haiti

By STEVENSON JACOBS / Associated Press

Two North Carolina missionaries kidnapped on their way to church in Haiti's capital were freed Thursday after their families paid an undisclosed ransom, the FBI said.

Tom Barron, a minister at the non-denominational Mustard Seed church, and congregation member William Eugene Seastrum were driving early Sunday when assailants stopped their car and dragged them away. Both missionaries are from High Point, N.C.

"They negotiated the amount and they were released," said Judy Orihuela, an FBI spokeswoman in Miami.
Barron said in a phone interview that he and Seastrum were not harmed, but he declined to discuss his ordeal.

"I've been able to talk with my family and for right now I'd like to not say anything until things settle down," he said.

The captors had initially sought $500,000 but lowered the demand to $100,000 during negotiations with the FBI, said Leslie Dallemand, chief of the U.N. peacekeeping mission's anti-kidnapping unit. Dallemand said the men were finally released for a ransom believed to be below $10,000.

In a statement released by the FBI, the men's families thanked the agency and others in Haiti and the U.S. for helping to secure their release. "We would like to thank all the people ... who worked to bring Tom and Bill home," they said.

Both men were preparing to return to the United States, the FBI said.

Separately, the FBI spokeswoman said another American, Charles Adams of Albany, N.Y., was released Thursday after a day in captivity when an undisclosed ransom was paid. Adams was in Haiti working on a water treatment project.

Also, a Haitian employee of the U.S. Embassy was kidnapped Wednesday and was still being held. The employee was driving in an embassy vehicle with diplomatic license plates at the time of the kidnapping, Orihuela said.

"We are very concerned about the welfare and well-being of this individual and call for his immediate release," said Ferial Saeed, an embassy spokeswoman.

Kidnappings, once relatively rare in Haiti, became an almost a daily occurrence after a bloody revolt toppled former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in February 2004. Kidnappings leveled off following the February election of President Rene Preval, but the problem has worsened again.

U.N. officials blame much of the kidnapping and other violence on well-armed gangs — some of which are loyal to Aristide and want Preval to allow the ousted president to return from exile in South Africa.
The United Nations, which has about 8,800 peacekeepers in the country, believes that much of the violence is aimed at destabilizing the new government, but Preval says drug traffickers, corrupt police and other criminals are behind the problem.

The special U.N. envoy to Haiti, Edmond Mulet, met with Preval on Wednesday and Thursday to discuss the deteriorating security climate, officials said.

It is unclear how long Barron and Seastrum had been in Haiti. Dallemand said the two were staying at a hotel in the Port-au-Prince neighborhood of Delmas, where many kidnappings occur.

Last month, Canadian missionary Ed Hughes was abducted from a rural town north of Port-au-Prince where he runs an orphanage. The 72-year-old was freed a week later after an undisclosed ransom was paid.

At least 29 people have been reported kidnapped in Haiti so far in July, about a third of them U.S. citizens, Dallemand said.

Last year, 43 Americans were kidnapped in Haiti, including three who were killed in attempted abductions, according to the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Two individuals from a well-known Haitian family are alleged to have participated in the kidnapping of a young girl from a wealthy family

Port-au-Prince, July 17, 2006 (AHP); Haitian police officers arrested an individual Friday who they say is linked to a kidnapping that took place on the runway of the Port-au-Prince international airport.

According to a source close to the Haitian National Police (PNH), the man who was arrested is Nicolas Coles. He was on board a flight about to depart to Canada.

The source said that there was not yet any tangible proof that Mr. Coles was directly involved in the kidnapping last week of the daughter of the owner of one of the largest supermarkets in the capital.
However, two days before the kidnapping, he reportedly told the brother of the young girl that his sister would be kidnapped.

And another young man from a well-known family named Carbonneau is allegedly the main person behind this kidnapping, which caused a great deal of anxiety in the capital and resulted in a large ransom reportedly being paid.

Another source said that the young Mr. Carbonneau was closely linked to a man named Jean-Michel, one of the most formidable members of the Ti Manchèt Army, the gang formed in 2005 under the interim regime and which has already carried out two massacres (August 2005 and July 2006) which left a total of some 40 people dead in the populist district of Grand'ravine (south of the capital).

A photo of the two men was reportedly found by the police.

"As for Nicolas Coles, he remains under police orders as investigators attempt to learn what information he had about the kidnapping in question, a senior police official told AHP, adding that it is yet further evidence that the kidnappers do not come solely from the deprived neighborhoods."

The police official also confirmed that the same individuals implicated in the massacre of August 2005 organized the violence last week that claimed the lives of more than 20 people including children.
He emphasized yet again that two of the most formidable bandits of the Ti Manchèt Army, including Jean Michel, were set free immediately after the 2005 massacre.

And the weapons that were provided to them by police officers who were collaborating with them are still in their possession.

At the same time, police officers who were kicked out of the force due to their participation in these violent incidents are said to be preparing to rejoin the Haitian National Police, according to this same source.

AHP July 17, 2006 2:40 PM

Wave of kidnappings leaves Haiti shaken
By STEVENSON JACOBS, Associated Press Writer
Sat Jul 22, 3:46 PM ET

A new rash of kidnappings has raised fears that well-armed, politically aligned street gangs are seeking to destabilize Haiti's new government, threatening U.N.-led efforts to restore security 2 1/2 years after a crippling revolt.

Others say the gangs are simply after cash and see kidnappings as a lucrative source of revenue to buy more arms and fuel other criminal enterprises in this impoverished country.

But most agree on one thing — the problem is getting worse.

It reached boiling point this week when scores of people — including three Americans — were snatched by gunmen in an unprecedented series of bold, daylight attacks in the capital of Port-au-Prince.

Almost no one has been spared — missionaries, employees of foreign embassies and Haitians rich and poor have fallen victim to the trend that has given Haiti the highest kidnapping rate in the Americas.

"We are beyond afraid," said Patrick Gadere, owner of ceramic tile factory that has been forced to close its warehouse because of violence and whose brother was abducted. "We've been shot at, robbed, kidnapped. We have no other way to make a living."

The kidnapping surge has destroyed a tense calm that prevailed since President Rene Preval took power in May, and prompted new criticism against the U.N. peacekeeping force sent to restore order after the 2004 revolt that toppled ex-president Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

At least 30 people have been kidnapped so far in July, about the same number for all of June, said Leslie Dallemand, chief of the U.N.'s anti-kidnapping unit in Haiti. The number is likely much higher because many families prefer to negotiate with kidnappers rather than notify police.

"I haven't had this high of volume since last year," when gangs went on a kidnapping spree before elections, Dallemand said.

Among the victims were three Americans, including two missionaries grabbed by gangsters on their way to church. All three were released unharmed Thursday after negotiations involving the FBI.

Charles Adams, a 70-year-old from Queensbury, N.Y., was working on a water treatment program. He was stuck in traffic, driving back from a meeting, when armed men ambushed his vehicle near the capital's international airport.
"All the sudden I looked up, doors were being ripped open and there were all these people with revolvers and long guns walking around. It was quite an awakening," said Adams, who was freed after a day without paying a ransom.
The abductions come amid sharply rising violence in the capital, including this month's slum massacre of 22 people. Police blamed the killings on warring gangs but have made no arrests.

U.N. and Haitian officials disagree on whether the recent violence is politically motivated.

The U.N. mission says the coordinated nature of the recent attacks suggest an attempt to stir chaos by the gangs, many of which are loyal to Aristide and are demanding his return from exile in South Africa.

"Their violence is motivated to draw attention to the government that they are dissatisfied," U.N. spokesman David Wimhurst said. "It obviously has a destabilizing effect."

But Preval insists the troubles are criminal — not political — acts by wanted fugitives, corrupt police and drug traffickers.

Members of Preval's Lespwa party and the business community are calling on the 8,800-strong U.N. peacekeeping mission to take a harder line against gangs.

"This is the first time in our country's history that we've had so many armed forces and yet we're still in this mess," said Gadere, the tile factory owner.

U.N. and police officials say they're doing all they can and blame Haiti's notoriously corrupt justice system for releasing suspected kidnappers and other criminal suspects who can afford bribes.

"We can't keep criminals off the streets if the courts keep letting them go," police chief Mario Andresol said.
Kidnappings were once rare in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The trend flourished after Aristide's departure but leveled off shortly after elections in February.

Foreigners have been particularly vulnerable because they fetch a higher ransom, usually around $10,000, compared to about half that for a Haitian.

Last year, 43 Americans were kidnapped in Haiti, including three who were killed in attempted abductions, according to the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs.

"We have agents down there almost constantly working kidnappings," said Judy Orihuela, an FBI special agent in Miami. "It's surpassed Colombia."

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Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!

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