UN Genocidal attacks on Unarmed people of Site Soley

UN "peacekeepers" attack Site Soley on Nov. 8 and Nov. 9, 2005, Flashpoints

“We’re Not Participating In Selections!”

Condemn Sham Elections in Haiti

Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!



Jordanian Soldiers take the life of women and girls getting water in Site Soley,
Ezili Danto Witness Project Report
(full report to come)

Taking The Chateau D'lo
Jordanian soldiers callously and without provocation attacked people in Site Soley at the water tower (Chato Dlo), the hightest point in Site Soley, to intimidate, the women and girls with fear, and, in order for a better vantage point to kill and cause mayhem.

The Haitians on the scene report to the Ezili Danto Witness Project that this Jordanian contingent has finished its rotation in Haiti and were scheduled to leave shortly. But, not before terrorizing, once more, the impoverished and weak-with-hunger-people of Sitey Soley, as revenge, the people believe, for a Jordanian soldier, who was killed, a bit outside the entrance of Site Soley some time ago.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2005, the Jordanian soldiers, with their mounted-cannon tanks, fired indiscriminately at the people as they were getting water in a military attempt to take over the only water castle that provides life to the 300,000 to 450,000 people of Site Soley.

The Haitian women and men protected the water tower with their very bodies and refused to allow the soldiers to take it over. Dozens are reported shot, point-blank and virtually execution-style directly by the UN soldiers who wouldn't let go of the macabre operation, until the Black blood flowed, and flowed.

The people interviewed by the Ezili Danto Witness Project reported that these Jordanian soldiers, were the very ones leading the UN contingent that attacked Site Soley on July 6, 2005, killing more than 60 Site Soley city residents. Apparently these Jordanian soldiers have a military "rep" to maintain as "urban warfare experts" and perhaps felt they had not sufficiently cowed and terrorized the Site Soley people by their assassination operation on July 6, 2005 that killed Site Soley community leader, Drèd Wilme. Thus, the people report, these Jordanian soldiers wanted a final shot at bringing down the courageous women and men of Site Soley to their knees.....by taking over, as a sign fo their FORCE, the only life giving asset they have left - the water tower built by President Aristide for the 300,000 to 450,000 people of Site Soley.

(Stay tuned for further detail and English translation of Kreyol report taken from eyewitnesses and injured interviewed direct from Haiti by the Ezili Danto Witness Project).

For immediate reference, Kreyol speakers may go to, one of HLLN's collaborators, Lakounewyork.com

Lakounewyork - November 8, 2005

Lakounewyork - November 9, 2005


Jean Ristil report (English translation to come, for November 8 and 9, 2005)

Listen to Kreyol report, direct from the streets of Haiti, on Lakounewyork.com for November 8, 2005 and November 9, 2005)

Lakounewyork - November 8, 2005

Lakounewyork - November 9, 2005


- HLLN's position of the sham elections
Standing on Truth, Living without Fear: HLLN's position on foreign-sponsored
elections under coup d'etat, dictatorship and occupation | Haitian
Perspectives by Marguerite Laurent, October 31, 2005

- HLLN's responds regarding position taken on sham elections,Windowsonhaiti
There are no free rides

- “We’re Not Participating In Selections!” Says Haitians in Haiti
(May 27, 2005) Ezili Danto Witness Project

- NY Fanmi Lavalas denounces Marc Bazin and his renegade Fanmi Lavalas acolytes

- Condemn Sham Elections in Haiti

“Be true to the highest within your soul and then allow yourself to be governed by no customs or conventionalities or arbitrary man-made rules that are not founded on principle.”
Ralph Waldo Trine


UN "peacekeepers" attack poor neighborhoods in the leadup to the staging of elections,
Dave Welsh, Haiti Action Committee

November 10, 2005

U.N. in Haiti Continues to Terrorize Cite Soleil

Listen to broadcast:

download broadcast (10.5 :

Flashpoints podcast :

06:00 minutes into broadcast: Attacks in Cite Soleil, Haiti: Dave
Welsh, Haiti Action Committee <http://www.haitiaction.net/> UN
"peacekeepers" attack poor neighborhoods in the leadup to the staging
of elections.

Transcript of Haiti segment:

Flashpoints Radio’s Nora Barrows-Friedman interviews Dave Welsh, Haiti Action Committee

The paltry coverage of the situation in Haiti these days mainly consists of speculation and U.S. response to the upcoming elections, which many people ion Haiti believe will be a total and complete sham. Meanwhile, vicious attacks on Haitians continue unabated by the United Nations forces and the death squads. Two days ago the Cite Soleil neighborhood in Port au Prince was attacked by the UN forces. Joining us to talk about this is Dave Welsh. Welsh, an activist with the Haiti Action Committee, just returned from a fact-finding delegation [to] Haiti. Dave Welsh, welcome back to Flashpoints.

It’s good to be here.

First of all, tell us what happened in Cite Soleil two
days ago, talk about these attacks by the UN so-called “peacekeeping”

Welsh: I was on the phone with a Haitian human rights worker yesterday (Wednesday, November 9th) and Tuesday, and he told us that there were three attacks that took place on Tuesday (November 10th).

One was at midnight at two in the morning, the second was at seven in the morning, and the third was at four in the afternoon. And these attacks were with tanks, with cannons mounted on them, and when I say they are tanks, they are armored personnel carriers, except they don’t have treads, so they are just like tanks otherwise. And they had helicopters also firing. The toll, according to this human rights worker was fifteen wounded and two dead. There was a young woman of
twenty-three, who was killed, and a man in his early forties was killed, and fifteen were wounded.

Then at nine o’clock, three people were arrested; this is in the Cite Soleil neighborhood, which is actually a city within a city; it has about 300,000 people who live there; there are thirty-four different neighborhoods in Cite Soleil, and the tanks were active in a number of them. There were two different tanks from Peru shooting in the direction of Bellecourl that is the Peruvian contingent that is a part of the so-called “peacekeeping” force in Port au Prince. There was another tank in the Boston neighborhood and another tank firing in the direction of Pele. The cannons from these tanks were issuing projectiles which, when they hit the ground, would explode and
anybody who was around there might very well get hit by shrapnel or explosive. The Red Cross came in after these attacks in a pickup carrying a Red Cross flag on it and a siren, and picked up the wounded and took them to St. Catherines hospital, where the Doctors Without Borders have set up shop. And there was one man who had
bullets in the head, at the time he wasn’t yet dead, and they took him there; I don’t know if he was the one that was killed or not. So, it’s a continuing assault on the poor neighborhoods. They come in there, people are being hit in their house, because a lot of these houses they are very flimsy, they are like shanties, they are made of
cardboard and tin and sometimes cement blocks. Some are hit in their house, some are hit on their way to work; some are coming home from work. So it is an assault on the civilian population; it is basically almost a genocidal assault. Flashpoints: Dave, of course this is all being whitewashed in the media, and you can hardly find a news report on this attack and ones similar to it. They are so focused right now on these sham elections. What is your assessment of how this bait and switch is playing out in

Well, I don’t have an on the ground information about the election; I just know that when we were there recently with the International Tribunal on Haiti; there was a Commission of Inquiry which was established by the Tribunal, and it was headed by Ramsey Clark and I and some other people were on it; we went down there together and witnessed testimony about the massacre on July 6th – the big massacre in Cite Soleil as well as other massacres in Bel Air and other popular neighborhoods. And while we were there we were told ‘how can you have an elections,’ this what the grassroots activists told us, ‘how can you have an election when they are going to the neighborhoods where the people live, shooting them up, and killing people, when the Lavalas Party leadership is in jail, when the head
of the Lavalas Party is in exile in South Africa, President Aristide, how can you have elections.’

President Aristide just issued a statement saying that at the time in the eighties when the anti-Apartheid movement was coming on strong but it was still very far from where it was in 1994, at that time Nelson Mandela, [along with] a lot of the other leadership was in jail, and their position was ‘how could we participate in elections?’ Aristide’s idea was how, in a situation like that, could the African Congress participate in elections when their leaders were being killed, when their people were being killed, when popular neighborhoods were being destroyed by the South African authorities at the time? So he basically drew an analogy. Today, he said, under these conditions, how can we have free and fair elections?

As you mentioned, you were in Haiti to investigate new evidence of that July 6th massacre. Remind us of the background of this day. What happened? Who carried it out? And the new evidence you uncovered.

Welsh: Well, it was the United Nations troops; there are about 7,800 UN troops in Haiti, and it’s under the command of a Brazilian general. They did relieve the General who was responsible for the July 6th massacre with another Brazilian general who, if anything, has a worse record. At that time, in the middle of the night, most of these attacks have taken place in the middle of the night although increasingly they are brazenly doing it in daytime too. These tanks and helicopters went in there shooting…Let me just give you a couple of examples of witnesses that we interviewed. There was a woman in her fifties said that at three A.M. everybody in the neighborhood woke up because…the UN troops were shooting; helicopters and tanks were shooting…She and her family ran from the bullets, and her pregnant daughter – because the bullets were entering their house, so they ran to try to escape – and the pregnant daughter got a bullet in the forehead and her two grown sons were shot in the back.

A lot of these people testified to us that the male bodies were being pulled into the tanks, but they were letting the female bodies and the children’s bodies stay there, and there was a lot of speculation that they were trying to do a line up of dead people, of dead men, to make sure that they got Dread Wilme, who was the community leader who they assassinated on that night. In fact, the houses where these people live were along the road and it’s a densely populated urban slum, so it’s not as if you have roads that vehicles can go on. It’s almost like a bidonville, is what it’s called in France, it is a shantytown, very similar to the bidonvilles that were established in the Parisian suburbs that are exploding right now that were established during and after the Algerian war for Independence. And some of the tactics that they were using then in the bidonvilles of Paris they are using today in Haiti. The home of Dread Wilme was in the middle of this area which is not accessible by road and they broke down the houses, like this woman’s house was broken down by a tank, and they broke through these houses and then they went through in the direction of Dread Wilme’s house. They wanted to get the body and establish that he was in fact dead. They also dropped explosives on his house, so I guess they were trying to get him one way or the other.

Now, the people of the neighborhood describe Dread Wilme as a protector, as someone, if you needed a little money, so you could pay to get your children’s uniforms or books so they could go to school; you could go to Wilme and he would try to help you out…So he was acting as an unofficial, people’s government official in there, in this neighborhood, but for the United Nations and the coup regime which is running things in Haiti, and the National Police, they describe him as a “bandit.” In fact they put wanted posters all over with his name on it and names of other popular leaders, as well as actual criminals, and put them up, basically encouraging people to
turn them in. So the difference between the way they describe Dread Wilme as a bandit, that’s what the United Nations general who was in charge of - this (Brazilian general), who was in charge of this operation - said ‘We got him, we got the bandit, we’re very pleased with the operation.’ And about fifty people were killed in that operation. There was a mass grave; the bodies were rotting, the people took the bodies and dragged them to a makeshift mass grave, because there was too much disease and smell.

What we’re going to do is – there’s already been one session of the Tribunal, which was held in Washington, D.C., and they took testimony, there’s going to be more testimony taken in Boston and we’re going to present what we learned from these different witnesses, and this is going to become part of the record. Already three commanders, people with command authority over these massacres, have been convicted, and a number of other people have been indicted, and one of the people convicted is the Brazilian General (Heleno Ribero) that was in charge on July 6th, and the intention is to take these to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, and a do a human rights prosecution. There’s going to be two more sessions of the Tribunal in Miami and New York, and then when it’s completed, then the case is going to be made to the International Criminal Court. This is happening live; this is happening practically every day, there’s some incident with the police or the UN shooting up this neighborhood so what we were investigating happening earlier in the year, is still going on, still going on with the encouragement and support of the United States government, the French government, the Canadian government, and Kofi Annan of the United Nations.



5-Points From the Democratic Base In Haiti speaking for self (since Haiti's Democratic Party Leaders are in Jail or in Exile)

5-points from the grassroots Lavalas Movement and party-base in Haiti in order for the majority and forces of peoples in Haiti they represent
to go to elections:

1. Liberation of all political prisoners including Father Gerald Jean-Juste who the Fanmi Lavalas grassroots-base in Haiti has chosen as their candidate for the presidency of Haiti.

2. The Latortue government must go.

3. The repression and killings in the popular neighborhoods must stop

4. Disarmament. Arms must be gone. There cannot be elections with all these arms on the streets (even those in the hands of the
"no-nationality" Haitian bourgeoisie, their "anti-poor" thug enforcers and former

5. President Aristide and all those in exile must be allowed to return to Haiti




Boycott Disney and the ABC Network
(Support HLLN's Campaign 5)

(in 1990)"...Haitians, through the ballot box, rebelled against their neocolonial status. They rebelled against a racist world economy that locked them into the role of producers instead of consumers. Under Aristide, they wanted to complete what they began in 1803 – joining the world community as equals. If Haiti, as the hemisphere’s poorest nation, was successful in escaping from their international debt and seizing control of their own destiny, it could prove to be as devastating to the global sweatshop economy as Haiti’s first revolution was to the slave trade.......

"...the new (US-imposed Miami) government also, as one of its first acts in office, cut Haiti’s minimum wage by 50%, from about $3.60 for a 12 hour day, down to $1.60. This is a big perk for Haitian-American Andre Apaid, owner of numerous Haitian garment manufacturing plants making cheap wares for American companies such as Disney, owner of the ABC network. ABC joined the US corporate media in selling this American citizen as a legitimate leader of Haiti’s “civil resistance” to the popular Aristide Government. "Our nasty little racist war in Haiti by Michaeli, NimN, June 7, 2004 | Source: http://coldtype.net/Grip.04.html
(Scroll down to 7 June 2004)

Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!

"When you make a choice, you mobilize vast human energies and resources which otherwise go untapped...........If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want and all that is left is a compromise." Robert Fritz


The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network's Appeal for international support on the People of Haiti's right to
self-respect, self-determination and self-defense

We Haitian democracy activists have taken on ourselves a great task. The Haitian people have been robbed again, not only of the wealth of our country, and not only of the lives and livelihoods of our countrymen, but of our sense of self-determination.

The very essence of being Haitian is the connection to those freedom fighters of the revolution who would not lie down and obey the men who claimed to be their masters. Today, Haiti is being ruled by a regime that was selected by foreign powers. The legitimate officials are in exile, in hiding, or in captivity.

All around, voices are telling us to suffer this indignity, to give up on our quest for self-governance, that somehow we are unfit to choose our own leaders or our own style of governance.

We utterly reject this pattern of thought. It is the mental slavery from which Bob Marley calls us to emancipate ourselves. For the average Haitian "This Song of Freedom" is truly all we have ever had. And now they want to take that too.

It is with this sense of insistence and urgency that we set forth our grievances and define our terms for reconciliation in the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Haiti Resolution. We ask that all Haitian democracy activists circulate this resolution, and address the issues and demands of the resolution to their own governments, and to the United Nations, which has the responsibility for protecting the right of self-determination. But most of all, we ask all solidarity groups who wish to sincerely help Haitians, to not just send their appeals to the UN, the US-installed government, the coup d'etat governments or Haiti Democracy Project's Timothy M. Carney. You're better off telling your next door neighbor about what they are not seeing on the conventional media about Haiti then simply telling the UN, US, Candadian officials (et al) what they already know and wish to hide behind the headlines. Kindly send appeals and background info to the MEDIA. Flood the U.S. local, national and international media with your concerns about the abuse, occupation, genocide and re-enslavement of the people of Haiti.

Remember letters of appeals to the media is a start, but political action, economic boycott and systemic and consistent public censure/exposure are essentially what pro-democracy Haitians are asking from solidarity groups. Please also do this by supporting our 7 Men Anpil Chay Pa Lou campaigns and boycotts.

The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Haiti Resolution:

1. Demand the return of constitutional rule to Haiti by restoring all
elected officials of all parties to their offices throughout the
country until the end of their mandates and another election is held, as
mandated by Haiti's Constitution;

2. Condemn the killings, illegal imprisonment and confiscation of the
property of supporters of Haiti's constitutional government and insist
that Haiti's illegitimate "interim government" immediately cease its
persecution and put a stop to persecution by the thugs and murderers from sectors in their police force, from the paramilitaries, gangs and former soldiers;

3. Insist on the immediate release of all political prisoners in
Haitian jails, including Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, Interior Minister Privert
and other constitutional government officials and folksinger-activist Sò

4. Insist on the disarmament of the thugs, death squad leaders and
convicted human rights violators and their prosecution for all crimes committed during the attack on Haiti's elected government and support the rebuilding of Haiti's police force, ensuring that it excludes anyone who helped to overthrow the democratically elected government or who participated in other human rights violations;

5. Stop the indefinite detention and automatic repatriation of Haitian
refugees and immediately grant Temporary Protected Status to all
Haitian refugees presently in the United States until democracy is restored to Haiti; and

6. Support the calls by the OAS, CARICOM and the African Union for an
investigation into the circumstances of President Aristide's removal.
Support the enactment of Congresswoman Barbara Lee's T.R.U.T.H Act
which calls for U.S. Congressional investigation of the forcible removal of
the democratically elected President and government of Haiti.


Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!




HLLN's controvesy
with Marine
US occupiers
Lt. Col. Dave Lapan faces off with the Network
Solidarity Day Pictures & Articles
May 18, 2005
Pictures and Articles Witness Project
Drèd Wilme, A Hero for the 21st Century


Pèralte Speaks!

Yvon Neptune's
Letter From Jail
April 20, 2005

(Kreyol & English)
Click photo for larger image
Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme - on "Wanted poster" of suspects wanted by the Haitian police.
Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme speaks:
Radio Lakou New York, April 4, 2005 interview with Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme

Crucifiction of
Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme,
a historical

Urgent Action:
Demand a Stop
to the Killings
in Cite Soleil

Sample letters &
Contact info

Denounce Canada's role in Haiti: Canadian officials Contact Infomation

Urge the Caribbean Community to stand firm in not recognizing the illegal Latortue regime:

Selected CARICOM Contacts
zilibutton Slide Show at the July 27, 2004 Haiti Forum Press Conference during the DNC in Boston honoring those who stand firm for Haiti and democracy; those who tell the truth about Haiti; Presenting the Haiti Resolution, and; remembering Haiti's revolutionary legacy in 2004 and all those who have lost life or liberty fighting against the Feb. 29, 2004 Coup d'etat and its consequences
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