Kidnapping: An arrest that deeply challenges the conventional wisdom

Complicite des proches des Victims


Kidnapper arrested linked to
wealthy families working with
DCPJ Director, Michael Licius
implicated in Kidnappings

Michael Lucius - Top Haitian police officer indicted for kidnapping
(Lucius resigns )


Last year, after another Lame
Timanchèt massacre,
wealthy Arab businessmen
Handal was arrested. Is there
a connection to the two k
idnappers just arrested linked to wealthy families working withLame Timanchèt arrested this year after the July 7 Timanchèt massacre?

Both Lame Timanchèt and UN say their job in Haiti is to kill "bandits": The failures of the UN and Haitian Police Chief, Mario Andresol

Lame Timanchèt: The DDR Fiasco,
Matisan Video Clips - Clip 1 begging forgiveness, Clip2 - interview with Sason; Clip3 - Peace turn false


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Expose the Lies
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Turning Haiti into a Penal colony
MOBILISATION DU 15 JUILLET 2006, Des organisations de base de Fanmi Lavalas












A former Finance Minister has been kidnapped in Port-au-Prince

Top Haitian coup d'etat Police Chief, Michael Lucius, accused and indicted of corruption, kidnappings and other crimes resigns

UN troops accuse of Child Sexual Abuse in Haiti

The UN Fails Haiti, Again




Kidnapping: An arrest that deeply challenges the conventional wisdom (An AHP editorial analysis)

AHP News - June 28, 2005
English translation (Unofficial)

The arrest last week in Port-au-Prince of a Haitian from a "good family" as a suspect in numerous kidnapping cases, often targeting foreigners, may well put an end to the stereotypical assumption that all the abduction plots are hatched in the impoverished populist districts.

As recently as last week, the pre-fabricated and ready-made story line was as follows: "kidnapped in Nazon, Pétion-ville, Cité Soleil or Thomassin, and headed for Bel-Air".

This story line, according to many observers, was designed first and foremost as a diversion and to mislead the investigators while it helps to justify and encourage the heavily-armed robust operations in the populist districts.

At the same time, elements of the international community have urged MINUSTAH to take a closer look, if the objective is indeed to combat violence and address the incidence of kidnappings.

Haitians have a two-part question to answer and a difficult but clear choice to be made.

Do you wish to continue to allow yourselves to be fooled and misled by people who tell you what you wish to hear, for example that the people responsible for all your misfortunes are people you have never liked...

Or, would you like to learn the full truth about the source of your misfortunes, even if those misfortunes might turn out to spring from a source within your own heart?

The June 23rd arrest in the hills of Thomassin of a man named Jerry Narcius, if that is in fact his real name, should help open a few eyes.

This arrest has caused a tremendous stir.

One immediately heard people urge the Haitian National Police (PNH) spokesperson to disclose the whole truth about this individual, for example, by revealing his full identity, as the police generally do
with other suspects.

People also asked that the suspect be turned over to the Haitian police and the Haitian justice authorities. Then, the next day, at the airport, the UN Mission was accused of wishing to remove Narcius from police custody because, some alleged, he is a UN employee.

However, in the opinion of sources close to MINUSTAH, the situation is not so simple.

In reality, the whole point was to succeed both in striking a blow at the UN Mission and in showing that MINUSTAH, which from this point forward will have full control of the status and recruiting of Haitian police officers, has as we say here, " grenn Zanno ka òfèv", or, in other words, is far from being as white as snow. Certainly not.

The UN Mission has denied allegations that Narcius was working for MINUSTAH, and also denied rumors that he is a Canadian citizen.

The UN force announced that it has decided to take charge of the case solely in order to protect Narcius, who is seen as an important element in the fight against kidnapping.

He is even suspected of involvement in the kidnapping of Montreal resident, Huguette Goulet.

According to reports, he may have already made some striking revelations that could implicate others from social circles similar to his own who are affiliated with other sectors... and not just any sectors.

As a consequence of these latest developments in the fight against kidnapping,

MINUSTAH has apparently now recognized the need to turn its attention also to the residential neighborhoods.

Several of these neighborhoods were examined with a fine-toothed comb last weekend by UN police from CIVPOL who in some cases went door-to-door looking for people who had been abducted, including the owner of a very large hotel in the capital.

This time, the PNH spokesperson is entitled to compliments for her recent statements regarding the multiplication of sectors involved in kidnapping.

Well-known and respected individuals, and even high- ranking Haitian police authorities are not to be excluded, she confided.

But there have been complaints in recent days about the fact that many of those arrested in connection with shady activity have been able to leave the country, while it is their subordinates who have been locked behind bars.

The arrest of Narcius, even if it doesn't cause all the masks to fall, will at least have allowed one thing to happen: to discover hypocrisy, bypass false leads and enable those who truly wish to end the violence in Haiti to move forward along the correct paths, those which lead to the sources.

At the same time, the decision by the UN Security Council to transfer control of the PNH to MINUSTAH has not triggered a lot of public comment from the interim government or the political community.

Privately, however, there are grumblings: "this is not what we were asking for"... "This is not what we were promised. They told us instead that they would get rid of 'a dictatorship' ", said one leader, who added "now there they go taking everything from us as if those who are governing us and our institutions are complete zeroes".

The host of a political broadcast last week denounced the indifference of the political leaders in response to what he considered to be an insult by the Security Council.

And now all of a sudden, the coming elections are destined to be " bouyi vide" (bogus).

That is what is called harvesting the bitter fruits of a foolish sowing.

French Original

Kidnapping: Une arrestation qui vient boulverser les données


L'arrestation la semaine dernière à Port-au-prince d'un citoyen haïtien de "bonne famille" pour implication présumée dans de nombreux cas de kidnapping notamment d'étrangers pourrait definitivement effacer le cliché qui veut que tous les cas d'enlèvements soient signés quartiers populaires.

Jusqu'à la semaine dernière, la formule toute faite à répeter était la suivante: "kidnapppé à Nazon, Pétion-ville, Cité Soleil ou Thomassin, direction Bel-Air".

Une formule, qui selon beaucoup, aurait pour vocation première de faire de la diversion, fourvoyer les enquêteurs et en même temps justifier et encourager les opérations musclées menées dans les quartiers populaires.

Cependant, des secteurs de la comunauté internationale ont fait savoir que la MINUSTHA devrait regarder aussi un peu plus près, si l'oobjectif est bien de combattre la violence et le phénomène du kidnapping.

Les haïtiens ont une double question à laquelle il leur faut trouver réponse et un choix difficile mais lucide à faire.

Voulez-vous continuer à vous laisser berner et induire en erreur par des gens qui vous disent des choses que vous souhaitez entendre comme par exemple:les responsables de tous vos malheurs sont des personnes que vous n'avez jamais aimés....
Ou voulez-vous connaitre toute la vérité sur l'origine de vos malheurs, même quand ces malheurs pourraientt être issus de votre sein même?

L'arrestation le 23 juin dans les hauteurs de Thomassin d'un certain Jerry Narcius, si c'est effectivement son nom, devrait contribuer à désiller les yeux de plus d''un.
Cette arrestation a provoqué tout un tollé.

On a tout de suite entendu des gens réclamer de la porte-parole de la PNH qu'elle dise toute la vérité sur cet individu, qu'elle révèle par exemple son identité, commme on le fait d'habitude pour les quidams.

On a réclamé que l'individu soit connfié à la police et à la justice Haïtienne. On a ensuite, le lendemain à l'Aéroport, accusé la mission onusiennne de vouloir soustraire le Narcius à la police parce qu'il serait un de ses employés.

Mais de l'avis de proches de la Minustha, la chose n'était pas aussi simple. En réalité, toute la question aurait été d'arriver à atteindre la Mission et du coup montrér que cettte institution qui a désormais tout contrôle sur le statut et le recrutement des policiers Haïtiens, a aussi comme on dit chez nous " grenn Zanno ka òfèv et serait donc loin d'être blanche comme neige. Mais certainement pas.

La Mission a rejeté les accusations selon lesquelles Narcius travaillerait pour elle de même que les rumeurs selon lesquelles il serait de nationalité Canadienne.

La force onusienne a fait savoir que si elle a décidé de prendre en main le dossier c'est uniquement pour protéger l'individu qui est désomais une pièce importante dans le cadre de la lutte contre kidnapping.

On le soupçonne même d'implication dans l'enlèvement de la Montréalaise, Huguette Goulet.

Selon les informations, il aurait même déjà fait des revélations qui pourraient conduire à des gens du même milieu que lui et issus d'autres secteurs.... pas n'importe lesquels.

Comme consequence de ces derniers dévelopements dans le dossier du kidnaping, la MINUSTHA aurait reconnu désormais la nécesité de regarder aussi en direction des quartiers résidentiels.

Plusieurs de ces quartiers ont été passés au peigne finle week-end dernier par des policiers de la CIVPOL qui ont fait dans certains cas du porte-à-porte à la recherche de personnes enlevées dont la propriétaire d'un très grand hôitel de la capitale.

La porte-parole de la PNH a droit cette fois à des compliments pour des déclations qu'elle a faites récemment autour de la multiciplicité de secteurs impliqués dans le kidnapping. Des gens connus pour respectables et même de hauts gradés de la PNH ne sont pas à exclure, avait-elle confié.

Mais on se plaint ces dernierrs jours du fait que beaucoup de ceux qui ont éte arrêtés en rapport avec des actions louches, ont pu quitter le pays, alors que ce sont des sulbalternes qui sont écroués.

L'arrestation de Narcius si elle ne fait pas tomber tous les masques, elle aura au moins permis une chose: découvrir l'hypocrisie, contourrner les faussses pistes et permettre à ceux qui veulent effectivement la fin de la violence en Haïti s'orienter vers les vraies pistes, celles qui mènent aux sources.

Parallèlement, la décision du conseil de sécurité de confier le contrôle de la police à la MINUSTHA n'a pas fait grand bruit officiellement du côté des autorités intérimaires et de la classe politique

Il y a toutefois, des bougonnements en privé: Ce n'est pas ce que nous avions demandé. Ce n'est pas non plus ce qui nous avait été promis. On nous avait plutôt dit qu'on nous débarasserait "d'une dictature", a dit un leader, ajoutant: voilà qu'on nous prend tout comme si ceux qui nous dirigent aujourd'hui et nos institutions seraient des nullités absolues.

L'animateur d'une émission politique a dénoncé ce week-end l'indifférence des leaders politiques face à ce qu'il considère comme un affront de la part du conseil de sécurité. Et du coup, les élections à venir ne peuvent être soudain que" bouyi vide" (bidon).

Volà qui s'appelle récolter les fruits amers d'une grande folie.




Several cases of kidnapping reported over the past few days have been facilitated due to the complicity of individuals close to the "victims" or by the "victims" themselves

Port-au-Prince, July 24, 2006 (AHP); A Haitian police source told AHP Monday that several kidnappings reported over the past few days in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area have been perpetrated with the collaboration of family members of the "victims" or others close to them.

The source said that in some cases the people who were abducted were accomplices in their own "abduction" in order to obtain payment of ransoms from which they would later benefit.

The police force explained that some cases have been documented in which a son, seeking to enrich himself, arranges to have his own father or another close relative kidnapped, or a fiancé has his own fiancée kidnapped and vice versa.

" We are not suggesting that all kidnapping cases are hoaxes, but several of them have been tied to complicity from within the family", said the source, who offered as an example the case of a young woman named Reyes, who is accused of having conspired with her own "kidnappers".

The young Nicolas Coles, who revealed information about a kidnapping that actually took place two days later was provisionally released, but his documents are still being held by the police.

With regard to that case, the police are said to be on the verge of making several arrests after having collected additional information, the police source told AHP, confirming once again that not all kidnappers come from deprived neighborhoods and that many young people from "good families" are letting themselves be drawn into this new industry.

Last weekend the Haitian police arrested several individuals including a former police officer inside a home set up to house kidnapping victims in the Pernier district of Port-au-Prince.

AHP July 24, 2006 2:00 PM


French Original:

AHP July 24, 2006

Plusieurs des cas de kidnapping enregistrés ces derniers jours ont bénéficié de la complicité de proches des "victimes" ou des "victimes" elles-mêmes

Port-au-Prince, 24 juillet 2006 (AHP) Plusieurs des cas de kidnapping enregistrés ces derneirs jours dans la région métropolitaine de Port-au-Prince ont été perpétrés avec la complicité de proches ou de membres des familles des "victimes", a indiqué lundi à l'AHP une source policière

Cette source a fait savoir que dans certains cas, les personnes enlevées sont complices de leur propre "enlèvement" pour faire payer des rançons dont
elles vont plus tard bénéficier.

La source policière a fait savoir qu'il a eté enregistré des cas où attire par l'appât de l'argent un fils a fait enlever son père ou un autre proche de la famile, alors qu'un fiancé faisait kidnapper sa fiancée et vice versa.

" Nous ne prétendons pas que tous les cas de kidnapping sont truqués mais plusieurs d'entre eux sont liés à des complicités familiales, a dit cette source qui a cité le cas de la jeune fille Reyes, accusée d'avoir été de mêche avec ses "kidnappeurs".

Le jeune Nicolas Coles qui avait révélé l'acte 2 jours avant qu'il se soit produit, a été libéré provisoirement, mais ses documents sont encore gardés par la police.

Dans le cadre de ce dossier, la police serait également sur le point de procéder à d'autres arrestations après avoir reccueilli de nouvelles données, a encore fait savoir cette source confirmant que tous les kidnappeurs ne sont pas issus de quartiers déshérités et que nombre de jeunes gens issus de "bonne famille" se laissent attirer par cette nouvelle industrie.

La police a procéde au cours du week-end derrnier à l'arrestation de plusieurs individus dont un ancien policier dans une maison pour kidnappés dans le quartier de Pernier à Port-au-Prince.

AHP 24 juillet 2006 2:00 PM



Kidnappings, once relatively rare in Haiti, became a daily occurence under Group 184/Latortue's corrupt reign and continues with its sadistic Ninjas, drugtraffickers, corrupt police officers and other ills exacerbated by the unconstitutional regime and their rule of the gun still in power with the social situation for the people untenable

Clashes between gangs, troops in Haiti, 2 killed

Fri Jul 21, 2006 1:29 AM BST184 | PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (Reuters)

FBI says 2 U.S. missionaries released by kidnappers in Haiti

07/21/2006 By STEVENSON JACOBS / Associated Press

Two individuals from a well-known Haitian family are alleged to have participated in the kidnapping of a young girl from a wealthy family| Port-au-Prince, July 17, 2006 (AHP)


Wave of kidnappings leaves Haiti shaken
By STEVENSON JACOBS, Associated Press Writer
Sat Jul 22, 3:46 PM ET

Michael Lucius - Top Haitian police officer indicted for kidnapping, Lucius resigns
Wyclef Visits Site Soley ( stands with Ti Blan, Amaral, and Evens - all recently summarily criminalized and condemned by the "Washington Democracy Project/Stanley Lucas)

See: Site Solèy Youth Activist say "We are not the ones who are the Kidnappers" Interviewed direct from Haiti, translated by Frantz Jerome, Ezili Danto Witness Project, May 22, 2006

Original Kreyol Audio of interview - "We are not the ones who are the kidnappers"

See also: A truce and cease fire was reached between the Boston section of Site Soley and the entire other 33 sectors of Site Soley after the death of Labanyè. All 34 sectors are united and want peace.

Posted on Thu, Aug. 03, 2006

Americans among those kidnapped for ransom in Haiti

New York Daily News
WASHINGTON - At least 80 Americans have been kidnapped in Haiti in the past year, including four murdered by thugs seeking big ransom payoffs, the New York Daily News has learned.

The victims, ranging in age from 2 to 70, were seized from cars, homes and even ripped from their beds amid a rash of abductions plaguing the impoverished Caribbean country.

Last year, 800 people, mostly Haitians, were kidnapped, according to U.S. officials. More than 60 were abducted in just the last two months.

Most of the Americans seized were released, but three were killed during kidnapping attempts and one was slain in June after the family paid a ransom, FBI officials said.
U.S. officials would not disclose the names of any victims, but Charles Adams of Queensbury, New York, was one.

Adams, 70, once owned an Albany TV station and sports teams but now works with the Rotary Club and nonprofit Pure Water for the World on clean-water projects.
On July 16, he and his Haitian driver were carjacked near the airport in the capital Port-au-Prince, where most abductions occur. Held in the Cite Soleil slum for a day, Adams was freed without paying any money - a first.

"The gang that had me was making between $30,000 to $50,000 a week in ransom," Adams said. "It's like catching fish. It's a big business."

The ransoms demanded vary - and often are unreasonable, given victims' finances - but families usually pay something, sources said.

"If they decide to pay, we provide them with counsel on how to negotiate with hostage-takers," Alejandro Barbeito, the FBI agent in charge of the Miami Extraterritorial Squad, told The News. "That's so they don't get taken for a ride."

None of the U.S. citizens taken hostage since early 2005 - including at least 35 reported this year - were kidnapped for political reasons, FBI officials said.

Barbeito advised U.S. citizens to "not draw attention to yourself" with flashy jewelry or cars. Missionaries are often targeted, and traveling alone at night and always driving the same route also makes visitors more vulnerable.

Gerard Latortue, who was Haiti's prime minister until June, said thugs often get tipped off about Americans with wealthy relatives from friends they've made locally.
"Sometimes Americans in Haiti are not careful enough," Latortue told The News.

Mark Schneider, a Haiti expert at the International Crisis Group think tank, said the spate of kidnappings began last year when corrupt cops realized Haiti's government and the UN weren't going to get rid of them.

"It just was another way to make money," Schneider said.
Eight Haitians turned over to U.S. authorities since last year have pleaded guilty to kidnapping.

They included three men who recently pleaded guilty to snatching a 9-year-old American girl from her bed and threatening to kill her if they didn't get ransom money. Two other men admitted in court they had kidnapped a 5-year-old boy and "threatened to cut him into pieces" unless they were paid $300,000, prosecutors said. Both children were rescued.
© 2006, New York Daily News.
Visit the Daily News online at http://www.nydailynews.com
Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services.

A summons may be issued to the head of the judicial police, according to sources close to the judiciary

Port-au-Prince, September 12, 2006 (AHP); Government prosecutor Claudy Gassant may be about to issue a summons to the Central Director of the Judicial Police (DCPJ), Michael Licius, at the request of investigating judge Napela Saintil, who has been looking into a case concerning Mr. Licius.

According to court sources, the DCPJ director and three other police officers are accused of having maintained, over the past two years of the interim government, good relations with a group of individuals accused of crimes such as kidnapping.

The alleged kidnappers are said to be attachés (violent police auxiliaries) who had police uniforms, weapons, ammunition and hoods in their possession and who also committed serious abuses in the populist districts of Port-au-Prince over the same period.

The investigating judge is believed to have photos and other documents proving the existence of relations between Licius and the attachés.

Moreover, the attachés reportedly testified about their connections to the director, according to the same sources, who also indicated that certain organizations were involved in negotiations to prevent the summons against Michael Licius from being issued.

The director of the judicial police reportedly refused on two earlier occasions to respond to a notification from Judge Napla Saintil.

AHP September 12, 2006 10:30 AM

Top Haitian police officer indicted for kidnapping
27 Oct. 26, 2006, Reuters, By Joseph Guyler Delva

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Oct 25 (Reuters) - One of Haiti's top police officers will face arrest if he does not turn himself in after his indictment for complicity in kidnappings, a prosecutor said on Wednesday.

Inspector-General Michael Lucius, head of the police agency that investigates kidnappings, has refused to appear before investigative Judge Napela Saintil, who issued warrants against him and two other police officers last month.

Lucius, who is barred from leaving the troubled Caribbean nation, has denied the allegations and said Saintil is biased against him.

Haiti's ill-trained police force was decimated by a violent rebellion that ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 2004. It has been unable to contain political and gang violence, despite the presence of thousands of U.N. peacekeeping troops sent to help with security after the rebellion.

Dozens of people have been kidnapped for ransom during the crime wave.

Prosecutor Claudy Gassant said Lucius must appear before the judge or he will face arrest.

"Our position is clear and firm," Gassant said. "Mr. Lucius has to comply with the judge's order or he will be arrested."

An investigative judge is forbidden by law from revealing details of an inquiry. But sources familiar with the case said jailed suspects and others had provided evidence that Lucius had aided kidnappers who claimed they were working for him.

"I can't understand that the judge wants to arrest me on the basis of false accusations brought by criminals I have arrested," Lucius, director of Haiti's Judicial Police, said recently.

Gassant and Police Chief Mario Andresol had deferred the execution of the warrants after Lucius decided to challenge Saintil's allegations before the Supreme Court. But the high court last week rejected Lucius' appeal, which obliges him to appear before Saintil.


Police Chief, Michael Lucius, accused of corruption, kidnappings and other crimes, resigns
(Note: There's no Haiti "Washington Democracy Project" outcry or protest tracts for Michael Lucius' arrest!)

Haitian police commander resigns after ignoring arrest warrant, AP | November 15, 2006

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti: A top Haitian police commander who has refused to appear before a judge to face a charge of involvement in kidnappings has resigned as head of his division, police said Wednesday.

Inspector General Michael Lucius, who led an office that investigates kidnappings and other serious crimes, quit his post Tuesday and will be transferred to another unit, police spokesman Frantz Lerebours said.

Last month, a judge indicted Lucius for allegedly conspiring with kidnappers and ordered his arrest. Lucius denied the charge and refused to surrender to authorities. He alleged that the judge, Napela Saintil, was biased against him — a charge Saintil denied.

Kidnappings for ransom flourished in the capital of Port-au-Prince after a February 2004 revolt ousted former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the impoverished Caribbean country's first democratically elected leader. Most of the crimes have been blamed on street gangs — including some loyal to Aristide — but corrupt police have also been implicated.

Lucius' refusal to answer the kidnapping charge has tested a weak justice
system already hobbled by corruption, chronic case backlogs and lack of funds.

He told reporters he stepped down to prevent his case from becoming "a handicap for the work of the legal and police institutions."

But Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis said the government asked Lucius to resign "so that justice can be restored to this case."

He said Saintil had also been removed from the case, opening the door for a new judge to be assigned."

This crisis has advanced sufficiently to oblige the government to intervene," Alexis told reporters.Reached for comment, Lucius said "it was my personal decision" to resign, but added that "maybe the government wanted me to take that decision.

"Earlier this week, Port-au-Prince prosecutor Claudy Gassant called Lucius a
"fugitive" and vowed to arrest him.Lucius said he's "ready to answer all the questions of the judicial system" now that a new judge will replace Saintil, whom he accused of seeking to discredit him on behalf of drug and arms traffickers and money launderers."

I think he has some people behind him. My position is difficult in that it gives me many, many enemies ... because I have some sensitive information," Lucius said by phone, declining to give details.

Saintil wasn't immediately available for comment.

The post held by Lucius has been marked by high turnover, with 10 people holding the position since it was created in 1997. Lucius was appointed to
the job in March 2004.


A former Finance Minister has been kidnapped in Port-au-Prince

Port-au-Prince, November 30, 2006 (AHP) - Fred Joseph, Minister of Finance and the Economy in the first government of René Préval (1996-2001), was abducted Wednesday evening in Port-au-Prince.

The former official was on his way home when he was seized by armed men and taken to an unknown destination.

As the news was announced, police patrols sealed off a number of streets in the capital, particularly in upper Delmas and Frères.
The investigations have not yet produced the desired results.

It appears that the kidnappers have made contact with Mr. Joseph's family and the vehicle in which he was traveling has reportedly been found.

In certain quarters close to the presidency, the kidnapping is seen as a message to President Préval, as he is known to be close to the former Finance Minister.
The people of Port-au-Prince are on a heightened state of alert since the killing of a young girl and child who were found dead in separate incidents after having been kidnapped.

Several sectors criticized Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis for having said that his government remains in favor of dialogue with those who possess illegal weapons.
It is a common practice in several countries to hold talks with armed men, often sponsored by the international community, in an effort to obtain peace.

Such is the case in the Ivory Coast.

Under the interim government of Gérard Latortue, Justice Minister Bernard Gousse had a meeting at his office with Louis Jodel Chamblin, who agreed to turn himself in to the justice authorities. Mr. Chamblin was formerly a head of the FRAPH paramilitary organization, which has been condemned for its role in the murders of hundreds of people during the military coup d'Etat of 1991.

Shortly after this meeting, Mr. Chamblin was released, an event which was of considerable concern to some human rights organizations but failed to trigger the slightest public outcry from a number of human rights organizations. The fact that convicted gang leader Jean Tatoune was allowed to remained at large similarly provoked no protest from these same human rights organizations.

The two men, Chamblin and Tatoune, were also accused of involvement in the killing of numerous police officers and civilians during the multi-headed movement to overthrow President Aristide in January and February 2004.

AHP November 30, 2006 11:40 PM

Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!

"When you make a choice, you mobilize vast human energies and resources which otherwise go untapped...........If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want and all that is left is a compromise." Robert Fritz

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