UN Jordanian Soldier rapes and brutally sodomize Haitian mother of five in Haiti

Jordanian Soldiers try to take over Site
Soley Water Tower, killing Haitian civilians

UN "peacekeepers" attack Site Soley on Nov. 8 and Nov. 9, 2005, Flashpoints

UN investigating allegation of rape by three Pakistanian soldiers

Three Pakistanian soldiers cleared of rape, UN says

UN says scores of peacekeepers have been ousted for sexual abuse

Condemn Sham Elections in Haiti

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(UN Faces More Accusation of Sexual Misconduct: Officials Acknowledge 'Swamp' of Problems and pledges Fixes Amid New Allegations inAfrica, Haiti...two Pakistani police were removed from Haiti last month after a local woman accused them of raping her at a banana farm outside Gonaives, U.N. officials said. A U.N. investigation dismissed the rape charge but expelled the Pakistanis for hiring a prostitute.)



UN Jordanian "peacekeeper" rapes and brutally sodomize Haitian mother of five in Haiti

Ezili Danto Witness Project Report, recorded on November 28, 2005

English transcription and Translation of Kreyol audio report by Frantz Jerome of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

See also: (Three Pakistanian soldiers cleared of rape, UN says and UN PEACEKEEPERS ACCUSED OF RAPE IN HAITI


Statement of Haitian mother of five, raped and sodomized by Jordanian Soldier "peacekeeping" in Haiti

Interview of Haitian mother in Haiti raped by Jordanian "Peacekeeper" on Saturday, November 26, 2005 - Interview conducted November 28, 2005, Ezili Danto Witness Project

English translation by Frantz Jerome

Ezili Danto Witness Project Correspondent in Haiti: ....Right now, very quickly, we will enter into another chapter, as we announced yesterday, (Sunday, Nov. 27, 2005) we enter into another chapter, an ugly affront, where amongst the United Nation’s soldiers, there is a Jordanian soldier who perpetrated a crime on a lady that was raped under strange circumstances ("lan Kondityon dwol"). This madam, a mother of five small children, she was miraculously saved, because she did not want to be gang raped by other soldiers, when this Jordanian left the little guard house("Ti Cay la") and went to get his other colleagues. She ran for dear life, cutting across incoming traffic. Let’s listen to the testimony given by this lady who is a victim by the hand of this Jordanian soldier who violated her, again, under strange circumstances.

Haitian Mother, (the rape victim):
[inaudible]I was going home. It was about 5 pm when I started to wait for a “tap-tap” to first drop me at the Cazeau station where I would transfer to another one to drop me by Kafou Drouya. When I got to the Cazeau station, I could not find transportation, so I decided to walk to [inaudible]. There I could only find “tap-taps” going down in the other direction. I waited, but no “tap-taps” were coming. I noticed two people going up the street and no one going down to [inaudible]. I decided to walk down towards [Drouya].. The streets were deserted. When I reached Drouya, I noticed only the white man’s armored vehicles to the right and I went across to the left, away from them. While walking along, I was startled by a Jordanian soldier. He ordered me to come to him. I obeyed and advance to him.

Interviewer: Around what time was this?

Haitian Mother: 7 o'clock

Interviewer: in the evening?

Haitian Mother: Yes, in the evening. When I went to him, knowing that they usually search people, I handed him my small bag ("ti sak la") I was carrying. He searched it. The bag contained: one jug of rice, two jars ("mamit") of black beans, a candle and my loan money ("kob eskont") to be paid back with interests ("se te yon kob eskont mwen t' al pran) that I had just collected that Saturday. (Editor's Note: Reporter later explains to Ezili Danto Witness Project that: "yon ponya" - are very high, usury rate loans usually borrowed from local loan sharks by Haiti's market women to conduct their market businesses. They're called "ponya" -as in "taking in a dagger" - in Haiti, because you're stabbing yourself, killing yourself with the interests to pay off the loan.)

Interviewer: How much money was in your bag?

Haitian Mother: H$2000.00 (approximately US$250.00) I collected Saturday, a loan for my business. I normally would have picked up the money on Monday but my children went to school and were sent back home for non-payment, so I got the loan in advance on Saturday [inaudible] and would use H$300.00 (approximately US$30.00) to pay my child's tuition that is overdue. When he finished looking through my little sack, he forced me into the little guardhouse.

Interviewer: Did he take the money?

Haitian Mother: I left the bag with him? I left it with him… When he entered the guardhouse with me, he pushed my head down. He squeezed my head down to sexually abuse me standing up. As I fought him off. He pushed to drop me to the floor. When he managed to force me by knocking me totally all the way to the floor. He sexually abused me - raped me - from the back, in the anus.

Interviewer: [inaudible] … in the part where you defecate?

Haitian Mother: Yes, and then he ordered: “stay there, stay there” and he exited the guardhouse. I figured that he went to get others that would use me. At the same time, I saw a “tap-tap” coming. So I rushed out and ran. I ran right in front of the “tap-tap”. Luckily the driver managed not to run me over. I left my sandals and the bag on the floor and I ran….....

Interviewer: Where did this happen?

Haitian Mother: Kafou Drouya.

On the National #1 road?

Haitian Mother: Yes!

Interviewer: You said it was about 7 pm. If you see the policemen who where in the area, can you ID them?

Haitian Mother: I will not recognize them because it is so dark and there was only one light on. It is very hard to see what’s going on…[inaudible]

Interviewer: You mean to tell me that a Jordanian policeman raped you
Saturday night?

Haitian Mother: Yes!

Interviewer: Saturday November 26?

Haitian Mother: November 26…

Interviewer: [inaudible] … What is your name?

Haitian Mother: My name is Marie-Rose Proceus.

Interviewer: Have you been to the hospital? Have you seen a doctor?

Haitian Mother: I have not seen a doctor yet. I have been walking around, walking around, walking around since this morning. I went to the police station and was told that I should go to the Jordanian base [inaudible]. I went there. I did not see the commander. The people I found there could not speak Kreyol and I was told to come back.

Interviewer: [inaudible]

Haitian Mother: I went to the police station in Delmas 33. I just came back from the Ministry of Women Affairs.

Interviewer: What did they tell you in the Women’s Ministry?

Haitian Mother: They gave me a paper… They gave me a paper…

They told you to go to the Human Rights Organization, that’s what I noticed they did.

Haitian Mother: Yes. They said that I should go to the human rights organizations and that the organizations would send me to the hospital.

Interviewer: They told you that the human rights organizations would send you to the hospital?

Haitian Mother: Yes!

Ezili Danto Witness Project Haitian Correspondent in Haiti :
There you have the statement made by Marie-Rose Proceus, the victim of a Jordanian soldier. She went to the Ministry of Women Affairs. One would expect the Ministry to accompany her in her hour of need.

Mrs. Adline Chancy* should have accompanied the victim. The old Haitian adage says that: "One woman's pain is every woman's pain." Yet, they merely gave her a referral to the human rights agency! In our opinion it is not dealing in good faith. Marie-Rose Proceus should normally have been seen by a doctor, in an effort to get forensic evidence on the Jordanian soldier's act of sodomy. This woman is suffering. She indicated her lower stomach is aching as well as intense pain in her anus. Because it is by invading her anus that this Jordanian soldier violated her.

We have also interviewed Louis St. Vil, Marie-Rose Proceus’ husband. Let's listen to what he has to say after the Jordanian soldier raped his wife.

Husband: These men found a way to be in the country. Now, they go as far as sexual abuse and sodomizing. I say that damages are due, for this criminal act, and Marie-Rose’s loan money is lost; money that she needs to pay school tuition, to pay rent.

This loan money must be restituted but also damages must be paid for there is a risk of AIDS. If she was to die, I have no mother for our children, ...no wife...[inaudible]

Interviewer: How many children do you have?

Husband: [inaudible]...We have five children... three boys and two girls in school, primary school...[inaudible, details about family]

Interviewer: Where do you live?

Husband:…National 1 Route...

Interviewer: Have you encouraged your wife to go to the hospital?

Husband: Basically that is what I am doing. This happened on Saturday. On Sunday we did not have the opportunity to seek medical help. However, first thing this Monday morning we went to the police station. We have been making the rounds and just came from the Women's Affairs Ministry and they gave us a referral for the human rights organization and that will be our next stop. We will hand the case over to them and we hope they will take care of it.

Ezili Danto Witness Project Correspondent in Haiti: There you have it, Louis St. Vil’s statement; the victim's Marie-Rose Proceus, his wife. Louis St. Vil, is the husband. As of this moment we do not have any reactions from the UN military high command to report. We would like to hear Juan Gabriel Valdez’s reaction on this Jordanian soldier’s behavior. We’ll recall that in Gonaïves, UN soldiers raped two young ladies in a banana field.

Though there were strong reactions at the time and that the case was forwarded to a judge, the judicial process never led to a resolution.

We also know that among the first cases is that of the girl coming from her 7th grade state exams. The UN soldiers raped her and she was covered with blood as a result of their “gang bang” session. The case got a lot of attention (strong reactions) hush-hush deals led to a cover-up where even some journalists got paid to “forever remain silent”. Renold George was one of the rare politicians to denounce this "betrayal of justice". The parents were also corrupted by the money distributed all
around and they ultimately dropped the case.

The proverbial jury is still out in the case of Marie-Rose Proceus who has been victimized and is suffering because of the savage penetration of this Jordanian soldier.


* Mrs. Adline Chancy heads the Ministry of Women Affairs

More To Come from the Ezili Danto Witness Project: Follow up interviews commissioned by the Ezili Danto Witness Project for Statements from the Jordanian Commander in Haiti, the UN human rights officials, the doctor's report, the human rights organizations who were referred this case by the Women's Ministry and comment requested from the Women's Ministry. In progress....for the next installment of the Ezili Danto Witness Project report on the injustices brought to Haiti when, in a second round at colonization, Bush, Paul Martin and Chirac oustered Haiti's democratically elected government, saddle Haiti with a Miami Administrator and call its interference in Haiti's autonomy; its greed, deceit and oppression - "progress," "democracy" and "development"....)

UN Peacekeepers in Haiti Cleared of Rape

February 25, 2005 - (AP) Three Pakistani peacekeepers working as UN peacekeepers in Haiti have been cleared of allegations that they raped a woman on a banana plantation, a top UN official said on Wednesday.

An investigation by the UN and Haitian police concluded that the men paid for consensual sex, said Jean Lafaille, commander of the UN police unit in the central city of Gonaives, where the 23 year-old woman was allegedly raped.

"We've concluded that there was no crime, though internal rules about prostitution were broken," said Lafaille. UN regulations forbid solicitation.

It was unclear what other penalties the men could face, said Damian Onses-Cardona, spokesman for the 7,400-member peacekeeping force.

Calls to UN headquarters in New York were not immediately returned.

Lafaille said the investigation began when locals told UN peacekeepers they had seen two of the men engaging in sexual acts with the woman in a banana field on February 18. The third man was present but didn't engage in the sexual act, Lafaille said.

When interviewed by police and UN inspectors, the woman acknowledged she had been paid for the sex, Lafaille said. Attempts to reach the woman were unsuccessful.
The investigation comes as the United Nations investigates sexual abuse allegations in a handful of countries around the world. The most notable case is Congo, where 150 allegations of sexual abuse include rape, paedophilia, and solicitation.

The United Nations has 64,000 troops serving in 16 peacekeeping missions around the world.


UN investigating allegation of rape in Haiti by three UN Pakistani peacekeepers

February 23, 2005 - (Reuters) The United Nations is investigating allegations that three Pakistani policemen raped a woman in Haiti while deployed on a U.N. stabilization mission, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

The probe comes shortly after the United Nations reported widespread abuse of women by U.N. peacekeeping soldiers in Congo, which led the international body this month to ban its peacekeepers from having sex with Congolese.

The U.N. mission in Haiti, known as MINUSTAH, began ``a very urgent inquiry'' last week, spokesman Damian Onses-Cardona said.

A preliminary investigation indicated the incident involved consensual sex for pay, the mission said in a statement.

``The young lady acknowledged her consent and negotiated through a third person about the sum to pay in exchange,'' the statement said.

The 23-year-old woman, who lives near the northern city of Gonaives, told local radio journalists the peacekeepers used another woman to lure her to a banana plantation with a promise of new clothing, and took turns raping her there on Friday.

``The foreigners grabbed and pulled my pants, had me lie on the ground and then raped me,'' she told the radio stations.

Two of the accused were removed from their posts and could face legal and disciplinary measures if the rape allegations are confirmed during the investigation, which continues, the U.N. mission said. The third was present but did not participate, Onses-Cardona said.

``What I can say is that there will be zero tolerance against those at fault,'' he said.

``The MINUSTAH and the United Nations take this case very seriously.''

U.N. regulations for soldiers usually forbid sex with anyone under 18 years of age and forbid forced prostitution.

The United Nations sent peacekeepers to Haiti to help stabilize the nation after President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was ousted during a bloody rebellion a year ago. The Brazilian-led force is currently comprised of 6,000 troops from 20 nations and 1,400 civilian police from 34 nations.


U.N. Faces More Accusations of Sexual Misconduct
Officials Acknowledge 'Swamp' of Problems and Pledge Fixes Amid New Allegations in Africa, Haiti
By Colum Lynch, Washington Post Staff Writer. Sunday, March 13, 2005; Page A22

UNITED NATIONS -- The United Nations is facing new allegations of sexual misconduct by U.N. personnel in Burundi, Haiti, Liberia and elsewhere, which is complicating the organization's efforts to contain a sexual abuse scandal that has tarnished its Nobel Prize-winning peacekeepers in Congo.

The allegations indicate that a series of measures the United Nations has taken in recent years have failed to eliminate a culture of sexual permissiveness that has plagued its far-flung peacekeeping operations over the last 12 years. But senior U.N. officials say they have signaled their seriousness by imposing new reforms and forcing senior U.N. military commanders and officials to step down if they do not curb such practices.

"The blue helmet has become black and blue through self-inflicted wounds," Jane Holl Lute, a senior U.N. peacekeeping official who heads a U.N. task force on sexual exploitation, told a congressional committee investigating allegations that U.N. personnel participated in rape, prostitution and pedophilia in Congo. "We will not sit still until the luster of that blue helmet is restored."

The reports of sexual abuse have come from U.N. officials, internal U.N. documents, and local and international human rights organizations that have tracked the issue. Some U.N. officials and outside observers say there have been cases of abuse in almost every U.N. mission, including operations in Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Kosovo.

"This is a problem in every mission around the world," said Sarah Martin, an expert on the subject at Refugees International who recently conducted investigations into misconduct by U.N. peacekeepers in Haiti and Liberia. "If you don't have a strict code of discipline, accountability and transparency in the process, then you're going to continue to have a problem."

Peacekeepers in several Liberian communities routinely engage in sex with girls, according to an internal U.N. letter obtained by The Washington Post. In the town of Gbarnga, peacekeepers were seen patronizing a club called Little Lagos, "where girls as young as 12 years of age are engaged in prostitution, forced into sex acts and sometimes photographed by U.N. peacekeepers in exchange for $10 or food or other commodities," according to the letter, which a representative of the U.N. Children's Fund (UNICEF) wrote Feb. 8 to the mission's second-ranking official.

The letter also stated that community leaders in the town of Robertsport have accused Namibian peacekeepers there of "using administrative building premises and the surrounding bush to undertake sex acts with girls between the age of 12-17."
The letter said the U.N. peacekeeping mission had failed to address some misconduct reports. In response, the U.N. special representative in Liberia, Jacques Klein, ordered an investigation, according to an internal U.N. memo dated Feb. 18. U.N.

Deputy Secretary General Louise Frechette, meanwhile, traveled this month to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast to urge the missions' leadership to crack down on sexual misconduct.

The United Nations also opened an investigation earlier this month into allegations of sexual abuse of minors by U.N. troops in the Central African country of Burundi. "Over the past few weeks I have learned to my deep regret that, despite firm instructions to the contrary, some staff members continue to indulge in unacceptable and potentially illegal behavior," Carolyn McKaskie, the senior U.N. representative, wrote in a March 10 internal memo to members of the U.N. mission.

Lute said the U.N. peacekeeping department has ordered an internal review of its policies for combating sexual exploitation among the nearly 80,000 peacekeepers in all 17 U.N. peacekeeping missions around the world. They are also pressing countries that contribute peacekeepers to prosecute those accused of crimes in special courts-martial in the countries where they are accused.

"We have violated our duty for care, and we need to fix that problem," Lute said in a recent interview. "We're shining a light here, and it's not a pretty picture. But when you're in the swamp, the only way out of the swamp is through the swamp."

Pamela Shifman, a UNICEF expert on sexual exploitation of children, said abuses are pervasive among U.N. peacekeepers deployed in countries that have been afflicted by grinding poverty and years of conflict. But, she said, "It is not inevitable. That's a really important message -- that we can address impunity. We can address accountability."

Martin, of Refugees International, said the degree of military discipline varies from mission to mission. In Liberia, she said, uniformed U.N. peacekeepers and U.N. civilians openly frequent brothels in marked U.N. vehicles. She also noted that some contingents, including the Namibians, are encamped in local villages, placing them in direct contact with locals.

In Haiti, she said, soldiers from Chile, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Peru "lived in walled compounds with gates, and they are not able to go out at night; they are under strict curfew."

Still, two Pakistani police were removed from Haiti last month after a local woman accused them of raping her at a banana farm outside Gonaives, U.N. officials said. A U.N. investigation dismissed the rape charge but expelled the Pakistanis for hiring a prostitute.

In September a Brazilian peacekeeper was accused of raping a minor in Port-au-Prince, Martin said. The United Nations concluded there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the peacekeeper, she said.

Sexual abuse scandals have shadowed the United Nations since the early 1990s, when U.N. peacekeepers in Cambodia were charged with sexually abusing girls. At the time, the U.N.'s top official in Cambodia, Yasushi Akashi, played down the gravity of the allegations, saying, "Boys will be boys."

Human rights investigators and journalists documented widespread abuses in 2001 in Kosovo and Bosnia, where U.N. police operated brothels and trafficked women from Eastern Europe to engage in prostitution.

A U.N. spokesman in Kosovo, Neeraj Singh, said a series of reforms had curtailed such abuses. But Singh confirmed that a Pakistani staff member in the office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, Rashid Doon Khan, was arrested in Kosovo on Jan. 28 by an international prosecutor in Kosovo pending a pretrial investigation that "relates to sexual and narcotics-related charges involving minors."

Singh declined to provide further details. An attorney for Khan, Tome Gashi, declined to comment on the charges.

© 2005 The Washington Post Company

U.N. Says Scores Of Peacekeepers Ousted for Abuse

Associated Press| Friday, December 1, 2006; A23

UNITED NATIONS, Nov. 30 -- Nearly 180 soldiers, civilians and police officers in U.N. peacekeeping missions have been targeted for disciplinary action for sexual abuse since the beginning of 2004, the chief U.N. spokesman said Thursday.

Despite the U.N.'s "zero tolerance," said Stephane Dujarric, "acts of sexual exploitation and abuse by U.N. peacekeeping personnel continue to occur."

Since January 2004, the United Nations has investigated 319 peacekeeping personnel in all U.N. missions, Dujarric said.

"These resulted in the summary dismissal of 18 civilians and the repatriation on disciplinary grounds of 17 police and 144 military personnel," he said.

The U.N. peacekeeping department's conduct and discipline team reported that since it was established in 2005, its list of peacekeepers repatriated on disciplinary grounds for sexual exploitation and abuse includes 12 peacekeepers from Nepal, 7 from Uruguay, 4 from Nigeria, 4 from Senegal, 2 from Benin, 2 from Ethiopia, 2 from Togo and 1 each from France, Ghana, India, Niger and South Africa.

Dujarric was responding to a BBC report that said children had been subjected to rape and prostitution by U.N. peacekeepers in Haiti and Liberia. The BBC said girls told of regular encounters with soldiers who demanded sex in return for food or money.

The specific case mentioned in Haiti took place in November 2004, Dujarric said, adding that the allegations were not upheld by two U.N. investigations. The incident in Liberia reportedly took place on Nov. 15, but Dujarric said the U.N. mission in Liberia had received no report in the last two months of any cases involving minors.

The U.N. peacekeeping department instituted the zero tolerance policy last year following an investigation that found that peacekeepers in Congo had sex with women and girls, usually in exchange for food or small sums of money.


Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it:
See, the first US occupation and administration of Haiti and how, then too, President Wilson of the US called the US. marines exploits on behalf of New York bankers and multinationals, an exercize in "civilizing" and "developing" the "corrupt,," "failed" and "inept" blacks of Haiti....
Charlemagne Pèralte Speaks!

- Inquiry into Occupation and Administration of Haiti," The U.S. Senate Investigates the Haitian Occupation interview Haitians about marine conduct in the guerrilla war against Haitian resistance.

- ******************
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"...the new (US-imposed Miami) government also, as one of its first acts in office, cut Haiti’s minimum wage by 50%, from about $3.60 for a 12 hour day, down to $1.60. This is a big perk for Haitian-American Andre Apaid, owner of numerous Haitian garment manufacturing plants making cheap wares for American companies such as Disney, owner of the ABC network. ABC joined the US corporate media in selling this American citizen as a legitimate leader of Haiti’s “civil resistance” to the popular Aristide Government. "Our nasty little racist war in Haiti by Michael I. Niman, June 7, 2004 | Source: http://coldtype.net/Grip.04.html
(Scroll down to 7 June 2004)

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Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!




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