Gran Ravine Massacre by Lame Timanchet on July 7, 2006
Ezili Danto Witness Project

AUMOHD's Preliminary Report on July 7, 2006 Gran Ravine Massacre

Lame Timanchèt: The DDR Fiasco,
Ezili Danto Witness Project, July 19, 2006 (Matisan Video Clips - Clip 1 begging forgiveness, Clip2 - March 19, 2006 interview with Sason; Clip3 - Peace between Gran Ravine activists and the police would turn false as police-created Lame Timanchèt would 3-months later attack the Gran Ravine community, again


Gang Killings May be Political
Minustha Actions

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Gonaive turmoil

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Another Illegal Arms Shipment


Civil Servants Protest Lay Offs
by AHP July 10, 2006


Dessalines Is Rising!!
Ayisyen: You Are Not Alone!

Turning Haiti into a Penal colony












Ale tande rapò a an Kreyol: Zam elegal pou mesye koudeta yo ki dekouvri lan ladwan






Gran Ravine Massacre by Lame Timanchet on July 7, 2006

Translation of excerpts of a July 12, 2006 Radio Levekampe Broadcast (Masner Beauplan show) from Kreyol original into English by Frantz Jerome, Ezili Danto Witness Project, July 12, 2006

(Another Gran Ravin massacre - Listen to original Kreyol audio)



HLLN's Haiti Correspondent:".... Very quickly let's move on to another important news story. Gran Ravin.

How is the story developing? Is it a purely political act?

Well, it is clear that political hands are pulling strings. Nonetheless, was it at the beginning a settlement of personal business? It is clear that political, business and private sector people have manipulated the situation... [inaudible]

But at the beginning, when the situation started to deteriorate, it was a settlement of scores between people in Gran Ravin, Ti Bwa and Matisan and Lame Ti Manchèt led by Rudy. Rudy's wife having lost her life, Rudy became enraged.

As leader of Lame Timanchèt, Rudy gathered his team and moved on Gran
Ravin, wreaking havoc. Up to now, bodies are still being discovered.

According to MINUSTHA authorities, yesterday many more bodies were
uncovered. According to Edmond Mulet (Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General to Haiti,) these dishonorable acts are condemned.

Mr. Mulet continued by saying that the government, the police and MINUSTHA had an important role to play in curbing such acts. The United Nations, MINUSTHA announced that as many as 20 people, many of them being children had lost their lives... [inaudible] How they can play an important role and yesterday again they started to uncover more bodies."

Recorded Field Inteview:

Community Witness:
Yesterday we found a house out of which the stench
was beginning to rise. Upon opening the house we found three more bodies. From thirty-five, it went to thirty-eight. Even the thirty-eight number we know is inaccurate since we know someone who lost his mother and on his way to get a tap-tap to inform relatives in his hometown, the Lame Timanchèt thugs murdered him as well, in Matisan, they cut him up.

And the Lame Timanchèt members are on the prowl, since fear has the area deserted, for no one is protecting life in the area. The government has done nothing to arrest the bandits.

Haiti Correspondent: Who are the bandits?

Community Witness: We know some of them.
Jeanjean, Apopan, [inaudible],
Rudy, Gerard,
Elifèt who had been arrested and was released (by the coup d'etat authorities in charge). All these bandits are at the root. They have all the [inaudible] contacts. They circulate freely and their machetes has the PNH (Haitian National Police) inscription on them. We will provide machetes to the press, in support of our statement.

Haiti Correspondent: You have seen this inscription?

Community Witness:
Yes, we have the evidence (of police involvement with Lame Timanchet) since we are in possession of some of the machetes (with PNH - Haitian National Police inscription on them.)

Haiti Correspondent:
They left machetes behind?

Community Witness:
We have some of their machetes with the inscription PNH. And we will schedule a press conference to present the PNH inscribed machetes to the press. We are also calling on the international community to say their piece, because we are running out of options. The population says that things are untenable.

Haiti Correspondent: Do you have names of politicians or private citizens who may be implicated in these events?

Community Witness: Yes, we have names.

Haiti Correspondent: Can you present them?

Community Witness: You have for example Kplim whose chief of security who lives at Bèy, took an M-14 from ONA (equivalent of Social Security administration) to bring to these bandits. You have Danny Toussaint who sent an HKG3 to them. You have Apaid who sent approximately 35,000.00 Haitian dollars to these people, which signifies that the political sector is implicated in this. It is not a simple case. This massacre of the people is their massacre... (inaudible, too fast to make out).

Haiti Correspondent: The ONA security agent may be involved without implicating Kplim?

Community Witness: Yes. it implicates Kplim. He is from Kplim's party and campaigned for him in this area during the last elections? It's their deception...

Haiti Correspondent: Kplim may not even know that he has given the weapon?

Community Witness: He must be aware because these guys are very close to Kplim. They are very close to Danny Toussaint and they are very close to Apaid in their quest to destabilize the area. You know that this area is a densely populated area, numbering nearly half-a-million. These guys need to control the area and they will never succeed, unless they kill every member of the population.

We want [inaudible] the government and the international community to listen when we say that we are peaceful. However, if they do nothing about this situation, when the population returns home they will take matters into their own hands and mobilize to give themselves justice. Because, the we see that no one is trying to help us.

(End of recorded field interview)

HLLN Haiti Correspondent: There you have it. You can understand the reality. If nothing is done, the population will give itself justice, and that is in Gran Ravin.

However, the men from Matisan [inaudible] they say that if the government does not act on their case, they will get their own machetes, bags of rocks, bags of bottles and they will go settle the score in Gran Ravin, and they say it publicly on the air waves.

In the mean time, many names are being mentioned. For example Evans Paul (Kplim), even if a security person from ONA gives a weapon in Matisan, we don't believe that this act engages Evans Paul directly. But you know, when mosquitoes are flying, you can't differentiate the male from the female. Therefore, an explanation is necessary.

That is why we tried to contact the KID (Kplim's party) spokesperson but could not get the right number to ask him whether or not he was aware that a member of
his party working as security had taken weapons for Lame Timanchèt members. What is even more interesting is the fact that these community people have proof that the police is implicated in the Lame Timanchèt, since the Gran Ravin witnesses say that when the members of Lame Timanchèt were running, they left behind machetes that community leaders are ready to present to the press as evidence of police implication in the massacre that took place in Ti Bwa and Gran Ravin. It is a very complicated

END OF EXCERPT for the Ezili Danto Report, Ezili Danto Witness Project, direct from Haiti on the July 7, 2006 Lame Timanchèt attack on the community of Gran Ravin, Martissant

(Another Gran Ravine Massacre -Listen to original Kreyol audio)

Lame Timanchèt: The DDR Fiasco,
Ezili Danto Witness Project, July 19, 2006 (Matisan Video Clips - Clip 1 begging forgiveness, Clip2 - March 19, 2006 interview with Sason; Clip3 - Peace between Gran Ravine activists and the police would turn false as police-created Lame Timanchèt would 3-months later attack the Gran Ravine community, again



Haitian Children Put in Chains by the Whites (Listen to Kreyol Audio)


Gang killings may be political
Published July 14, 2006

GRAND RAVINE, Haiti -- The killings began before dawn. Gunmen walked through
this hillside slum warning of a fire and yelling for residents to come out of
their cinder block and sheet-metal shacks. Those who followed their advice
were fatally shot.

Hours later, morgue workers and United Nations' peacekeepers piled
corpses in one of the slum's main thoroughfares, a rocky streambed at the
bottom of the ravine for which this neighborhood is named. The body count
totaled 21, including three women and four children. Most of the victims were
killed execution-style with a single bullet to the head.

"I've never seen anything like this," said Jean Gabriel Ambrose, the
Port-au-Prince justice of the peace. "What is shocking is that all of the
victims appear to have been innocent."

For several weeks, rival gangs had exchanged fire in a turf war over
control of the slum. But family members, neighbors, human rights observers
and police all agree the victims of last Friday's massacre were not gang
members, making U.N. and Haitian officials suspect it was a politically
motivated attempt to destabilize the newly elected government led by
President Rene Preval.

"I don't believe it was a spontaneous attack," said Desmond Molloy, who
heads the U.N. peacekeeping mission's disarmament program in Haiti. "This
massacre creates an atmosphere of fear, and when people are afraid, it's very
hard to establish any degree of stability."

The killings in Grand Ravine shattered five months of relative peace
since Mr. Preval's February electoral victory. The election marked the first
sign of improvement after two years of crisis and violence after the
departure of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide into exile in February

In Grand Ravine and the neighboring slum of Martissant, opposing gangs
made peace during a March 19 soccer match sponsored by the United Nations,
and they handed authorities a grenade and a firearm in a symbolic gesture.
But the truce did not last long.

"In recent weeks, we'd been aware of a heightening of tensions among the
gangs in this area along political and territorial lines," Mr. Molloy said.
On one side was a gang based in Grand Ravine associated with Mr.
Aristide's Lavalas Family party. On the other side were two anti-Aristide
gangs -- one based in a slum called Ti Bwa and a second called the Little
Machete Army.

The latter earned its name at a soccer match in August 2005 that ended
with police officers shooting in the stadium and the machete-wielding gang
hacking fleeing spectators to death.

Grand Ravine residents and government officials blame the Little Machete
Army and the Ti Bwa gang for last week's massacre. What remains a mystery is
what provoked it.

Haitian Police Chief Mario Andresol suspects the attack was related to
the killings last year, which appeared to be a joint effort by the Little
Machete Army and rogue police officers to eliminate the Grand Ravine gang,
some of whose members were at the match.

Chief Andresol arrested 15 police officers for their participation in the
soccer stadium killings, but the judge handling the case has since released
most of them.

"This is my 13th conflict, and it's been the toughest one to find out
what's really going on," said Mr. Molloy, who oversaw disarmament in Sierra
Leone before coming to Haiti. "There are a lot of smoke and mirrors. It's
very difficult to nail down the motives behind actions in Haiti."

“Daddy, its goats or pigs that I have seen cut up before. How come they are cutting
up people now?" (Horrified exclamation of a traumatized young Haitian boy watching
the Grand Ravine Massacre on Sunday, August 21, 2005) Ezili Danto report on Aug.
Grand Ravine slaughter at USAID-sponsored soccer match Ezili Danto
Project | August 25, 2005




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DU 6 AU 7 JUILLET 2006

Méthodes utilisées pour ce rapport
- Réunions avec les parents victimes et les temoins
- Réunions avec les membres de CCDH – GRAND RAVINE
- Visites a la morgue de l’HUEH
- Rencontre avec les autorités policières
- Rencontre avec les autorités Judiciaires


Dans la nuit du six (6) au Vendredi 7 Juillet deux mille six (2006) la population de Grand Ravine, une zone située au sud de la capitale a été victime pour une deuxième fois d’un massacre avec cette fois -ci un bilan provisoire très lourd en terme de morts, de blesses, de disparus, de personnes traumatisées et de maisons incendiées. Ce nouveau massacre est intervenu environ onze mois après le premier. Alors pour mieux comprendre ce nouveau massacre contre la population civile de Grand Ravin il faut tout d’abord comprendre le contexte sociopolitique et juridico sécuritaire de l’ensemble du pays et surtout les liens qui existent entre le premier massacre (IMPUNITE, IRRESPONSABILITE ET IRRESPERT DE LA PERSONNE HUMAINE) et cette seconde catastrophe.


Le bilan est lourd, triste, inquiétant voire choquant. Selon les témoignages recueillis de la population et des membres du Conseil Communautaire pour les droits Humains de AUMOHD, (CCDH) basé à Grand Ravine, plus de vingt cinq (25) personnes auraient été exécutées à l’intérieur de leur maison, environ cinq personnes (5) auraient été portées disparus, une quinzaine de blessées par un groupe d’homme lourdement armé , venant de TIBWA, Descartes, Decarette et Baz Kapab de Carrefour Feuille avec des armes tel que Fusil T-65, Fusil- Galil, Fusil M-14, Revolvers -38, Revolver-45 ; il y avait aussi des armes tranchantes : machettes et couteaux, et de bâtons. Il y a lieu de préciser que la quasi totalité des noms cités par la population comme présumés auteurs et complices de ce crime odieux ont été deja cite dans le massacre qui a eu lieu les 20 et 21 Août 2005 a Sainte Bernadette lors d’un match de foot balle. Citons quelques individus cités par la population et des témoins :

1.- Frantz LORAME Alias Gerald Gros lonbrik
2.- Roland Toussaint
3.- Apoupam Junior
5.- Jean YVES Alias BROMN
6.-Geffrad Stevenson Alias TIAS
7.- Joël Ainsi connu
8.- Janjan Ainsi connu
9.- Elifaite junior *
10.- Becheneve Etienne


a) Nombre de garçons (16 en total)

1.- Sony LUCIEN âgé de 63 ans, il a reçu plusieurs balles à la tête
2.- Pradel DEL, âgé 58 ans
3.- Esteve PRESNOR, âgé de 23 ans, il reçu une balle a la tête.
4.- Yves Jean PHILLIPE âgé de 56 ans. Il a reçu une balle a l’œil gauche
5.- Elde Saint LOUIS, âgé de 22 ans
6.- Joseph JOACHIN âgé de 45 ans, père de trois enfants et sa femme,
Melicy MAGLOIRE a été aussi blessé par balle a la jambe droite (Ref.Photo AUMOHD)
7.- Odinor SAINT LOUIS âgé de 40 ans
8.- Isam Jocelyn
9.- Sauveur FRANCOIS âgé de 37 ans
10.- Saint Martin INNOCENT âgé de 45 ans
11.- Saul MORANGE âgé de 19 ans
12.- Jean Junior THOMAS
13.- Claude YVES
14.- Nabien Ainsi Connu
15.- Clair Ainsi connu
16.- Jean Simon

b) Nombre de Femmes (4 en total)

1.- Madame Daniel INNOCENT âgée, mère de Peter Son Innocent, elle a reçu
une balle a la tête et son bras droit a été amputé.
2.- Dalmise SEJOUR
3.- Estin Fils LOUIS âgée de 43 ans
4.- Jean Louis THERMILYA

c) Nombre d’enfants/ mineurs ( 4 en total)
1.- Peterson INNOCENT, un mineur de 12 ans, il a reçu deux balles a la nuque
2.- Widsie JOCELIN âgée de 5 ans, sa tête a été écrasée
3.- Jean Wilem SANON âgé de 11 ans, sa tête a été écrasée
4.- Jean Louis STENGIL âgé de 17 ans

d) nombres de corps portés disparus selon les témoignages

Environ 5 (Cela reste à vérifier)

e.- Le nombre de blessés RESTE ENCORE à vérifier

f) le nombre de blessés inventoriés par AUMOHD (5)

2.- Melicy MAGLOIRE (voir la Photo de AUMOHD)
3.- Junior Anisi connu
4.- Maint SEJOUR
5.- Thullus ERNSO


- Environ 40 maisons ont été saccagées puis incendiées
(cela reste à vérifier après constat de AUMOHD)


- Prochain étape ce sera le rapport définitif.
- Pour toutes informations supplémentaires contactez nous à :


Ou directement à Me. Evel FANFAN,

Forwarded by the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
ezilidanto.com | email: erzilidanto@yahoo.com

See also HLLN's call for investigation of the CEP and electoral fraud
in the 2006 presidential and legislative elections.


Blan Kolon mete jèn Ayisyen lan kòd

Haitian Children Put in Chains by the Whites: Remembering How The UN dropped bombs on Haitian civilians in Site Soley last July, 2005, then put the wounded in chains


Expose how under the cover of "Aristide-is-corrupt-refrain," with this
weapon of mass distraction and Bush “regime change to bring Haiti justice and
democracy," the powerful countries of France, Canada and US, with UN
soldiers as their corporate army, have turned Haiti into a penal colony for
the Haitians masses and are tying Haiti to endless IMF/World Bank debts
while looting and plundering Haitian lands, assets and resources. Demand the
International coup d'etat supporting countries and enforcers, not Rene
Preval, set the political prisoners free, end the UN occupation, return
stolen Haitian assets.
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Expose how under the cover of "Aristide-is-corrupt-refrain," with this weapon
of mass distraction and Bush “regime change to bring Haiti justice and democracy," the powerful countries of France, Canada and US, with UN soldiers as their corporate army, have turned Haiti into a penal colony for the Haitians masses and are tying Haiti to endless IMF/World Bank debts while looting and plundering Haitian assets and resources. Demand the International coup d'etat supporing countries and enforcers, not Rene Preval, set the political prisoners free,end the UN occupation, return Haitian assets to the people of Haiti by Marguerite Laurent, June 26, 2006, Haitian Perspectives


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