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2011 HLLN Take Action Action Alerts

Donate to support Ezili Dantò/HLLN work, join HLLN and take action:

Ask Obama to Halt Deportations to quake-ravaged and UN-imported-cholera-ravaged Haiti, renew TPS; STOP unfair trade and "aid" to foreign NGOs that's called "aid to Haiti;" support Haiti domestic economy, end UN occupation, acknowlege and support Haiti rural entrepreneurs and stop trying to make 70% Haiti peasants and sovereign entrepreneurs into dependent and enslaved US/Korean/Brazilian WAGE WORKERS; void the HIRC, invest in clean energy (Jathropa biofuel & solar)- and Haiti organic foods, support Humanitarian Parole for Haitians in Haiti; End the NGO republic and "foreign aid;" support Diaspora $2billion remittances and fair and equitable sharing for export Haiti's raw materials and mineral including its iridium, uranium, natural gas, deep water ports, gold, oil, copper, limestone, coal and other Haiti riches.

Support Humanitarian Parole for Haitians, June, 2010

Take Action in Solidarity with Haitian Farmers - Stop Introduction of Monsanto corporate seeds into Haiti, May, 2010

(See also -[ezilidanto] 200,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide due to Monsanto and other such corporate seeds combined with free trade subsidies to corporate agribusiness| Take Action, Stop the introduction Monsanto's corporate seeds into Haiti )

Tell Congress: Fund Local Food for Haiti, AJWS, May, 2010
(Support Haiti peasant-led projects, support the Lambi Fund and Sustainable Solutions)

2008 - 2004 HLLN Take Action Alerts
Action Requested to help the Victims of Storm Fay, Hanna, Gustav and Noel in Haiti, September, 2008

Action Requested to help grant TPS to Haiti, September, 2008

Action Requested to help the Victims of Storm Noel in Site Soley, November 6, 2007
Help Save the Life of Lovinsky Pierre Antoine, Stop his torture, Prevent his Execution, August 13, 2007 | ( Ezili Dantò's Note: Bwa Kayiman 2007 and the case of Lovinsky Pierre Antoine, August 23, 2007)- Qui est cet homme aux lunette? | Picket Line at UN, NY for Lovinsky, Sept. 21, 2007 (Alina Sixto on Free (Sove) Lovinsky, mp3)
Denounce the Dec. 22, 2006 UN slaughter of mostly civilians in Site Soley, write, call your local, national and international media. mand Demand UN soldiers respect Haitian life. (Haiti Action Committee Urgent Action Alert: UN Christmas present to Haiti) The came to terrorize the population...I don't think they really killed the bandits, unless they consider all of us as bandits" Reuters, Dec. 22, 2006
Demand Release of all nearly 4,000 political prisoners in Haiti| May, 2006 (Update: Yvon Neptune and Jacques Mathelier Freed from Prison after more than 2 years without being convicted of any crime.) Update, August 14, 2006
Update, August 14, 2006 Sò Ann, Paul Raymond, George Honore and Yvon Zap Zap released from prison | August 14, 2006
Join HLLN's Media Campaign to FREE political prisoners in Haiti, protect the Feb. 7th vote and demand the media stop bearing false and racists witness to the plight of the people of Haiti | May 2006
Action Alert - Moral suasion is not enough. Make calls to all media, boycott companies promoting colonialism, injustice and death squads in Haiti. Stop the colonization of Haiti. Remembering our roots, calling to you | October 29, 2005
Action Alert - Moral suasion is not enough. Make calls to all media, boycott companies promoting colonialism, injustice and death squads in Haiti. Stop the colonization of Haiti. Remembering our roots, calling to you | October 29, 2005
Action Alert - Demand stop to arbitrary arrests and immediate release of journalist Kevin Pina and Jean Ristil |September 9, 2005
Action Alert - Help Prevent Further massacres in Haiti. Stop U.N.'s widespread military operations in Haiti aimed to repress, terrorize and kill the poor in Site Soley, Bel Air, Martissant, Solino |August 28, Canadian contact and Parliament Member info and Sample Letter
Action Alert - Demand Immediate Release of Father Gèrard Jean-Juste. Amnesty International designates Father Jean Juste as a Prisoner of conscience and calls for international action to secure his immediate release, July 25, 2005
Action Alert - Demand a Stop to the Killings in Cite Soleil by U.N. Troops. - July 11, 2005
Action Alert - Help Save Prime Minister Yvon Neptune's Life - Demand that the Administrative Judge's order of release be immediately executed. - Update, Report direct from Prime Minister Yvon Neptune by family and friends, June 10, 2005
Action Alert - Help Stop the forced exiling of Prime Minister Yvon Neptune out of Haiti. If Neptune is flown into exile, he wants the world to know it was against his will, simply another international kidnapping of pro-democracy leaders from Haiti by the U.S./UN, May 1, 2005
Action Alert - Demand a Stop to the Killings in Cite Soleil by U.N. Troops. (Action Alert contains backgound info, sample letters with contact information and interview of Emmanuel Dread Wilme in English and Kreyol) - April 21, 2005
Action Alert - Demand that all prisoners be charged, brought to trial or released. Help save the life of Prime Minister Yvon Neptune and Interior Minister Privert, who have been on a hunger strike since Feb. 19, 2005 to protest their illegal imprisonment in Haiti for almost a year. - March 11, 2005
Action Alert - Demand Domincan Republic Officials Not Extradite Clifford H. Larose, or any other Haitia exiles or political refugees back to Haiti (Action Alert is in English and Spanish) - January 25, 2005
Action Alert - Amnesty International Alert on Prison Killings (with a note from HLLN about also asking for releases) December 21, 2004
Action Alert --- Defend Haitian People's Right to Protest
December 16, 2004
AP Action Alert and sample letter - Denounce AP's bias and misleading coverage in Haiti, December 12, 2004
Action Alert -Prove That Human Rights Matter: Fight For the Release of Haiti's Political Prisoners - December 10, 2004
Action Alert-Denounce Pettigrew-Martin's "Haiti" Conference in Montreal - December 9, 2004
Action Requested-Write to Thank Caricom for continuing to stand for democracy, rule of law & one-person-one-vote - November , 2004
Action Alert-CARICOMís Action on Haiti: "Honor for a Few, Shame for Most"? - August 16, 2004
Urgent Action Alert ** Caribbean's Right to Self-Determination Is Threatened - July 5, 2004
For Immediate Release
Urgent Action Alert ** Troops invade home of Mayor of Milo - June 14, 2004 - June 14, 2004
For Immediate Release
HLL denounces the campaign of political repression and to prosecute Senator Yvon Feuille - May 24, 2004
Stop Further Reprisals in Haiti
Amnesty International - Action Center Release - May 21, 2004
Haitians Seized Abused by U.S. Marines
- May 13, 2004
Haitians Seized Abused by U.S. Marines
Haitiaction.net - May 12, 2004
Update on So Anne's arrest -Haitian Children hooded and manacled by US military - May 12, 2004
(Narration: Defenseless Haitian Children hooded and manacled (a la Iraqi prisoner/terrorists treatment) by US military in the dead of night in Haiti)
HLL Denounces Meeting of Illegitimate and illegally Appointed Prime Minister Latorture with UN's Kofi Annan and Some Members of the Congressional Black Caucus - May 12 2004
Urgent Action Alert ** Demand release of So Anne! - May 10 2004
News Action Alert! EPICA delegation, April 18-24 Denounce human rights violations against unionists and lavalas supporters
Pax Christie, USA | www.paxchristiusa.org
Petition to Congress on the Plight of Haiti in Light
of Destabilization
- March 2004